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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos]


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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Empty Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos]

    Post by Duma Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:14 pm

    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Zuri_and_Eirlys
    "Eirlys, be quiet."
    "But Zuuuuuuri!"

    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Eirlys

    Theme Black Parade [My Chemical Romance]
    Mr. Brightside [The Killers]
    Lanterns [Birds Of Tokyo]
    Profession Being a little shit
    Text Color #EAEAEA
    Item None
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity Cisgender Female
    Age Child
    Species #??? Houndrunt - Runt Pokemon (Dark/Fire Type)
    Height 1'04"
    Weight 20.0lbs
    Pokédex Entry The runt of the litter, this Pokemon is usually abandoned by it’s pack to fend for itself. - Fakemon Dex
    Level 10
    Ability Flash Fire: Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
    Nature Relaxed (+Defense, -Speed)
    Characteristic Highly Curious (Special Attack IVs)
    Moves -Fire Spin (Bred)
    -Pursuit (Bred)
    -Ember (Start)
    -Howl (Learned)
    Quote "Big brother you're no fun!"
    History Born to two Houndoom parents, the young Houndrunt wasn't given any other name other than 'Runt' at first, and at the sight of the tiny puppy, both of Runt's parents abandoned her, leaving the albino puppy alone. It wasn't long after that a human came past, picking up the poor pup and warming them up. Runt was taken to a strange building that had many other pokemon, but all of them were either unable to care for the pup, or they flat-out refused.

    Grasping at straws, the humans started bottle feeding the pup, and they went with that strategy for a while, before the pup was growing too big to comfortably care for. The humans took a chance and introduced Runt to a large horned white canine pokemon with scary black and red eyes. Runt was curious, so she ran up to the large horned wolf-like dog, squeaking at them. They stared at her for a moment, before their murderous glare softened into something more accepting. The large dog sat down and curled around Runt, keeping his eyes on the humans as he sniffed over the pup.

    Eventually the large dog let the humans take her back, and over the next few weeks, Runt was slowly weaned off bottle feeding and she was put in with the albino dog for good - who she came to know as Zuri. When the large Direyena asked if she had a name, he seemed very disappointed with Runt's name, so he renamed her to Eirlys, meaning snowfall.

    Eirlys and Zuri spent the next few months together, with Eirlys eventually getting adopted by the large dog as his little sister. As the large Direyena would teach Eirlys new things every day, sometimes the two albinos would even go outside so that Zuri could teach Eirlys how to defend herself. It was during one of these trips that a very sick pokemon was admitted to the shelter.

    Zuri had Eirlys practicing her hunting when the horned dog suddenly stood on point, a low growl forming in the back of his throat. Eirlys stopped and asked what was wrong, abut her only answer was for the Direyena to order her to keep close as he started trotting towards the shelter.

    When they arrived, everything had gone to hell. Humans had fled or were killed, and pokemon were acting rabid, or were unconscious on the ground. Zuri didn't need to see anymore, and the albino Direyena took Eirlys and the two fled, not looking back at their once home.
    Bulbapedia (Written by Duma) "Houndrunt is a quadruped, canine Pokémon with short, black fur and a red underbelly and muzzle. Its ears short and pointed and it has a long whip-like tail. Two fangs protrude from its upper jaw, and its triangular nose is black. There are white bands on its ankles, and one rib-like ridge on its back. Houndrunt appears to have two bone circles above its eyes. It also has circular, red paw pads on each of its three-toed paws."
    Appearance Eirlys's fur is pure white, with slightly darker undertones. Her eyes are wide and child-like, and are full of curiosity. She walks with a bounce to her step, and a wide grin on her face. Her coat is still fluffy with puppy fur and her eyes are still slightly milky, showing her young age. Her tail is almost never still, constantly moving even if it's just a lazy wag. The only times that her tail is still is when she is asleep.
    Accent Childish Italian accent - she picked this up from Zuri
    Religion She just follows with what Zuri says
    Motivation Play with her big brother and make new friends
    Personality Pros: Very childish and silly, Eirlys is a bright, bubbly pup that is full of energy and happiness. She will bounce, roll, and play with everything, and she shows no fear for the unknown, bounding up to everything with a wide smile on her face. She puts her full trust in Zuri to protect her, and because of this she will unknowingly put herself in danger but will giggle and take it as play.

