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Vitaly the Sylveon and Terjon the Oreon


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Vitaly the Sylveon and Terjon the Oreon Empty Vitaly the Sylveon and Terjon the Oreon

Post by Maximum Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:04 am

Vitaly the Sylveon and Terjon the Oreon Tumblr_inline_oslslxpst11r82t0h_400

Vitaly the Sylveon and Terjon the Oreon Tumblr_inline_oslsliRaUl1r82t0h_250

Boone Vitaly
Theme Wings of Freedom
Profession Therapy Pokemon, Former Fighting Ring Pokemon
Text Color 00611C
Item A black leather collar that covers the scarring on his neck. There is a Soothe Bell on it.
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Age Adult
Species #700, Sylveon, The Intertwining Pokemon
Height 3'00'' (Shorter than average)
Weight 47 lbs. (Lighter than average)
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Y: "It wraps its ribbonlike feelers around the arm of its beloved Trainer and walks with him or her."
Level 65
Ability Pixilate: Increases the power of Normal-type moves by 30%. It then changes those moves to Fairy-type.
Nature Quiet
Characteristic Often Lost in Thought
Moves - Shadow Ball (TM)
- Hyper Voice (Tutor)
- Hidden Power Ice (TM)
- Heal Bell (Tutor)
Quote "Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise!"

If one were to ask Vitaly about his childhood, he would sadly inform them that he doesn't remember anymore. He knew he had parents, of course, and he thought one of them was a Flareon. There may have been a sibling, too. However, this was all he can recall, and his first "real" memories were of hell. He recalled getting snatched by humans, perhaps for his strange coat, and being placed for sell to the highest bidder. As an Eevee, his coat was black, and he had strange green eyes. He didn't look like a fighter, so he was to be sold as a pet.

The first woman he was sold to tried to make it clear that he belonged to her now. Not as a friend, but as property. She tried to break his spirit through beatings, holding back food, and a collar that was on the edge of being too tight. Vitaly did not take kindly to this treatment, but he put up with her harsh treatment for a time. He was waiting for an opportunity, and the woman didn't realize that the tiny black Eevee she had purchased was plotting her death. She thought he was too small and stupid to even entertain such thoughts, and she dearly paid for her assumption. One of the people she lived with walked in to find her throat was ripped open, and the only thing in the room was the Eevee on a leash.  He didn't have any blood on him, but there was no denying the hatred in his gaze. The police couldn't pin it on the Eevee either, for there was nothing to implicate such a small creature. Remembering where the owner got the Eevee, the person the woman lived with immediately sent a complaint saying that the Eevee had murdered her. They wanted to get rid of him, and they were too scared to try doing it themselves.

People came to take him away, and this time, they didn't put him on sale as a pet. If he managed to kill a human with such ferocity and not get caught, then there was a place that would be perfect for him. A Pokemon fighting ring where fights often went until one of the fighters died. Another woman, named Eva, looked at the dark Eevee, and decided to purchase him. His dark coat would make it hard for others to notice him, and he was at a discount since he was so small in comparison to the things usually seen in this ring. However, given the story he had behind him, she was much more careful in keeping him locked up, and worked even harder to make sure he was a good, obedient Pokemon. She did this through even harsher treatment, and eventually, the young Eevee couldn't even remember "home." However, despite this, he refused to bend to her will completely, and he once again played the waiting game. He stopped being openly defiant, and he simply kept watch for either an opportunity to kill her or a chance to run.

When he was first thrown in to the fighting ring, it was expected he would die. He was small, and Eevee weren't really known for being strong fighters. The odds were so against him, that when his owner put money on him, she was laughed at. One intense fight and a dead Zoroark later, she was laughing while she rechained the bloodied Eevee. That fight earned her a fair amount of money, and she was very much pleased by it. He wasn't really even phased at the killing; he wanted to get away. He couldn't get away if he was dead, so if he had to kill to survive, he would do it in a heartbeat.

At first it was almost a joke, the small Eevee slaughtering his opponents, but soon it turned into a legitimate attraction. People were utterly fascinated at how he could take down much larger Pokemon. Eva made sure he was never completely in over his head and gave him extremely powerful moves to fight with, and the Eevee continued to win and survive.  He was eventually named, "Anisim," since he was useful enough to earn a name. He really didn't like the name, but he responded to it because he had to. It was also better than continuing being nameless.

