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Dark Days are Ahead...
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Champion Diantha [Floater]


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Champion Diantha [Floater] Empty Champion Diantha [Floater]

Post by Starbits Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:35 pm

Champion Diantha [Floater] Tumblr_o5dwsoYvGd1uc5v85o1_400

Diantha Carnet
Text Color ff6ca1
Theme(s) THEME
Item universal communicator, backpack that has
-a few ingredients for Molotov cocktails
-some rations for herself
-berries for her Pokemon
-sleeping bag
Weapons her Pokemon, a rifle, and an axe
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
Birthdate November 23rd
Age 35
Species Human
Weight 135.7 lbs
Height 5'6"
Region of Origin Kalos
Religion Not really anything in particular, though she has a deep interest in the Kalos Legends
Accent light French accent
Occupation Kalos Champion | Actress | Battle Chateau Grand Duchess
Party Her Hawlucha and Tyrantrum are dead. All her other Pokemon are alive and well.
Pkm 1
Champion Diantha [Floater] 282
Champion Diantha [Floater] Pokeball
Gardevoir | Cosette (F)
Text Color: 53afff
Level- 75
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Psychic Champion Diantha [Floater] Fairy
Ability- Trace
Attack list-
-Moonblast (Learned)
-Psychic (Learned)  
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Thunderbolt (TM)
Pkm 2
Champion Diantha [Floater] Gourgeist
Champion Diantha [Floater] Duskball
Gourgeist | Maria (F)
Text Color: ffb19e
Level- 72
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Ghost Champion Diantha [Floater] Grass
Ability- Pickup
Attack list-
-Trick-or-Treat (Learned)
-Phantom Force (Learned)
-Shadow Sneak (Learnedl)
-Seed Bomb (Learned)
Pkm 3
Champion Diantha [Floater] Goodra
Champion Diantha [Floater] Ultraball
Goodra | Joanne (F)
Text Color: 8cd97f
Level- 73
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Dragon
Ability- Sap Sipper
Attack list-
-Dragon Pulse (Learned)
-Muddy Water (Learned)
-Fire Blast (Learned)
-Focus Blast (Learned)
Pkm 4
Champion Diantha [Floater] Aurorus
Champion Diantha [Floater] Pokeball
Aurorus | Valjean (M)
Text Color: b1bbe4
Level- 70
Ability- Refrigerate
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Rock Champion Diantha [Floater] Ice
Attack list-
-Thunder (Learned)
-Blizzard (Learned)
-Light Screen (Learned)
-Reflect (Learned)
**Belonged to her father.
Pkm 5
Champion Diantha [Floater] 620
Champion Diantha [Floater] Ultraball
Mienshao | Audrey (F)
Text Color: e90e3a
Level- 71
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Fighting  
Ability- Regenerator
Attack list-
-Drain Punch (Learned)
-U-Turn (Learned)
-Bounce (Learned)
-Wide Guard (Learned)
Pkm 6
Champion Diantha [Floater] Unfezant-f
Champion Diantha [Floater] Ultraball
Unfezant | Christine (F)
Text Color: 939393
Level- 68
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Normal Champion Diantha [Floater] Flying
Ability- Super Luck
Attack list-
-Sky Attack (Learned)
-Tailwind (Learned)
-Detect (Learned)
-Roost (Learned)
Quote "Why would I want to play the same old roles forever? Youth may be beautiful, but it's not all there is to life. Everything changes. I want to live and change like that, too. So I look forward to playing different roles as I get older."

"This is not a role I ever imagined I'd be playing... but I won't be defeated so easily! I won't let this apocalypse conquer me! For the sake of everyone I've met, everyone I've learned from, I can't... I can't let him have been right..."
Appearance -two outfits
-one is an olive hoodie, camo pants, hiking boots, and a camo knit hat
-the other is what she was wearing when the outbreak initially happened; a white sweater and a white cloak, with cargos
-of a decent weight still
-the green clothes are worn more than the others since she wants to try to preserve her other clothes; those have been kept surprisingly clean
-piercing light blue eyes; heavy eyebrows
-black hair in a braid, the braid wrapped around her head and pinned flat to it
-is very good at keeping her body language in check, letting others see only what she wants them to see
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Age : 28
Posts : 1133

Champion Diantha [Floater] Empty Re: Champion Diantha [Floater]

Post by Starbits Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:57 am

I have never made a floater before, so I hope I'm doing this right. ;w; Ready for approval, please and thank you!


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Champion Diantha [Floater] Empty Re: Champion Diantha [Floater]

Post by Victini Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:03 pm

Lovely to meet you, Ms Carnet. ^^

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Champion Diantha [Floater] Empty Re: Champion Diantha [Floater]

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