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    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos)


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    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Empty Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos)

    Post by Maximum Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:05 pm

    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) EQ33K7Y
    Old dollmaker image:
    Keeping up with dual image here:

    Vitaly Boone
    Text Color 2F4F2F
    Theme(s) -Once Upon a December
    Item -Dark grey backpack
    -Universal communicator
    -2 full heals, 3 hyper potions
    -Sleeping bag
    -Black hoodie
    -flint and steel
    -Rainbow Feather replica pendant? or some other symbol of his religion. If i change it to Solgaleo, then we'll see
    - Lock picks, screwdriver, bobby pins
    -Gun maintenance stuff.
    -Knife sharpener
    Weapons -Black Widow gun with ammo
    -Gun with silencer with ammo
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Birthdate 05/05 (This is the date he chose; he doesn't know what his actual birthday is)
    Age 18ish years. (He's not exactly sure how old he is)
    Species Human
    Weight 135 lbs
    Height 5'7''
    Region of origin Orre
    Occupation Former Assassin
    Party His Weavile didn't get a proper name until a year or two after his life change. Pelor technically belonged to the priest, but the Larvesta had been in his possession when Father Jude was taken. Lidda may or may not have been stolen from an abusive trainer. Lyra stuck to him as a Joltik and refused to leave. Elise and Jozan survived attacks on their trainers during the Epidemic, and Vi took it upon himself to help care for them.
    Pkm 1
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) 636
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Luxuryball
    Name- Pelor
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- FFD700
    Species- Larvesta
    Level- 58
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Flame Charge (Level)
    -U-turn (TM)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    -Psychic (TM)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 2
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) 596
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Pokeball
    Name- Lyrandar "Lyra"
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- 068481
    Species- Galvantula
    Level- 46
    Ability- Compoundeyes
    Attack list-
    -Hidden Power [Ice] (TM)
    -Thunder (TM)
    -Energy Ball (TM)
    -Sticky Web (Start)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 3
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) 461
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Duskball
    Name- Drizzt
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 26466D
    Species- Weavile
    Level- 67
    Ability- Pickpocket (Hidden)
    Attack list-
    -Hone Claws (Level)
    -Night Slash (Level)
    -Ice Shard (Pre-evo Level)
    -Icicle Crash (Egg)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 4
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Talonflame
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Pokeball
    Name- Elysium "Elise"
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- DD7500
    Species- Talonflame
    Level- 43
    Ability- Gale Wings (Hidden)
    Attack list-
    -Brave Bird (Start)
    -Flare Blitz (Start)
    -Roost (Level)
    -U-turn (TM)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 5
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Greninja
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Premierball
    Name- Lidda
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- FFE1FF
    Species- Greninja
    Level- 55
    Ability- Torrent
    Attack list-
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Water Shuriken (Level)
    -Night Slash (Level)
    -Extrasensory (Level)
    Pkm 6
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) 152
    Vi the human (Lumiose, Kalos) Pokeball
    Name- Jozan
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- DFFFA5
    Species- Chikorita
    Level- 15
    Ability- Overgrow
    Attack list-
    -Aromatherapy (Egg)
    -Heal Pulse (Egg)
    -Razor Leaf (Level)
    -Poison Powder (Level)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Quote "No, I don't know how the bodies were frozen solid in a burning building."
    History Vi was born Cassian Renata to a family in Orre, and he had a relatively normal childhood. He was incredibly smart, however, and he was rather awkward in social situations. His life was horrifically changed when he was kidnapped at twelve years old by child slavers and put up for auction. The woman who purchased him wanted him for... various reasons, but he was mostly kept under lock and key. She didn't think that such a young child would have the wits and ability to hurt her, so beyond a few measures to ensure he didn't escape, she didn't keep a close enough eye on what was around him. Of course knives and sharp objects were kept away, but she underestimated a creative and spiteful mind. The woman had made enemies in other circles, and a proper assassin was sent to off her. Said assassin found that the boy had already done the deed, and took an interest in him. He was unable to leave his former owner's living place due to his fear of getting caught by the slavers again, and the assassin gave him a choice. He could come along with her, or he could stay until someone finally checked on his former owner and found the dead body. This was the assassin trying to manipulate him into coming with her, but she truly had no intention of actually leaving him there. His initial reaction was to spit upon the offer and said that he'd rather wait for the police to find him. He didn't care if he was put in prison; he just wanted to get away and let his family know he was alive. Angry that the boy refused, the assassin pulled out a knife and gave him a new offer. Come with her, or die.

