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Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP)

Moon Moon
Moon Moon

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Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) Empty Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP)

Post by Moon Moon Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:20 pm

Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) TOJeZkp

"The Loon" Matilda Phasma Silvia
Text Color #0099ff
Theme(s) random Nicki Minaj song here
Item Misc healing items, 1 Liter water bottles (x2), Ultra Balls (x3), a change of clothes (Pants, Jacket exc.), Fanny Pack, Messenger Bag
Weapons Crowbar, Hunting Dagger
Gender Don't know don't care
Age 19 Years old
Species Human
Weight 130.5lbs.
Height 5'10"
Occupation Professional Pokemon Trainer, Double Battle specalist
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) Spr_2c_227
'Titanium'/'THE GIANT CLAW', Female
Text colour-#ffcccc
Species- Skarmory
Level- 53
Ability- Sturdy
Attack list-
- Fly (HM)
- Aerial Ace (TM)
- Steel Wing (Lvl Up)
- Autotomize (Lvl Up)
**Is only called "THE GIANT CLAW" When Loony wants to annoy Titanium
**Is very bitchy
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) Spr_2c_135
Jack, Male
Text colour- #ffff66
Species- Jolteon
Level- 49
Ability- Volt Absorb
Attack list-
- Helping Hand (Lvl Up)
- Protect (TM)
- Thunder Wave (Lvl Up)
- Thunder Bolt (TM)
**Named after Jack Burton, but ironically enough is basically a timid cat
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) Spr_2c_094
Samara, Female
Text colour- #cc3333
Species- Gengar
Level- 56
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
- Toxic (TM)
- Sucker Punch (Lvl Up)
- Shadow Ball (Lvl Up)
- Hex (TM)
**Is a huge piece of shit
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) Spr_2c_038
Name/Gender- Keaton, Male
Text colour- #ff99cc
Species- Ninetails
Level- 50
Ability- Flash Fire
Attack list-
- Extra Sensory (Lvl Up)
- Light Screen (TM)
- Flamethrower (Lvl Up)
- Will-O-Whisp (Lvl Up)
**Prissy bastard, thinks he's the sexiest thing alive
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) Spr_4p_429
Name/Gender- Blair, Female
Text colour- #9933cc
Species- Mismagius
Level- 49
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
- Shadow Ball (TM)
- Pain Split
- Confuse Ray
- Trick Room (TM)
**Is basically Satan
Pkm 6
Pokemon Trainer 'Loony' (WIP) Spr_5b_625
Name/Gender- Jason, Male
Text colour- #cc0000
Species- Bisharp
Level- 62
Ability- Defiant
Attack list-
- Swords Dance (TM)
- Taunt (Tutor)
- Night Slash (Lvl Up)
- Iron Head (Lvl Up)
**Loon's starter Pokemon, does not grasp the concept of comedy
Quote "I can't take my Bishie on the bus? WHAT THE SHIT"
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