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Pokemon Trainer Cress


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Pokemon Trainer Cress Empty Pokemon Trainer Cress

Post by Starbits Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:34 pm

Pokemon Trainer Cress Tumblr_oc8ul5VjsG1uc5v85o1_400

Cress Maize

Triple Trouble!
Text Color 1655bf
Theme(s) THEME
Item universal communicator, hiking backpack in which are
-a few spare pokeballs
a sharpening rock
-some food rations; a decent amount
-a bag of miscellaneous berries; he doesn't know what all of them do
-lockpicking tools
-a sleeping bag
-a single trio badge
-Chili's apron
Weapons his Pokemon, a knife
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate March 23rd
Age 23
Species Human
Weight 120.7lbs
Height 5'6"
Region of Origin Unova
Religion he used to pray to the legends of Hoenn despite being Unovan in origin, but since adopting the new persona, he does not anymore
Accent American
Occupation Former Gym Leader | Pokemon Trainer | Former Restaurant Owner/Cook/Waiter
Party The teams Cress used in the Pokemon World Tournament were modeled after the team he reared from childhood.  His Basculin has perished, thanks to a very large and very undead Wishcash.  He has since picked up an Eevee, who he plans to make a Vaporeon.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Cress Simipour
Pokemon Trainer Cress Pokeball
Simipour | Parasol (M)
Text Color: 00bfff
Level- 60
Type- Pokemon Trainer Cress Water
Ability- Gluttony
Attack list-
-Hyrdo Pump (Egg)
-Grass Knot (TM)
-Acrobatics (Learned)
-Work Up (TM)
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Cress Samurott
Pokemon Trainer Cress Pokeball
Samurott | Froaklie (M)
Text Color: 0025ae
Level- 59
Type- Pokemon Trainer Cress Water  
Ability- Torrent
Attack list-
-Razor Shell (Learned)
-Aqua Jet (Learned)
-Megahorn (Start)
-Revenge (Learned)
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer Cress Slowking
Pokemon Trainer Cress Ultraball
Slowking | Bernard (M)
Text Color: 0058c8
Level- 57
Type- Pokemon Trainer Cress Water Pokemon Trainer Cress Psychic
Ability- Own Tempo
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Calm Mind (Start)
-Scald (TM)
-Flamethrower (TM)
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainer Cress Crawdaunt
Pokemon Trainer Cress Diveball
Crawdaunt | Claudia (F)
Text Color: 5586a2
Level- 58
Type- Pokemon Trainer Cress Water Pokemon Trainer Cress Dark
Ability- Adaptability
Attack list-
-Aqua Jet (Egg)
-Knock Off (Learned)
-Crabhammer (Learned)
-Dragon Dance (Egg)
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainer Cress Azumarill
Pokemon Trainer Cress Diveball
Azumarill | Zuzu (M)
Text Color: 008ee6
Level- 55
Type- Pokemon Trainer Cress Water Pokemon Trainer Cress Fairy  
Ability- Huge Power
Attack list-
-Waterfall (Start)
-Play Rough (Learned)
-Belly Drum (Egg)
-Bulldoze (TM)
Pkm 6
Pokemon Trainer Cress Eevee
Pokemon Trainer Cress Ultraball
Eevee | Hamilton (M)
Text Color: 0053ff
Level- 20
Type- Pokemon Trainer Cress Normal
Attack list-
-Refresh (Learned)
-Quick Attack (Learned)
-Bite (Learned)
-Rain Dance (TM)
Quote "Part of my past I want to forget... No, I mustn't forget it."

"What past? There's nothing worth remembering there."
Life was not a happy thing for Cress; Edward and Belladonna Maize were many things, but to call them decent or even passable parents would be a blatant lie. The boy grew up alongside his triplet brothers in a household that was ruled by the adults with an iron fist, his parents treating their children the way they felt children ought to be treated: things that are owned by their parents, that exist to bring honor to the family name and to make life as perfect as possible for the parents, whatever the cost may be to themselves. Firmly of the belief that children should behave as mini-adults, that to be adult is to be collected, calm, and professional at all times, and that children are naturally disobedient things that must be punished when they slip up to teach them right from wrong, the triplets' lives were as a result full of fear and stress from the very beginning. Their distinct personalities were early in emerging; Cilan, the most obedient, was a bright child talented at school, easy to cow and eager to please. He became the Maize's golden boy, their best chance at getting ahead in the world, and so the slightest misstep on Cilan's part would cause them to panic and punish him horrifically, the punishments usually beatings or the loss of a meal or two.  

At the opposite end of that scale was Cress, who was so incapable of earning his parents' praise that he gave up all together and became rebellious, constructing the façade of a confident, arrogant boy to protect himself from further damage even as he suffered the same horrific punishments at home that Cilan did for his rebellion. And rebel Cress did, often sticking his neck out to try to make his brothers' lives more bearable, taking the fall for things that they did or constructing entirely new problems to draw attention away from Chili and Cilan.

The differences between Cilan and Cress largely differed in the way they were spoken to and the rewards they received; rewards were rare and typically consisted of praise (albeit backhanded praise) and were never given to Cress. Insults towards Cilan tended to be passed off as jokes to which Cilan was being too sensitive over, to Cress they were blunt, and to Chili it was like an afterthought.

