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    Legendary: Uxie [Floater]

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    Legendary: Uxie [Floater] Empty Legendary: Uxie [Floater]

    Post by Uxie Sun May 24, 2015 2:05 am

    Legendary: Uxie [Floater] AaEgCmf

    Uxie: The Being of Knowledge
    Theme [Aldnoah Zero: No Differences]
    Text Color #FFFF99
    Item None
    Biological Sex Genderless
    Gender Identity He/Him/They
    Age Legendary; Ageless; Thousands of years
    Species #480 The Knowledge Pokémon ~ Uxie
    Height 1'00" (Imperial) || 0.3 m (Metric)
    Weight 0.7 lbs (Imperial) || 0.3 kg (Metric)
    Pokédex Entry Diamond Entry: Known as "The Being of Knowledge." It is said that it can wipe out the memory of those who see its eyes.
    Pearl Entry: It is said that its emergence gave humans the intelligence to improve their quality of life.
    Platinum Entry: When Uxie flew, people gained the ability to solve problems. It was the birth of knowledge.
    Level Unknown
    Ability Levitate
    Nature Calm
    Characteristic Thoroughly Cunning
    Moves Extrasensory [Special; Learned]
    Future Sight [Special; Learned]
    Endure [Status; Learned]
    Swift [Special; Learned]
    Quote "Are you prepared to accept the answers you're searching for?"
    History          Knowledge is both a gift and a curse. For Uxie, there was no choice; the pixie was born with the fountain of knowledge for a brain. After birth, along with Mesprit and Azelf, the Knowledge Pokémon did what earned its name; Uxie spread knowledge throughout the lands to humans and Pokémon alike, giving them the ability to solve problems and think for themselves. After the lake trio had each distributed their own gift of emotions, willpower, and knowledge to the creatures of the world, they each went to rest at their own respective lakes in the Sinnoh region, exhausted by their tasks. Uxie made Lake Acuity his home, and rested there for several years at a time, rarely leaving the sanctuary he called home while recovering his energy.

             When he did emerge the sprite would seek to find what the living creatures did with their gift of knowledge. Some did little while others had changed vastly but one particular species seemed to catch Uxie's attentions: the humans. Watching as the creatures overcame their shortcomings with strange inventions it seemed they had use of knowledge in their own way. Even the harsh snow-covered lands that he called home were bested by a species that couldn't fight its own battles. However, while the humans were smart they were not wise. Uxie watched as they captured Pokemon and made them fight against foes that were clearly outmatched by, including himself. They would leave the tiny shelters they had created before a blizzard hit and be lost in the white wall of snow. They were foolish and the pixie learned it all too well as a strangely clad group of humans came marching up to his lake.

             They were preceded by a youth, blonde, spouting nonsense from the shores of Uxie's frozen lake. The insolence caught his attention but the legend emerged in disguise, hidden from view as the boy continued to shout. The commotion brought about more humans in odd uniforms and a fight erupted. The child fought hard but was outnumbered and soon overpowered by the groups sheer numbers. Thrown to the ground in defeat he never stopped babbling for the Legend to flee. The sprite was about to return to his cave when an attack was fired mere inches away from him. He had miscalculated. Shocked that they knew his location despite being invisible Uxie didn't have a chance to avoid the second hit and his flight faltered. Falling several feet the tip of one of his long tails brushed the icy water before a fight ensued and he was captured.

             It was worse then he had imagined. The humans were foolhardy, reckless, and utterly barbaric as they put their creations to malicious intent. Uxie had been the last of his siblings to be captured, his frozen, distant home taking time to get to, but he suffered no less then them as they attached him to a machine and harvested his crystallizing energy. It was excruciating, the screams of his siblings making it even worse, and the legend questioned if he had been wrong to give these creatures knowledge. Had they no recognition of the consequences, the significance, the repercussions? Where they so daft they could not see the seriousness their actions would cause? Relief came in the form of yet another human, a youthful female, as she tore through the ranks of those in shoddy costumes and set the trio free. Teleporting away Uxie knew then that not all humans were so vile but he would not be so careless in the future. Both youths had tried to prevent the catastrophe, twice over as they prevented the creation of a new world, and only the fools in the Galatic uniforms showed the dark side of knowledge. Retiring back to his lake for much needed rest Uxie resolved that despite knowledge being his gift not everyone knew how to use it. More so, this was not his problem and the humans would tend to thinning out the disease within their own species so enough.

