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    Resistance: Yellow (Floater)


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    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) Empty Resistance: Yellow (Floater)

    Post by Yellow Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:02 am

    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) 58gsZcH

    Yellow of the Viridian Grove
    Text Color #ffd733
    Weapons Her Pokemon, three pocket knives, some pepper spray, and a derringer with half a box of ammo.
    Item A waist pouch containing 10 Pokeballs, a collapsible fishing pole, and an ocarina.
    A sturdy drawstring bag holding a canteen, food supplies, a flashlight, binoculars, a sketchbook and pencils, rope, bandages, and a blanket.
    Gender Female
    Age Late Adolescence, 17 nearly 18
    Species Human
    Birthday March 3rd
    Height 5'00"
    Weight 99 lbs
    Occupation Trainer, Pokemon Whisperer, Hobby Fisher
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) Spr_1y_025
    Pikachu "Chuchu" (Female)
    Text Color - #F2D988
    Level - 44
    - Thunderbolt (Level)
    - Light Screen (Bred)
    - Volt Tackle (Bred)
    - Thunder Wave (Level)
    Pkm 2
    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) Spr_1y_085
    Dodrio "Dody" (Male)
    Text Color - #784018
    Level - 43
    - Whirlwind (Level)
    - Peck (Level)
    - Tri Attack (Level)
    - Fly (HM)
    Pkm 3
    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) Spr_1y_020
    Raticate "Ratty" (Male)
    Text Color - #9C8D32
    Level - 35
    - Hyper Fang (Level)
    - Scary Face (Level)
    - Quick Attack (Level)
    - Crunch (Level)
    Pkm 4
    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) Spr_1y_012
    Butterfree "Kitty" (Male)
    Text Color - #D9B3B9
    Level - 37
    - Gust (Level)
    - Sleep Power (Level)
    - Stun Spore (Level)
    - Silver Wind (Level)
    Pkm 5
    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) Spr_1y_008
    Name - Wartortle "Torty" (Male)
    Text Color - #1DC4B4
    Level - 33
    - Water Pulse (Level)
    - Tackle (Level)
    - Protect (Level)
    - Surf (HM)
    Pkm 6
    Resistance: Yellow (Floater) Spr_1y_064
    Name - Kadabra "Kabby" (Male)
    Text Color - #DB9A00
    Level - 37
    - Teleport (Level)
    - Disable (Level)
    - Recover (Level Up)
    - Psybeam (Level Up)
    History While never renowned as much as her friends Red and Blue Yellow was still a well known individual. From her strange behaviors, cutesy appearance, and honorable mission those who had heard of her always held the child with a since of pride or awe. While Yellow would never deny what she did she always took it in stride, acting humble and never letting fame take away who she was. Even after the fact the youth was still just the child from the Viridian Forest, a simple Pokemon lover who did what she had to protect those she cared about.

    Born in a cabin deep in the Viridian Forest Yellow started off life isolated from society. Her parents were good folk, gentle and kind as they raised their child in a peaceful environment. They had heard the legends of those born in the Viridian Forest, that every so many years a child would be birthed with special powers. Making sure to keep their daughter safe they observed her carefully, letting the babe discover the world on her own as they watched for any sign of said powers. Even when they took her to the city her parents watched her behavior with other people and Pokemon, looking to see if environment or subject changed the result. They never saw anything, and while they were not disappointed they it was still discouraging. The chances were slim she would have any but they could just feel something special resonating in their little girl. And, even if she had no magical powers, they would still love their precious daughter.

    Around the age of nine Yellow wandered a bit too far from home. She ended up lost in her forest home, not recognizing any of the landmarks or trees. Fear pulsed off of her tiny form. This had never happened before and she had no idea what to do to get home. What if it got dark, or she never made it back? A tiny whine escaped from her lips before a mighty roar sounded through the trees. Turning she was terrified to find a massive serpent, a large Dratini though she didn't know it, rampaging toward her. Screaming in fear Yellow was shocked to hear a simple and utterly calm command, "Venasaur, Vine Whip!" before feeling herself being lifted and moved. Blinking she watched as the Venasaur in question took out the Dratini with a single attack, and that her savior was a boy, a trainer and a powerful one by the look of it. After checking that she was alright the boy, who called himself Red, noticed she had no Pokemon. With some extensive hand holding and the use of his Pikachu Red helped Yellow to catch her first Pokemon- a Rattata.

