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Subway Boss Ingo


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Subway Boss Ingo Empty Subway Boss Ingo

Post by Maximum Fri May 29, 2015 1:12 am

Subway Boss Ingo 200px-Black_White_Ingo
Temporary Image

Ingo Gainsboro
"The Black Rook"

Text Color 444444
Theme(s) If You Only Knew
Item -Soothe Bell
-Emmet's hat
-Universal Communicator
-Various Berries
-2 bottles of Hyper Potion, and half a bottle of Full Heal
-Random food items he's scavanged that amounts to a few days worth of food for himself and his Pokemon
-Gun holster
-A solid black backpack to put everything in
Weapons -His Pokemon
-9mm gun with limited ammo.
-Himself. Since he knows MMA, he doesn't necessarily need weapons to keep himself safe, but he knows that if he has to resort to to fighting bare handed, then he either got really surprised or something really bad happened.
-A knife
Gender Identity He/him
Birthdate May 4th
Age 34 years
Species Human
Weight 134 lbs.
Height 6'0''
Region of origin Unova
Occupation Former Subway Boss/Train Conductor
Party To be fair to all challengers, he had a team of pokemon that he used only for Subway battles. The team was based on his own personal team that he traveled the region with. His personal team consisted of Klinklang, Excadrill, Chandelure, Crustle, Garbodor, and Conkeldurr
Pkm 1
Subway Boss Ingo 601
Subway Boss Ingo Pokeball
Name- Divide
Gender- Genderless
Text colour- 8B7D7B
Species- Klinklang
Level- 65
Ability- Minus
Attack list-
-Shift Gear (level)
-Return (TM)
-Gear Grind (level)
-Discharge (level)
**Uses She/Her pronouns. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 2
Subway Boss Ingo 609
Subway Boss Ingo Pokeball
Name- Leia
Gender- Female
Text colour- 7D26CD
Species- Chandelure
Level- 63
Ability- Flash Fire
Attack list-
-Shadow Ball (Pre-evo level)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Energy Ball (TM)
-Psychic (TM)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 3
Subway Boss Ingo 530
Subway Boss Ingo Pokeball
Name- Minnie
Gender- Female
Text colour- A52A2A
Species- Excadrill
Level- 63
Ability- Sand Rush
Attack list-
-Earthquake (level)
-Rock Slide (level)
-Poison Jab (TM)
-Sword's Dance (level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 4
Subway Boss Ingo 630
Subway Boss Ingo Pokeball
Name- Mandy
Gender- Female
Text colour- 473C8B
Species- Mandibuzz
Level- 62
Ability- Overcoat
Attack list-
-Whirlwind (level)
-Bone Rush (level)
-Brave Bird (start)
-Dark Pulse (level)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 5
Subway Boss Ingo 508
Subway Boss Ingo Pokeball
Name- Lily
Gender- Female
Text colour- 3D59AB
Species- Stoutand
Level- 55
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Roar (level)
-Ice Fang (start)
-Take Down (level)
-Wild Charge (TM)
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 6
Subway Boss Ingo 586-w
Subway Boss Ingo Pokeball
Name- Jane
Gender- Female
Text colour- 476A34
Species- Sawsbuck
Level- 57
Ability- Chlorophyll
Attack list-
-Aromatherapy (level)
-Horn Leech (start)
-Megahorn (level)
-Jump Kick (TM)

Quote "There is no terminal called End in your life!"
"For Death is the end of the line."


Ingo and Emmet were born to loving parents in Mistralton city in Unova, and as the boys grew, they were hard to part. Unlike his brother, Ingo had a more serious outlook on life, and he didn't default to smiling. He usually had a stern expression, and this made most kids dislike him based on appearances alone. However, Emmet took his brother everywhere with him, despite the fact that Ingo often scared or weirded out the other kids. Even though Emmet appeared oblivious to this, Ingo often noticed the looks they would give him and how the other kids started inviting Emmet less and less, because they knew to invite Emmet would mean inviting Ingo. When Emmet finally realized that he basically had to choose between the other kids or his brother, Ingo was happy but felt guilty that Emmet chose him.  

