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Pokemon Trainer Max


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Pokemon Trainer Max Empty Pokemon Trainer Max

Post by Starbits Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:11 pm

Pokemon Trainer Max Image here

Max Garcia
Text Color 4c8092
Theme(s) Eine Kleine (Camp Camp Version) || Whiskey Lullabies - Janet Devlin
Item universal communicator; in a settlement, he doesn't need to carry stuff around, but being someone who always wears a hoodie with pockets, he absolutely keeps things in them:

-smartphone mostly kept for music and sentimental reasons
-at any given time, David's smartphone
-wallet with pictures of his friends in it; long since abandoned the money
-switchblade in case of emergencies

the stuff he arrived at the settlement with, which he carried in an old backpack, now sit in his living quarters and consist of:
-sleeping bag
-coil of rope
-gardening gloves
-notebook and a few pencils
-spare batteries
-one person tent
-rain poncho
-spare earbuds
-bottle of Motrin, mostly full
-fishing rod maybe?
-lovingly patched up teddy bear
Weapons above David's probable objections, he does carry around a switchblade in his pocket that he looted off an assailant of theirs just because of paranoia; otherwise, just his pokemon
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Age 12
Species Human
Weight 85 lbs
Height 4'6"
Region of Origin Kanto
Religion fuck god
Accent none
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Former Grade School Student
Party Never got beyond Brock, so his team had only pokemon obtainable before that point as his parents convinced him that going beyond Brock to get more pokemon would be cheating. Has lost one pokemon, his Pikachu.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Max Charmander
Charmander | Marigold (F)
Text Color:
Level- 14
Type- Pokemon Trainer Max Fire
Ability- Blaze
Attack list-
-Scratch (Learned)
-Growl (Learned)
-Ember (Learned)
-Smokescreen (Learned)
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Max Pidgey
Pidgey | NAME (M)
Text Color:
Level- 13
Type- Pokemon Trainer Max Normal Pokemon Trainer Max Flying      
Ability- Keen Eye
Attack list-
-Tackle (Learned)
-Sand Attack (Learned)
-Gust (Learned)
-Quick Attack (Learned)
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer Max Butterfree
Butterfree | NAME (M)
Text Color:
Level- 13
Type- Pokemon Trainer Max Bug Pokemon Trainer Max Flying
Ability- Compound Eyes
Attack list-
-Confusion (Learned)
-Bug Bite (Learned)
-Tackle (Learned)
-String Shot (Learned)
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "You suck. This world sucks. And one day we're all gonna die and none of it will matter."

"Yeah, the thing about hindsight is that it happens after the fact. There's a lot of stupid shit I wish I hadn't said but fuck it, it happened. Now we move forward or whatever."
-terrible neglectful family who generally ignores his existence and does nothing about him being viciously bullied in school
-abandons him at summer camp once a year starting at age seven
-this is where he meets David, who he hates immediately because he's entirely too happy and positive
-also hates the camp because he can tell it's a sham
-despite his best efforts he keeps getting sent back there every summer
-the third year he's there, things change; two kids end up at the camp who he befriends, and he ends up pushing David so hard that David snaps and gives him a few choice words to think about, which is the start of Max reviewing how he sees the people around him as well as life in general
Appearance APPEARANCE.

