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    baam [wip floater]


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    baam [wip floater] Empty baam [wip floater]

    Post by Min Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:32 pm

    realized the only way i'll be able to rp here is via floater, so.
    floater, some reptilian species, Very Mentally Ill

    *only refer to this character using they/them
    young adult
    lvl ~35
    possible species: feraligatr, some fucking snake, or a fakemon nobody knows.
    moveset: more like #aesthetic. any applicable dark type and ghost type moves with maybe a status move, and something water-y
    nature: timid ?
    char.: i dont remember these. edit later

    Very Mentally Ill
    note: no you're not allowed to comment on this part unless you actually have these disorders. (note 2: i have all of these. this character is on self-insert level. i know how they work best)
    - paranoid schizophrenic
    - borderline personality
    - histrionic personality
    - ddnos
    - autistic

    """"believes"""" they are child of leviathan. sees spirits. very clingy and attention seeking. will go to drastic measures to gain praise and attention. manipulative but not their fault. hard time understanding social cues. extreme paranoia. """"believes"""" they are dead/dying and rotting from inside out. reckless behaviour. inappropriate and flirty to gain attention. foggy brain, foggy mind, weird words. prophet in their own weird way. violent and usually uncontrollable. will do anything, including killing of others, to make sure someone does not leave them. probably not a good teammate. has a constant need for change. a lot of empathy problems.

    appearance wise depends on species. will have many scars. bags under eyes. holds themself in a slumped, tired position. claws if applicable will be in poor condition. very skinny and starved. malicious expression

    survived for a good while in a group. ended up being kicked out and accused of being manipulative and dangerous. relied on long term hiding (starving self for weeks hiding in holes) and setting distractions to live. parents were trainer owned, baam themselves was not. wanders easily and their presence in a team may either be benevolent or malicious, it is up for the team to decide.

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