    Cons: Due to still being a child, Eirlys is very unaware at times, and can get herself into big trouble without realizing it. She often gets herself into strife and then has to get Zuri to bail her out. Because of her fearlessness when approaching something, Eirlys has caused quite a few avoidable battles by annoying something she shouldn't have, or waking up something to be a shit.

    Neutral: Eirlys does not know that the undead are actually dead. She just thinks that they're pokemon that have gotten sick - Zuri won't explain why she can't touch them either and only calls them purple monsters.
    User Notes -Father was a Houndoom that had the moves passed down to him.
    -Her eyes are very sensitive to bright lights, a trait she got from her albinism.
    -Younger sister to Whinnie and Alpha the Houndusk
    -Sees Zuri as her big brother
    Team notes She's just a bouncy child
    Affiliations Zuri - Protector and big brother
    Development Notes Learn that the world isn't as nice as she thinks it is.

    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Zuri

    Theme Believe [Hollywood Undead]
    Take Me Home [Hollywood Undead]
    Hear Me Now [Hollywood Undead]
    Angels Fall [Breaking Benjamin]
    Profession Protector, guardian, former police dog
    Text Color #727272
    Item Razor Claw on a black rope
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #??? Direyena - The Dire Wolf Pokemon (Dark Type)
    Height 5'01"
    Weight 162 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Its horns are used to show authority, and it emanates a scent that alerts its pack when in danger. These horns are highly prized, but rarely gotten by poachers. - Fakemon Dex
    Level 70
    Ability Intimidate: Lowers the opposing Pokémon's Attack stat.
    Nature Gentle (+Special Defence, -Defence)
    Characteristic Strong Willed (Special Defence IVs)
    Moves - Snarl (Learned)
    - Crunch (Learned)
    - Fire Fang (Bred)
    - Dark Pulse (TM)
    Quote "I won't bother you, but if you touch her I will rip your throat out."
    History As a young Poochyena, Zuri was very quickly kicked out of his pack, since his white fur stood out like a sore thumb against their native greys and blacks of the rest of the clan. Young and unable to fend for himself, Zuri was picked up by a passing human who saw the Poochyena's white coat as an excellent trophy. Only, he saw it as a trophy where the fur was no longer on Zuri's skin. Zuri spent three days there, watching the man go through with his work until a passing trainer caught the man in the act and alerted the authorities, who seized Zuri and a few other oddly colored pokemon that were there.

    Most of the pokemon were released into the wild, but Zuri was taken in by the local police, and was raised by the second-in-command as their partner on the job. It took a long time, but eventually Zuri began to get stronger, his fluffy pup fur grew out to a light grey and white coat that shone in the light. Spending day after day training with his partner, Zuri evolved into a powerful Mightyena on the eighth anniversary of his enlistment and paring with his partner. To celebrate, Zuri and his human partner took the day off, calling in that the weren't going to be there that day.

    The two partners spent the day at the nearby beach, before going to a restaurant at the end of the day, staying there until nightfall, where they started walking back to the station. On the way, Zuri's partner spotted an odd claw on the ground, and after a few minutes of drilling into it with a flip-knife, he had made it into a necklace, which he put on Zuri, congratulating the albino on his good continuous work, where he was also rewarded with a black-tinted disk that was pressed onto his head. The duo continued their walk, almost getting to the station when a masked man jumped out from a nearby alley, demanding for Zuri's partner to hand over his money and threatening them with a long bladed dagger.

    Jumping in front of his partner, Zuri snarled at the robber, his red eyes glaring at the crook, almost daring them to attack. Little did he know, the crook actually had the guts to lunge, swiping at Zuri and catching the Mightyena across his back. The albino screamed, spinning around and latching his jaws onto the attacker's upper arm, sinking his teeth in to keep them still while his partner phoned the station. The robber was screaming, flailing madly and trying to unlatch Zuri from his knife arm. Zuri's partner attempted to get the knife off the crook, but got slashed along his side. At first the wound didn't seem so bad, and Zuri was able to get the man to drop the knife by tightening his grip on the robber's arm.

