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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Post by Looker Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:44 pm

    In Lumiose City in Kalos

  • Humans and infected/undead are welcome, though they must not be dependables (children, sickly, mentally ill, elderly, weak, badly injured etc) as Looker needs to be able to leave the team later and will not do so if there are people who require his presence.
  • Users are allowed to let their characters' own stories come to a head on this team (Ie: find someone they were searching for) but the user Looker must be informed of any plot you plan to bring to the team and has to approve it.
  • This team is planned for PLOT rank and all that entails.


Plot via Looker

Good day.  My name is Looker and unfortunately I only know this because the name is stitched into the inside of my coat.  A short time before the pandemic, I washed up on a shore in Hoenn, completely devoid of any memories, with only a few items on hand to tell me about myself.  Though it may be too late to salvage anything of my life with the epidemic being what it is, I find myself drawn to searching for answers anyway.  It seems that while my mind has forgotten everything, whatever makes me, me--be that a soul or what have you--has not, and I experience emotions and react to certain situations without understanding why; it's driving me absolutely mad, and I want to know what happened to me and why.  I want to remember who I am, fully, and to know if I do have any chance at salvaging my former life even with the world as it is.  Will you help me?

... Or hurt me?

Plot Devices
>Amnesia: ORAS is very clear that Looker has amnesia; this entire journey is in hopes he will recover his memory, and though he is an intelligent man, he is also a desperate one.  It has been four years with no answers and with no friends.  He is vulnerable and lonely, and this could lead to bad things...
>Environment: The city is, naturally, a mess.  Four years of the apocalypse has wrought terrible things upon the once beautiful city, and now streets are blocked off due to rubble, buildings have collapsed, places occasionally go alight, and sometimes structures fall apart.
>Human survivors: The city is a huge place and it has been four years-- some those who were not able to find their way to HQ have since returned to their homes to eke out a living there among the rubble, forming camps and communities on occasion.  Though there are only one or two communities, they are dangerous, perfectly willing to kill any human passerby in order to rob them of their belongings, or murder passing Pokemon for fear of the plague.  There is also the occasional lone human.  These are NPCs and only to be introduced with the lead's permission.  Don't go throwing them in unless you have my say so.
>Naturally occurring undead: Though not a place that naturally spawned Pokemon, Lumiose has since been taken over by the undead--part of the reason for things burning down or crumbling.  The undead aren't usually too much of a problem, as Lumiose's surrounding areas are home to fairly weak pokemon.  No, the real challenge comes in the Pokemon that were pre-owned by humans...
>The Looker Bureau: Deep within the city is what Looker is searching for... sort of.  The Looker Bureau will give him more questions than answers and stoke his fears by allowing him to find a few very key but very basic facts about himself; few details, not enough to answer all his questions, but enough to scare him.  The office itself looks as though something violently tore it apart, though the tattered police tape outside the office suggests it was not the undead that did this...
>to be added:

Users Involved

  • Looker
  • Giovanni
  • Maximum
  • Phoenix

Team Roster

Fair warning: I will be extremely picky.
Shout out to 2KB for the coding format.

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(PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team Empty Re: (PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team

Post by Silverishness Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:35 am

I'll be joining with Lucy owo


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(PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team Empty Re: (PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team

Post by Maximum Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:47 pm

It took me forever to decide, but I would like to join with Vi. Two of his Pokemon are from Kalos and know the city of Lumiose pretty well, and maybe he and his team have been there a while if that would help any. He wouldn't have assimilated into the local groups because he can't do wanton death, and killing people for their stuff is something he refuses to resort to. He and his team are good at hiding and moving around unnoticed, so it would make sense that he's been able to hide in a huge city for a while. I also tossed an idea or two to Looker, but they sort of involve spoilers, so I must refrain from mentioning them here. Um... I think that's it, might have more if you need it. The character is pretty close to finished, so if you need things to get going soon, I can try kicking myself into finishing.
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Black Guard

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(PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team Empty Re: (PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team

Post by Giovanni Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:46 am

It seems I've had a change of plans. I'd love to join you, good sir, in Lumiose.

See you soon.

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(PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team Empty Re: (PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team

Post by Phoenix Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:54 am

I will be switching Miranda here to go with Giovanni, since she needs to follow him for her plot.

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(PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team Empty Re: (PLOT) The LUMIOSE Team

Post by Sponsored content

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