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    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term]

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    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Empty Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term]

    Post by Lysandre Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:16 am

    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] 211px-XY_Lysandre

    This profile is a compilation of all known data presently known as fact or held in high probability as fact
    Text Color FF4500
    Status ALIVE [Multiple evidence requests have been submitted]
    Known Items Lysandre was buried in his lair in Geosenge Town, along with a multitude of computers, equipment and the Ultimate Weapon. While it is confirmed that the Ultimate Weapon has been destroyed, it is unknown what items Lysandre would have access to.
    Known Weapons Lysandre was last seen with a gun, a knife, and his pokemon.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Him/His/He
    Birthdate 9/8
    Age 40
    Species Human
    Weight 263.5 lbs
    Height 6'11"
    Region of origin Kalos
    Occupation Former Team Flare Leader, Former engineer, Owner of Lysandre Labs
    Party The eyewitness accounts we had access to were limited and varied, but it has been agreed that some of his original team were lost and/or killed.
    Pkm 1
    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Spr_6x_668_m
    Name/Gender- Lacedaemon [M] ("Daemon" for short)
    Text colour- E95954
    Species- Pyroar
    Level- 70
    Ability- Unnerve
    Attack list-
    -Hyper Voice (Tutor)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Heat Wave (Tutor)
    -Noble Roar (Learned)
    **Lysandre's oldest friend, starter Pokemon and confidante. Unflinchingly loyal.
    Pkm 2
    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Spr_6x_405_m
    Name/Gender- Menelaus [M]
    Text colour- 6B94A0
    Species- Luxray
    Level- 63
    Ability- Guts
    Attack list-
    -Wild Charge (Learned)
    -Crunch (Learned)
    -Facade (TM)
    -Roar (Learned)
    **An older partner of Lysandre's likely recovered from the destroyed base's depths while he was trapped
    Pkm 3
    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Spr_6x_637
    Name/Gender- Lelex [M]
    Text colour- E3795A
    Species- Volcarona
    Level- 65
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Quiver Dance (Learned)
    -Bug Buzz (Learned)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    **An older partner of Lysandre's likely recovered from the destroyed base's depths while he was trapped
    Pkm 4
    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Spr_6x_609_s
    Name/Gender- Dion [M]
    Text colour- 9CE2C2
    Species- Chandelure
    Level- 54
    Ability- Infiltrator
    Attack list-
    -Shadow Ball (Previous Evolution)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Energy Ball (TM)
    -Pain Split(Learned)
    **Apparently apprehended from bandits.
    Pkm 5
    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Spr_6x_038
    Name/Gender- Sparta [F]
    Text colour- F9C149
    Species- Ninetales
    Level- 50
    Ability- Drought
    Attack list-
    -Nasty Plot (Previous evolution)
    -Solar Beam (TM)
    -Fire Blast (TM)
    -Psyshock (TM)
    **Apparently apprehended from bandits.
    Pkm 6
    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Spr_6x_663
    Name/Gender- Lathria [F]
    Text colour- FE8970
    Species- Talonflame
    Level- 46
    Ability- Gale Wings
    Attack list-
    -Brave Bird (Learned)
    -Flare Blitz (Learned)
    -Roost (TM)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    **Apparently apprehended from bandits. Seems fearful of her new owner.
    Last Known Whereabouts Spotted on the outskirts of Geosenge, as well as Lumiose City, Kalos.
    History From the accounts we received from those closer to Lysandre, we learned that he was born to a wealthy business man and his wife somewhere in Kalos. They shipped him off to boarding school at a young age, where he met his long-time friend, the current Professor Augustine Sycamore. According to the Professor, they became fast friends over the course of thier primary schooling.

    As the two grew older, their friendship bloomed and they became very close. Though their studies were in different fields, they put effort to keep their relationship alive during their intensive schooling. Though the Professor was mum on the details, we found several journals from both Lysandre's parents and Lysandre himself that pointed to the relationship being extremely intimate and romantic. The parents did not take it well, from what we can gather.

    From Lysandre's journal:

        "I told Augustine that I'd do it today, and I did. I told them everything. I told them that this was who I was, that it was what I wanted, what my body wanted, what my very soul wanted. That this was not a 'phase', nor was it the result of outside forces beguiling my precious, innocent mind. That I knew I was young, but this, what we had, felt right. And that I had no desire to undo any of it.

