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Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive]


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Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Empty Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive]

Post by Starbits Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:20 pm

Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] 6cfa2192f620cf5f40a5cdf4462fd33d0d740787
Temporary image; drawing actual image myself

Trevor Grey
Text Color ff7e2a
Theme(s) THEME
Item the pokedex still around his neck, gray backpack in which are
-one person tent
-a notebook and pencil
-some food rations
-a handful of berries
-a screwdriver
-spare batteries
-an old radio
-a walking stick he uses to judge the deepness of water
Weapons his pokemon and technically the screwdriver
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate May 10
Age 15
Species Human
Weight 110.1 lbs
Height 5'5"
Region of Origin Kalos
Religion after learning about what happened with Lysandre and Xerneas you better believe he's Arceist; he prays exclusively to Xerneas
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer
Party Being a cautious child has served him well-- all of his Pokemon are still alive and of good health.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Florges-orange
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
Florges | Sunburst (F)
Text Color: 00D6E0
Level- 55
Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Fairy
Ability- Flower Veil
Attack list-
-Moonblast (Learned Pre-Evo)
-Energy Ball (TM)
-Protect (TM)
-Misty Terrain (Learned Pre-Evo)
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] 026
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
Raichu | Thundershock (M)
Text Color: f6ac29
Level- 53
Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Electric  
Ability- Static
Attack list-
-Thunderbolt (Learned)
-Nuzzle (Learned)
-Quick Attack (Learned)
-Protect (TM)
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] 142
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
Aerodactyl | Ariel Ace (M)
Text Color: 8350d5
Level- 54
Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Rock Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Flying
Ability- Rock Head
Attack list-
-Crunch (Learned)
-AncientPower (Learned)
-Sky Drop (Learned)
-Supersonic (Start)
**Called 'Ace.'
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Tyrantrum
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
Tyrantrum | RockSmash (M)
Text Color: d96361
Level- 53
Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Rock Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Dragon
Ability- Strong Jaw
Attack list-
-Crunch (Learned)
-Charm (Learned)
-Sandstorm (TM)
-Dragon Claw (Learned)
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Aurorus
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
Aurorus | IceBeam (M)
Text Color: beeff9
Level- 53
Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Rock Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Ice
Ability- Refrigerate
Attack list-
-Giga Impact (TM)
-Stone Edge (TM)
-Frost Breath (TM)
-Earthquake (TM)
Pkm 6
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Delphox
Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
Delphox | Magician (M)
Text Color: #a0a0a0
Level- 51
Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Fire Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Psychic
Ability- Blaze
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Famethrower (Learned)
-Lucky Chant (Learned)
-Light Screen (Learned)
**Rescued this Pokemon from a trainer who was going to shoot him for being infected despite... obviously not being infected
Quote "There is still so much I don't know. Do I just not have what it takes?"

"Maybe I didn't have what it took to fill out the Pokedex. Or bring my parents home. But my Pokemon... I have to have what it takes to keep them safe. I have to."
Born in Lumiose, Kalos, Trevor lived a remarkably bland life for about eight years, though he would forever treasure what he could remember of them, for a short time after he turned eight, his parents decided that having kids tied them down too much and elected to go on a vacation around the world. Unfortunately, they also decided that this would be more or less a permenant vacation, and suddenly Trevor was sharing the house with his sister and a strange woman, an aunt he didn't know he had. His sister became bitter and angry, recognizing their parents' abandonment for what it was, as she was older and more capable of realizing such a thing. But Trevor adapted to the abandoment in a different way; unable to really fully grasp that his parents and decided they were worth it, desperate to get out of this house and maybe give them an incentive to come home, Trevor became obsessed with the Pokedex and wanting to go on a journey. He thought completing it would prompt his parents to come home to celebrate the accomplishment... and maybe even stay home. Since the aunt knew Sycamore, she got him in contact with the professor, in the hopes of getting rid of the kid for a while, not just for her sake, but for his own. Not wanting the group of children he was giving the Pokedex to to go out on their own, the professor had them get to know each other a little before sending them down to Vaniville to recruit the last child, a reluctant, shy boy named Calem. Even though he was awkward around the others, he got his Pokedex and his opportunity, and set out, eager to grasp at this chance with everything he had in him. Unfortunately, despite his attempts to make memories and fit in, he never felt like he actually belonged in the group, instead hanging around the sidelines with Tierno, a boy who annoyed him to no end despite his guilt about the fact.