    Totally stoked and just in awe of everything that had happened in the last few minutes Yellow watched as Red's mental image soared into a pedestal in her mind. He was so kind to his Pokemon, like he actually cared about them unlike so many trainers that she watched pass through her woods before. This was how all trainers should be, caring and gentle to those who were their partners. Red took her back to the city with him before Yellow realized what she was getting herself into. After a simple goodbye, as she didn't have the nerve to say she lived in the woods, the youth spent the night in the local Pokemon Center with her new Pokemon friend clutched close. They gave her a hot meal in the morning and instantly the girl was on her way home. Her parents had to be worried sick after she disappeared and didn't come home. Traveling along the main road in the bright daylight was a lot easier then it had been the day before and it wasn't long before they came to familiar ground. Ratty, as she dubbed her new friend, ran along her side but seemed uneasy. Yellow couldn't blame him- the forest looked really beat up, like something massive had tromped through it during the night. Making it back home fine the childs fears were not put to rest as she found her parents were not home.

    Three days pasted and they didn't return. The blonde haired child felt the stress build in her. What was she supposed to do, where had they gone? Each time she started to cry Ratty would snuggle close and calm her down. The smile was small but at least she knew she wasn't alone. Deciding that she needed help of some sort Yellow raced off back to Viridian, her Rattata gripped firmly in her arms. She didn't know what to do from there. Knowing only a handful of the buildings and being too shy to ask an adult all Yellow could do is wander back into the Pokemon Center. What she found shattered her young world. The front page of the newspaper in a bold headline, "Two found dead in Viridian. Dangerous Pokemon on the Loose?" The image was grainy but she recognized that part of the forest, chewed up or not. Worse yet, she could recognize some shoes in the picture, and that shirt, and that hat..

    The world was spinning and everything fell apart around her. Yellow blacked out, unsure how much time had passed when she found herself running back into the woods, running to the exact spot in the picture. She got close before she noticed all the caution tape, the workers around, the police. Using her small size to her advantage the child creeped closer and closer, hiding behind rocks, uprooted trees and shrubs. Suddenly she stopped as she noticed something under the fallen tree she hid behind. It was her fathers watch, and a blood puddle with and arm. Distraught, nauseous, and heartbroken, she fled the scene, running until she collapsed in the middle of no where in a ball of tears.
    The coming weeks were utter hell for the child. Social workers finally caught up with her and took her into custody. They held her in the city and, as she would put it, kept her hostage until her uncle Wilton could come in from Johto. He was her only contactable relative but Yellow had no idea who he was. As she waited for him to arrive Ratty was her only comfort.

    By some stroke of luck things started to look up from there. It turned out her uncle was one of those really 'in-tune with nature' and laid back kinds of people. The man was gentle, patient, and understanding, a lot like her parents had been. While he could see the girl wanted comfort she also needed space and gave her all she needed. A simple fisherman the man didn't have much money or need the fancy suburban life that Yellow lacked. Content with their cabin life Wilton taught her to love and respect nature, that with it and those living in it one could be happy and enjoy life. Along with a lesson on "listening to the earth" and relaxing the her uncle taught Yellow a very important skill- how to fish. Handling the rod, quieting her mind, and being in control of something for once was simply amazing. Yellow finally had a confidence boost that only soared with each fishing trip.

