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Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Resistance: Lance


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    Resistance: Lance Empty Resistance: Lance

    Post by Lance Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:32 pm

    Resistance: Lance KbjQbin
    Text Color B44423
    Theme Attack on titan
    Item Extra ammo, water pouch, custom made medium armor, short-distance walkie-talkie, standard poke-communicator are all on his person. A sleeping pack, various cooking ware, military rations and other small possessions are kept in bags tied onto his Tyrantrum.
    Weapons Two handguns, a single machete and a large hunting knife in his boot. A longsword and shield are kept on his Tyrantrum.
    Gender Male
    Age 34
    Species Human
    Weight 188.7
    Height 6'4"
    Occupation Former Elite Four/ Former Kanto Champion/ Founder and current Leader of the Resistance
    Party Lance's Aerodactyl and two Dragonair both perished. The others are in top shape, each sharing his dominant personality.

    Because of his long-time fascination with mythology, fantastical tales and legends, his team is named accordingly. However, he does not address his pokemon by name around those he does not yet trust completely, and therefore, not many know that his pokemon even have names to begin with.
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Lance Spr_6x_149
      Species- Dragonite "Arthur"
      Text color- #FECA6A
      Level- 85
      Ability- Multiscale
      Attack list-
      -Thunderpunch (Start)
      -Dragon Dance(Learned)
      -Outrage (Learned)
      -Steel Wing (TM)
      **Has a riding saddle attached to him, as Lance uses Arthur to fly the most frequently. Holds bits of Leftovers.
    Pkm 2
    Resistance: Lance Spr_6x_697
      Species- Tyrantrum "Dinadan"
      Text color- #B16971
      Level- 75
      Ability- Rock Head
      Attack list-
      -Dragon Tail (Learned)
      -Crunch (Learned)
      -Earthquake (Learned)
      -Head Smash (Learned)
       -Has various bags and equipment attached to him. Holds a Choice Scarf.
    Pkm 3
    Resistance: Lance Spr_6x_635
      Species- Hydreigon "Morien"
      Text color- #7498C9
      Level- 75
      Ability- Levitate
      Attack list-
      -Draco Meteor (Tutor)
      -Dark Pulse (TM)
      -Flash Cannon (TM)
      -Flamethrower (TM)
     -Holds Assault Vest
    Pkm 4
    Resistance: Lance Spr_6x_715
      Species- Noivern "Lucan"
     Text color- #7CE8E0
      Level- 72
      Ability- Infiltrator
      Attack list-
      -Boomburst (Start)
      -Hurricane (Start)
      -Dragon Pulse(Start)
      -Psychic (TM)
      -Holds Choice Specs
    Pkm 5
    Resistance: Lance Spr_6x_130_m_s
      Species- Gyarados "Kay"
      Text color- #D15352
      Level- 79
      Ability- Intimidate
      Attack list-
      -Dragon Dance (Learned)
      -Aqua Tail (Learned)
      -Earthquake (TM)
      -Ice Fang (Learned)
       -Obtained at the Lake of Rage during the second Rocket crisis. Holds Life Orb
    Pkm 6
    Resistance: Lance Spr_6x_006
      Species- Charizard "Galahad"
     Text color- #E4A058
      Level- 77
      Ability- Blaze
      Attack list-
      -Ancient Power (Egg)
      -Air Slash (Start)
      -Flamethrower (Learned)
      -Solar Beam (TM)
       -Holds Charizardite Y; the gem is cracked and no longer works.
    Quote "Those who cast my leadership aside can cast themselves back into the pits of Hell; if they have difficulty doing so, I'll throw them in there myself."
    History Lance was born in Viridian forest, but was quickly whisked away to Blackthorne city by his parents. As a child of a Dragon Taming cult, Lance grew up in a very strange world of dangerous pokemon always at his side. He proved to be a phenomenal prodigy, able to command even higher leveled dragons as a child. He was soon allowed to journey on his own, ejecting him into a completely different world than he'd been immersed in for so long.

    There was a single epiphany Lance had as he traveled the lands of Johto: his own kind, his own species, were a cruel, horrible race. Everywhere he went, he saw pokemon and trainers in a horrible exchange like slave and master. Trainers who challenged him treated their pokemon as tools of war instead of actual partners. This infuriated him. How could these people treat pokemon like that? He had been raised to not only see pokemon as beautiful, powerful beasts, but as legends and gods among them. And these people... These horrible people...

