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Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive]


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Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] Empty Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive]

Post by Starbits Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:07 pm

Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] Tumblr_pgze12qyMQ1s5iyovo2_r1_250

Chili Maize
Triple Trouble!
Text Color d52f2f
Theme(s) Second Chance - Shinedown | Are You Satisfied - Mariana and the Diamonds
Item Given that he now lives in a bonafide settlement, Chili no longer wears his survival gear around. On hand he has the pokeballs of his two surviving pokemon at all times in his pocket and his universal communicator in his ear; in the other pocket he usually carries Cilan's bowtie and his wallet, which contains a few--now useless--dollar bills, his Trainer ID and his ID certifying him as a gym leader, a few photographs of him and his brothers (one in particular, the only one where they all look very happy, is worn as if handled a lot), and a well worn photograph of Colress and the twins at Colress's college graduation, the first photograph in his collection of 'lost people'.

At his home he has the rest of the survival gear he had when he came to Coumarine, but it's also full of the personal effects he had with him when he arrived and what he gathered from the ruined city and nearby areas over time as he helped Lysandre build the place up: this includes several potted berry bushes, grown from the berries he'd had on hand when he arrived, his handheld game system and two games, three tiny legend totems (Jirachi, Meloettea, Victini), a folder nearly full to bursting, filled with letters and photographs he's found around the ruined world while travelling, a television gaming system with several of the Guitar Hero titles and the neccesary equipment to play it, and a little memorial he arranged in memory of his brothers: a little potted flowering plant and a pot filled with beach sand, with a framed photo of them between the two items.

He also has a number of things around his home that makes a functional, comfortable place to live, including a generator, a closet of (not many) clothes, a working kitchen with a number of items one would need in the kitchen, a television, furniture, etc.
Weapons his Pokemon
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate March 25th
Age 23
Species Human
Weight 109.7 lbs
Height 5'6"
Region of Origin Unova
Religion his parents forced the three brothers to pray to the dragon trio of Unova; Chili did it to placate his parents and avoid punishment, but secretly the Legends he prayed to were Meloetta, Victini, and Jirachi; to this day he will make little altars to these legends when he can
Accent American
Occupation Former Gym Leader | Pokemon Trainer | Former Restaurant Owner/Cook/Waiter
Party The team Chili used in the Pokemon World Tournament was actually the same team he travelled through the region with as a child; the only Pokemon with the exception of two pokemon; he borrowed the Camerupt and another Simisear so the Pokemon and movesets would be different depending on what division he was competing in.  

As for the team he built in childhood, it has been almost completely annihilated. All he has left are his Simisear and his Arcanine, the rest having perished in a nasty incident with the virus. His full team used to be Simisage, Arcanine, Heatmor, Darmanitan, Emboar, and Magmortar.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] 514
Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] Pokeball
Simisear | Angel's Delight (F)
Text Color: f2b66a
Level- 60
Type- Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] Fire  
Ability- Gluttony
Attack list-
-Heat Wave (Egg)
-Acrobatics (Learned Pre-Evo)
-Low Kick (Egg)
-Crunch (Learned Pre-Evo)
**Called "Angel"
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] 059
Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] Ultraball
Arcanine | Cheesecake (F)
Text Color: f5e3c6
Level- 58
Type- Pokemon Trainer Chili [Inactive] Fire
Ability- Flash Fire
Attack list-
-Overheat (TM)
-Dragon Pulse (TM)
-Solar Beam (TMl)
-Extreme Speed (Level)
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "Yeeeeooow! Time to play with FIRE!!"

"And I got burned..."
Life was not a happy thing for Chili; Edward and Belladonna Maize were many things, but to call them decent or even passable parents would be a blatant lie. The boy grew up alongside his triplet brothers in a household that was ruled by the adults with an iron fist, his parents treating their children the way they felt children ought to be treated: things that are owned by their parents, that exist to bring honor to the family name and to make life as perfect as possible for the parents, whatever the cost may be to themselves. Firmly of the belief that children should behave as mini-adults, that to be adult is to be collected, calm, and professional at all times, and that children are naturally disobedient things that must be punished when they slip up to teach them right from wrong, the triplets' lives were as a result full of fear and stress from the very beginning. Their distinct personalities were early in emerging; Cilan, the most obedient, was a bright child talented at school, easy to cow and eager to please. He became the Maize's golden boy, their best chance at getting ahead in the world, and so the slightest misstep on Cilan's part would cause them to panic and punish him horrifically, the punishments usually beatings or the loss of a meal or two.  