This lifestyle continued for years, with Anisim always on guard for a chance to escape, and Eva also on guard around the Eevee. The standstill was finally broken when the Police broke up the ring while Anisim was fighting. Eva tried to grab him to run, but he slipped out of her grip. He used the chaos to sneak out of the dark building, and was almost stunned to see the sun again. He had been so used to being in darkness, that the light hurt his eyes for a few seconds. However, he didn't stay stunned long, and he ran into the alleyways of the town.

As the sun set, he happened to run into a priest outside of a church, and the priest took pity on the bedraggled Eevee. He gave Anisim some food, and offered to let him stay inside the church to rest. Anisim accepted it, for he didn't want to have to sleep outside that night, but after the priest had gone to sleep, Anisim suddenly got paranoid about the man's intentions. What if he only wanted to keep Anisim? or sell him again? These thoughts incensed him, and he thought about killing the man before running again. After careful thought, he decided it would be too much trouble, so he took some food and ran.  

He didn't count on one of the neighbors being a police officer, and their pokemon keeping an eye on the neighborhood that night. The Oreon saw him sneak out with the packet of food, and hunted him down. Since the steel type resisted most of his attacks, and he was far too tired and injured to fight, they were able to drag him back to town with ease. The Oreon was about to take him to the police station, but the priest found the pair and vouched for the Eevee. Anisim was stunned. How could this man that he very obviously took from not want to punish him for his transgressions? This allowed the priest to pick him up from where the Oreon reluctantly dropped him, and he carried him back to the church. There the priest treated his wounds, and the ministrations were so gentle, Anisim shattered. For the first time in years, he started crying, and the priest comforted him. Which made the Eevee cry more. He hadn't known mercy and kindness for a long time.

While he healed, the priest would continue his duties, but he always made time for the Eevee. He would read to him, make sure his bandages were changed, and would give him plenty of food to eat. He even got someone to come and remove the much hated iron collar on the Eevee's neck. There was nasty scarring left from it, but the Eevee didn't care anymore.

Eventually, the Eevee was completely healed, and the priest gave him a choice. He could stay with him, or he could go free. Since he could no longer remember what home was before being taken, and living with the priest had been more like home than anything else, he decided to stay with him. To commemorate the staying, the priest gave him a new name, Boone Vitaly. The name roughly translated to Gift of Life, and when that was explained to the newly christened Eevee, he was again overcome with emotion. He also finally got a name to put to the priest, Father Myriel. Since Vitaly was ashamed of the scars on his throat, Myriel offered him a collar with a Soothe Bell on it, if he wanted to wear it. He accepted the gift, and Myriel made sure the collar wasn't too tight.

Vitaly still had the move Baby-Doll Eyes, so after several battles where he had to knock out an overly scared or aggressive Pokemon, he started evolving. His love for the priest and the fairy move evolved him into a Sylveon. He was slightly startled about his new form; he had a lot of white on his body now, and he was much bigger. The ribbons were also strange, and he had to learn how to use them. They were almost like having human hands, though, and he appreciated having them after a while. Life was fairly good; he learned how to help Father Myriel comfort various people and Pokemon. Eventually, Myriel replaced his fairy move for the move Heal Bell so that he could help with easing other Pokemon's pain.

The only thing that dampened his life was the Oreon that still lived nearby. Terjon remembered having to hunt Vitaly down, and he didn't miss how savage the Eevee was. Not believing the miraculous change in personality, Terjon kept an eye on Vitaly, and would occasionally warn other Pokemon away from him. It didn't help that occasionally, Vitaly would break into people's houses to leave money or food for them. Terjon never saw what he was doing, and he always assumed he was sneaking around for nefarious purposes. Despite trying several times to catch him, Terjon was never successful, and he mostly kept his eyes open for a potential attack that would never come.