  • grumpy
    -he does not want to be here and probably does not want to be talking to you
  • easily irritable
    -small things can piss him off
    -among these things tend to be disingenuity, greed, stupidity, and arrogance
  • charismatic
    -not naturally, generally, but he absolutely knows how to be charming
    -is not above whipping that out when it suits him
    -he once got an entire group of kids at summer camp to revolt against the counselors; he knows how to make a group work together when he needs them to
    -(he also got usurped by the coolest kid there, so like, he's also not perfect at the leading thing)
  • opinionated
    -not very interested in conformity and will go against the grain to make his opinion on things known
  • must have authority prove itself before respecting it
    -given the abuse he has suffered, Max distrusts all authority figures by default, especially adult humans and/or those who do a lot of huffing and puffing
    -his trust must be earned; it is not easily given
    -note: he trusts David nearly completely; a single word or measured look from David can diffuse Max or spur him to act on something, perhaps even cause him to reevaluate his current opinion entirely
  • little faith in authority
    -his past hasn't exactly inspired great faith that those with power will do what is right or fair
  • loyal
    -once earned it's pretty absolute
    -easier for kids and generally pokemon to obtain than adult humans
  • curses liberally
    -all the time
    -he doesn't care if it sounds crude
    -might censor himself around much smaller children but never stoops to using 'diet curses', as he calls them
  • utterly ruthless
    -reserved for words; may have actually needed to cut a bitch though; not certain yet
    -but he specifically seeks out weak points and attacks those when tearing someone down with words
  • intelligent and calculating
    -while most of the time he's just reacting off the cuff, when Max wants something, he begins to contemplate everything that may get him closer to that thing
    -is good at observation, collecting knowledge, and utilizing it
    -good memory
    -fairy decent at understanding how human emotions can snowball out of control; is good at provoking rage or violence
    -has a good grasp on many social issues despite his young age (has made astute comments about race issues, class issues, and even made a comment about what goes in fast food, once)
  • caring
    -he hides it, but it exists, and it's most prominently seen when interacting with his pokemon and with David
    -despite how he phrases things, it's clear he does care about the man; he'll ask after his day, give advice, retaliate against those who mistreat him, attempt to bolster his mood, and try to cause as little trouble for David as possible
  • sentimental
    -in that same vein he regards many things fondly; his old friends (who he's accepted are dead), cute things, things that remind him of happier times, etc
    -the same way he tries to hide how much he actually cares, he also tries to keep this part hidden
  • protective
    -he doesn't want to lose anyone else
    -besides that, he's aware that David can be easy to take advantage of due to his good nature and does his best to stamp that shit out before it starts
  • blunt
  • difficulty empathizing
    -in his effort to prevent himself from being hurt again he doesn't always put himself in others' shoes and consequently can say and do hurtful things
    -this is something he's been working on for awhile and with David's help is getting better at it
  • closed off
    -another thing David is slowly helping with; as time goes on he's getting better at opening up, talking about feelings, crying when he needs to, asking for help, etc
    -this... pretty much only applies to David, however
    -and even despite the work that has been done, he still finds it difficult to be openly affectionate
  • keeps strangers at a distance
    -he's lost two best friends, a pokemon, and one of David's pokemon
    -besides that he was a private person before, anyway
    -he's not eager to opening himself up for more potential pain
  • desperate for approval and affection
    -being severely neglected and then later physically abused left Max hungry for some grown up who would give a damn
    -he has found this in David, and finally possessing what he needed, he's willing to go to some lengths to ensure he doesn't lose it
    -sometimes this is a good thing: he finally grasped last summer that to have a friend, you must be a friend, so he can't treat people like they're only temporary, and to that end he listens to problems, sympathizes, shares moments of fun, tries to remember to communicate (instead of just yelling), and just generally tries to be a good person
    -(basically, with a good role model, Max now finally has someone's behavior to learn from and emulate, even if he'll never exhibit it exactly the way David does)
    -however the downside is that he's also willing to hide failures and inner pain because he doesn't want to chase off this person who cares about him
    -like how he hid how terrible a pokemon trainer he was, afraid that David would think he was a loser, or worse, a pokemon abuser
  • naive
    -not necessarily about people all the time, but as a child, he doesn't have as much experience as adults, so there are things that will escape his notice
    -for example, his previous nihilism was based off the idea that nothing matters, therefore who cares if anyone's an asshole, to stick it to the man the best thing to do is not care, and he thought he was smart for that realization; in reality he missed the idea that refusing to be cruel in a world of apathetic assholes and trying one's best to be kind is the best form of rebellion
    -(so like, he was kind of annoyingly edgy that way)
    -having grown a couple years since then, he's realizing that there's no reason to add needless cruelty to an already cruel world, especially these days
    -lack of lived experience also leads to him thinking the reason he got walled at Brock was because of some inner failing of his own, instead of the fact that he might be depressed, angry, anxious, hurting, or have any of the emotional problems that lead to poor school performance
    -basically he's smart but still young and struggling with a lot
  • Affiliations
    Max's Relationships:
    ♈ [url=???]David[/url]: totally not my dad

    In all seriousness, David is a deeply important person to Max. Though he hated the man's guts when they met, David has patiently dug little by little through Max's walls, teaching him the values of empathy, patience, kindness, and trying even in the face of an uncaring world in the process, as well as giving him a source of comfort, safety, and dependability. It was a long journey, but Max has come far with someone to look up to and Max is aware of that on many levels. He hesitates to call him his father just yet, even though it'd be pretty accurate to describe him as such, because he is still struggling with accepting David as his father-- doing so leaves him open to be hurt again on a number of levels, something he's not ready to face yet.

    Still, his respect for David is absolute even if he ribs the man relentlessly. While his words may sound disrespectful to others, David is well-versed in Max-ese and understands that Max being 'idiot, have you had anything to drink today' is Max worrying after his health and not actually being annoyed. David being someone whose opinion Max very much cares about also means David holds uncontested sway over Max's opinions and actions; while more mild pranks or sharp words might be met with exasperation, Max can usually tell when David is reacting to a child being a child (or, well... Max being Max) and when David is actually severely disappointed in him. And will react accordingly. As mentioned before, a single look or word from the man can halt Max in his tracks and make him really rethink what he was in the middle of. In the same vein, a single look or word can comfort the boy or soothe a meltdown. Or at least help him put the latter on pause.