At the opposite end of that scale was Cress, who was so incapable of earning his parents' praise that he gave up all together and became rebellious, constructing the façade of a confident, arrogant boy to protect himself from further damage even as he suffered the same horrific punishments at home that Cilan did for his rebellion.

The differences between Cilan and Cress largely differed in the way they were spoken to and the rewards they received; rewards were rare and typically consisted of praise (albeit backhanded praise) and were never given to Cress. Insults towards Cilan tended to be passed off as jokes to which Cilan was being too sensitive over, to Cress they were blunt, and to Chili it was like an afterthought.

With Cilan as the "favorite" and Cress as the delinquent, the two took up a lot of the Maize parents' time, leaving Chili as the invisible child. They did notice him sometimes--the only category they considered Cress to not be the lowest of the low in was intelligence, that honor being Chili's, and they targeted him relentlessly for his poor performance in school up until they stopped attending in order to start their trip. This trip took them to many places, but ultimately did not rescue them, the triplets being too afraid to simply leave their parents. When their masterful skill at their specific typings caught the eye of some of the gym leaders, they were approached with the opportunity to become gym leaders themselves; the first ones new trainers would face. Beyond excited, the triplets drew up a proposal for their gym; to combine it with a restaurant, as their passion was cooking, and for their gym pokemon to be the diminutive versions of their beloved monkeys, along with lillipups. This was accepted and the restaurant came into being.  

Unfortunately this only further trapped them. Their fear of their parents led them to setting up the restaurant in their hometown; though the money they brought in allowed them to move out, the apartment they got wasn't very far from the restaurant, which in turn wasn't far from their old home. Their parents dropped in uninvited often, keeping the triplets under their thumb. The one day they decided to take a break from their stressful lives, they missed out on stopping terrorists from destroying the country. Three of those same terrorists later approached them for battle, the Shadow Triad utterly destroying their teams- even implying they had picked the triplets specifically because they knew the boys could not beat them and thus, they'd provide easy stress relief.

It was this that made them realize they needed to quit being gym leaders and focus on raising their individual power and perfecting their culinary skills via the restaurant. Though a mature decision, their parents reacted violently, the abuse growing worse and worse.

And then the epidemic.

Their parents fled without a word to the brothers, leaving them to fend for themselves as they evacuated most of the city along with law enforcement. Their own escape was hampered by the waves of incoming undead, and the boys ended up fleeing into the forests, alone and afraid. As reality fully dawned on them, tensions rose higher and higher until one night, Cress snapped, accusing his brothers of harboring feelings of superiority over him and hatred for him. Chili fired back, the two ending up in a screaming match that Cilan was powerless to stop; it ended when Chili stomped away to collect more firewood.

Undead found him and while he tried to fight them off, Cilan came to his aid, only to be separated from him when a horde came through. Though Chili and his Pokemon survived and escaped, and even managed to find the campsite, it was empty. With only Cilan's bowtie and his own supplies left, Chili set out to find his brothers

Two years in he lost the majority of his team when one was infected and the infection spread to most of the others. He survived only because Angel pulled him into a crevice in the cliff wall, from which they listened as their friends tore each other apart. Even after they had destroyed one another until only one or two were alive and unable to move, crying for their human, Angel would not let Chili leave the safety of the crevice. It was only once the cries stopped completely that they left their hiding place, their team now down to one human and two pokemon-- Cheesecake only alive because she had been in her Pokeball at the time.

It's been a lonely two years since then...
Appearance Being lucky enough to be part of an established settlement, Chili gets to change his clothes every day, but he always wears the same dusty red hoodie and sturdy brown boots, and very frequently wears the red camo pants he picked up during the epidemic. His wild red hair has grown longer and he has pulled it back into a little ponytail, though every so often he cuts his hair back to its old length again. His skin is a healthy pallor, he can clean himself and his clothes every day, and he is well-fed; the only slight sign that he isn't entirely well is the dark shadows under his eyes, as he is unfortunately prone to staying up late to manage paperwork for Lysandre and stressing over his job.