             Well, he was wrong. He was forcefully woken up mid-slumber when the Epidemic arrived. The pixie was faced with the new knowledge of the living dead and an apocalyptic world, where he could no longer hear Arceus's voice. Although at first the Knowledge Pokémon remained quiet, knowing the humans mus be attempting to conjure up a cure with their current technology, after some months passed Uxie knew the humans could not save the world on their own. In fact, he discovered that the humans had caused the infection itself and were ironically also the first to die, unable to fight off the virus in their systems for more then a few days. He should of known that to fix their own species they would take all the others down with them. What fools. Collecting himself Uxie set first to protect his lake, removing corpses from the lake's shore and issuing Pokemon away from those who were showing signs of infection. These actions were short lived however, as he quickly came to realize it was futile with the spread of the sickness was taking over. His land grew barren, Pokemon leaving the lakes side when the saw no sanctuary there, and Uxie realized the extent of how far the epidemic had gone.

             The small Pokémon left his comfortable home in Lake Acuity to witness the destruction that the disease had caused. Without much knowledge of the changes due to his time of slumber during the beginning of the epidemic, coupled with the pixie's so-called purpose to record all the happenings in the world, he set off to explore the area and gather knowledge. His first objective was to locate his siblings, Mesprit and Azelf, and he achieved the latter after a wide but short search. Both siblings agreed they would search for their sister as they looked for any information on the infection. They also set a date for another meeting in the near future before parting ways.

             As the date approached with little to no progress on his part the pixie prepared to return for his scheduled meeting. Exhausted, he searched for a place to rest until dawn but found himself under surprise attack by a pair of undead. Shocked and with his eyes open Uxie accidentally wiped the memories of the undead and had a startling revaluation as they flashed through his mind. The undead collapsed on the ground while Uxie labored himself in to teleporting, fatigued and frantic as he blinked out of the area. He reappeared in a massive tree, a location he had just seen in the memories, and lay twitching as they coursed through his mind. This was like nothing he had ever experienced before. It took an entire day for him to regain himself and another to venture out of the tree, still worn from his search and strenuous teleport. He had missed the meeting between him and his brother but pixie discovered something he considered to be much more valuable and immediately set off to form a plan of action. Azelf would understand when he presented his soon-to be-findings, he just had to gather them first.
    Appearance "Uxie is a small, gray, fairy-like Pokémon with two gray tails that are each encrusted with a red gem. Uxie has a partially yellow face with another red gem encrusted into its forehead. Its head faintly resembles that of a helmet or a human brain. Uxie always has its yellow eyes closed, as it can wipe out the memory of those who see its eyes. Uxie's spirit can leave its body without dying, and return at will." Bulbapedia

    Uxie appears to be unphased physically from his standard appearance. Those who already know of the legend would easily be able to recognize him.

    He may keep his eyes open at all times without wiping out another creatures memories. However, if he is startled or injured the ability will be triggered as a reflex and any bystanders will be at risk. For this reason he usually keeps his eyes closed when around other Pokemon for their own protection, but not always. Uxie can still see even with its eyes closed due to his developed mind and psychic abilities so this is no hindrance.

    Uxie has the ability to create illusions and will often do so when approaching a new group of Pokemon. The most common forms he takes are Pokemon that are already a yellow tint, as his illusions usually take on the bright hue anyway, with the primary being Abra or Sandshrew.
    Religion Legendary; he is a god.
    Motivation To seek out knowledge, locate his siblings, and understand the virus while, most importantly, trying to survive.
    Personality            Uxie is very calm, a collected Pokemon who does not panic easily or show much outward emotion. In fact, he could easily be defined as being apathetic with his apparent 'cold' personality. However, he is merely reserved, keeping to himself unless specifically engaged. Being the Knowledge Pokémon and the most intelligent being, he is very wise and tactical, very precise in his actions and ventures. Often he will sit back and watch an event to see how it plays out, the choices those present make. However, he will lash out angrily if anyone he considers a 'friend' or 'close' is injured. There are few Pokemon that fit in this category though so this is a rare occurrence.

