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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Champion Diantha [Floater]


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Champion Diantha [Floater] Empty Champion Diantha [Floater]

Post by Starbits Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:35 pm

Champion Diantha [Floater] Tumblr_o5dwsoYvGd1uc5v85o1_400

Diantha Carnet
Text Color ff6ca1
Theme(s) THEME
Item universal communicator, backpack that has
-a few ingredients for Molotov cocktails
-some rations for herself
-berries for her Pokemon
-sleeping bag
Weapons her Pokemon, a rifle, and an axe
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
Birthdate November 23rd
Age 35
Species Human
Weight 135.7 lbs
Height 5'6"
Region of Origin Kalos
Religion Not really anything in particular, though she has a deep interest in the Kalos Legends
Accent light French accent
Occupation Kalos Champion | Actress | Battle Chateau Grand Duchess
Party Her Hawlucha and Tyrantrum are dead. All her other Pokemon are alive and well.
Pkm 1
Champion Diantha [Floater] 282
Champion Diantha [Floater] Pokeball
Gardevoir | Cosette (F)
Text Color: 53afff
Level- 75
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Psychic Champion Diantha [Floater] Fairy
Ability- Trace
Attack list-
-Moonblast (Learned)
-Psychic (Learned)  
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Thunderbolt (TM)
Pkm 2
Champion Diantha [Floater] Gourgeist
Champion Diantha [Floater] Duskball
Gourgeist | Maria (F)
Text Color: ffb19e
Level- 72
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Ghost Champion Diantha [Floater] Grass
Ability- Pickup
Attack list-
-Trick-or-Treat (Learned)
-Phantom Force (Learned)
-Shadow Sneak (Learnedl)
-Seed Bomb (Learned)
Pkm 3
Champion Diantha [Floater] Goodra
Champion Diantha [Floater] Ultraball
Goodra | Joanne (F)
Text Color: 8cd97f
Level- 73
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Dragon
Ability- Sap Sipper
Attack list-
-Dragon Pulse (Learned)
-Muddy Water (Learned)
-Fire Blast (Learned)
-Focus Blast (Learned)
Pkm 4
Champion Diantha [Floater] Aurorus
Champion Diantha [Floater] Pokeball
Aurorus | Valjean (M)
Text Color: b1bbe4
Level- 70
Ability- Refrigerate
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Rock Champion Diantha [Floater] Ice
Attack list-
-Thunder (Learned)
-Blizzard (Learned)
-Light Screen (Learned)
-Reflect (Learned)
**Belonged to her father.
Pkm 5
Champion Diantha [Floater] 620
Champion Diantha [Floater] Ultraball
Mienshao | Audrey (F)
Text Color: e90e3a
Level- 71
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Fighting  
Ability- Regenerator
Attack list-
-Drain Punch (Learned)
-U-Turn (Learned)
-Bounce (Learned)
-Wide Guard (Learned)
Pkm 6
Champion Diantha [Floater] Unfezant-f
Champion Diantha [Floater] Ultraball
Unfezant | Christine (F)
Text Color: 939393
Level- 68
Type- Champion Diantha [Floater] Normal Champion Diantha [Floater] Flying
Ability- Super Luck
Attack list-
-Sky Attack (Learned)
-Tailwind (Learned)
-Detect (Learned)
-Roost (Learned)
Quote "Why would I want to play the same old roles forever? Youth may be beautiful, but it's not all there is to life. Everything changes. I want to live and change like that, too. So I look forward to playing different roles as I get older."

"This is not a role I ever imagined I'd be playing... but I won't be defeated so easily! I won't let this apocalypse conquer me! For the sake of everyone I've met, everyone I've learned from, I can't... I can't let him have been right..."
It was a very happy day when one of the oldest and wealthiest families of Kalos welcomed a healthy baby girl into their family. Born into the family of Carnet, little Diantha wanted for very little in her early years-- though somewhat lonely without the company of her busy parents, her nannies and tutors were kind people who were very attentive and affectionate, and her parents always spent what little free time they had with their daughter to encourage her emotional and educational growth. The girl spent many happy and uneventful years with her family and friends, educated on many subjects and with a growing passion for music, acting, and Pokemon. On her tenth birthday she was presented with a Ralts, her favorite species, and released out into the world to begin her journey, though with the stipulation that she keep her true identity under wraps for a while.  

And so she went, descending upon the battling scene like an avenging storm, making new friends and adding new Pokemon to her team. She was a natural and it wasn't long before she'd connected to her Pokemon in a way that would take most other children a few more years to; she took Gym after Gym, determined to make her family proud and find which passion in life she wanted to pursue into her adulthood. A charismatic girl, Diantha soon had friends far and wide, including a Shelgon who liked to follow her around.