    The suffering he witnessed was enough to spurn humanity, at least those outside his clan. His hate grew with him as he approached his teenage years, the injustice instilled in him fueling a growing dream and goal to create a utopia for pokemon. As newer threats to pokemon emerged, he became more vigilant and aggressive, turning to crime to get his message across. There was no exceptions-- pokemon would not be used as slaves. Not on his watch. He would obtain his utopia by dismantling humanity and wiping them from the picture altogether. His exceptional training talents took him far, his dragons obliterating his opposition with ease, but thankfully, he did not get far in his plan.

    As he continued his vigilante work, understandably, the public saw him more and more as a menace rather than savior. He destroyed buildings, sometimes houses and "liberated" pokemon from their oppressive masters and he was very soon incarcerated. He was held as a dangerous captive; his pokemon were far stronger than most apprehended trainer. The Champion of Kanto, an old man at the time, proposed a job offer into his own Elite Four as a way to not only pay for his crimes and fulfill his sentence, but to preach his own philosophies to the trainers that came through. Those that were unworthy could be punished properly. Lance accepted, since he had little choice otherwise, and soon, he was admitted into the Kanto Elite Four.

    He spent some years there, training and growing stronger, but he was restless. As he rotted in the mahogany walls of Indigo Plateau, the few challengers that actually did manage to get to him impressed him. After one particular loss, however, by a trainer named Blue, Lance was reminded why he was in his particular prison in the first place. shackled by the useless government, he was beaten down by a trainer that mercilessly threw his pokemon into battle like meat shields. Bitter and vengeful, Lance was strangely challenged again-- twice in the same day. This trainer was different, however. Human and pokemon connected flawlessly in their battle, something Lance had not witnessed in a long, long time. Relieved that perhaps there was some hope in humanity after all, it further impressed the Elite Four master that the trainer, Red, defeated Blue. It was a sign to Lance that progress and change would eventually come.

    Soon after, Lance was released from his sentence, to which he humbly bowed out and away from Kanto, eager to put his youthful foolishness behind him. Though he still held little merit for humanity as a whole, he knew now that there were diamonds amongst the filth. He returned to Johto and soon found himself knee-deep in a wild conspiracy. Teaming up with another up-and-coming trainer Gold, together they purged a resurrection of Team Rocket, removing it  like a cancer. Another strong, honorable trainer discovered, Lance continued forging forward until he found himself standing at the top of the Johto pillars. Johto was not his birthplace, but it was his home; he found it only appropriate that he take charge of it. Though he was eventually beaten by Gold, he retained his Champion status as the youth declined the title.

    His reign was a decent experience. He got along well enough with the other Champions and his own Elite Four. But he found himself growing complacent-- content. He reminded himself that he had climbed this far because he was never content, not when there was blatant abuse happening right in his own home. And so, he began to travel abroad, sending out his message and training those who would listen how to properly train their pokemon. However, as he traveled, a shadow fell upon the land, and soon he found himself face-to-face with nightmares made real. Infected.

    It was his own fault he didn't follow his gut to flee, but he'd thought it some sort of rabid pokemon. Something simple. But as his enemies continued to relentlessly attack he and his team, he knew something was horribly wrong. He fled back to Indigo Plateau to find his entire region had been plunged into chaos and anarchy. His home was falling into the great gaping maws of these monsters and there was little anyone was doing to stop it.

    Lance would not be daunted, however. Quickly organizing Indigo Plateau into a fortress and sanctuary, he sent out calls to any and all who could make it. Gym Leaders, Elite Four, other Champions and Professors from other regions. He quickly learned this was not a problem for Johto, but for every region. Taking control with an iron fist, he began creating ways to fight the plague, to find survivors and get them to Indigo Plateau safely, to even find a cure. But as the death toll rose and even a few of his own pokemon succumbed, the pressure began to crack him. To prevent himself from falling apart and letting everyone down, he hardened himself into a person barely recognizable from his past self.

    He would lead them out of this crisis. He would lead them, or everyone would die.