               Uxie is a wary Pokemon and prefers to stay out of sight, having the ability to turn himself invisible, create illusions, and teleport at will. With these powers combined the pixie is generally able to keep out of harms way or avoid combat. As a result, he also never attacks another without provocation, whether living or undead. It is hard to get a reaction of out of him for anything. While he could choice to keep to himself the pixie knows he will learn more by tailing a group and does so under self-protest.

               Curious about the disease, Uxie wishes to find its symptoms, causes, effects ect. Letting its beginning go by without concern the pixie is now at a loss. Not having all the knowledge about something so vital and viral has him a bit on edge. The virus has brought him more then one surprise and he is not one to enjoy surprises. If anything, one can say it has him anxious to what he has yet to learn. He is not used to not having the answer to everything and to suddenly experience being at a loss is a frightening thing. He has never been much of a people person and having to associate with other Pokemon is less then favorable for him. This mix of stresses is slowly wearing on him but the legend won't let stress prevent him from doing his task.

               Uxie does not like to make promises or enter situations with heavy implications. He insists that there is no reason to dwell on what might be as it either is or isn't, that it will or wont be. While some events have predictable outcomes the future is not set in stone and he will not hold onto something that may not happen.

               While Uxie can erase memories at will he also has the ability to read them just like his brother. This task is strenuous on both parties and should not be pushed too far. Both he and the other party will experience the memories along with any emotions associated with them though Uxie is pretty walled against them. He can block the other Pokemon from seeing and feeling the memories, a mercy stroke as most Pokemon have hideously painful memories these days, but the more he reads memories the less he puts in the extra strain to block them out. If the Pokemon is particularly weak he will mark sure to protect them in case of unfortunate events.

               He has two kinds of memory wiping to go with his memory reading ability. The first is a short-term kind that effects immediate time, recent events such as meeting him, leaving the victim in a "what just happened, where am I?" state of being. Its effectively harmless, a defense, and is the more common of his two abilities. The second is much more long-term, where the Pokemon will have severe amnesia. Mass amounts of time and memories are lost, particular memories and acknowledgement being purged from their minds. There will be holes, a numbness, and this power is not to be used lightly.

               Taking another Pokemon's memories is not free as he is effectively putting their voice in his head. What they thought and experienced is now in his head although he's more or less used to it since he has been doing it all his life. Doing this is mass quantities in a short period of time is not recommended.
    Affiliations Azelf: His brother and constant headache. Unable to comprehend his brothers obsession with affection the pair have a difficult relationship at best. However, they are siblings and Uxie does love his older brother dearly, and after meeting up with him he is relieved to know he is surviving. While Uxie is guilty for failing to show for their second meeting he knows Azelf will understand once he has a chance to explain himself.
    Mesprit: His sister and other vexation. While her fixation with emotions is understandable, as she is the being of emotion, Uxie still does not find them pleasant. He does worry that she may be overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil coming from the living but knows she is smart enough to flee from danger and excels at hiding. They have no seen each other since long before the Epidemic but Uxie hardly thinks of her unless another provokes the thought.
    ❖ Arceus: His Father. He has not heard His voice in a long time.
    Pearl: He attempted to warn Uxie and there after protect him from being captured. The pixie respects his effort and determination to the end despite obvious failure.
    Platinum: While their interactions were brief Platinum saved the trio from Galactic's devious plans. Her bravery confirmed for the pixie that not all humans were imprudent and blinded by their desires.
    User Notes ❖ Currently on the search for his siblings while trying to discover all he can about the virus. He desires to seek knowledge on the happenings during the beginning of the epidemic, which he missed, as well as its current progression.
    ❖ His powers include teleporting, mind reading, memory eradicating, creating illusions, speaking telepathically, and other such psychic abilities.
    ❖ My old profile was abysmally old and needed to be replaced.


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    Legendary: Uxie [Floater] Empty Re: Legendary: Uxie [Floater]

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    Legendary: Uxie [Floater] RGgji6G

    Welcome back, dear brother.


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