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Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE]


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Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Empty Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE]

Post by Starbits Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:52 pm

Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] 8b780ce8804c438cd5d61cc39e60537236d67c33

Calem Cloud
Text Color #596dac
Theme(s) THEME
Item universal communicator, bag that contains
-Change of clothes
-TMs 35, 73, 90, and 94
-A Holo Caster (batteries dead)
-Single person tent
-Collapsible bike
-100ft of thin rope (wrapped into a 4in diameter loop)
-Basic med kit (antibiotic cream, a sewing kit, alcohol, a lighter, a sharp knife, and clean cloth), gloves, and tweezers
Weapons his Pokemon, entrenching tool (foldable, sheathe hangs on his side), and a hunting knife and a sheathe
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate August 16
Age 16
Species Human
Weight 111 lbs
Height 5'7"
Region of Origin Sinnoh
Religion believes in the existence of what people call the gods (he's fucking seen one) but is unsure of their true natures being deities
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Former Champion
Party None of his Pokemon have died or been infected. Truly a miracle considering the state of the world.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] 448
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Pokeball
Lucario | Mariel (F)
Text Color: #69ca9a
Level- 58
Type- Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Fighting Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Steel
Ability- Inner Focus
Attack list-
-Aura Sphere (Learned)    
-Metal Claw (Start)
-Dragon Pulse (Start)
-Earthquake (TM)
*wears a bracelet that contains her Lucarionite
*has dulled and shortened her chest spike so that she can lift Calem without risk of harming him
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Delphox
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Pokeball
Delphox | Minerva (F)
Text Color: #866d62
Level- 57
Type- Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Fire Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Psychic
Ability- Blaze
Attack list-
-Flamethrower (Level)
-Psychic (Level)
-Shadow Ball (Start)
-Thunderpunch (Tutor)
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] 009
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Pokeball
Blastoise | Ruto (F)
Text Color: #bb2cab
Level- 56
Type- Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Water  
Ability- Torrent
Attack list-
-Flash Cannon (Start)
-Hydro Pump (Level)
-Muddy Water (Bred)
-Protect (Level)
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Tyrantrum
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Pokeball
Tyrantrum | Greygnarl (F)
Text Color: #d6cdb5
Level- 57
Ability- Rock Head
Type- Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Rock Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Dragon
Attack list-
-Iron Head (Tutor)
-Zen Headbutt (Tutor)
-Dragon Dance (Egg)
-Dragon Claw (Learned)
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] 282
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Pokeball
Gardevoir | Peach (F)
Text Color: #fba67d
Level- 55
Type- Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Psychic Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Fairy
Ability- Synchronize
Attack list-
-Moonblast (Start)
-Psychic (Learned)
-Heal Pulse (Learned)
-Protect (TM)
Pkm 6
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Talonflame
Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Pokeball
Talonflame | Axel (M)
Text Color: dc4200
Level- 56
Type- Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Fire Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Flying
Ability- Gale Wings
Attack list-
-Brave Bird (Start)
-Roost (Learned)
-U-Turn (TM)
-Flare Blitz (Start)
Quote "It's all going to be okay.  Right...?"

"I never asked for this! I just wanted to prove my own growth to myself; that's it!"
Calem was born and spent his earliest years in Solaceon, Sinnoh with a loving mother and father. Despite having a good home life, all was not well with the child; he needed to have tutors come to his home in order to teach him because from a young age, Calem showed great unease within crowds and having many eyes on him, making attending school normally impossible. Thankfully, his parents took no issue with this and were happy to do what was needed for their son. Unfortunately, as time passed, Calem showed great problems with developing a social life. Having isolated himself, the child showed many problems when forced to speak or interact with a stranger. This caused great unease for the boy's parents. They did not know what action could be taken that would be both supportive but encouraging of growth. The last thing they wanted was to shatter their child or allow this problem to fester.

But Calem learned to take things into his own hands by taking up a hobby; exploring. His father entrusted his partner, an Infernape, to look after the boy, and Calem was allowed to go explore the routes nearby. The encounters with other humans helped ease his anxiety, if only just, and it was through Pokemon that he learned how to speak to others, starting up conversations about their favorite types, their strategies, their stories. For a little while it seemed as if the boy would overcome this hurdle just fine, and his parents looked forward to the day they could send their child off on his own Pokemon journey, even if he asked if he could strike out a little later than most kids. Progress was progress and they refused to rush it.