Their parents worried about how isolated the boys were, so they found something that they knew the boys would like and signed them up for MMA classes after school. They both very much enjoyed learning how to fight, however they still managed to keep somewhat separate from the other kids. After realizing that plan failed, Mr. and Mrs. Gainsboro decided that maybe it would be better for the boys to start their journey at ten years old instead of eleven like the parents were hoping. So they got a pair of Klink with complimentary abilities, and gave them to the boys. Ingo was ecstatic with his new friend and was trying to come up with a name for them when Emmet looked over with his smile that meant that he was about to say something silly. "Plus and minus; we should call them Multiply and Divide!" Ingo was about to shoot that down, but then noticed how his Klink had a similar smile, and he knew that he had just lost his chance on naming them. This started a near comical tradition in that Ingo was never able to name his own Pokemon. Needless to say, Ingo wasn't amused.

Not too long after getting their starters, Emmet got the brilliant idea that he wanted to climb the Celestial Tower nearby so he could ring the bell at the top. Ingo kept shooting the idea down because Litwik were the most common Pokemon there, and while Ingo did fully intend to go there at least once so he could get his own Litwik, going there now would be foolish. However, Emmet was determined, and one day, while Ingo was taking a nap under a tree, Emmet ran to the tower. Ingo panicked when he realized that his brother wasn't there, but then he recalled how close they were to the dang tower. Infuriated, he marched into the tower with Divide by his side, and soon found his brother with a blonde boy who also had an unconscious Klink. An Elgyem was shooing away a crowd of Litwik that had gathered near the pair, and now that they were safe, he grabbed Emmet by the ear and the other boy by the arm and marched them out of the tower. The Elgyem had taken an interest in the blonde boy that soon introduced himself as Colress, and floated with them. Also, a Litwik from the crowd started following after them and sort of latched onto Ingo, who was secretly really pleased. Litwik and its evolutions were among his favorite Pokemon, and now he had one of his own.

He took the pair back to his and Emmet's house and told Mom what had happened. She was less than pleased that they had done something so dangerous, but she was glad that they got out of the situation relatively unscathed. She took the unconscious Klinks to the Pokemon Center, and then gave some freshly baked cookies to the Elgyem. The little alien pokemon started making happy beeping noises, and that caused Colress to name him R2D2. Neither Ingo or Emmet knew what Colress was talking about when he told them that it was a reference to "Star Wars," and Colress suddenly decided that they all needed to watch the movies now. The blonde boy's enthusiasm actually managed to put Emmet off guard, and that gave Ingo immense amusement. They managed to get through two of the movies, and Colress's parents allowed Colress to spend the night.

So they continued to hang out despite the fact they should have been sleeping, and after a rather dumb debate about what the glowy swords were called, they had a massive pillow fight. This culminated in Ingo laughing. Though he didn't know it, the parents had peeked into the room, and after seeing the three having such a good time, decided to let the boys have their fun and would punish them later for the Celestial tower incident. Another highlight of this visit was that Colress suggested that maybe Leia would be a cool name for Ingo's Litwik, and while he did like the name, he was rather put out when she nodded and smiled at Colress. Unfortunately, Colress and his family had to head back to Lacunosa, but they promised to keep in touch, and the twins vowed to come visit when they left on their journey.

When the time came, they finally left Mistralton and headed for Lacunosa to visit their friend. They hadn't quite planned on staying for long, but when they found that Colress was having a massive issue with bullies, their visit became a long term stay. While Colress was in school, the brothers trained their pokemon, and as soon as Colress was out, they would hang out with him. Ingo was often the impulse control of the group, and he often had to pull Colress and Emmet out of trouble. After Colress made it to high school, his issues at school seemed to calm down a lot, and he encouraged the twins to go on and challenge the gyms like he was sure they wanted to. Ingo sort of pleaded with Colress to come with them, but he was determined to keep learning. They once again promised to keep in contact with him, and then they finally continued their journey.