    Living with Wilton for slightly less then two years Yellow grew exponentially. With his guidance she broke away from the sadness of her parents death and accepted the beauty of nature and Pokemon. Her smiles her true, grieving over, and happiness returned. Between multiday fishing trips, days alone when Wilton had to take care of business, and the slow build up of her own responsibilities her uncle taught her self reliance and allowed Yellow to grow into a confident young lady. Excelling in caring for herself he would often return to surprises, Yellow having gotten more done then he thought or made something special for his return. As she aged he taught her to ride his Doduo and Yellow would explore areas much further then the forest and Viridian City. One day he officially passed ownership of the bird onto the young trainer and said she was ready to start an adventure of her own. With a massive hug Yellow thanked him for everything and went to discover the world with Ratty and Dody, promising to call often.

    Years passed, and the girl met many colorful characters including Blue who taught her how to catch her own Pokemon and Red again after some complications. She made her claim to fame at Red and Blue's side, expanded her team with others help, and truly had an adventure. Hollywood life was not for her though and on Dody's back Yellow traveled the world for fun, slowly slipping out of stardom and losing recognition. She kept in contact with Blue and Red, watching as power and fame changed them, and the adolescent was finally free to explore the world with no strings attached.

    Then the Epidemic hit.

    Pokemon were starting to turn and the world quickly turned to chaos. Issues were given out for people to get rid of their Pokemon, to flee for shelter, and save what they could of humanity. Yellow could feel herself panicking. A mass spreading disease, a life away from her partners? What was happening? Despite her wishes to be out in nature she was swept away with panicked citizens. Many "officials" demanded the removal of Pokemon and in the chaos her Omnastar was stripped from her side. Yellow panicked, fleeing from one shelter to the next, desperate to find any that wouldn't take her family from her. None really agreed with that and the few that recognized her feared having powerful, or so they thought, Pokemon turn on them. It seemed no shelter was safe and that she was on her own. However, the wilderness was even worse. Hordes of undead were attracted to the small girl and more often then not her weakly leveled team had to fight to save her life. As a swarm attacked them Golem, her strongest at the time, sacrificed himself to save her, fighting off the undead until he was literally crushed beneath them. Yellow fled in tears, never getting the chance to grieve before more infected would show up. Released Pokemon were everywhere, crying out in fear and attracting more of the monsters as they searched for answers. Yellow managed to capture two of these released Pokemon, a Kadabra and Wartortle, promising to keep them safe unlike the people who had abandoned them.

    After the horrific scene of Golem's death Yellow kept close to any refuge she found as long a she could, seeking any word on her friends or a Pokemon-friendly sanctuary. What she got wasn't want she wanted. The infection was spreading like wild fire across all the regions, Blue was missing without word, and while it seemed Red was back with humanity his Pikachu had gotten lost. Ran away, taken, missing? She didn't know what to believe but Yellow did know one thing. She knew she had to find Red and Blue and save the world once more. It was time for another adventure, except this one had much more severe consequences.
    Appearance Yellow has always been short for her age, barely standing at 5'00" even. She has lovely golden-brown eyes and bright blonde hair. Her hair is very long, the majority tied up in a ponytail while the rest hangs as messy bangs over her forehead. Under her simple yellow dress is a black shirt and blue jeans. A satchel rests around her waist and a straw hat with a Rainbow and Silver wing sits on her head. Her boots go about half way up her legs and are purple.
    Generally Yellow always has a soft smile or slightly wondering expression. Sadness for others follows her but she doesn't let it get to her, staying calm and relaxed which is easily expressed in her actions. She often holds herself with a shy stance, hands cupped and knees bent. However, this changes to that of confidence as soon as she becomes comfortable.