    The assassin was part of a group that collaborated together to maintain secrecy and provide backup when necessary. Since he showed such potential, they wanted to see if they could convince him to join willingly. He played along, for a while, but he always had an eye out for an escape. He learned the best ways to get people alone so that he or one of the others could kill them, and he was sent after very... specific targets. He learned how to handle a wide array of weapons, but he seemed to have a knack for knives and hidden guns. They also taught him how to use common items as weapons if something went wrong, or he needed something more discreet. First time they let him out unsupervised, he bolted. The assassin who had brought him in had suspected something like this would happen, so she had set up a safety net, just in case. After she caught him, she forced a shock collar onto him, and she hired the help of a Psychic type Pokemon. She figured that the reason he kept trying to escape was so that he could go home, and if he lost that reason, then he would stop trying to run. The memories couldn't be completely removed without potentially harming him beyond use, but they managed to make it so he couldn't remember his home or family while leaving his basic soul intact. He almost escaped again after Eve incorrectly assumed that he didn't want to leave anymore, and the shock collar became a permanent fixture. It was decorated up so that people would assume it was merely an accessory, and he knew better than to try and correct people of the notion. At this point, he was given a new name, Anisim, but he was often called Six.

    As he aged, his targets somewhat changed, but the methods remained more or less the same. He was often in compromising positions, but it always meant his targets were vulnerable and unable to fight back. When he got older, Eve noticed how handsome he had become and would try to get "alone" time with him. Utterly disgusted, he had no choice but to do what she wanted. He tried to use his skills to kill her, but she knew what to look for, and often ensured he was somehow tied up. If he thought his life was bad before, it only got worse after that. The only bright spot in his life was the twisted joy he could get from killing others who thought they could have power over him, and the friend he made in one of the other assassin's Pokemon. The Sneasel shared his hatred at being forced into something he didn't want and also bore a shock collar. He was also looking for an out if it would present itself. When Vi was somewhere around fourteen, the Epidemic hit, and he and the now Weavile escaped in the madness. Relishing in their freedom, they skipped town. They were both capable of hiding in the shadows and hiding their scents from the undead.

    A priest at a makeshift community took him in despite his ratty appearance, and he could not believe how kind the man was. Every person he had seen at this point had ulterior motives for being nice to him, and he became incredibly paranoid over why this guy was so kind for supposedly no reason. Deciding not to risk another capture, Vi stole a Hyper Potion and ran. He contemplated killing the priest on the way out, since it was likely the priest was bad, but he decided leaving a trail might not be worth it. Surprisingly, another boy who was on guard caught him on the edge of town and dragged him back to return the stolen item, but, to Vi's utter surprise, the priest instead insisted the item was a gift. Utterly shocked, but still suspicious, Vi just stared as the priest got him off the hook, and, once alone, he entered a long debate with the priest, trying to find something about the priest that screamed ulterior motive. Hours later, he found none. The priest offered him a place to say to let him get back on his feet, and Vi took the offer. It unnerved him as he realized the man wasn't hiding anything, and he was doing this solely for Vi's benefit. He started experiencing immense guilt at how easily his mind resorted to casual murder, and he broke down and told the priest everything. Instead of ratting him out, the priest kept things quiet and encouraged Vi to change for the better. So that Vitaly wouldn't have to respond to names he hated, Father Jude gave him the name he uses today.

    The priest helped Vi catch up on his missing education as much as possible, but the Epidemic didn't leave as much time as they would have liked for that. The community started kicking out any and all Pokemon, and Father Jude and Vitaly, finding themselves unable to do this to their Pokemon, left. Staying hidden and sneaking around kept him alive before, and it continued to keep him and his pokemon alive. Due to Orre being a desert, they all came to the realization that they would likely need to move to survive. Lidda and Elysium brought up Lumiose in Kalos as a suggestion, and having few to no other options, that was where they traveled. Unfortunately, the people who already had their stakes in the city didn't take kindly to outsiders. Especially outsiders with Pokemon. They underestimated his abilities due to his weaker appearance, but they managed to capture Father Jude and the Pokemon he had with him at the time.