Seven years of peace and the closest companionship Vitaly had ever known crashed down when the Epidemic hit. There was an order in town for all Pokemon to either be released or killed. Father Myriel refused to give Vitaly up to the military, and they decided to drag the old man away. Unfortunately, he was delicate with his old age, and they were far too rough with him. Vitaly saw his human crumble to the ground, and he was heartbroken. The sadness turned to sheer anger, and the fearful beast he had been almost raged to the forefront of his mind. He wanted to kill them so much, but he knew Father Myriel wouldn't have wanted that. So he stayed hidden until the men were gone, and he wept over Myriel's body. He stayed for a long time until he heard a sound in the bushes. He turned to look, but all he saw was something running away. He tried to fight anything that got too close to his precious human's body, but eventually, a horde of undead attacked, and he couldn't handle so many at once.

Regretting that he couldn't protect Myriel, he wept when he was finally a safe distance away, For the first time in his life, he had to consider if living was worth it. He had fought to live for so long that it was almost second nature to him, but losing so much pained him. Knowing love and then losing it had turned him hard and spiteful, and he didn't want to go that route again. He eventually came to the conclusion that there were other pokemon and humans out in the cruel world who needed help, and he should at least try to help them. Vowing to aid others in Father Myriel's memory, he set off to survive the Epidemic.
Bulbapedia "Sylveon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon covered primarily in pale cream-colored fur with pinkish feet, ears, and tail. There are two bows on it, one on its left ear and one around its neck, from which two feelers adorn it. The bows are pale cream with pinkish centers, while the feelers are pale cream with pinkish and blue tips. It sends a soothing aura from these feelers to calm fights, and will also use them to "hold hands" with its Trainer. It has short, slender legs and small paws with three visible toes on each foot. Its eyes are blue with white pupils and no visible sclera. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. Its furry pinkish tail is slightly curved in a crescent shape."
Appearance Vitaly is an unusually colored Sylveon with black and grey fur instead of the usual pinks and blues, and his eyes are a dark shade of green. If he feels he needs to be more inconspicuous, he'll also roll in dirt to make his white fur darker. He has a collar that is made out of a sturdy black leather  with a Soothe Bell that covers the scarring on his neck. He makes no attempts to remove the collar, but he found a way to stuff cloth inside the bell so that it doesn't ring while he's hiding. He holds himself somewhat low to the ground a lot and tends to stay close to the shadows.
Accent A strange mixture of American and Russian.
Religion Ho-Oh. What better representation of new beginnings than a phoenix?
Motivation Stay alive and help those in need.
  He doesn't always have a lot to say, and he won't force conversation.
-Prefers to stay in the shadows
    Old habits die hard, and with the Epidemic, this came back with a vengeance. He doesn't walk openly and tends to stalk around in the dark. He feels safer in darkness since he is able to sneak away.
  It's his new mission in life to help anyone he can in the Epidemic. Generally this is limited to those willing to let him, though with some of the more broken people he's encountered, he can be extremely stubborn about helping them.
  He knows his past is tainted, and that he was not a good person before Myriel sparing him. Therefore he will extend the same kindness Myriel gave him to someone who appears truly repentant, and sometimes to those who don't deserve it.
      A caveat to this is that those who try to take advantage of this too much will find his wrath fierce and deadly
  It's really hard to push his buttons, and he if he's determined to help you, god dang it, he will. He is also an expert at playing waiting games with... less than savory sorts. If he finds himself in a situation where he cannot outright deal with a person or Pokemon, he will wait for an opportunity to strike
-A little awkward
  Other than Myriel, he never got really close to others, and he couldn't exactly communicate with his human. So his ability to have close friends is slightly hindered.
  He won't bring up his time in the fighting ring unless he absolutely has to. He might vaguely reference being stolen away from his family, but that's about as much as he'll say. He's afraid that if people know that he killed his first owner, and countless other Pokemon, then they'll despise him.
-Strong willed
  It's almost impossible to break him through force. While he was younger, this was due to sheer spite, but now it's his determination to not let the world turn him evil again.
  Those having bad days/lives will find him a comforting presence. He'll try to help them, even if it's just listening to what they need to say.
-Defaults to following, but will lead if he has to
  He's mostly used to just taking care of himself, so if he's in a group, he'll listen to what the apparent leader says. However, he is capable of taking the lead if he has to.
  He feels immense amounts of guilt over how callously he killed Pokemon in the ring. What if they were just in the same boat as he was? This has not, does not, and will not ever apply to killing his first owner, however.
  Fiercely. He will stick by the ones he tries to help. If someone manages to befriend him, then you can bet he will stand by them through almost anything.
  Despite all of his good qualities, he is still a deadly fighter, and if he has to kill, he will.
User Notes -Based on a D&D character I created that was somewhat based on Valjean from Les Miserables.