When he was eleven, though, tragedy struck the small family. His father, a Pokemon Ranger, was out on a particularly stormy night and was one of several lost to a landslide. Calem was devastated, his mind closing in on itself again as he started hiding for hours on end. He took the death of his father horribly, refusing to go to the funeral with his mother and instead walking in on his own an hour late, hiding in the darkness in the back of the room and refusing to speak with anyone. A year later Calem's mother announced they were moving, and not just to anywhere, but to a more advanced region: Kalos. The pain was numbed but still raw, and he offered little resistance to the change despite an acute dislike of it.

Calem, his mother, and his mother's Rhyhorn all made the long trip to Vaniville Town, their new home. Calem was ready to just hide away in his new hole, but literally the next day two girls knocked on his door. Serena and Shauna, they were, and they whisked him away without warning. He learned later that it was planned; his mother had planned to make her son get out of the house in Kalos whether he wanted to or not. At the end of the day he was sent back home with a Fenniken, his first Pokemon. The child wasn't pleased about the event he certainly hadn't planned for, but he couldn't deny he was already deeply adoring the little fluffball.

Calem's mother told him to prepare and within a week she thrust her son out to go and take his life back. Cynical, quiet, and awkward, he was not very good at this task she'd thrown in his lap, but as time passed, he earned badges, met new Pokemon, and things felt worthwhile for the first time in years. Years later he would have to admit that it was due to his mother's meddling that one of the best things to ever happen to him, happened to him; upon passing through Geosenge Town, he met Gym Leader Korrina, whose Lucario took an intense interest in him, and she would bestow her on the boy after Calem earned his badge from her. Mariel, she was called, and perhaps she had sensed how deeply he needed guidance, but from that time on, they were inseparable.

Time passed, and Calem found himself facing a criminal organization known as Team Flare. The good times were coming to an end. The bond between Calem and Mariel grew deeper than ever before from this difficult period, and in time she was able to achieve the miracle of Mega Evolution.

He met more people, made friends and enemies. Though nobody could call Calem anything but timid, he had a firm moral center and a great sense of responsibility; if he was the only one capable of fending Flare off, then he would do it, no matter what it took; he went head to head with the mastermind behind it all, Lysandre, several times, rock solid in his belief in his pokemon and their goal. The boy grew stronger, more determined, until it came down to the last minute, the final second, as the boy stared down the fabled legendary Pokemon, the God of Death, Yveltal-- he watched as the monster burst from its cocoon. The avian was more than feral, savage, as its mind had been erroded away. In a show of heroism, Calem was not only able to defeat and release the Yveltal, but he, along with Serena, destroyed Team Flare's ultimate weapon, and stop their plans.

Many lives were lost, too many Pokemon slaughtered outside Geosenge Town, but the rest were saved. Lysandre was assumed dead, his body never found, but things had gone well for once-- Calem had done it. He'd stopped a madman from turning Kalos into a crater and the rest of the world into a probably uninhabitable wasteland. But with stopping the mass genocide... he caught the eyes of the media. From then on, as Calem took on the final gyms and the Elite Four, he was rapidly swarmed with 'fans'. People begged him to do this, do that, touch them, bless their Pokemon, breed Mariel so they could have her child, told Calem himself they wanted to bear their children-- it hit like a landslide and it was too much; a healthy mind would have had trouble handling it, but for someone as fragile as Calem, it was excruciating. It came to a head after he defeated Diantha: upon reaching his goal, becoming the Champion of the region, the ceremony to celebrate his saving Kalos, the entire world now knew his name and face.

Years later he would wonder if he were just being selfish. The professor had done everything to make the ceremony pleasant for him-- and it had been, in fact. He'd even met AZ again, and finally given the man some peace. But... as for the rest... it was horrifying for a kid who was an introvert and easily overwhelmed by large crowds. He went into hiding, almost immediately stepping down from the Champion title, to hide at friends' homes, where the media would spend days tracking him down before forcing him to find a new hiding place. Mariel grew violent more than once, furiously attacking people and destroying cameras as they sent her human into panic attacks. The events of Team Flare, Lysandre, Yveltal, the ultimate weapon, the people who looked upon him as though he were more of a plaything than a person-- it was too much for the boy, and finally he completely vanished off the map. Taking only his Pokemon, he fled to the most remote, unexplored, hazardous places on the globe, dug a hole, and hid there. This was enough for a short period of time... before the apocalypse hit.

Having learned how to survive naturally, he knew how to take care of himself, but it was rapidly more and more dangerous to stay in hiding. Upon returning home, seeing the state of both Kalos and Sinnoh was enough to break the boy further.