Owing to his height, his red eyes being large, and having copious freckles on his cheeks, Chili looks younger than he actually is; indeed, given that he's an excitable young man painfully inexperienced with the world thanks to his abusive parents, he acts younger than he really is, too, which really doesn't help when trying to gauge his age.

Thanks to life having been kind to him lately, the smile he often wears is usually genuine and reaches his eyes, lighting up his face like a sunbeam and welcoming everyone who speaks to him or comes to visit his house; life has been so good recently, in fact, that his old playful nature is beginning to seep through again, and his smile is sometimes mischevious, heralding impulsive hijinks. Thanks to being ginger, he blushes very easily and for a variety of reasons, including being praised. When embarrassed or confused (which often go hand-in-hand) he scratches the back of his head and avoids eye contact. He talks with his hands, accentuating words with his fists when losing himself to excitement.
  • mourning
    -his brothers have to be out there somewhere
    -if he can just find his brothers that'll make all the hell  he survived worth it
    -but, having been living in a stable living situation for a long while, he has had time to dwell on his family and is slowly beginning to accept the fact that his brothers are likely dead (hence the memorial)
  • self-doubting
    -on his best behavior he's not good enough to be noticeable
    -at his worst he's a problem child that needs to be dealt with
    -whatever he does, no matter what he chooses, he fucks up
    -therefore he needs to work as hard as he possibly can because he finally has someone's positive attention and by god he needs to keep it
  • contradictory
    -he hates being invisible, but attention has brought him nothing but pain
    -he wants to be close to someone, but fears it is impossible to do so without getting hurt
    -he wants to cut loose and have fun, but can't do so without feeling horribly guilty about it afterwards
    -these things drive him absolutely insane and he does his best to reel them all in when in front of people because he is aware they're not acceptable things to feel
  • hardy
    -he can withstand a surprising amount of abuse both physical and emotional
    -has high pain tolerance for the physical pain
    -for the emotional kind... well, out of sight out of mind, right?
    -the more you ignore it the easier it is to withstand it
    -and he's good at that
  • excitable
    -dig up a piece of his old self, which isn't hard these days, and you'll find someone who's easily enthused
    -a big bundle of energy
  • easily amused
    -it doesn't take much to make him laugh him, really
    -the weirdest things can get him to crack a smile and make him keep smiling
    -in example: once someone suggested he replace the vowels in the names of all the people he knows with "O"
    -Cilan -->  Colon
    -he did not stop laughing for forever
  • uncontrollable emotions
    -he has no pokerface whatsoever; due to the lowkey stress of living nowadays (even in a settlement there are things to worry about) and repressing emotions his whole life, when he feels them, they leak all over his face and body language
    -when made uncomfortable in any way, he'll smile
    -it doesn't matter how inappropriate it is at the time to smile; he'll do it
    -when he allows himself to feel sadness or anger, he will cry; there is no stopping that either
    -the intensity of the sobs depend on just how upset he is, but he will always try to smother them to keep them quiet
    -sometimes laughs when he's just been frightened or startled
  • deeply sentimental
    -it's why he bothers picking up photos and letters he finds in the ruined world
    -the letters are primarily notes from people to their loved ones, things like "we waited for you but we can't wait any longer; we're evacuating to X place. Please come find us there"
    -the notes he picks up are always either ones like that, or suicide letters
    -reading those breaks his heart and he feels compelled to take them with him; maybe he'll run into the people the letters were addressed to and he can bring them some peace of mind
    -as it's not uncommon to find these letters near photos of the missing people, he grabs those too
    -everyone has a painful story of loss these days, and even the milder ones choke him up
  • hardcore prone to projecting
    -see above
    -because he's absolutely emphasizing with them due to projecting his own pain onto them
  • loves people, desperate for affection
    -Chili loves company; being the invisible one aside from the occasional bout of abuse, he craves love and positive attention and will cling to even the smallest bits of kindness or praise
    -happy to do anything for affection and will work very hard to please others
    -especially desperate to keep Lysandre happy with him, as Lysandre is the first adult approval he has ever known
  • fears authority
    -he might be technically an adult, but this doesn't really register with him
    -having been helpless all his life, denied basic human respect or the chance to make choices, he feels frozen in time as a teenager, sometimes as a child
    -he fears upsetting authority (complete with many of the instinctual reactions of an abuse suvivor, such as flinching when people move too quickly or immediately feeling fear when someone is angry) but at the same time desperately wants their approval
    -will happily do whatever is wanted of him unless he can tell it's a major violation of morals
  • hard working
    -not especially organized or responsible with time management, the one thing Chili does have going for him is how hard he will ultimately work to get the job done
    -having prior relied on his brothers for organization and time management, Chili flounders to do it himself, but he will stay up all hours of the night to figure it out and get it done
    -he will run around all over the city and work with fairly unpleasant people to complete his task
    -whatever is required of him, he will do it and he will do it without complaint
    -just don't expect to be able to read his notes or understand the mess on his desk
  • dependant as fuck
    -he needs people
    -it does not take much for him to attach himself to a person
    -while he can take care of himself in the sense of protecting and providing for himself, he needs any new friends he may make to like him
    -his self esteem and his mental health depend on that
  • Affiliations
    :aries: Cilan: Chili had complicated relationships with both brothers; despite being triplets, he was never really close to Cilan; his brother being their parents' most obedient child meant their attention was on him constantly, especially as he grew older and their talents became more prominent. Due to being the invisible child, Chili had an opportunity that Cilan and Cress did not; the ability to melt into the background and hide. He used this all the time, never attempting to stop his parents from abusing either brother. He can't forgive himself for it.