-For completion's sake, his name as a child was Cassian. He doesn't remember this, however.

-He likes to enjoy the sunrise when he can.

-He does not like his old name, Anisim. He won't bring it up if he doesn't have to, and the wrong person calling him by that name will make him bluescreen.
Team notes N/A for now
Affiliations -Terjon- The Oreon has never liked Vitaly due to how they met, and he's been rather convinced that Vitaly was up to no good. Vitaly really doesn't blame him for this, because when the Oreon first caught him, he was not a good person.
Development Notes For now, put up with a cranky Pokemon that doesn't like him. We'll see where things go from there.

Vitaly the Sylveon and Terjon the Oreon Tumblr_inline_ot4iw4bjk31r82t0h_400

Theme Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Profession Hunting/Police Pokemon
Text Color C0C0C0
Item A simple black collar.
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Age Adult
Species #???, Oreon, The Iron Ore Pokemon
Height 3'05''
Weight 120 lbs.
Pokédex Entry Fakemon Dex: "This Pokemons metal ears can vibrate at high speeds. Its believed to be sending out a coded message through the sounds they make."
Level 54
Ability Hyper Cutter: Prevents the Attack stat from being lowered.
Nature Adamant
Characteristic Highly Persistent
Moves - Iron Head (level)
- Roar (TM)
- Dig (TM)
- Bite (Level)
Quote "Those who follow the path of the righteous, shall have their reward."

Terjon was born to an Umbreon mother, and to this day he has no idea how such a bitter and mean pokemon could have evolved by friendship.  She didn't bother naming the child she didn't want, and if someone asked her about his name, the response would vary by her mood. The tamest response was that he would respond to "boy" and that was good enough. "Brat" was what she called him if she was angry, and it was probably more common than "Boy."  She only "took care" of him because of her superstitions involving his father. She didn't want to potentially piss off the local harbinger of disaster, but the Absol didn't care for the child much either. He visited every now and again to see how his unexpected progeny was doing, but refused to lift a claw to help the struggling mother and child. As far as his mother was concerned, her child was just as much a sign of disaster as his father, and often told him as such. She would be doing better if she never had him.

Needless to say, her thinly veiled hatred wasn't missed by the young Eevee. At first, he tried to make her happy by helping her look for food, but nothing he did would ever improve her mood above tolerating his presence. She would sometimes attack him if he accidentally pushed her buttons, and she would tell him that any injuries he had were his fault. Eventually, he stopped trying to earn her love, and started venturing away from home. He was too scared to leave completely, but he was pushing the boundaries of his fears. If he was gone longer than usual, his mother almost seemed disappointed that he came back. If he died or got caught, he wouldn't be her problem anymore. She even told him, "Fuck if I know why any humans would want you, but if one wants ya, go ahead. I won't miss you."

Hurt and angered by the words, he ran further than ever until he found a human settlement. With such a large amount of humans, maybe one of them would take him in. Especially since none of them would know he was the child of an Absol. He decided to sneak around the town to see what humans lived like in communities, and found that some of them were as mean and cruel as his mother. However, there were humans whose purpose was to stop them from hurting others. These humans caught his interest, and he found himself tailing them more often than not. He was following a pair chasing a criminal across town when they suddenly lost track of the thief. However, he could still smell the culprit, and when the man jumped out to kill one of the officers, he leapt into action. He was small, but he still surprised the criminal. This saved the officer's life, and afterwards, the human took him in.

This human, called Gisquet, gave the young Eevee a bath and a collar so that he could join him on patrol. He also gave the nameless Eevee a name, Terjon. It took a while for him to get used to the name, but he loved it because it was his.  Terjon wore his name and collar with pride, and enjoyed his new purpose in stopping people like his mother. He also felt like he was fighting his mother's perception of him. How could he be a harbinger of disaster like his father, when he was enforcing order and putting bad people away? If anything, he was the exact opposite.

He became a police pokemon, and he had a good mind for learning all the laws he was to enforce. He was a good tracker who gained a reputation for never losing a trail, and his determination ensured that he never gave up a difficult trail. If one had Terjon on their trail, it was almost always a matter of when he would find them instead of if he could find them. His work was his life, and he enjoyed it. Gisquet kept Terjon at his house during those few hours he wasn't chasing criminals, and Terjon mostly acted as a tiny guard dog for the neighborhood.