Frost Cavern was his major encounter with Team Flare as the group set about trying to take hold of the region. The ordeal was a bit frightening but by this time Trevor was actually hoping for a fight, tired of feeling left out and hoping that maybe being bold would not only allow him to stand out, but also to scare off the thugs taking everything for themselves.  Thanks to his and Calem's efforts, Team Flare left Abomasnow alone. The boy felt a rare sense of pride in accomplishing something so huge, but sadly, he would not be present for when Team Flare made their biggest move in taking the region-- in fact he didn't arrive in Geosenge Town until after Flare had been defeated.  Staring in awe at what was left of the massive weapon, Trevor thanked his lucky stars that it was not his shoulders the region's fate had rested on. Calem was made of sterner stuff than he could ever be. Maybe it was time to just... let it go.

Calem went on to defeat the Elite Four and from there his life descended into hell. Trevor tried to help him hide from the media, but like everyone else, to no avail; eventually Calem dropped off the face of the earth, Trevor distraught at yet another abandonment. Was that just his destiny in life, for others to leave? At least Calem had an excuse... though this comforted him at first, he realized just how huge an accusation this lobbed at his parents. Trevor decided maybe it was just best not to think on it at all.  By now he'd nearly completed the pokedex, but as victory inched nearer, it felt more and more hollow. What was the point if it wouldn't bring his parents home-- the same parents who'd neglected to even send so much as a postcard for his birthday?

He would forever regret not being near Tierno the day the outbreak truly swept the region. It meant another friend whose fate he didn't know, and marked the end of a very brief and unhappy childhood. He feld to Lumiose only to find his apartment building in shambles and his aunt and sister missing. Unable to locate anyone, Trevor gave up looking and focused entirely on survival.  

Maybe he'd find who he wanted to, if he didn't actively search? Perhaps it was time to stop fighting fate and let what would happen, happen.
Appearance -his hair is less poofy now but still that vivid orange; he keeps it tied in a little ponytail
-big silver-blue eyes, freckles dusting his cheeks
-still wears the pokedex around his neck
-also still has the green backpack
-fiddles with his Pokedex when nervous
-white t-shirt with green borders on the sleeves; grey pants, green sneakers
-likes having Sunburst or Magician out
  • reserved
    -Trevor likes to keep to himself
    -doesn't particularly like to get mixed up in crazy adventures
    -but will if he must
  • sentimental
    -he holds onto the things that have emotional value to him, even if they serve no real practical purpose
  • friendly
    -though awkward with people and generally reluctant to be around them, he does his best to not be rude to others
  • jealous
    -it's really not fair Tierno could be so carefree about his passion when his own had such high stakes riding on it
    -he may have been more cold with Tierno than he wishes he had been
  • thoughtful
  • cautious
    -very careful child; he weighs all risks before taking any, and goes to great lengths to avoid having to take them at all
  • sad and lonely
    -he longs for a place he fits in
    -but at this point he'd just like some non-hostile human company
  • eager for approval
    -his parents, sister, and aunt were too wrapped up in their own lives to care
    -surely someone out there would?
    -and he's desperate to find anyone who will
  • insecure
    -Did... Mom and Dad leave because of me?
  • occasionally overwhelmed
    -sometimes it's still so hard to believe all of this really happened, but when it comes crashing down on him, he has a tendency to break down
    -he's still only a child, after all
  • Affiliations
    Trevor's Relationships:
    :leo: Calem: A boy he met through Professor Sycamore; he liked comparing Pokedexes with Calem and though he tried to motivate his losses in their little Pokedex contest to do better, secretly they were swift and heavy blows to his self esteem. Calem barely seemed to be trying, yet he was better at this than Trevor. Could he not be cut out for this after all? Even so, Calem himself was a friendly child and Trevor could not help but be drawn to him, especially as Calem was always kind in his dealings with him. Misses him quite intensely.

    :leo: Tierno: A boy he met through Professor Sycamore; Tierno irked him because the other boy got to enjoy setting out to make his dream come true without any stakes. If he failed, he failed and that was it-- if Trevor fails, Mom and Dad don't come home. As a result his irritation leaked through on more than one occasion as he would try to lowkey tell Tierno to shut up.  Thankfully Tierno completely missed the sentiments behind it, perhaps not even understanding Trevor's intent. As it turned out, when the children split up, Trevor followed Tierno around so as not to be completely alone despite not having a whole lot in common with him. He doesn't really like him that much, and feels rather guilty about it.

    :leo: Shauna: Met through Professor Sycamore; he felt a little better about Shauna because she was more willing to make the goal of her journey the experiences she'd live rather than battling, which helped validate his own quest a little. She was a little too enthusiastic for his taste, and far too loud, but he holds no ill will towards her.

    :leo: Serena: A girl he met through Professor Sycamore, and spent a little time with before their journey started.  He found her intimidating and didn't like to speak directly to her, able to stand her company only when in a group. Feared she would judge his choice of not wanting to be a battler and his habit of being a shadow haunting the sidelines.
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