    David holds more sway over Max than he realizes; the boy would like to think he's 85 pounds of raw, unshakable opinion and intellect, but he's still a child who has suffered abuse and abandonment and neglect, and David is the one form of positive adult attention he's ever received and the one adult he has ever trusted. If David were a worse human being, he'd be in prime position to manipulate the boy, although he'd still have to be careful, because Max is not stupid and does have firm beliefs. David is well aware of the precious position he holds and treasures it; Max doesn't comprehend how much power David really holds over him, but he can tell that David is protective of him and appreciates it beyond words, especially when David could've easily ditched him at the camp at the start of all this, at the failed evac point they fled to, and pretty much any point after that.

    Max is also aware that David can be kind of gullible; though a more cautious man these days, David is still kindly, gentle, sunny, optimistic, trusting, and eager to help others. He's also aware it's not very hard to hurt him; though David would never lash out or throw a tantrum, he has selectively thick skin-- some comments cut deep with little effort and others roll off his back like water. Max isn't 100% sure what the criteria has to be for the former to happen because he'd been lobbing insults at David for two and a half summers before things started changing between them; many of the same cruel jibes he'd said to David before didn't seem to bother David when they came from him, but from anyone else, they seemed to really wound him...

    Regardless, Max doesn't let that shit slide anymore and will leap to David's defense at a moment's notice. He's also aware it's easy to take advantage of David's work ethic, since David will go above and beyond the call of duty when trying to help someone and really likes making people happy. He doesn't let that slide either. To tangle with David is to invoke the wrath of one very angry gremlin boy; a generally unwise idea.

    Max doesn't know about David's history with abusive parents. David told him and his friends a story from his childhood--namely, the story of how he fell in love with the camp, which is also the story of how his outlook on life did a 180--but due to a couple portions David was obviously exaggerating or making up, Max disregarded the entire thing as a work of fiction, missing his chance to realize how much in common he and David may have. It's not come up since, so Max remains unaware of all the pieces of the puzzle that make up David's personality.

    Max still swipes David's phone, although not as frequently as he used to. It's mostly out of habit since the thing is almost useless now, and serves to give the two a small bit of normalcy, turning it into a kind of game. Max handles it very carefully whenever he has it because he knows David has very important pictures on it.

    ♈ Neil and Nikki: His best friends from that one summer at summer camp. Neil was a kid genius, destined for greatness, with a firm grasp on logic and reasoning skills and a certain amount of dry wit that drew Max to him instantly. Nikki, a self-proclaimed 'agent of chaos', fit neatly into their little trio as a source of positivity and energy in a way they found far less annoying than David's, given that she also had a (sometimes) realistic outlook on the sketchiness and generally bad quality of the sham summer camp and was more than happy to participate in their wild schemes as they tried to first escape the camp, and then just generally drive David out of his mind. Max had a great deal of trouble admitting he was growing closer to them than he'd anticipated; used to having no friends, Neil and Nikki's genuine enjoyment of his company despite the differences the three children had was new and nearly frightening. He was afraid that at the end of summer, the three would drop out of each other's lives; to that end, he tried to avoid seeing them as real friends, something that eventually exploded in his face when careless comments broke their hearts.

    He was lucky he was able to fix that, and to do so he had to open up to some of the truth of what he felt-- a terrifying experience. Looking back, he considered himself doubly lucky they forgave him even knowing the reason why he'd tried to distance himself was the fear of losing them.

    Ironic that after all that, he still lost them. Since neither of them could come to summer camp the year it all fell apart, Max never did see them again, and though he attempted many times to contact them with his phone, there was never any answer. By now he's accepted their likely deaths and guards their memories fiercely, protecting his phone and his wallet-- the two things that contain all he has left of them, pictures of the previous summer--with fervor.

    ♈ [url=???]Cameron Campbell[/url]: asshole mcgee

    User Notes
    -this character is based off the character Max from Camp Camp; we're rewriting some events in the canon so that it can be taken more seriously, since the show is mostly a dark comedy and doesn't translate well into other mediums (and with one major change because of wish fulfillment I'll admit it)
    -and also rewriting some other things because... yeah the show isn't perfect and had some uncomfortable jokes
    -the teddy bear is canon so I guess there's my excuse for a third character with a fucking teddy bear
    -so far we're covering events up to the season three finale
    -if at any point Max's surname is revealed I'll change this to match that
    -if you are a minor pls do not look up this show; the character designs are appealing but it's definitely rated M


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