    :aries: Cress: Chili was grateful for his rule breaking to get them things they otherwise would not have access to, like candy on holidays.  Cress did a lot of rule breaking in order to protect his brothers or ease their pain, and it never went unnoticed or unappreciated by Chili. But Chili also made no attempt to stop their parents from abusing him, just as he did not attempt to protect Cilan, and he feels forever guilty over it. Especially given that their last exchange of words were cruel ones.

    :aries: Alder: The region's champion who he met at his and his brothers' restaurant; Alder came by to try the restaurant on an afternoon when the place was empty, and through his kindness in forgiving Cilan's mistake when the triplet tripped on his way to deliver his order, the Champion captured their awe and gratitude. Unfortunately he never picked up that there was something wrong, and so he did not rescue the triplets from their situation.

    :aries: Diantha: Visited the restaurant once and struck up a friendship with the triplets; though they quickly came to adore her, her visit to Unova was over all too soon and she had to return home. Too afraid to do something that may violate one of their parents' rules, the triplets did not maintain contact with her.

    :aries: Elesa: Chili met Elesa when he and his brothers travelled the region in their bid to get gym badges. Sweet and friendly, full of spark and life, Elesa's attitude towards the world was a welcoming change to the atmosphere of terror that Chili grew up in. The electric master drew out Chili's hyperactive and excitable personality, but she could not break through his walls-- though to the casual bystander he seemed good friends with Elesa, Chili kept his family life a carefully guarded secret, never admitting either that or the effects such a horrid life had on his psyche. He misses her deeply, and hopes she is okay.

    :aries: Ingo, Emmet, and Colress: Chili met the twins only once, when they were walking around outside the World Tournament, asking passerby if they'd seen Colress. When Chili stopped to listen they passed the boy Colress's graduation picture, so he would not forget Colress's face, and asked if he would keep an eye out for him.  Seeing how sad the twins seemed stabbed Chili in the heart, and it became clear how close they were to the missing man, so he agreed to call them should he spot their friend. They wrote their number on the back of the photograph, and Chili has held onto it ever since. Originally he was only going to keep an eye out for Colress and not deliberately go searching for him, but once he became separated from his brothers in the pandemic, he made locating the three a mission-- if they could find one another and live happily ever after, maybe Chili and his brothers could have a hope for their own happy ending. The photograph of Colress's graduation gives physical form to that dream, and thus he clings onto it, the picture now something of a security item.

    :aries: Shadow Triad: fling yourselves into the sun please.

    :aries: Lysandre: Big ole question mark at the moment gonna fill this in later.
    User Notes
    -Pokemon all named after desserts. Chicoo was the Heatmor, Truffle the Darmanitan, Macaroon the Emboar, and Custard the Magmortar. Macaroon was the only male.
    -hates the color purple; it brings him anxiety
    -he prays to Victini for victory over his personal failings, Meloetta because he loves music, and Jirachi so that his wishes may come true
    -he was a poor student due to a learning disability (probably ADHD) which is why he also finds such tasks like organization difficult


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