    Only a few seconds after though, Zuri's partner dropped to the ground with a pained groan, clutching his side where blood was still seeping through the wound. Zuri barked in concern, but the sound was muffled by the arm that was still firmly held in his jaws. Zuri could only watch as his partner frantically tried to bandage the wound, his skin getting more pale by the second. Looking up from his partner, Zuri saw a police car pull up, taking the crook from Zuri's hold, where the albino immediately ran to his partner, who was now lying on the ground, trying to get pressure on the wound. Paramedics picked him up and took him to the ambulance, where Zuri tried to follow, but he was held back by the chief. Howling and barking, the Mightyena tried frantically to get to his partner, to save them, but the chief's hold on his scruff was too strong.

    Desperate to get to his partner, Zuri turned around and clamped his jaws onto the chief's bare arm, sinking his teeth in until he tasted blood, where the chief yelled, letting go. Zuri jerked back with the sudden release, accidentally taking a large chunk from the chief's wrist in the process. Blood poured onto the ground from the wound - Zuri had hit an artery. The hound could only watch in horror as paramedics tried to save the chief, but he died on the scene. Zuri was enveloped in a bright glow, where he grew taller, horns sprouting from behind his now more wolf-like ears and curving forwards in front of him, stopping mid-way down his muzzle. After the shock had tied down, the newly evolved Direyena turned, and ran.

    The albino ran and ran, never stopping unless it was necessary. He knew that the police would of long since given up the chase, but he still didn't stop, until he was in the next city, where the Direyena stumbled in, covered in dried blood, where he stopped at the door of a house, he didn't know why but he just found it, and that happened to be the house the hound fainted from exhaustion at, too tired to continue any more.

    When Zuri woke, he was in a cage. Looking around wildly, the Direyena tried to get his bearings. Old blood dotted the floor in certain parts, where right in front of him was a large arena covered in a cage. Zuri sighed heavily. An illegal fighting arena. Of course. Just his luck that he would stumble upon a fighting arena. Laying his head back down on the cold concrete, Zuri went back to sleep.

    When he was woken back up, it was because the Direyena was being dragged out to fight. Thrown into the arena with no clue what he was doing, Zuri was put up against a savage houndoom, which snarled and spat molten lava at him from it's jaws. Taking a stance, Zuri got ready to fight. As soon as the bell sounded, the houndoom lunged for Zuri, who lept out of the way, rebounding off the chain-link cage around them, where he charged the Houndoom, his jaws cracking with fire as he sent his fangs into the duel type's hide, the flames crackling along the hound's white fur, where it dissipated with a hiss, the Direyena moving to bite down with a Crunch that rewarded the albino with a loud crack, followed by the Houndoom's scream of pain as it turned around and raked it's claws down Zuri's muzzle.

    Breaking away from the injured Houndoom, Zuri began circling the fire hound, his paws flickering with a Dark Pulse, which he sent flying at the Houndoom, distracting it as he ran in, lunging for the fire hound's throat, which he clamped his jaws around, crushing their windpipe with his Crunch. The Houndoom died, gasping for air as Zuri was lead out of the arena, where instead of going to the cage, he turned and ran, using his horns to give anyone who tried to stop him a nasty wound. He was a police dog, not an illegal ring fighter!

    Escaping from the fighting ring, Zuri ran once more, his paws carrying him far and fast. He ran like that for three days, only stopping to rest for five to ten minutes at a time. Eventually, the Direyena ran across a large house that had a young child and their pokemon, a young vulpix. Tired and hungry, Zuri stumbled into the clearing, his paws giving out under him as he collapsed in front of the child, almost scaring their parent half to death as the albino let out a long, low whine.

    The family of three was kind enough to care for Zuri for a few days, where after the child said goodbye, the Direyena moved on his way, walking off, on his own once more. It was here that he ran across a remote pokemon shelter. Tired of running all the time, Zuri sat at the door, waiting for someone to notice him.

    It didn't take long, and after the shelter carers were sure he didn't belong to anyone any more, the albino was accepted into the shelter, where he spent the first few weeks recuperating. The albino grew to become protective of his area, scared that he would be taken away again. The Direyena's past haunted him, to the point where unless he knew the handler, he would not leave his house, where he spent most of his time, glaring at others with his red eyes.