The gyms were relatively easy for them since they had been training their teams for years, but after getting the badge of Mistralton, they decided to check out the Gear Station Battle Subway. They had always had an interest in the place due to a love of trains, and they challenged the Subway. They caught the eye of the then current Subway Boss who took them on as apprentices, and eventually they came to have the title themselves. By the time this happened, Colress had decided to go off to college in Kalos, and though they were sad to see him go so far away, they were glad to see him doing what he loved. They kept in contact with him through weekly phone calls and random packages in the mail, and Ingo would occasionally fuss at Colress for his horrid sleeping habits.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Colress's parents were killed in a horrific car crash, and when Colress flew in for the funeral and to handle legal matters, the Gainsboro family took him in. The elder Gainsboro's helped him deal with the legalities while Ingo and Emmet helped him as much as they could emotionally. After the funeral, however, Colress threw himself into his studies to try to make himself recover faster, and all Ingo and Emmet could do was watch from afar and try to make sure he did eat and sleep across country lines. His hard work paid off, and he graduated with honors, and the ceremony was a very fond memory of Ingo's. Colress managed to catch the eye of the head of a Pokemon's rights group, and since he was eager to help, he took the job immediately. When Ingo and Emmet met the man later, Ingo couldn't help but feel unease while around him. He talked a good game, but something about the man really put Ingo off. He tried to bring this up to Emmet and Colress, but both of them thought Ingo was overreacting.

A strain in their relationship with Colress formed when they tried to convince him to sell his old house. The building only seemed to cause Colress pain, but he was stubbornly refusing to do get rid of it. Eventually they manage to convince him to, but he had been hurt by their insistences. Depsite this, when a horrific accident involving a rampaging Pokemon causing a building to collapse killed Ingo and Emmet's parents, Colress dropped everything to come to them on a short notice. Though they greatly needed his help and support, this made Ghetsis realize that he needed to cut them off from Colress. When Ghetsis started making speeches, even Emmet started feeling that something about the man was off, and the pair tried to convince Colress that Ghetsis wasn't what he seemed. Unfortunately, Colress misunderstood what they were trying to get at, and when they parted, it was on a really sour note.

The speech in Accumula town finally convinced them that they needed to get Colress away from Team Plasma, but while they were traveling to meet him, the Shadow Triad intervened. The twins were told in no uncertain terms that if they didn't leave Colress alone, then the Triad would hurt or kill him, and there was nothing they could do about it. Thoroughly frightened and cowed, they went back home, and there was the realization that the Triad were literal ninjas and could be hiding anywhere. The whole situation made Ingo so angry. He couldn't do anything that could make this better, and he felt unsafe in his own home. Ingo's firmly believed these ninjas were working for Ghetsis, but he could only barely whisper it to Emmet. If the Shadow Triad suspected that they knew who they were working for, then that could be fatal for Colress.

When Team Plasma and Ghetsis finally showed his true colors, Ingo feared for Colress's fate, and when the team apparently disbanded, he and Emmet desperately searched for him. To Ingo's horror, there was no sign of Colress, and with Ghetsis also having disappeared, there was a strong chance that Colress was taken with him. Ingo really didn't want to consider the other option, for if Colress was dead, then it was Ingo's fault. They didn't stop looking for about two years, when a near miracle happened. A man mostly fitting Colress's description had been seen traveling around Unova. This also confused Ingo, for if Ghetsis had kidnapped Colress, why would he be allowed to travel apparently freely? They tried going to the places that Colress had been seen at, but they always found the lead too old.

The closest they got was the Driftveil tournament, where Colress had apparently taken second place. They were able to confirm it since there had been pictures taken, and the man in the photo was definitely Colress. This caused even more confusion because participating in this tournament seemed... pointless to whatever Ghetsis was probably planning. Ingo and Emmet made it in time for the World Tournament to quietly hand out pictures with their numbers on it with the request to call them if anyone had seen Colress. However, they couldn't do much otherwise, because with Team Plasma still active, and apparently more aggressive, then the Triad was definitely still there, and they didn't want to kill Colress when they seemed so close to finding him.