    • Exceedingly Kind
      - Nice to everyone, even those who are "bad". Always goes for the alternative route as violence is never the answer.
    • Selfless
      - Always puts others before herself. Any requests she makes are either innocent or very serious.
    • Pacifistic tendencies.
      - Really loathes battles and hurting others. Her style has always been that that wont cause harm and its reflected in at least one of all of her Pokemons moves. However, with the Epidemic she has been forced to fight against her wishes. As a result her Pokemon are a lot stronger then they used to be.
    • Shy
      - She's never been the best as approaching people, keeping to herself or away from large crowds. She doesn't really get lonely, enjoying the quiet that it offers. Usually quiet if not being spoken to or defending a point.
    • Caring
      - Cares for all life forms and wishes to see them happy. Will try to make someone happier if they are upset. Puts their needs before her own if at all possible.
    • Calm
      - Never angry, very patient. Willing to wait. Very Understanding. She is also relaxed and easily loses herself in thoughts and scenery. Her uncle wore off on her and many would describe her as laid back.
    • Tender/Gentle
      - Very gentle, very soothing in presence and good at bringing others peace. A very calming presence. Her natural talent to calm others has often budded her the title "healer."
    • Adamant and Determined
      - Set to her goals and will see them through to the end. Nothing will stop her from her missions or plans once she has set her mind to it.
    • Cheerful
      - Always keeps an upbeat attitude, though now its a bit more mellowed down. Happy-go-lucky. Hopeful.
    • Motherly
      - Cares for all Pokemon on a very deep level. They are wonderful creatures and each one deserves kindness. Tries to stay positive and keep others feeling this way.
    • Defensive
      - While she would rather not she will defend her points. Calmly, not with anger but seriousness. Sometimes she can get too adamant about things to the point it gets her in trouble. Refuses to have her Pokemon taken from her ever again.
    • Protective
      - Hates to see others in pain, let it be physical or emotional, and will do all she can to prevent that. Even after all this time she still hates to have to fight and seeing her team get hurt is a stab in the heart every time.
    • Naive
      - Though she has lost a decent amount of her natively over the years choosing to stay away from society can leave a lot unknown.
    • Hopeful
      - Firmly believes that a cure for the virus is out there and that this is not an apocalypse. Believes this is fixable, that undead can be returned to normal. Refuses to lose hope but its becoming taxing on her small body.
    • Resolute
      - Sure of herself morally, that her beliefs are wholesome. Very absolute and resolved. Happy with her herself and her beliefs.
    • Unsure
      - Despite that she questions her actions, wondering if she is doing the right thing, making the right choices. She's always looked for the future but now she just sees it with fear.
    • Worried
      - Hopes her friends are okay, fears for her team and the safety of others. Particularly worried for Red and Pikachu's well being as well as Blue's as she never got word on him.
    • Frightened
      - She can feel the pain and fear in newly infected and the anger in the undead. It wears on the youths mind to know so much suffering is occurring in the world and she cant do anything about it. These things are attacking out of pain, not want, and that's not something she can rightfully fight back against.
    • Tired
      - Fighting really isn't her style. Having to battle and inflict pain never gets easier and is starting to wear on her. Hiding, fighting, and being a afraid so often is not good on a person.
    • Concerned
      - Wants to find a cure or at least ease the suffering of the Pokemon in pain. Understands the pain others are feeling, living, undead, and humans, and will do anything to make it stop.
    • Breaking
      - The very idea that Blue and Pikachu might be dead is more heartbreaking then watching Golem die or finding out her parents are dead. Its been a long time since she had contact with Wilton and is unsure if he is alright. She can't take these stresses very well. Someone her age can get easily messed up from an apocalypse. Her appetite has decreased as well.
    • Martyr
      - Willing to sacrifice herself for the greater cause. If it means ending the suffering of others she will gladly give up her life. In the long run she knows that offering herself to save others would be worthy.
    • Brave
      - Despite everything that has happened, her lack of battling skills, her small stature, and the infection that rages around her Yellow will always fight with all her heart. Everything she does she gives it her all and will fight to the very end to achieve.
    User Notes
    • Currently seeking to find Red, Blue, and Pika along with a cure.
    • The derringer was given to her along her refuge hoping. Though she is completely and utterly opposed to using it, and doesn't know how, she does understand that there might be a life or death situation that calls for it. She prays to never have to use it.
    • Since she was a young child she has had a very close connection with Pokemon and doesn't need a universal translator to communicate with them. She is very sensitive to their emotions.

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