    Appearance Lance, in short, is a very intimidating man. Tall, though lean, he sports a firm, sturdy frame accentuated by a long, flowing cape. His clothes are styled more like armor, picked not for fashion but to further his dominating nature. Cameos of his original team adorn this armor, which has seen much wear since the beginning of the Epidemic and has proven vital to his continued survival in it. His short-cropped carmine hair cannot be tamed, much like himself. Grooming, however, has fallen somewhat by the wayside as he usually sports scruff instead of a shaven face like he did in his youth. His eyes are a brimming, furious gold.
    Personality +Hardened+
    -Highly disciplined
    -Often refrains from showing much emotion; he believes it hinders his leadership skills
    -Views those that are more emotional as weaker
    -If it means the survival of most, a few can and should be sacrificed.
    -Unafraid and often willing to commit the sacrifices himself
    -Everyone still alive has had to suffer loses. While a tragedy, life and death continue, as must everyone else who wants to stay alive. No exceptions.
    -Lance, while a questionable leader, knows what his goals are and is extremely focused on them. Ending the plague and saving what pokemon and people he can is his only path in life now, and he will do whatever it takes to accomplish those goals.
    -Paranoid that others are conspiring against him, Steven and Wallace at the head of this treachery.
    +Can be extremely vicious+
    -Even the tiniest crime can illicit a bloodthirsty reaction in the Champion. Best use caution.
    -It should not be forgotten that much of Lance's motivation is derived from trying to save pokemon and create a better world for them. The fact that so many pokemon have died under his watch guts him, and each time another falls adds to his own personal sins.
    -Aerodactyl's, as well as his other two Dragonair, deaths weigh so heavily on his soul that it has caused many mental issues, and continues to be a wound on him that cannot heal.
    -He believes that only a strong, single form of government will see the end of the Epidemic, and that he is the sole person capable of leading such a government. The ideas of his followers, while some might hold merit, are irrelevant on the whole.
    -Executive power derives from how strong the leader is as a whole-- it affects every aspect of his personal leadership. Without a fierce pokemon team behind him, as well as a few loyal followers, he believes the entire system would divide and fall apart.
    -To allow a more Democratic Republic form would spell the end of Headquarters. Republics take too long to reach any sort of decision, which Lance believes would destroy what little civilization he had managed to rebuild.
    -It should be noted that if the menagerie of people he'd saved manage to survive the Epidemic and begin to rebuild, Lance does not care what happens after that. He is focused on the here and now, not the distant future. If bureaucrats want to haggle over how much manpower should be used to whittle toys for orphans, they can-- only after the plague is beaten. Until then, his word rules all.
    -While Lance was generally unwilling to listen to other authorities before, the Epidemic and running Headquarters has made him a severe control freak.
    -Generally off-put by a public forum; he finds it extremely unnecessary
    -For all of his anger toward the human race, Lance has been able to capture the hearts and minds of his pokemon and peers with an unquenchable determination to not only survive, but thrive. He dedicates every waking thought to improve, protect and expand what he has managed to save.
    -He is fiercely protective and involved in the welfare of not only his pokemon, but everyone else's. Each loss is taken as a personal blow.
    -Lance finds little use in lies and those that commit them. Lies slow down his operation-- muddle issues. He prefers to know all of the details, regardless of fault, in order to find a solution.
    User Notes --Upon Red and the Pallet refugees arriving after Pallet was destroyed, Lance ordered all refugees to relinquish their pokemon. He gave the order for all of the pokemon from the Pallet attack, including Red's, to be destroyed. The fact that Red's Pikachu escaped was the reason Lance sent Red to Seafoam to rot with Blaine-- as punishment.
    -Lance did not take pleasure in killing so many pokemon. He blames most of the tragedy on Red; had Red been doing his job and properly looking after Kanto like he was supposed to be doing, perhaps so many pokemon didn't have to die. Lance views his call to destroy the exposed pokemon as a necessary precaution and Red's reaction as a tantrum from a naive child.
    -Like Yellow, he hails from Viridian Forest, and is entitled to “special powers”, according to the manga. These powers are strange and overpowered, so the only “power” I will keep from the manga version of Lance is a masterful command of Dragon types.
    -Though he was on a more righteous path since his run-ins with Red, he still held the belief that creating a Utopia for pokemon was the most honorable path he could take. Once the Epidemic hit, however, the stress of keeping both Pokémon and humans alike has put a very hard strain on his mental state, sending him into a downward spiral, leading him more from Democracy and into Fascism.

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    I will remain a floater for now.

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