Team Plasma was dissolved again and this time, Ghetsis seemed out of commission for good, and Ingo and Emmet once again scoured Unova trying to find Colress. To their despair, once again Colress had disappeared. This crushed Ingo, for he knew that Colress had been alive, but now they didn't know anymore. Ghetsis didn't appear nearly as stable the last time anyone saw him, and the chances were high that he could have finally killed Colress off. They tried looking for him for the next two years, but they had to balance their duties as Subway Bosses. As the time passed, Ingo started feeling less and less confident that his friend was still alive.

Then the world ended. Dead Pokemon started rising to attack the living, and utter madness consumed the world. While trying to help survivors using the subway, disaster struck and all of Ingo and Emmet's subway pokemon were lost. Some to undead, and some had to be left behind, because it was too dangerous to venture into the tunnels to find them. Oscar, Ingo's Garbodor from his personal team, gave up her life to make sure the brothers were able to escape. Ingo didn't want to leave her, because there was a horde coming, and she would not survive so many. Leia had to remind Ingo that if he didn't leave, he, Emmet, and the other Pokemon would also die. Though it broke his heart, he had to run away, and he did.

As the brothers ran, an uninfected Mandibuzz found them and followed. She begged for them to take her, and Ingo, feeling Oscar's loss keenly, obliged. The brothers managed to make it outside of Nimbasa, and mostly just tried surviving in this apocalyptic world. They continued trying to find Colress, though Ingo started despairing that even if Colress had survived Team Plasma, he wasn't much of a trainer. Sure he did well in the tournament, but he hadn't trained Pokemon for most of his life. The thought that Colress was dead wouldn't leave, but Ingo tried to stay positive. If only for Emmet's sake.

Then, as if the gods decided losing his best friend wasn't enough, a horde attacked them, and he was separated from Emmet. After the undead finally dispersed, he frantically combed the area for his brother, and his heart dropped when he found Emmet's hat stuck in a tree. He retrieved it, and he dropped to his knees when he saw how much blood was on it. Since the hat was white... there was no mistaking how much there was... Thankfully, Leia was out, and she guarded him as he had a mental breakdown in front of the tree. She let Divide out to try comforting him, and reminding him that Emmet was strong, and there could be a reason there was blood on the hat that didn't mean Emmet was dead. Ingo exhausted himself there, and he let his Pokemon out to keep watch. He sure couldn't do it.

Surviving alone was difficult, and their first winter after losing Emmet, Ingo found that he was dealing with a food shortage. No matter what he did, there just wasn't enough for all of them. He didn't know that one of his pokemon, Lasagna the Crustle, stopped eating so that the others could have more food. She did this subtly, by carefully distributing who would get parts of her food and when. Ingo saw her fading away, and tried so hard to make sure they had more food, but nothing worked. She finally passed on one day, and before he or the other Pokemon had any time to grieve, she came back and lunged for Ingo. Fortunately, Minnie was able to stop her, and put her down for good. The event shook all of them horribly. If the pokemon died... they could come back to kill the others...

Tragedy struck again when Rosie the Conkeldurr had a bad encounter with several infected. She body blocked an infected from attacking Ingo, and she had been bitten in the altercation. When the wound started getting purple markings, all of them knew what that meant. Rosie knew that she was going to become one of the monsters that plagued the world, and begged Ingo to kill her before she turned. He knew she was right, but killing his own pokemon was something he really didn't want to do. However, knowing that denying her this request would hurt her and them, he let his other Pokemon say their goodbyes, and put them away afterwards. He then pulled out his gun, muttered, "I'm sorry," and shot her in the head. He then let Minnie out to help dig a hole to put Rosie's body in, and then he left the area.