Though an anxiety-ridden mess, he'd been blessed with so many loving friends as well as a mother who truly did care about him. Did he throw them all away just for some peace of mind?

... Would he ever get to apologize?
Appearance -looks more or less as good as he did before the pandemic, though the boy has never really been truly healthy since he was a young child
-gangly, still growing, he is very thin and pale
-hair is black; dark grey eyes; deep shadows beneath his eyes
-despite his questionable mental health, his clothes are well off and actually very clean; he is very diligent about keeping the only outfits he has to last him
-while not really trying to look good, it is more of a comfort to know his clothes are not filthy.
-messenger bag, the colours matching his clothes and boots, as well as carrying a small backpack on his back which is the singular tent he uses each night
-while not carrying a firearm, mostly due to comfort factor, he has a good sized hunting knife, serrated on one side, and sheathe at his side, while the other hip holds an entrenching tool
-rarely without any of his Pokemon; Mariel is most commonly at his side, but at night Minerva and Axel commonly help keep him warm and hidden from the undead

  • timid, shy
  • quiet
    -prefers to speak little
    -he will become too nervous to speak if people are pushing him or staring at him expectantly
  • awkward
  • easily spooked
    -jumpy; has had bad experiences with human survivors
    -loud sounds and weapons scare him
    -he will flinch at raised voices or gestures that suggest he might be hit
    -will fall silent, not speaking for a long period of time, if pushed
  • relies on Mariel
    -depends on his Lucario for safety and protection, both from undead and people still obsessed with him
  • gentle
    -very caring and sweet, especially with Pokemon
    -people are still people after all; even if he fears them, they deserve kindness when possible
  • courageous in all situations but social ones
    -he will risk his life to ensure someone else survives
    -but will deny being brave if labelled that
  • minor agoraphobic & scopophobia
    -cannot stand being in large groups
    -becomes anxious and uncomfortable when stared at
    -while not true phobias, they very much hinder his social interactions
  • prefers privacy
    -would rather spend the rest of his life alone with just his Pokemon
  • hates being questioned or pestered
    -being bugged, interviewed, or accused will cause him to shut down and rely on Mariel to tell them to stop
  • Protective of his Pokemon
    -Goes without saying, he will not stand for any harm to come to his Pokemon
  • selective mutism
    -When triggered and pushed too far, Calem will shut down and refuse to speak for periods of time. While this varies on the group and individual, he becomes self conscious speaking at all that he just shakes or nods his head to communicate instead
  • Total nerd
    -loves video games, fantasy movies, shows, books, and has partaken in a large amount in his life
    -he can talk for hours about the different universes of his favourite games and stories
  • good secret keeper
    -he values the kind of trust that comes with keeping secrets
    -also he doesn't talk much anyway so the urge to gossip is not something he struggles with
  • Affiliations
    Calem's Relationships:
    :cancer: [url=???]Serena[/url]: Possibly his only close friend; these two talked for hours and did well in encouraging growth in one another.

    :leo: Tierno: A boy he met through Professor Sycamore; Tierno was never anyone he got to know very well, but he liked the other boy and enjoyed his company.

    :leo: Shauna: Met through Professor Sycamore; quite adored her company, as she did well to coax him from his shell without being too pushy.

    :leo: Trevor: A boy he met through Professor Sycamore; he respected the reserved child's desire to remain a private person and listened his thoughts when Trevor felt like offering them.  He liked his company, and was pleased to watch his growth.
    User Notes
    due to living most of his life in a constant sunny environment, he much prefers the warmth as opposed to the cold; however, Solaceon is a dry heat, and so humid heat drives him insane
    -he lived on his own in the wilderness for about eight or so months before the Epidemic and in that time he took care of himself with no help or aid from civilization; he knows how to care for himself and has had little trouble working together with his Pokemon to survive
    -he will never be able to use Mega Evolution in role play; if it didn't get broken, it's gonna be
    -the tutor who taught Graygnarl his two tutor moves was met in Hoenn when Calem fled there after vanishing from the public eye


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    To the PC please and thank you.


    Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] Tumblr_inline_oslquwfPtW1r82t0h_100
    oh, ms. believer
    my pretty sleeper
    your twisted mind
    is like snow on the road
    your shaking shoulders
    prove that it's colder
    inside your head
    than the winter of dead

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    Pokemon Trainer Calem [INACTIVE] RGgji6G

    The only note is that Mauville is in Hoenn, hon, not Kalos. c;


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