        "They were horrified. I didn't expect them to be proud or accepting, but... I suppose that there was some hope inside of me that they would at most just shrug it off. That maybe they wouldn't be thrilled, but they didn't care so long as it didn't affect my studies or their money. That I would be allowed to carry on with whatever debauchery I pleased as long as I wasn't public about it and smeared their precious name.

        "Journal, they've trapped me. They've already called my dean and explained that I wasn't to be trusted out of the house. They've eliminated all ways to contact Augustine-- I can't even say his name anymore. Do you understand, Journal? You could be confiscated, the most private of my confessions and dreams, simply because you bear his name. [...] Even as we speak, they're tearing into my e-mails, my letters, ripping open my entire private life to see just how far this goes."

    In Lysandre's journal in particular, he was isolated for the rest of his schooling, his father in particular paying for tutors to visit the house so his education didn't go to waste. During this time of isolation, Lysandre found solace in tracing back his lineage and the myths of the world in which he'd been so cruelly removed. According to his own admittance, he became obsessed with the old tales and myths, as they were the only company he was allowed in his own home.

    While the father's journal notes his health beginning to ail, he blames it on the homosexual lover his son took for causing the stress that was quickly killing him; Lysandre's, on the other hand, outlines his plan to slowly poison his father day after day with small doses of bleach in each meal. He even goes so far as to claim it as a possible confession, should the need arise.

    From Lysandre's journal:

        "I will not be controlled. I will not be held hostage in my own home, by my own parents.

        "This will not be tolerated.

        "I am not a demon. There is nothing wrong with me, and frankly, nothing that pertains to whom I wish to spend the rest of my life with, nor whom I wish to lay with at night, are any of their business, much less jurisdiction.

        "Journal, I am at a crossroads. I know the path I must take. I hesitate not for the potential damage to myself or my family, but to Augustine. He remains a victim in this, just as I have, as my mother and father have tried to smear his name across Kalos. I'm unaware of their actual success, but they both boast to me day in and day out that he's suffering at their hands, one way or another. I am convinced that this course of action I am prepared to take is the only way to truly set either of us free; I only hope in all earnest that he is not implicated. Should the need arise, I shall hand you over, Journal, to clear his name if my desperate parents try to blame their coming deaths on him.

        "Yes, Journal. Deaths.

        "I am going to kill them.

        "It will take months, even a year if they are resilient. But in each meal, I will sneak a marginal dosage of bleach. It'll be easy enough to come by, since it's just sitting in the servant's closets. I have easily been getting sitr-crazy, so I have already started helping out around the mansion more with cooking or laundry or gardening. Anything to break the monotony and be social with other people without a chaperone. With each meal, the poison will penetrate their bodies more and more, and they should start showing the first symptoms in about a week. It will seem like a bad sort of virus at first and will continue to persist. It will begin with respiratory issues. As more bleach is introduced, gastrointestinal functions will be the first to go, as well as skin rashes. In about a month afterward, their hair will fall out, their eyesight will deteriorate as the poison eliminates them from the ground up. Last, motor function will fade and they'll eventually slip into a coma.

        "I will not suffer at their hands forever."

    After going through financial records, despite falling ill, Lysandre's father changed his will to leave his son absolutely everything, writing his wife out of the will. This is likely due to cognitive damage from the long-term poisoning. Lysandre's mother began seeing hallucinations and eventually committed suicide, two months before Lysandre's father passed from organ damage.

    Lysandre wasted no time in stepping back out into the world. He built the research facilities and labs quickly, going back to the trade he so dearly enjoyed. He struck his friendship back up with the Professor Sycamore, as well as the now- Kalos Champion Diantha. But it's in this new phase of possibility and hope that his obsessions of the past culminate into something else entirely; Lysandre soon researched and sought out the actual Ultimate Weapon his ancestors created so long ago. After interviews with the few Team Flare survivors we had access to, we found that Flare was apparently formed to protect the Ultimate Weapon. It was only after a certain event where that changed.

    Still tormented by the torture his parents inflicted upon him, Lysandre became very outspoken against bigotry, using his Team Flare to influence Kalos into becoming a better nation by shaking the narrow-minded views that his parents held dear for so long. However, his target soon broadened into all things he viewed as "ugly". Unfortunately, his fervent fanaticism soon spiraled out of control and forced a confrontation with his lover and best friend, Professor Sycamore. Professor Sycamore declined further comment, only admitting that it happened. To be fair, I did not feel the need, nor have the want, to pry further.