After the final gym a teenaged Diantha found herself conflicted. What should she do now?  Setting her sights on the Elite 4, taking a few weeks to mull it over, she ultimately chose to give it a try. The result was a hard-won victory, hours of intensity to get through the E4 as well as the Champion, but at the end of it all, a stunned Diantha was crowned the new Kalos Champion. After this it was a blur of activity, of media attention and revealing her true identity to the remaining friends whom she hadn't done so with yet.  

With that eventually sorted, she settled into her Champion duties... but even this eventually grew dull. The land was peaceful and there was not much that required her attention. Attending a play with her parents, she recalled her childhood love for acting and decided she would give that a try. A lucky break led to a good part, and her status as Champion already having her in the public eye granted her more parts and a growing career.

As time went by she perfected her talents and grew aware that the world was not as lovely as it seemed-- she became aware that poverty was more widespread a thing than she'd previously believed, that the world housed a lot more cruelty than her sheltered life had led her to believe. And so she tackled these problems by raising awareness, starting charities, and reaching out to individuals who were affected by the issues she wanted to help solve. As she went about her life she noticed one of her childhood friends, Lysandre, had become... very odd in his manner, his behavior worrying.

She had no idea the storm she sensed coming was actually about to burst, and so when one of her movies called for her to leave the country, she left the matter in Augustine Sycamore's hands, the third of their trio. Though one of her E4 members knew that things were far worse than she believed, he elected to say nothing, hoping she would be gone for the mess that would inevitably erupt.

Erupt it did, and by the time she returned, it was all over. Diantha spent many days fuming over this-- a child had solved Kalos's terrorist troubles, had been saddled with enormous responsibility at such a young age, all because she wasn't notified. Unfortunately she could not prove that anyone had known anything.

Thus began a long string of successive failures. Upon being defeated by Calem, the media began to bother the boy even though he handed the title back-- the child who had saved Kalos and defeated the Champion was now a legend, much to his dismay, and Diantha could not protect him as much as she tried. When the world came crashing down as the outbreak took hold of the region, she scrambled to save as many as she could, unable to help her two youngest gym leaders as their cities fell.

Though powerful, she was only one person, and there was little she could do when the Epidemic began while she was in the middle of nowhere investigating what she'd hoped would be a lead on what this illness was. Eventually she was stuck roaming the region searching for survivors, but in the end, she failed at even that; a fight with an undead Alakazam swept her away, leaving her stranded somewhere with no landmarks she recognized.

But as always, there was nothing to do but forge on, and so she did. Now she's come across a city she vaguely remembers...

Wasn't this place just as apocalyptic looking before the apocalypse?
Appearance -two outfits
-one is an olive hoodie, camo pants, hiking boots, and a camo knit hat
-the other is what she was wearing when the outbreak initially happened; a white sweater and a white cloak, with cargos
-of a decent weight still
-the green clothes are worn more than the others since she wants to try to preserve her other clothes; those have been kept surprisingly clean
-piercing light blue eyes; heavy eyebrows
-black hair in a braid, the braid wrapped around her head and pinned flat to it
-is very good at keeping her body language in check, letting others see only what she wants them to see
  • disciplined
    -she will charge problems head on
    -likes getting her way and will work her butt off to get it
  • diplomatic
    -being Champion, getting people to play nice with one another is a thing she's very used to
  • deceptive
    -she's an actress; she knows how to hide herself away when there's something she doesn't want anyone seeing
    -four years of epidemic in, she is very used to doing just that
    -she will slip into a character she invents for herself and pretend to be that person, making up aliases and histories and personalities
    -it's best if random people who don't know her are unaware she's a Champion
  • emotional
    -she wears her heart on her sleeve and is not ashamed of it
    -however she will be appropriate about it; if it's not a good time to grieve, she won't
  • nurturing
    -if you look sad she will want to look after you
    -for younger people it's full blown motherly
  • tactful
    -life has taught her to be careful with words and actions
    -she knows how to calm down, slow down, and think of how she can elicit the response she wants
  • hard working
    -she didn't get to where she was by not working
    -whether it's a passion of hers or something she doesn't enjoy, she will throw herself into the task
    -the more she loves the task, the more fun she'll have with it; otherwise she just wants it over with
  • fun loving
    -just because I am an adult does not mean I can't and won't tease you mercilessly about your bedhead
    -or your dumb nerd habits
    -or play pranks on you
    -or throw something at you when you start being annoying AUGUSTINE
  • calm
    -when she's not goofing around she's generally a soothing presence to be around, as her voice retains a normal volume
  • a bit obsessive
    -with things she likes, absolutely
    -she could go on FOREVER
  • capable of losing her head
    -bring up something she's passionate about
    -in a debate this means she gets louder and more forceful
    -if she hears someone singing one of her favorite songs she'll just join right in without thinking
    -it's like someone flipped a switch in her head "okay your brain filter is gone now"
  • guilt ridden
    -Kalos fell
    -despite her best efforts, Kalos fell
    -she wasn't even able to get Clemont the help he needed in time
    -that an eleven year old child had to try to manage the largest city in Kalos in such a crisis kills her
    -she doesn't feel that much better about Korrina, given that the girl is only a few years older than Clemont
  • determined
    -maybe when something is accomplished regarding taking Kalos back, she can collapse and hate herself
    -for now there is too much work to be done--she has to find survivors that won't try to kill her, and then relocate them someplace safe
  • patient
    -nearly enough to qualify for sainthood
    -especially with children
    -though in the event of having to be pleasant to assholes you can bet she'll have a running commentary of cruel thoughts in her head
  • Affiliations
    ♐ [url=???]Augustine Sycamore[/url]: This goddamn nerd is her best friend lord help her. One of her two oldest friends; Diantha adores her August deeply and worries endlessly over his well being in these end times, missing him beyond words.  