    Until, of course a young, pure white Houndrunt arrived into the shelter's care. The pup was too young for it to be on it's own, and while the staff did all they could to help the pup, The rate it was going the Houndrunt would die. The shelter staff had a group meeting, where it was agreed that they would trial how the pup went under another pokemon's care. This job fell to Zuri, who for the first time since his time there, he left his house and started to actively participate in activities, his guardian and protective nature overruling his aggressive one.

    They stayed like that for a few years, where Zuri would teach the Houndrunt - who he named Eirlys - how everything worked and how to survive on her own. The Houndrunt still had much to learn, and while Zuri wanted to keep things safe, the Epidemic did not allow such a thing to happen.

    Eirlys and Zuri were out when it happened, it started with a sick pokemon arriving and biting another one. Before anyone knew it, the whole shelter was infected. They fought amongst themselves, slaughtering one another, rising back up and then turning on the humans. When Zuri heard of the attack, he and Eirlys fled, looking for a more safe place, or group for Zuri to stick around.
    Bulbapedia (Written by Duma) "Direyena is a quadruped Pokémon that is based on a wolf. Its body is a mixture of black and gray fur, with black lower legs, clawed feet, and tail. It has dark, triangular streak patterns below its eyes that connect to the fur down it's back and chest, and the eyes have black sclera and red irises. Its ears are triangle-shaped with dark insides, its nose is red, and it has gray paw pads. It has a shaggy mantle of black fur."
    Appearance Being an albino, Zuri's fur is pure white, with slightly darker fur under the white mantle over his back. An almost literal inverted color to the normal Direyena, Zuri holds himself tall and proud, and his eyes often hold a cold, but not unfriendly glare. His horns start just behind his ears, curling around them to rake sharply forwards and stopping mid-way down his muzzle.

    From his fights, Zuri has a few battle scars. He has three scars across his muzzle from a fight with a murkrow, three claws across his front right paw and a large scar that goes across his back. Along his horns are a few cracks and scratches from constant battling, most of them coming from defending Eirlys from undead. Zuri holds himself with nothing less than pride, which he shows by keeping a confident stride, and his glare is often enough to send his opponents scurrying for the hills.
    Accent Soft spoken but deep Italian accent
    Religion Atheist. As he tells anyone who asks, "If the legends really cared they would be here, protecting children like Eirlys and not wherever they are now."
    Motivation Protect Eirlys
    Personality Pros: Zuri is very powerful, and he knows it. He has a lot of battle experience, which he shows whenever he can. Fiercely loyal, Zuri will sacrifice himself if that is the only way for the ones he's protecting to escape. He is a guardian and protector at heart, despite his gruff exterior, Zuri will protect any group he comes across 'til death if it called for it. Above all else however, Zuri will sacrifice everything to protect Eirlys, and she is always his first priority.

    Cons: Naturally guarded and suspicious, Zuri has a very healthy caution around any new things, and he can sometimes seem aggressive, even if he doesn't mean it. If Eirlys is put in danger, Zuri will become very aggressive and hostile, to the point where he will put himself in harms way to protect her. Zuri is very suspicious of humans especially, since he had only met a select few, and half of them were at the fighting ring.

    Neutral: Zuri is an Aromantic Asexual. He has no interest at all in romantics, and he views them as distractions. He will also curse in Italian, because he knows that Eirlys doesn't understand it.
    User Notes -Sees himself as Eirlys's caretaker.
    -Father was an Arcanine
    -Eyes are sensitive to bright light.
    -High level is from strict police training that Zuri was taught, and his multiple battles he had while he was on his own.
    Team notes Zuri is very chill with everything unless you threaten Eir'
    Affiliations Eirlys - Adopted little sister
    Development Notes Teach Eirlys how to survive

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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Empty Re: Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos]

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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Empty Re: Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos]

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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] 3Br5nS6

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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Empty Re: Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos]

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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] 3Br5nS6

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    Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos] Empty Re: Eirlys and Zuri the Albino Houndrunt and Diryena [Ambrette, Kalos]

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