    The two maintained an outward civil relationship otherwise as Lysandre built his army and worked relentlessly to rebuild the Ultimate Weapon. He wished to use it to reshape the world as he saw fit. Once his plan was put into motion, it was only through the valiant efforts of a small group of children, at their head Calem and Serena, that he was so quickly and efficiently felled. However, while the Ultimate Weapon was powered and fired by Yveltal's power, it only succeeded in destroying itself and the base along with it. Lysandre is thought to have been killed in the resulting blast and collapse of the base.

                   In summary:

    Looker and I seek to track down the remaining Flare administrators, in which we are well on our way of doing. Lysandre's tale, however, is not one of a monster as he is so viciously portrayed as-- but a person's tale. A person caught and trapped and pushed to the brink. To that place where no one, not even the most docile of people appear human anymore.

                                                -Special Agent R.F., Global Police.



    Various sources, including our own scouts, have spotted a man of Lysandre's description wandering in the Kalos region. Very little information is known, save what has been included in this dossier.

    Will be updated when more information is available.
    Accent Very slight French
    Appearance Subject last seen with tattered clothing and unkempt hair. Subject's health has been debated upon; some accounts describe him as starved and sick, others as robust and healthy.
    Religion Atheist, as mentioned in his journal multiple times.
     -He is truly a man at the end of his rope, desperately looking for a purpose, a drive. All his endeavors have ended in nothing but ruin and failure. He is reaching out to the fringes of his life, hoping that maybe there's one last twine he can reclaim.
     -Having no purpose is destroying him, body, mind and soul.
     -He puts his heart and soul into just about everything he commits to, which often leaves him exhausted for anything else.
     -Capable of being very loving, generous and kind.
     -Can be extremely possessive
    +Hard to come to trust; easily betrayed+
     -A lifetime of abuse and neglect by those Lysandre has instilled trust in has rendered him jaded towards strangers, distrusting. He is open to the fact that not everyone is a putrid cess pool but gives little credit to those that try to prove themselves to him unless they have gone through numerous great strides to do so.
     -In reality, the only person he truly does believe in is himself, which is jarring to his otherwise very social, very outgoing personality.
     -Extremely determined and driven, often to the point of obsession.
     -Willing to sacrifice much in order to see his goals met. Often, this does far more harm than good.
     -Is subject to tunnel vision.
     -Often has little restraint in his emotions, keeping much on his sleeve
     -Easily angered or provoked; does not keep his cool well in the face of an advarsary. In a crisis, however, he does refrain from allowing fear to grip him.
     -Many times, his most important decisions are made with emotion instead of logic, putting him into some fairly precarious situations.
     -His emotion, his passion, however-- he realizes this is what draws people to him, and so still relies on it heavily
     -Indulges in self-destructive behavior unabashedly.
     -Once Lysandre finds something to attach himself to, whether it be a person, an idea or a goal or principle, he absolutely, 100% adheres to it. He pours his very soul into it, and so, this level of commitment is not often executed, but has been several times in the past.
     -Loyal to a fault.
     -Is a man of his word. Generally honest.  
     -Silver-Tongued. Is able to rouse the people and pokemon around him.
     -Is very capable of talking his way in and out of situations as he needs.
     -Can easily go from extremely charming to absolutely terrifying at the drop of a hat.
    +Control Freak+
     -Is too obsessive to allow things to go awry under someone else's reign.
     -Does not like taking orders. Massive authority issues.
     -Absolutely loves meeting new people and pokemon, despite his horrible trust issues. He finds a sense of wonder in how people can be so remarkably different and revels in that wonder while he can before his cynicism sets in and forces his mind to turn against them.
     -Outgoing, unafraid to face new challenges.
    +A Natural Leader+
     -Lysandre's loathing of other authority figures has propelled him to adapt a leader-like personality as well, finding joy in successfully taking charge of a group of people and pokemon that trust him.
     -Thinks himself capable of bearing the burden of responsibility for others' lives, despite what the truth may be.
    Affiliations Sycamore
    Last Notes -Immediate confirmation for welfare is needed.
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    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] Empty Re: Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term]

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    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] RGgji6G


    Lysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] VictiniLysandre, Flare Leader [Meeting||Short Term] TGJeE
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