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Resistance: Looker ||Lumiose | Kalos|| Empty Resistance: Looker ||Lumiose | Kalos||

Post by Looker Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:28 pm

Resistance: Looker ||Lumiose | Kalos|| Tumblr_o3rarhQaja1uc5v85o1_400
Art by Starbits

Lewis Gumshoe
Text Color866b43
Theme(s) Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall - Lemon Preachers (Cover)
Item a key around his neck, his coat, a universal communicator, and a duffel bag with:
-extra shoes
-bottle of motrin
-first aid kit
-canteen of water
-a couple of novels to read during his downtime (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and A Study in Scarlet.)
in the pockets of his overcoat, there is
-rubber bands
-a worn magazine page, scribbled the fuck all over with sharpie marker
-the sharpie marker
-a small notebook and pencil
Weapons a pistol, a crowbar, and a knife
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate April 1st
Age 43
Species Human
Weight 149.9 lbs
Height 6'0"
Region of Origin Sinnoh
Religion was never into religion before the amnesia and isn't now
Accent American
Occupation International Police Agent | Former Pokemon Trainer
Party Once Looker had a single companion Pokemon, a Croagunk; this Croagunk met with a terrible fate on a mission once and he resolved never to be a trainer again. Years later a girl named Emma changed his mind, and he adopted several Pokemon, with whom he came to share a deep, mutual bond with. They were lost on his last, ill-fated mission, and he no longer remembers he ever had any Pokemon at all.

Frankly, he barely even remembered what a Pokemon was upon waking up, so terrible was his memory damage.
Pkm 1 NONE
Pkm 2
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "Wh-who am I? Who in the world am I?"

"I still don't know. Will I ever?"
A lone figure sits in a room of filing cabinets on a torn swivel chair, ignoring the destruction around them.

Whatever happened here, it missed the filing cabinets, and that's a good thing, or she'd have no information to dig through.

"I'm positive his name was Looker. Where the fuck is that file." She snorts as she turns one over to look at the label, tossing it over her shoulder at the "RED FLYGON" that stares up at her in bold print. Not Looker. "I'm not insane, right? I am remembering this joker's codename correctly, right?"

"Pretty sure it is. Unless maybe it was Spector...?"

"Nah, that's too stupid, even for the IP."

"I'm sure it was 'Looker," dear," the Clefable placates. The woman huffs at the Purugly and Crobat, the cat winding through the wreckage of the room and sniffing everything.  

"At least Ari wants to help me."

"Ari's a suckup," the cat says, a sharp toothed grin turned towards the fairy, who huffs.

"Am not."

"You both are." She throws another file at them, the cat letting out a undignified screech as "BISHOP" smacks into her face. The Clefable laughs.

"Oh my god FINALLY!" She pulls a folder from the filing cabinet with a crow of triumph. "C'mere you little fucker! Come to mama!"

She leans back in the chair and opens the file. "Here we go! Let's see what's in here!"

The Pokemon settle in front of her. She raises an eyebrow. "... Ready for storytime?"

"Storytime? Where's the cookies and milk I was promised; I want a refund!"

"Fuck off."


Lewis Gumshoe comes from a middle class family in Veilstone, Sinnoh; born to Layla and Logan Gumshoe, he is one of five children, originally one of six. Childhood relatively normal, though lacking in friends. Started as a police officer right out of high school and rose through the ranks to homicide detective; solving difficult case after difficult case, oftentimes when no one else believed there even was a murder to solve, Detective Gumshoe caught our eye when he solved an international debacle; the murder of a Kalos ambassador. He was approached with the offer of becoming part of our agency and accepted, taking steps to ensure his family would never be a target of any enemies he might make. 

He took on the codename Looker at our suggestion.  

(We suggested it because ever since he got to the headquarters, most of our agents have admitted finding him attractive. Despite the stares he remains unaware. He's under the impression we suggested "Looker" because of his talent for spotting details no one else sees. Apparently he can notice everything but the concept of being found attractive is beyond him. We are all admittedly amused.)


"Not that this isn't fascinating, but do we have to read every escapade he did? Which I'm sure will be in there? Like, we're looking for one specific case. Can't we speed this up a little?"

"Aw, but I thought you wanted storytime?"

"I want to get outta this creepy fucking building. Or did you not notice the dead people everywhere?"

"All right, all right. Sheesh."


Agent Looker has been a part in most of our high profile cases.  He has worked the Cipher case, the Galactic case, the Plasma case, and the Flare case. Of those cases he has done the following.

FLARE: Organized a plea deal with Admin Malva to ensure the capture of one Dr. Xerosic. Brought in or participated in the capture of nearly every admin. Brought in Flare Scientists Aliana, Bryony, Celosia, Mable and Xerosic. Helped in the search for Lysandre, but was ultimately unsuccessful in finding him.

