Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive]


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    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Empty Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive]

    Post by Starbits Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:20 pm

    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] 6cfa2192f620cf5f40a5cdf4462fd33d0d740787
    Temporary image; drawing actual image myself

    Trevor Grey
    Text Color ff7e2a
    Theme(s) THEME
    Item the pokedex still around his neck, gray backpack in which are
    -one person tent
    -a notebook and pencil
    -some food rations
    -a handful of berries
    -a screwdriver
    -spare batteries
    -an old radio
    -a walking stick he uses to judge the deepness of water
    Weapons his pokemon and technically the screwdriver
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He | Him | His
    Birthdate May 10
    Age 15
    Species Human
    Weight 110.1 lbs
    Height 5'5"
    Region of Origin Kalos
    Religion after learning about what happened with Lysandre and Xerneas you better believe he's Arceist; he prays exclusively to Xerneas
    Accent American
    Occupation Pokemon Trainer
    Party Being a cautious child has served him well-- all of his Pokemon are still alive and of good health.
    Pkm 1
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Florges-orange
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
    Florges | Sunburst (F)
    Text Color: 00D6E0
    Level- 55
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Fairy
    Ability- Flower Veil
    Attack list-
    -Moonblast (Learned Pre-Evo)
    -Energy Ball (TM)
    -Protect (TM)
    -Misty Terrain (Learned Pre-Evo)
    Pkm 2
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] 026
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
    Raichu | Thundershock (M)
    Text Color: f6ac29
    Level- 53
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Electric  
    Ability- Static
    Attack list-
    -Thunderbolt (Learned)
    -Nuzzle (Learned)
    -Quick Attack (Learned)
    -Protect (TM)
    Pkm 3
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] 142
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
    Aerodactyl | Ariel Ace (M)
    Text Color: 8350d5
    Level- 54
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Rock Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Flying
    Ability- Rock Head
    Attack list-
    -Crunch (Learned)
    -AncientPower (Learned)
    -Sky Drop (Learned)
    -Supersonic (Start)
    **Called 'Ace.'
    Pkm 4
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Tyrantrum
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
    Tyrantrum | RockSmash (M)
    Text Color: d96361
    Level- 53
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Rock Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Dragon
    Ability- Strong Jaw
    Attack list-
    -Crunch (Learned)
    -Charm (Learned)
    -Sandstorm (TM)
    -Dragon Claw (Learned)
    Pkm 5
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Aurorus
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
    Aurorus | IceBeam (M)
    Text Color: beeff9
    Level- 53
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Rock Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Ice
    Ability- Refrigerate
    Attack list-
    -Giga Impact (TM)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    -Frost Breath (TM)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    Pkm 6
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Delphox
    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Pokeball
    Delphox | Magician (M)
    Text Color: #a0a0a0
    Level- 51
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Fire Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] Psychic
    Ability- Blaze
    Attack list-
    -Psychic (Learned)
    -Famethrower (Learned)
    -Lucky Chant (Learned)
    -Light Screen (Learned)
    **Rescued this Pokemon from a trainer who was going to shoot him for being infected despite... obviously not being infected
    Quote "There is still so much I don't know. Do I just not have what it takes?"

    "Maybe I didn't have what it took to fill out the Pokedex. Or bring my parents home. But my Pokemon... I have to have what it takes to keep them safe. I have to."
    Appearance -his hair is less poofy now but still that vivid orange; he keeps it tied in a little ponytail
    -big silver-blue eyes, freckles dusting his cheeks
    -still wears the pokedex around his neck
    -also still has the green backpack
    -fiddles with his Pokedex when nervous
    -white t-shirt with green borders on the sleeves; grey pants, green sneakers
    -likes having Sunburst or Magician out
    Trevor's Relationships:
    User Notes


    Pokemon Trainer Trevor [Inactive] RosaChallenge
    oh, captain, let's make a deal
    where we both say the things that we both really feel
    i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
    and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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