    Vitaly is unsure if the locals have kept him alive this long, but he tries to not think on that. He keeps hoping that he'll be able to sneak in to at least find out. And if Father Jude is alive, he will rescue him.
    Accent Generally neutral
    Vi is on the shorter side of average for an adult male and tends to carry himself in a nervous fashion. Lean and decently muscled, he has managed to adjust to life in the epidemic fairly well, and moving to Lumiose provided plenty of scavenging areas. He's strong enough to climb out of situations if he has to, and he's good at parkour. He has shorter hair that he keeps as neat as possible, dark green almost cat like eyes, and decently tanned skin. As for attire, he's pretty much one pair of glasses away from looking like a stereotypical IT guy or librarian. He wears a long sleeved, once white, button-up shirt with a green sweater over it and khaki pants, unless it's really warm, in which case he'll take the sweater off. On his bare chest, there is a giant skull spider tattoo, but no one is likely to see this. His back also bears many scars from getting lashed or cut as punishment. He has a fair amount of scruff to cover his jaw and cheeks. His appearance fools many into thinking he isn't dangerous, and he uses this to his complete advantage. He has also used his good looks to get out of situations, though he really hates having to do this. He also wears a golden pendant under his sweater that bears the symbol of his religion. He carries his stuff in a dark grey backpack to keep his hands free.  
    Religion Currently, It's Ho-oh, but the legendary on Pokemon Sun is more likely. gonna wait until gen7 comes out to confirm or deny
    Personality -Quiet
       He's perfectly happy doing things in silence or sitting in silence. Doesn't feel the need to talk unless the mood strikes him or he has to.
       Unless you get him talking about something he's interested in, then he is incredibly chatty and might not shut up.
       Or he's acting a certain way on purpose to get information. If he acts flirty, 99% of the time it's only to get something out of the person he's flirting with. He really doesn't like doing this, so it's not something many will see.
    -Sticks to the background
       Prefers to stay in the shadows literally and figuratively. Doesn't like to be in the spotlight or with too many people staring at him.
    -Generally friendly
       Once he's certain that a person isn't going to attack him or his Pokemon, he sees no point in being mean.
    -Tries to see the best in others
       He's seen some of the worst in people along with seeing the best. He managed to radically change his life around, and he likes to think others can.
    -Pretty forgiving
       He has no room to judge with terrible deeds done in his past, and is sometimes too forgiving.
    -Don't test your limits on this
       Repeat offenders can push his ability to forgive, and he will likely snap if someone tries to hurt him or others with his gifts.
    -Has little to no sympathy for those who prey on the weak
       He hated being powerless in a situation, and frowns heavily upon those who seek to control or hurt those unable to fight back.
    -Highly intelligent
       Not much gets by him. Quick to pick up information of any sort. He has a wide array of knowledge that he has stored in his head.
       He always has an out prepared in his mind. Enters a building? Has at least one exit plan, sees one or more humans? Has an escape route in mind with variations depending on what they might throw at him.
    -He has more or less come to terms with his history. He despises having to murder because he was told to, but he can't quite make himself feel too guilty over his targets.
       If he finds someone who can't protect themselves for whatever reason, he will do his best to help them and keep them safe.
       If he has his mind on a goal, then it will take an act of god to make him change his mind. His stubbornness is what allowed him to finally get away from his captors. He won't give up.
       Genuinely wants to help others if he can. He hates that he has to be always wary of people now. If he sees someone in a bad spot, he will do his best to get them out.
       It is really hard to get on his nerves. He also possesses the patience of a predator waiting for the perfect time to strike. If he has to wait in a bush for hours until someone moves away, he can and will do it.
       He rarely if ever shows off in anything he does. He goes from point A to point B with as quickly as possible.
       After a few close calls, he just assumes most people are out to kill him or his pokemon.
    -Fairly good at reading people
       Since he had to manipulate people to get them alone, he had to quickly learn how to pick up cues. Given his optimism, sometimes he will ignore small signs that a person doesn't have a stellar past, but he definitely notices them for future reference.
    -There is still a certain coldness to him if the wrong personality gets near him.
       Those who gladly hurt others for fun immediately piss him off
       Scarily efficient in closing off emotions if he has to. Hates that he can still do this.
    Affiliations N/A
    User Notes -Yes, this is a human version of the Sylveon Vitaly
    -Knows Russian
    -It is highly unlikely he'll talk about his history before working at the church. It is a time he'd prefer to forget, and he doesn't know who might know that group and come after him.
    -Drizzt and Pelor are the only Pokemon that do know.
    -He knows there is a part of his memory that is gone, but he is afraid of knowing what his life was before. He also highly doubts that even if he did have family that they'd want him back after what he's done. He doesn't even remember what his name used to be, and if someone were to call him by it, he would be horribly confused.
    -He was given the name Anisim, but he was often called Six to enforce his "station" as a nobody. The Roman numerals is where he got the idea for making a new name.
    -Proper art done by Valkael on Flight Rising
    -Dollmaker image was not made by me. I used an image made from this trainer creator. The person who made it is joy-ling. According to the information on the page for the creator, they don't care if people use the images created as long as they aren't being sold. All I did was remove the background so that it could be used on EJ.
    -Dual image done by Spoog on Flight Rising.

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