With Cilan as the 'favorite' and Cress as the delinquent, the two took up a lot of the Maize parents' time, leaving Chili as the invisible child. They did notice him sometimes-- the only category they considered Cress to not be the lowest of the low in was intelligence, that honor being Chili's, and they targeted him relentlessly for his poor performance in school up until they stopped attending in order to start their trip. This trip took them to many places, but ultimately did not rescue them, the triplets being too afraid to simply leave their parents. When their masterful skill at their specific typings caught the eye of some of the gym leaders, they were approached with the opportunity to become gym leaders themselves; the first ones new trainers would face. Beyond excited, the triplets drew up a proposal for their gym; to combine it with a restaurant, as their passion was cooking, and for their gym pokemon to be the diminutive versions of their beloved monkeys, along with lillipups. This was accepted and the restaurant came into being.  

Unfortunately this only further trapped them. Their fear of their parents led them to setting up the restaurant in their hometown; though the money they brought in allowed them to move out, the apartment they got wasn't very far from the restaurant, which in turn wasn't far from their old home. Their parents dropped in uninvited on their home and their restaurant often, keeping the triplets under their thumb and in a constant state of fear not much better than what they'd experienced when living at home. The one day they decided to take a break from their stressful lives, they missed out on stopping terrorists from destroying the country. Three of those same terrorists later approached them for battle, the Shadow Triad utterly destroying their teams- even implying they had picked the triplets specifically because they knew the boys could not beat them and thus, they'd provide easy stress relief.

It was this that made them realize they needed to quit being gym leaders and focus on raising their individual power and perfecting their culinary skills via the restaurant. Though a mature decision, their parents reacted violently, the abuse growing worse and worse.

And then the epidemic.

Their parents fled without a word to the brothers, leaving them to fend for themselves as they evacuated most of the city along with law enforcement. Their own escape was hampered by the waves of incoming undead, and the boys ended up fleeing into the forests, alone and afraid. As reality fully dawned on them, tensions rose higher and higher until one night, Cress snapped, accusing his brothers of harboring feelings of superiority over him and hatred for him. Chili fired back, the two ending up in a screaming match that Cilan was powerless to stop; it ended when Chili stomped away to collect more firewood.

He never returned.

Cilan left a short time later to retrieve their brother. He, too, never returned.

Now anxious, Cress went looking for them. He found a horrible scene of death and gore, but only bodies of the undead were there. His brothers were missing. There was one another thing he found there, however; Chili's apron, caught on some brambles. He did not find any other sign of his brothers.  Convinced he'd killed them with his cruel and stupid words, Cress had a horrific breakdown, upon which by the end he decided the best way to continue on would be to just... be someone else.

Recalling the old aliases he and his brothers gave sometimes when they wanted to conceal their identity while out traveling, he adopted that alias as his permanent name, ditching his beloved oven mitt to force himself to let go of his old life and move on with his new one.

He did not realize Parasol, his Simipour, had tucked the apron away in one of the backpack's compartments.

As time wore on he became a bandit, robbing those he met for their supplies and slowly becoming a skilled fighter. Though he had degenerated far from the person he had used to be, not all of Cress was gone-- he never killed anyone unless they attacked him first, and tried not to get too rough with anyone who he robbed. Something about the idea of a dead person's blood on his hands made his stomach turn even though he repeatedly told himself that his number one priority had to be himself and his team only.

A few years later he saved a small eevee from some aggressive survivors and patched him up, unable to leave the small creature to his fate even though he had long since given up getting involved in other scuffles that he was not the agressor of or the victim of. Hamilton wanted to leave after a while but Cress captured him in a ball and refused to let him go; his old Pokemon were part of his old life, a fact he was never able to fully forget; they were a reminder of what he lost. Hamilton, however, was no such reminder, and Cress was desperate for a loved one who would not remind him of his brother's deaths. Since he'd saved the Eevee, he reasoned he would come to love him eventually if he continued to treat him kindly, and would even forgive him for keeping him against his will-- after all, it's a dangerous world out there for someone as little as him.

Hamilton feared leaving without having the ball destroyed, since he thought that might otherwise come back to haunt him and has little idea of how pokeballs work. After a week of Hamilton making it clear he can't love someone who wants to force him to stay and Cress doing his best to ignore the fact (and having his mood improve drastically without the inconvenient truth getting in his way) Froaklie, believing Hamilton is the key to reviving Cress's old self, promised the Eevee he would bring him back should he run away.

