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    Resistance: Red


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    Resistance: Red Empty Resistance: Red

    Post by Red Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:44 pm

    Resistance: Red IRfcby3

    Text Color ff1111
    Theme(s) Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
    Unmei no Deai
    Item Working Pokémon Communicator, large durable sleeping roll,  military rations, solar-powered flashlight, three spare pairs of socks/ other clothing, water pouch, small, basic first aid kit, Pikachu's pokeball located on his waist. The other pokeballs that belonged to his dead team members are in his bag. He does not have any spare.
    Weapons 1 Military grade AK 47, accompanied by four boxes of ammo, 1 16 shot Glock 22, 1 Desert Eagle, along with 3 boxes of ammo, 1 Machete sits in a sheath on his hip, and a hunting knife sits in his left boot. All ammo is located in his utility belt.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Him/His/He
    Birthdate 08/08
    Age 27
    Species Human
    Weight 154.5 lbs [with gear]
    116.7 lbs [without gear]
    Height 5'2"
    Region of origin Kanto
    Occupation Ex-Champion/ Military Infantry/ Blaine's bodyguard
    Party Red has none of his original or even formerly owned pokemon. Once he arrived at Indigo Plateau, he was ordered to destroy them, as well as all the others that arrived from Pallet's evacuation, to contain the infection. Red gunned them all down, save for Pikachu, who managed to escape the slaughter. He does not know Pikachu's whereabouts at this time.
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Red Spr_6x_714
    Name/Gender- Mikhail [M]
    Text colour- c0c0e1
    Species- Noibat
    Level- 43
    Ability- Infiltrator
    Attack list-
    -Super Fang (Learned)
    -Whirlwind (Learned)
    -Air Cutter (Learned)
    -Supersonic (Learned)
    **Recently met upon Mt. Silver
    Quote ".........................."
    History Who doesn't know Red's story? From a single mother, he came from the lowly, humble beginnings of Pallet Town with his Pikachu, rising through the Kanto region, gym by gym, by gym to become the lofty goal of Champion. Every serious trainer aspires for this, but Red was one of the few who actually managed it. Not only did he become Kanto's strongest trainer, he felled dangerous caverns, dispelled the infamous Team Rocket from his home region, even sent the 8th and final gym leader packing, the fabled mob boss, Giovanni. Red was a living legend, a hero amongst his people. Wherever he went, he was swarmed with fans, the thankful and the hopeful trainer, wanting to have the priveledge of battling him.

    Which is why he isolated himself on Mount Silver.

    For most of his short life, all he had sought was power and fame, fortune and glory. Now, not even 18, he had reached the pinnacle of his career, achieved the highest trophy possible. He was bereft of a reason, of a need to go further, which landed him on the icy peaks of Mount Silver. For years, he strayed away from human society, meditating, training with his pokemon, and searching his mind and soul for what he was to do next, what his next purpose was. He silently forfeited his former office of Kanto Champion and hid in the dark caves of his new refuge.

    Below the tranquil hieghts of the mountain, the lands were thrust into chaos. The Epidemic was swift in its movement, spreading all over the major cities and towns, plunging the entire region into chaos. By the time its minions reached Red and his sanctuary, it was far too late. He flew off on the back of his Charizard to find answers for the horror that now infected his home, only to find what he'd missed in his absense.

    Pallet was aflame with chaos and destruction, Professor Oak's storage pokemon rampaging and fighting the native undead. With Red's help, they were easily disposed of, and Red was brought up-tp-date with the current events. The survivors spoke of a refuge, a fortress outside of Ecruteak, and so Red led them there. The military needed bodies, and so the ex-Champion was soon drafted into their ranks, his pokemon stripped from him for training.

    All Red knew for months was training. Day in, day out, that was all he did. The days blurred together and he lost all sense of the passing of time. He learned of the Epidemic, what it was, and how it spread. The only thing he did know was that he'd been away from his team, his faithful companions. At the end of his training, however, he was reunited with them, only to be forced to watch as they were placed with hundreds of others behind a wall. He was given his gun and orders to open fire.

    The infected in the crowd fought the hardest against the barrage of bullets Red's battalion showered, but Red's own pokemon weren't touched, for fear of some sort of backlash from the legendary trainer. However, the commander's orders were more fierce with a gun to Red's back, and so, the trainer pulled up his gun and fired.

    Snorlax, Blastoise and Venusaur all went down with a bullet in the head. His hand trembled as he shot down Charizard and Espeon, the bullets finding their throat or abdomen. When the barrel went to Pikachu, Red's resolution faltered, his gun lowered. There was no way he could ever kill his best friend, his starter, his first pokemon. Pikachu saw his opportunity and unleashed one of the most powerful Thunders he'd ever dealt, and in the chaos, turned to escape. The commander called for the rodent's death once more, but was met with the butt of Red's gun.

    Needless to say, Red was detained, shipped off to a rehibilitation center in an unknown underground facility. There he was counciled and "treated" for his apathy and anger without much success, until finally a commander issued him as a bodyguard for Blaine. Now, he patrols the caverns and waters of the Seafoam Islands, where the duo have their bunker.

    **RP Update

    Working for Blaine was almost cruel enough to be considered torture. Constantly toyed with, sent out for supplies in a very dangerous world with only his guns to protect him, Red spiraled easily further and further down into his own despair and hate. For years, he wasted away with Blaine on Seafoam, his only peace found in slaughtering Undead and Infected that came for them. While things began to become interesting when he stumbled across Professor Elm on one of his patrols, Blaine would have none of it. Red was teleported out and away, the boy landing in the famous Realgam Tower in Orre. While he tried to adjust to the new location, soon enough the kadabra that stole him away the first time returned and dropped him at Red's real destination: Mount Silver.