When the weather finally turned warmer, they had better luck at finding food, and while scavenging, they found a dead human body. While it wasn't uncommon, and Ingo fully intended to loot the backpack, what made this one different was the fact that it had pokeballs stashed in the bag. Letting his four pokemon out just in case there was a problem, he released the other two from their confinement. They were a Sawsbuck and Stoutland, and they were immediately on guard upon seeing the strange human and his pokemon. The two new ones then glanced over at their trainer's corpse and realized that they were dead, and by undead claws and fangs.The Stoutland started weeping over her trainer's corpse, and the Sawsbuck was barely holding together. Feeling their sadness, he and his pokemon stood guard over the grieving pair. When they finally stopped crying, he told the pair that he didn't know what happened to them, but the pokemon were allowed to stay with him or could go on their own. Deciding they would be better off with Ingo than by themselves, they agreed to join him. They also requested to go by different names of Ingo's choosing, and he had to name them on the spot. Like the Mandibuzz, he had no idea what to do, and came up with really basic names.

Time continued to pass, and though there was still no sign of Emmet, Ingo convinced himself that Emmet had to be alive. To believe otherwise would take Ingo's mind down a dark path, and his Pokemon still needed him.  He spent most of his time in Unova with the hopes that maybe Emmet was still in the country somehow, and there was also the fact that Ingo knew Unova. Better to stay where you knew where things were than to get surprised elsewhere.
Accent German
Ingo is a tall man with obvious muscle, but he's still thin due to food being a problem in the epidemic. He wears all black if he can help it, and his current get-up is a sweater, cargos, and boots. He still has his conductor coat and hat, and will wear them when conditions require it. Originally, he tried to keep his hair short, but after one too many false sparks of hope in front of a reflective surface, he decided to just grow it out. He normally keeps his hair pulled back into a rough ponytail, and if he's wearing his coat, he ensures that the hair stays under the collar of the coat. His resting face is very stern and he doesn't smile too much, and this makes him appear unapproachable to most even before the Epidemic. He carries himself at his full height unless circumstances require otherwise.
Religion Pays lip service to the 'higher powers' but he doesn't think much on it.

   He has a protective streak a mile wide that applies to anyone he attaches to, regardless of their actual ability to protect themselves.
   He gives everyone who speaks with him a general benefit of the doubt and won't be immediately aggressive. He will respect others generally as long as they respect him
-Level headed
   It's really hard to rock him emotionally, and he is often dependable in a stressful situation.
   He doesn't feel the need to fill in the silence with meaningless talking, and so will drop quiet when he has nothing more to say.
   In his opinion, it's better to come out with what you want to say and to efficiently communicate. This sometimes leads to him being a little harsher than intended, but he's never mean spirited in his statements
   If he has no business with you, he has no idea what to do with you. He won't know what to say and will probably just sit/stand there in silence until either the other person breaks the silence, or one of them walks away.
   He's angry at how so much has gone wrong. Whatever gods may exist must be toying with him about how much they can take from him.
   He very much believes that Colress's fate is entirely his fault, and regrets every day that he didn't do more.
   He has to find Emmet. To believe his brother is dead would utterly crush him, so he convinces himself that he has to be alive.
   Despite his mean appearance, Ingo is a very kind soul to people and Pokemon. However, most don't see this if they don't try to look past his almost permanent frown.
   He is acutely aware that his brother was always better with people than he was.  Emmet possessed a smile that he gave often, and he seemed to always know what to say to others. Ingo may have been "more successful" since he took work seriously, but he always considered Emmet the "better" twin since he could actually talk to people. There were some days he felt that he may have been holding Emmet back.
   He doesn't do this on purpose. However, given his permanent frown, imposing stature, blunt manner of speaking, and an awkward way of dealing with people, a lot of people find him strange and unnerving.
-Weird about touch
   Unless your name is Emmet or Colress, don't bother trying to touch him. Depending on the context, he will either move away, demand you stop, or force you to stop. He is much more lenient with Pokemon, and doesn't mind them nearly as much.

