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Dark Days are Ahead...
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Pokemon Trainer Bonnie


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Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Empty Pokemon Trainer Bonnie

Post by Starbits Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:04 pm

Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Tumblr_nunotvD2IH1uc5v85o1_400

Bonnibell "Bonnie" Citron
Text Color 3585df
Theme(s) We are Broken - Paramore||Playing God - Paramore
Item universal communicator is on her person at all times, as are
-super potion
-old pink, plastic watch
The rest of her items mostly consist of personal effects and some miscellaneous survival gear, which she keeps in her hut.
Weapons her Pokemon
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
Birthdate January 10th
Age 13
Species Human
Weight 95.9 lbs
Height 5'1"
Region of Origin Kalos
Religion Agnostic
Accent light German accent
Occupation Lumiose City Gym Leader Helper | Student | Pokemon Trainer
Party Nine years old when Lumiose fell, Bonnie had only her Dedenne and the three Pokemon Clemont loaned to her to keep her safe.  Of his team, he gave her his Emolga, Electivire, and Manetric.  Only the Emolga is left now, but Bonnie has picked up Pokemon of her own over the years.  All of them were previously owned by a trainer except for Glitter, who was a wild Pokemon she helped.  All were caught as pre-evolutions and all made their own decision to follow Bonnie rather than her just capturing them.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Dedenne
Species- Dedenne
Name: Nutella
Gender: ♀
Level- 46
Type- Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Electric Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Fairy
Ability- Cheek Pouch
Attack list-
-Parabolic Charge (Learned)
-Play Rough (Learned)  
-Charge (Learned)
-Thunder Wave (Learned)
**Text Color-- fa997d
**Called "Ella"
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Bonnie 587
Species- Emolga
Name:  Motherboard
Gender: ♀
Level- 60
Type- Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Electric Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Flying
Ability- Static
Attack list-
-Discharge (Learned)
-Acrobatics (Learned)
-Agility (Learnedl)
-Double Team (Learned)
**Text Color-- 8c8383
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Meowstic__f__by_vale98pm-d6ysx34
Species- Meowstic
Name: Celia
Gender: ♀
Level- 40
Type- Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Psychic  
Ability- Infiltrator
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Shadow Ball (Learned)
-Fake Out (Learned)
-Charge Beam (Learned)
**Text Color-- 7bbcbb
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Pangoro
Species- Pangoro
Name: Bamboo
Gender: ♀
Level- 40
Ability- Iron Fist
Type- Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Fighting Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Dark
Attack list-
-Circle Throw (Learned)
-Comet Punch (Learned)
-Body Slam (Learned)
-Slash (Learned)
**Text Color-- 2ab485
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Vivillon
Species- Vivillon
Name: Glitter
Gender: ♀
Level- 45
Type- Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Bug Pokemon Trainer Bonnie Flying
Ability- Shield Dust
Attack list-
-Bug Buzz (Learned)
-Quiver Dance (Learned)
-Aromatherapy (Learned)
-Sleep Powder (Learned)
**Text Color-- ff98cb
Pkm 6
Quote "You'd better watch out! My brother's strong! As strong as you'd expect a Lumiose City Gym Leader to be, got it?"

"Sometimes I just wanna kick the dumb kid from my memories.  How did I ever think Clem could handle literally anything when he was just a kid himself?"
Bonnie began life in Lumiose City, the second unhappy accident of a socialite couple who quickly abandoned the baby when they realized she did not have the genius that her older brother did.  Bonnie was raised by that elder brother, who was determined not to let her live a life of being ignored or disregarded simply for not being remarkable in the ways others wanted her to be.  



Appearance -wears brown ribbon smock top with a black bow instead of a white one.  She has a tiered white skirt, black pants, and pink boots
-her blonde hair is now in pigtails that are bound up with black ribbon; they hang over her shoulders
-big blue eyes
-a little underweight, but not badly
-relatively clean due to Amity's many clean water sources
  • headstrong
    -she will charge problems head on
    -likes getting her way and will work her butt off to get it
  • confident
    -though she doesn't run Amity, being one of the settlement's caretakers has done wonders for her self esteem
    -helping to provide for the tiny community has proved to herself that tragedy and insecurity are both things that can be conquered
  • supporter
    -that being said, she no way in hell wants to be a leader
    -she is used to the supportive role and likes it that way
    -she will tackle any challenge you point her at just... point her at ones out of the spotlight
  • tactless
    -a rock is more diplomatic than Bonnie
    -throwing that rock at someone is more diplomatic than Bonnie
    -for the love of god send someone else to handle arguments among members
  • hard working
    -once you put her to a task she won't quit until it's done
  • responsible
    -if she says she'll do it, she will
  • friendly
    -any and all are welcome to Amity
    -just don't fuck things up while you're there
    -or there will be problems
  • spirited
    -as she has done her mourning and is moving on, it takes a lot to break her
    -she's too determined to survive for the sake of her brother and the Pokemon who have been lost
  • silly
    -she's a thirteen year old kid
    -expect thirteen year old kid humor
    -yes this includes puns and the occasional fart joke
  • occasionally immature
    -again; thirteen year old
    -she may have had to force herself to mature fast but she's barely a teenager
    -she is not above whining or giving someone big puppy eyes to get at what she wants
  • bitter
    -she may be on the path of healing, but she's not done yet
    -she's still a little girl who came from a despicable homelife even before the world collapsed
    -as much as she loves Clemont and grieved the end she's sure he met, she still feels anger over their parents favoring him
    -and anger at her parents themselves, for ignoring her and forcing Clemont to step up as a guardian when he should have been having a childhood of his own
  • guilty
    -she's forgiven herself for the deaths of Dell and Toshiba; though the deaths still pain her, she has accepted they were not her fault
    -what she does feel bad about is her occasional bitter thoughts towards Clemont for being their parents' favorite; finds it cruel to think ill of the dead, especially one who loved her so
    -even moreso considering she is now old enough to understand how Clemont sacrificed his childhood so she could have one
    -also feels guilty that she did not thank him for his care as often as she should have; she was just too young at the time to understand his sacrifices, and she hates herself for that
  • thick skinned
    -oh you hate me?
    -congratulations I don't care
    -moving on with life now
  • Affiliations
    Clemont: this dumbass brother of mine

    Diantha: YOU ARE THE BEST
    User Notes
    -Pokemon names are all random except for Motherboard, who belongs to Clemont
    -as Clemont raised her, she holds many of his ideals and values
    -she got these clothes by raiding Kalos clothes stores before eventually leaving the region
    -her accent comes from her brother, who in turn got it from his first nanny


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