    There, because Red was apparently cursed with bad luck, he ran into his old rival, Blue. While Red had absolutely no intention of keeping company, Blue adamantly stayed by his side as they journeyed up the mountain.

    Accent None
    Appearance In his hands, there is always a weapon, whether it be one of his blades, hand guns or his semi-automatic rifle. A perfectly functioning com rests on his head and neck, slightly covered by the tattered and faded hat from his old profession. His short frame is covered in sturdy bloodstained olive drab armor, faded with constant use. His eyes are always carefully emotionless or flecked with vexation. His mouth is set in a small frown, as if to display his eternal indifference to the world and everything in it.
    Religion Agnostic, heavily leaning to atheistic
    Personality +Angry+
     -Extremely frustrated with not only what he has been forced to do by others, but just about every other aspect of his life.
     -Fueled by the heavy amount of guilt, Red finds few outlets, none of which are constructive, to release any of the anger. Normally, he internalizes it until he explodes.
     -His anger, however, is something he can't seem to let go; it's the only thing that really has kept him alive, or the only emotion he's felt for the past four years.
     -Responds violently often, sometimes without any provocation
     -Unpredictable, even to himself
     -Very rash
     -Absolutely 100% committed and determined to finish his goals, no matter what they may be.
     -Sacrifice is not an obstacle.
     -Doesn't know how to handle his more intense emotions well, so once they peak, he becomes dominated by them.
     -Tends to have a short fuse
     -Subject to mood swings on bad days.
     -Red has employed a zero-mercy policy for a long time now.
     -Mercy got him ridiculed or worse, injured. His mind has transitioned to think of the most effective solution to a problem instead of taking others into account.
     -Sure is.
     -Go-to way of communication is sarcasm.
     -Believes that murdering pokemon is often the better way for them to die.
     -Continues to commit terrible acts because he honestly doesn't believe anyone he cares about -that's still alive- would forgive him. Why go through all the work of penance to never recieve forgiveness?
     -Extremely guilty and depressed over having to murder his pokemon.
     -Incapable of forgiving himself for the deeds he committed, including murdering other innocent pokemon.
     -His pokemon were everything to him, and now that he's without them, he is without purpose or reason. More than half of his life has been committed to Pokemon and out of nowhere, all of that is suddenly gone.
     -Has no idea what else he could possibly do with his life, especially when speaking long-term. He honestly doesn't know if he'll make it another five years.
     -Repetitive tasks tend to calm him by giving him something familiar and safe to focus on. Cleaning his weapons and maintenance of his other possessions is a prime example of this.
     -Once a habit is formed, it is extremely difficult to shake, for better or worse. Often, he keeps them out of a sort of nostalgia.
     -Often prefers to be quiet, or surrounded by it.
     -Hates being around other people, but craves social interaction. For a long time, he achieved this through his pokemon team, and he was genuinely happy. But that is no longer an option.
     -Being in social situations, especially with more strangers than friends, gives him anxiety. It worsened with age as he was mostly alone in his travels aside from his pokemon, and got so bad he secluded himself on a goddamn mountain.
     -Has exceptional situational awareness.
     -Critical thinking and problem solving are two of his fortes.
     -Capable of quick decision-making, as well as able to demonstrate creative problem solving under pressure.
     -Becoming Champion and toppling a region-wide crime syndicate before he was even 13 was a strange and altering experience for someone as young as him. It instilled a lot of pride and arrogance, two things even now he cannot shake. Despite all his self-loathing, he knows what he is actually capable of and isn't afraid to rely on that or his past endeavors.
     -Loathes taking help from others, as he sobconsciously feels that he is above needing others' help aside from his own pokemon.
     -Holds his independence very, very dear.
     -Loathes being controlled or having to take orders, especially if he does not agree with them.
     -Rarely ever minces his words or actions. He speaks his mind. If you do not like it, you can fuck right the hell off.
     -Can be accurately described as "violent" or "trigger-happy".
     -Often tries to inflict the most damage with as few words as possible in a fight or argument. Coupled with the fact that he's easily irritated and provoked, Red's words are usually used as weapons.
     -He was the opposite before the Epidemic, generally not choosing to speak at all instead of hurling insults. His anger, however, has caused him to lash out far more than he ever did as a child.
     -Though Red does not engage in social interaction often, familiar faces and those he has deemed acceptable are important to him, whether he admits it or not. He keeps the ones he truly does care about close to his heart, baring his very soul to them. It's a difficult, important decision to make when choosing those that learn so much about him, but when he does, he marks it as a friendship or relationship he intends to keep for life.
     -Killing his pokemon has created a painful, terrible rift in his personality, but his moral compass has remained intact, despite his actions and words. He views it as hammering more nails in the coffin for the person he used to be, but still feels each and every violation against his true moral code as a betrayal to himself and those that he loves.
    Affiliations Blue
    -Old rival and sort of friend. One of the few people Red actually tolerates, or makes an effort to do so.
    -Crazy jackass. Would be completely content to never see or hear him ever again. Or his stupid fucking riddles.
    User Notes -Fuck Blaine.
    -Fuck Lance.
    -Fuck Indigo Plateau.
    -Fuck riddles.
    -Edited to be updated to date, as well as higher profile standards. Rewrote Personality completely, and changed a few details on Appearance and stats.

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