And so they travel. Though sympathetic to Cress's story, Hamilton's patience wears thinner every day. The young man is now quite skilled at survival, hand-to-hand combat, and stealth, but with tension brewing right there within his own, it's only a matter of time before things go sour...
Appearance -gray hoodie, hood almost always up
-blue bandanna that covers his mouth unless he pulls it down
-blue camo pants, black boots, large camping backpack
-holds himself in nearly feral way with how he walks
-usually has his knife out and at the ready
-fierce, angry eyes
-hair is mostly in the same style as before, so it still covers the one eye; his hair is mostly hidden by his hood when he has it up
-decently fed
-clothes are a bit bloody and dirty but his body is less so
-scowls a lot and tends to look irritated
-habit of rolling his eyes
-gestures when excited; accentuates words with his fingers a lot
-always has at least one pokemon out

  • cold
    -he cares little for the pain of others besides his own Pokemon, and even then, is willing to ignore some things
  • calculating
  • cutthroat
    -he would prefer to stab you before you stab him and has no problem taking your stuff afterwards
    -despite this, he rarely actually stabs anyone to death, though frankly, even giving them a leg or hand wound in the epidemic could be fatal, so it's unclear how many he killed via his victims not having access to medical attention
  • easily irritated
  • paranoid
    -Cress fears betrayal and refuses to let anyone get close
    -he believes people find themselves superior to him and that he must therefore prove them wrong
  • antisocial misanthrope
    -does not like people
    -not at all
    -is not even really fond of Pokemon beyond his own, since he sees pokemon as fully fledged people
    -just because their various customs and perceptions are different than humans does not make them less of a people, and so, he hates them equally
  • ambivert
    -though he tries to deny it, Cress is actually someone who gets energy from spending some time alone and some time with people
    -due to his 'them or me' attitude, however, he continues to avoid others when possible
  • sarcastic
  • bitter
    -his life was shit and it's not fair others' had better ones
    -fuck all of them
  • easily bored
  • self loathing
    -a lifetime of abuse will do that to you
  • blunt
    -he does not like mincing words
  • fears being stared at
    -his mother had a habit of staring at him right before hurting him and thus he has mild
  • spiteful
    -he has many times in the past doomed himself just to get a dig in
    -for example upon discovering his parents' violent homophobia at the prospect of the boys dating other boys, he immediately started smooching up boys
    -despite knowing full well his parents could discover his multiple gay-capades
  • guilty
    -his desperate attempt to escape the guilt of going off at his brothers like that has been unsuccessful despite his best attempts
    -he still dreams of them
    -and still responds to "Cress" if addressed as such, though gives his name as Colin
  • desperate to be loved
    -deep down he's still that little boy that just wanted to be cared about
    -he now thinks that he can force such a bond, which is why Hamilton is still with them
    -he believes since Cress saved him, that Hamilton can be won over
    -this can only lead to good things, I'm sure
  • Affiliations
    Cress's Relationships:
    Cilan and Chili: His relationship with his brothers is complicated; though he loved them dearly, he also held a deep seeded root of bitterness. Suffering from an inferiority complex, Cress firmly believed both of his brothers looked down on him, yet couldn't bring himself to actively hate them even if he tried claiming he did during their argument. He spent many years distracting his parents for them, scrounging up ways to get Halloween and Christmas candy for them, taking punishments for them, and generally making their lives less miserable in any way he could.  This was partly because he felt they didn't deserve to suffer and partly because he felt he did. Most of his resentment was aimed at Cilan, having been the golden child, but he was more than willing to smack down with Chili when Chili's temper flared on the fateful day his brothers went missing. He regretted what happened so deeply that the trauma of losing them made him change his entire persona and ignore his whole past life in order to cope.  

    He doesn't know his brothers all that well, thanks to their parents pitting them against one another as children in order to isolate them. That being said, he's still familiar with some of their habits, likes, and dislikes.

    ♈ Alder: The region's champion who he met at his and his brothers' restaurant; Alder came by to try the restaurant on an afternoon when the place was empty, and through his kindness in forgiving Cilan's mistake when the triplet tripped on his way to deliver his order, the Champion captured their awe and gratitude. Unfortunately he never picked up that there was something wrong, and so he did not rescue the triplets from their situation.

    Diantha: Visited the restaurant once and struck up a friendship with the triplets; though they quickly came to adore her, her visit to Unova was over all too soon and she had to return home. Too afraid to do something that may violate one of their parents' rules, the triplets did not maintain contact with her.

    Elesa: Cress met Elesa when he and his brothers travelled the region in their bid to get gym badges. Sweet and friendly, full of spark and life, Elesa's attitude towards the world was a welcoming change to the atmosphere of terror that Cress grew up in. She was loud, she was strong, she was not sorry for taking up space and showing off. She was everything his parents hated and it delighted him.  Elesa coaxed Cress's more fun loving side out, but like with Chili and Cilan, she could not break through his walls; though to the casual bystander he seemed decent friends with Elesa, Cress kept his family life a carefully guarded secret, never admitting either that or the effects such a horrid life had on his psyche.  He no longer considers her, having left her behind with his old life when taking on his Colin persona.

    Ingo, Emmet, and Colress: Cress met the twins only once, when they were walking around outside the World Tournament, asking passerby if they'd seen Colress. Chili seemed heartbroken by their story and promised to keep an eye out for their missing friend, but Cress, embittered, was not moved, though he had the decency and the good sense to say nothing to the twins about it.

    ♈ Shadow Triad: The one thing of his past life that he would acknowledge with instantaneous violence.
    User Notes
    -given that their history was the same up until when they split off, Chili and Cress's histories are basically verbatim until that point.


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