    Lysandre: One of her oldest friends from childhood; he kept his dark view of the world a secret, and unaware of how tainted it had made him, she did not realize he needed help. Thus, Lysandre falling from grace came as... not a complete surprise, as near the end he was making bizzare and worrying comments, but definitely a surprise in the sense that she hadn't seen him spiraling out of control that quickly. Guilt ridden over his collapse and the resulting catastrophe, and further guilty over how she was not the one to correct the problem.

    Lance: Fellow Champion; he always seemed busy but his company was enjoyable whenever he was around. Enjoyed hearing stories about the people of Kanto and Johto from him.

    Steven: Fellow Champion; pleasant company, and someone she was very close to in their youth; his calm demeanor is soothing to be around and his passion for geology is inspiring and adorable but god please buy a sense of humor.

    Cynthia: Fellow Champion; regularly sent her books about Kalos legends for her to read, aware of her love of mythology.

    ♐ [url=???]Alder[/url]: Fellow Champion; loved how relaxed and friendly he always was; met the triplets through him.

    Iris: Fellow Champion; adored the little girl and gave her as much advice as possible on being Champion.

    Siebold: His resting bitch face is a bit intimidating but he's a good man and an excellent cook.

    Malva: Is not very fond of Malva but maintains a professional relationship-- finds her unnerving, and her attempts to be friends long since rebuffed, she has thrown her hands up and resigned all attempts. Tried again in the wake of Flare to be friends, desperate to prevent another potential tragedy, but continued to be rejected; in the end there was nothing she could do and she had to accept that, as guilty as it made her feel.

    ♐ [url=???]Drasna[/url]: Good friends; she liked to have tea with her.

    Clemont: He's a sweet little boy, an incredible genius; he will light up the world someday, provided he isn't dead.  Unfortunately, he refuses to allow her into his life, which she respects but feels sad about-- children usually like her. Why not this one?

    Bonnie: Lovely little girl; will make a fine trainer when she's a little older... if she's alive.  Unfortunately she saw her even less than she saw Clemont.

    Serena: Adores the girl. Enjoyed watching her grow as a person when she got to know the girl after Calem's Champion victory.

    Calem: Can be basically summed up as: must protect poor nervous baby. Utterly furious over how the media treated him and tried to protect him from them, but to no avail.

    Cress: He's such a trooper; go get 'em, kiddo. With someone like him helping to run the restaurant, no wonder it's successful.  She's pleased he managed to come to Kalos and befriend Siebold but saddened that he didn't seem super interested in talking to her.

    Cilan: He's such a soft spoken sweetheart; wants to sit with him a while over lunch to talk about flowers and gardens.  Wonders why he's so afraid all the time, and seriously fretted about it.

    Chili: Found him a very loud, excitable boy; a genuine pleasure to be around. His energy was like coffee for the soul.

    Wally: Felt he was going places and found it a shame it wouldn't be in her region. Gave him his Gardevoirite and Mega Stone.
    User Notes
    -Hawlucha's name was Dorothy, Tyrantrum's was Raoul
    -the E4 member who remained silent about Flare was Wikstrom, who thought Diantha would not be able to handle Flare and therefore should not be present when their true colors finally showed

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    Champion Diantha [Floater] Empty Re: Champion Diantha [Floater]

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    I have never made a floater before, so I hope I'm doing this right. ;w; Ready for approval, please and thank you!


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    Lovely to meet you, Ms Carnet. ^^

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