-Emmet- Ingo's twin brother. They've been together pretty much since they were born, and they were almost always in sync. Since their personalities are so different, one would think that they wouldn't like each other at all, but it turns out that they end up complimenting each other. Despite Ingo appearing angry and pissy in the face of Emmet's shenanigans, it's almost always a surface level anger, and he's not actually that mad. Ingo was also often trying to make sure Emmet didn't get himself in trouble since Emmet often acted impulsively.  It should also be noted that Emmet never tried making Ingo act differently, and would fight those who would try to force Ingo to be different. Ingo is extremely protective of his brother, though he knows he doesn't have to do much. Emmet can very much handle himself in fights of the physical and verbal nature, but Ingo is not above doing cheapshots on his brother's behalf. Ingo is also aware that Emmet was often more liked, and sometimes he curses his own unsociable behavior. Being forced away from Emmet because of the Epidemic has had a massive drain on him.

-Colress- Ingo and Emmet's best friend. Colress never made Ingo feel bad for his awkward nature, and would go out of his way to make sure Ingo felt included. Ingo was almost shocked when he realized that Colress wasn't just trying to accommodate him, and that he actually enjoyed being around him. He also had to keep an eye on Colress for he was almost as bad as Emmet for bad ideas and acting on them.  He was fiercely protective of Colress, who wasn't a fighter by nature and was often a target for bullies. Colress, Emmet, and he were close friends in a way that doesn't pop up very often. Due to all three of them being rather isolated from other kids, they were open in their affections toward each other, and really didn't care what other people thought. Colress is also notable in that he could always tell Ingo and Emmet apart, even when they tried to confuse other people or get out of certain situations. Ingo forever regrets that he was unable to talk Colress out of Team Plasma, and fears that his friend is dead.

-Elesa- Since she was the gym leader of Nimbasa, he knew her on a professional level. Like anyone else he knew from back then, he hopes that she made it.

-Black- He rode the trains at Gear Station for a while, and even battled against Ingo and Emmet a few times. He was a good trainer that Ingo did enjoy battling, but eventually life took Black to other places.

-[url=Mei]Mei[/url] and Nate- Ingo met these two one day outside of Gear Station not too long after Black moved on, and he and Emmet battled them for fun while on break. It was a challenging battle, and Ingo had looked forward to potentially seeing them on the subway lines.

-Ghetsis- Ingo never liked Ghetsis from the moment he met him, but at first, it was only just this vague feeling of distrust and unease. When Ghetsis started revealing his true colors, it wasn't a surprise to Ingo, but he regrets not being more adamant about his feelings to Colress. He is thoroughly convinced that the Shadow Triad worked under Ghetsis's orders, and that Colress disappearing is all because of Ghetsis. If Ingo were to ever see Ghetsis again, he would be very determined to take Ghetsis out.

-Shadow Triad-  These three made him and his brother feel unsafe in their own home, and made the threat that would separate him from Colress. He sees them as Ghetsis's trained attack dogs, and while he has no love for them, might not immediately go berserk when seeing one of them. However, they very much made it impossible for Ingo or Emmet to find Colress, so there is a lot of resentment there.
User Notes
User Notes:

-Used to be scared of the dark
   -mostly over it, but he still gets nervous
-The Soothe Bell
   The joke behind his bell was twofold. Of course, it was a huge reference to his and Emmet's favorite children's story turned movie. The other part of the joke was that Ingo tended to walk quietly and would sometimes accidentally scare people by suddenly popping up behind them. If he wore the dang bell, then people would know he was coming and wouldn't be scared when he started talking to them.  He never wore the bell because that would be ridiculous, but he still held onto the item even as time passed.
-Dead teammates (all of them were female)
   -Rosie the Conkeldurr
   -Oscar the Garbodor
   -Lasagna the Crustle
-Other than the three pokemon he picked up during the epidemic, he has never been able to name his own Pokemon. Either Emmet or Colress would suggest a name and then the pokemon would refuse to respond to anything else. Emmet's names ended up being ridiculous, while Colress's names actually had logic behind them.  
-I have had extensive discussions with Starbits about Emmet and with Colress about using him in Ingo's history.

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