PLASMA: Brought in all seven sages with the help of (now) Officer Blair Black of Opelucid City. Failed both times to bring in Ghetsis. Located Ghetsis's son, Natural Gropious; persuaded us not to prosecute him, and made a monetary gift to him to help him start a new life. Located Dr. Gannon, placed him under surveillance, but could find no positive proof he was linked to Plasma.

GALACTIC: Brought in Commanders Jupiter and Mars. Organized a plea deal for Mars. Failed to bring in Cyrus. Failed to find Commander Saturn-


"Oh come on seriously!" She chucks the file across the room. "Weeks of searching for this fucking building and we still don't know where he is! I can't believe IP fucked this up- HOW DOES THE INTERNATIONAL POLICE FAIL TO FIND A FUCKING SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD!"

"Be a little louder why don't you; I don't think they heard you up in heaven." Though the words are sarcastic, the tone is soft. "Deep breaths, okay? They didn't list him as dead, which is what we were really afraid of, so there's still a chance."

"He could still be alive, sweetie," the Clefable speaks up, her eyes sad. "We have to keep looking and hoping."

"Why bother." She slumps in the seat, raising a trembling hand over her eyes. "He's... it's been four years. Four years of that fuckery outside. In the end, even this place couldn't stand up to it. What makes you think he could?"

"Because he's strong willed. Because he's talented. Because wherever he is, he's trying to find you, and the least you can do is return that."

"How do you know he's looking? He didn't find me before the world ended, and if even my own mother gave me up, what makes you think he gives a shit? We were fighting like cats and dogs by the time Galactic fell, anyway..."

The cat strides over and leans up, planting two paws into her lap and glaring into her eyes. "She didn't choose you for family. Whatever circumstances were, she didn't choose you. He did. I've said it before and I'll say it now; he didn't find you before because he couldn't. And we won't know why until we find him. You know what he means to you; you fought a lot at the end but by god, anyone could see you two still cared about one another. Don't you dare give up on him."

She lowers her hand. A low chuckle slips out, and she raises her arms above her head, stretching. The cat moves her paws, landing on the floor.

"Yeah. You're right."

She accepts the file from Arielle and slips it in her bag, pulling it on and giving her Pokemon a little grin.

"Let's go find my brother."
Appearance -old brown overcoat with huge pockets; has his codename stitched into the inside of the coat
-there is a key around his neck, kept under his shirt
-purple sweater and dark brown pants
-often seems exhausted, sad, or thoughtful
-has a habit of putting a hand to his chin whenever he's trying to puzzle something out
-tends to keep at least one hand in his pocket at all times, in case he ever needs his knife at short notice
-will sometimes pick up a blank expression whenever something particularly triggering tries tugging at his memories
-dirty and not very pleased with it
-rumpled and dishevelled
-folds arms across chest when uncomfortable
-sometimes pulls the key to look at it but never around others
-is underweight, as his quality of life was poor before the epidemic and the plague hasn't exactly helped him in that regaurd
  • tired
    -not necessarily physically, but always emotionally exhausted
  • analytical
    -very good at picking things apart to contemplate each aspect of something
    -prefers to do so with just about everything as it brings him a sense of peace
  • observant
    -notices small things easily unless emotionally compromised
  • determined
    -once Looker gets something to work with, he will not drop it and will continue at it until he either successfully completes the task or has to (reluctantly) give up
    -usually giving up on something is only temporary when he does decide to do so
  • merciful
    -while he has a strong inclination for following the rules, he is not above searching carefully through gray areas and presenting people who he believes can do good with themselves a second chance, provided they show some form of remorse or desire to better themselves
  • bleeding heart
  • protector
    -he will assign himself as the caretaker of those who can't take care of themselves
  • fighter
    -though not quick to anger and not one to start a fight, he is not a pacifist and will fight for his life and others' lives if he must
    -he will usually try talking the instigator out of it first out of a desire for as little bloodshed as possible (unless they have clearly committed some horrific crime) but if it comes down to it, he will not give his life; it will have to be taken from him
  • desperate
    -he needs to know who he is
    -needs to know
    -and he will work himself into the ground searching for answers
  • dedicated
    -no matter the task, be it locating something, solving a mystery, or ensuring the safety of someone, Looker will go to extreme lengths to make sure that it is done
  • Affiliations
    "You know, maybe we should read the rest of that file? We might be able to find out who he knows; maybe we can locate one of them? They might know where he is."

    "Nah; they're all cogs in a machine. They don't keep secrets from each other; that's now they're taught to think. If the file says they don't know where Saturn is, they don't know."

    "Good point."
    User Notes
    -who Looker knows and the circumstances surrounding his amnesia will surface in RP
    -I included some information that they did not read in the file because I can't get away with leaving the personality and appearance sections blank, and besides that, I do want readers to be able to get a feel for who he is from this profile. Not everything has to stay a secret
    -for the record the file does describe his appearance and personality as it was before the epidemic and they will probably at some point read that in RP

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    Please move me to the PC.

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    Welcome to the new world. Good luck navigating your way through it friend.


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