He ended up chasing a smuggler, and the only lead he had was some scrap metal that Gisquet threaded on a leather strap for Terjon. The chase was long, but he eventually found the criminal. This one had some Pokemon partners, and Terjon almost found himself overwhelmed. He managed to knock one of them out, and he suddenly started glowing. He tripled in size, and he felt much stronger. He held up until Gisquet managed to get back up, and soon the situation was under control. He then had to take stock of what he looked like now, and he apparently evolved into something rare. He almost flinched at the blades on his body, for they seemed to mock his heritage. Nothing else betrayed his heritage though, so he wasn't sure if this was somehow his father's doing.  His human eventually found out that Terjon was now an Oreon, and that was due to the strange pieces of metal he had been carrying. Realizing that his secret was still safe, Terjon was greatly relieved, and began training so he could get used to his new body.

Time continued in this fashion, until one day, the priest across the street took in a strange, black furred Eevee. The iron collar around his neck and shifty eyes spoke of a shady character, and Terjon vowed to keep an eye on him. The priest was a good person, but, in Terjon's opinion, foolish. Father Myriel was far too trusting and forgiving, and Terjon feared the day that someone would hurt or otherwise utterly take advantage of him. When he saw the black Eevee sneaking out later with some food, he felt vindicated, and pursued the tricky creature. The black Eevee was one of his hardest marks, but he managed to finally catch and pin him down. In the struggle, he injured the small creature, but he had to defend himself from the ferocity of the attacks. The look of hatred and bitterness in the Eevee's eyes was not missed by the Oreon; the look was far too familiar. He decided to take the Eevee to the police station, and he figured they would know what to do with the savage Eevee. He didn't count on Father Myriel stopping him and vouching for the Eevee. He didn't believe the old man for a second, but he couldn't ignore the man's orders. Reluctantly, he left the Eevee with him and went back home.

When he next saw the Eevee, the injuries had been treated, and the iron collar had been replaced with a soft leather one with a bell. He didn't buy this sudden personality shift one bit. No one had held the same look in their eyes and managed to become so different before, so why would this one be any different. Not even when the Eevee evolved into a Sylveon did he buy it, for his own mother was a happiness evolution, and she was irredeemably cruel and evil in his eyes. For years, he kept an eye on Vitaly, and he would see him sneaking around. However, he never caught the Sylveon in the act of anything illegal, so he was never able to prove to other Pokemon why he disliked him.  

Then there was a world shattering event. Pokemon were turning savage because of a disease, and would come back from the dead to continue their rampages. There was an order for the town to either euthanize or release their Pokemon, and Terjon found himself in a moment of confusion and doubt. He had helped uphold the law for years, and in doing so, had helped protect this town from those who would hurt it's citizens. The law and humans he had been guarding turned on him. He could almost hear his mother taunting him over the matter as Gisquet held a gun to Terjon's head. He couldn't attack his owner, the person who had saved him, and it was only because of some miracle that the gun misfired. The loud sound snapped him out of his reverie, and he ran. There was utter madness everywhere as Pokemon ran and were being shot, and civilians being attacked if they tried to protect their Pokemon. There was nothing he could do. The law dictated that Pokemon must die, but this went against everything he had believed in. He had fought to protect Pokemon as well as humans. He continued running, and he stumbled upon Vitaly and Myriel. Father Myriel was dead with Vitaly wailing over the body. This open and almost unnecessary display of grief shook Terjon, for now the thought occurred to him that Vitaly might not have been lying. He didn't miss the trauma to the old man's head, and he knew that the militia had inflicted the wound. The law had killed an innocent. He couldn't stay any longer, and he continued running before Vitaly noticed him. He couldn't bear the thought that maybe he had been wrong about how people couldn't change, and that maybe the law wasn't always right, so he sort of tried to put it out of mind.

