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Dark Days are Ahead...
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Former Gym Leader Cilan


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Former Gym Leader Cilan Empty Former Gym Leader Cilan

Post by Maximum Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:50 am

Former Gym Leader Cilan Tumblr_pmc4v8i4fL1s5iyovo1_250
old art:
Art by Starbits

Cilan Maize
Text Color 9bcc5c
Theme(s) Scarborough Fair
Healing Song
Item -Cress's Oven Mitt
-His old apron with a Pansage stitched onto it
-A large amount of various berries
-Rations for himself
-Garden shears
-Universal Communicator
-A wallet containing pictures of his family and pokemon and his ID.
-A badge case containing the badges he earned as a trainer, and a trio badge he kept for memory's sake
-A hardcover book full of pressed flowers.
-An old quilt that has held up surprisingly well.
Weapons His Pokemon and technically the garden shears
Gender Identity He/him
Birthdate March 23
Age 23 years
Species Human
Weight 115 pounds
Height 5'6"
Region of origin Unova
Occupation Ex Gym Leader, Pokemon Trainer, Former Cook/Waiter/Gardener
Party Very much a Grass type specialist
Pkm 1
Former Gym Leader Cilan 512
Former Gym Leader Cilan Pokeball
Name- Sage
Gender- Male
Text colour- 55AE3A
Species- Simisage
Level- 63
Ability- Gluttony
Attack list-
-Seed Bomb (Pre-evolution level)
-Low Kick (Egg Move)
-Acrobatics (Pre-evolution level)
-Crunch (Pre-evolution level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 2
Former Gym Leader Cilan 497
Former Gym Leader Cilan Pokeball
Name- Thyme
Gender- Male
Text colour- 4A7023
Species- Serperior
Level- 65
Ability- Contrary
Attack list-
-Leaf Storm (Level)
-Dragon Pulse (Level)
-Protect (TM)
-Aqua Tail (Tutor)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 3
Former Gym Leader Cilan 189
Former Gym Leader Cilan Pokeball
Name- Parsley
Gender- Female
Text colour- 2C5197
Species- Jumpluff
Level- 60
Ability- Chlorophyll
Attack list-
-Sleep Powder (Level)
-Acrobatics (Level)
-Swords Dance (TM)
-Seed Bomb (Egg Move)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 4
Former Gym Leader Cilan 547
Former Gym Leader Cilan Pokeball
Name- Rosemary
Gender- Female
Text colour- F5DEB3
Species- Whimsicott
Level- 60
Ability- Prankster
Attack list-
-Sunny Day (TM)
-Tailwind (Level)
-Giga Drain (Pre-evolution Level)
-Leech Seed (Start)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 5
Former Gym Leader Cilan 549
Former Gym Leader Cilan Pokeball
Name- Clary
Gender- Female
Text colour- E04006
Species- Liligant
Level- 60
Ability- Chlorophyll
Attack list-
-Quiver Dance (Level)
-Petal Dance (Level)
-Heal Bell (Tutor)
-Sleep Powder (Pre-evolution level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 6
Former Gym Leader Cilan Decidueye
Former Gym Leader Cilan Pokeball
Name- Basil
Gender- Male
Text colour- 8B4513
Species- Decidueye
Level- 45
Ability- Overgrow
Attack list-
-Spirit Shackle (Level)
-Leaf Blade (Level)
-Synthesis (Level)
-Sucker Punch (Level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Quote "Please don't be mad..."
Accent American
Appearance Cilan's appearance hasn't changed much in the Epidemic. He was always small and scrawny, but he is thinner now because food isn't always easily available. His green hair still sticks up in the front for no reason, and he keeps his hair at about the same length as it was before the epidemic. He has long since ditched his former uniform in favor of an olive colored jacket, brown shirt, green/forest camouflage pants, and brown hiking boots. Easily scared, he holds himself fearfully and almost always defaults to a submissive stance. He usually has at least two of his Pokemon out, with Thyme guarding him and Rosemary in his arms as the most common ones. If he feels scared, he will hide his face in the Whimsicott's fluff.
Religion He outwardly worshipped the dragon trio of Unova to placate his parents, but he never really felt a connection there. He secretly prayed to Shaymin and Celebi. Shaymin to be thankful for what he did have, and Celebi for second chances. He still prays to Shaymin for the same reason, but his prayers to Celebi have almost started begging for them to turn the clock back to stop the epidemic.
User Notes -Ferrothorn- Spearmint dead.
-Really good with plants and grass type pokemon.
-Like the type he favors, he really does need sunlight to be happy and healthy
-If stressed too much, he eventually just can't talk. I'm not sure if this counts as selective mutism or not, so Idk
-Absolutely loves pop music, but he sure as hell couldn't indulge in it because his parents hated it.

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