As he survived in this new world, he tried to find others to establish order. He hated the chaos that permeated the world, and thought that maybe if he could band together enough people, then maybe they could properly fight back. Unfortunately, many devolved into a it's them or us sort of thinking, and cooperation among opposing factions was never even considered. Survivors killed other survivors for their food, property, and other items, and even if he sometimes tried to prevent this, the person or pokemon he saved would turn on him as soon as it was convenient. It was almost as if there was little good left in the world to protect, and this started driving more cracks in Terjon's worldview. He continued on, however, for if he could find something worth protecting, then he'd devote his life to it.

Bulbapedia (Fakemon description courtesy of Duma): Oreon has a sleek silver body with four slender legs and yellow eyes. It has steel, triangle-shaped ears and a long wire-like tail with a copper tuft at the end. Its forehead has an orb of metal on it, and one more on each temple. The two orbs on it temple are connected with steel wire. Its ankles have more steel triangle-shaped growths on them. Its neck is ringed with stones and its back is lined with rocks. It has keen eyes sight, able to see in even pitch black environments. Its able to use its steel hard plates on its paws and ears to cut through obstacles that get in its path. Though the fur coming out of its tail looks soft to the touch, it is actually very rough and can draw blood if touched the wrong way.
Appearance Terjon looks like an average Oreon except for his piercing blue eyes. He carries himself with a stiff posture, and he does nothing to conceal his presence. He tries to keep his fur in order, but he doesn't always have the time to maintain good grooming habits. He also has a simple black collar around his neck.
Accent English
Religion He has no particular thoughts on religion, but he very much believed that those who obeyed the rules must end up somewhere good.
Motivation Restore order however he can. If he can't manage that, find a group and try to protect the people in it.

   He says what he means and in the most efficient manner possible. This can be unintentionally harsh, but it's better to communicate clearly in his opinion.
   If you get in an argument with him, be prepared for a long drawn out debate. He will not back down from his standpoint sometimes even if his opponent is right.
   He prefers for thing to be in order, and chaos grates on him. If he's with others and there is no clear sense of direction or when things should be done, he will insist on these things being settled before progressing.
   He will not lie to you about most things. The few things he won't be straightforward about, he will straight up tell you that it's none of your business.
-Reluctant to get emotionally attached
   Due to the sheer amount of people and Pokemon dying or turning on him, he's reluctant to form strong bonds. Gisquet almost killing him was a huge betrayal, and he fears the equivalent happening again.
-Black and White world view
   He has a strong belief that the good will always do good and obey the rules, and the bad will always do bad and ignore them.
-Said world view is being challenged
   He's seen the good obey the rules and the rules led to them doing bad things, and the "bad" have been seen doing good things. Even though he's seen little good in the Epidemic, what he saw at the very beginning put several large cracks in this line of thinking.
   If he latches onto someone, he will stand by them.
   He wants to protect those who can't defend themselves from people who wish them harm.
   He very pointedly tries to not allow bias to cloud his thinking and making rulings. He somewhat failed in that department with Vitaly, but he tries not to think on that much.
-Wants to do the right thing
   In the end, he clings to the laws and rules so tightly because he believes that they are what's right. After being stigmatized as something evil and bad for so long, he wants to prove that that judgement is wrong.
-Suspicious of others
   The epidemic has brought out the worst in a lot of people, and he knows that some people would kill him if he is not careful.
-Somewhat short tempered
   The cracks in his world view has made him prone to lashing out at people who try to discuss right and wrong with him. A few other things can really push his buttons, but he's usually good at removing himself from the situation before he gets too angry.
User Notes -Terjon was originally a character from the D&D module, "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil," but a DM and I took him and repurposed and fleshed him out more for our campaign. These alterations were intended to make him similar to Javert from Les Miserables. However, this incarnation is going to have more of my own influences instead of also including the DM's.

-Enjoys stargazing.
Team notes N/A for now
Affiliations -Vitaly- As far as Terjon was concerned, Vitaly was a deceptive monster. He didn't miss the iron collar and savage look in the then Eevee's eyes. He thought the old man a fool for giving him mercy, but he couldn't go against Myriel's orders. He kept an eye on Vitaly for whenever he finally revealed his true colors. However, seeing the Sylveon weeping over Myriel's dead body has utterly shaken his belief on the matter, for no one was around to see the act and Vitaly gained nothing for doing that.
Development Notes -It's rather hard to maintain a black and white view on the law and morality when the world has gone to hell. Let's see how long it takes before the cracks finally break.

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