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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot]

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Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] Empty Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot]

Post by Giovanni Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:16 am

Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] V8EhZTq

Don Giovanni
This dossier is a compilation of all known data presently known as fact or held in high probability as fact
Text Color B81414
Status ALIVE [as of last reconnaissance with Janine.]
Known Items Lighter, cigarettes, water pouch, Universal Comm, a number of CDs hidden away with unknown content, a large camo duffel bag, an unknown amount of ammo, a small box of canned goods and dried fruit.
Known Weapons Subject was last seen with a large knife and a pistol, with a silencer attached.
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/His/Him
Birthdate 08/01
Age 47
Species Human
Weight 186.7 lbs
Height 6'4"
Region of origin Kanto [Unconfirmed]
Occupation Former Viridian Gym Leader, Former Racketeer and Mob Boss [Team Rocket], background in money laundering.
Party Records from when he was captured near Indigo reveal that he did not have any of his signature team. The few that were on him were immediately confiscated and euthanized.
The following are notes from Koga's reconnaissance, before his disappearance

Perp was spotted with the following after his execution sentence, which he obviously escaped. Despite Perp being a disgusting cess pool of a human being, all of his pokemon seem to be exceedingly loyal. A worrying observation.
Pkm 1
Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] Spr_6x_034
Name/Gender- King [M]
Text colour- BA55D3
Species- Nidoking
Level- 72
Ability- Sheer Force
Attack list-
-Earth Power (Learned)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Sludge Bomb (TM)
-Fire Blast (TM)
**Perp seems to favor this one for battle. Have witnessed its Fire Blast take out an entire building-- Subject seems to have a Life Orb.
Pkm 2
Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] Spr_6x_472
Name/Gender- Scout [F]
Text colour- CDB5CD
Species- Gliscor
Level- 66
Ability- Poison Heal
Attack list-
-Roost (TM)
-Swords Dance (TM)
-U-Turn (Learned)
-Earthquake (TM)
**Subject seems to be more sensitive to sounds than the others, and thus is typically used as a scout. Was nearly spotted many times. Must be careful.
Pkm 3
Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] Spr_6x_445_m
Name/Gender- Gladiator [M]
Text colour- 42647F
Species- Garchomp
Level- 70
Ability- Rough Skin
Attack list-
-Outrage (Tutor)
-Earthquake (TM)
-Iron Tail (Tutor)
-Stone Edge (TM)
**A truly terrifying creature. It possesses a Choice Band and Perp uses it sparingly so to conserve its devastating power for more desperate moments. Must be dealt with very, very quickly.
Pkm 4
Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] 750
Name/Gender- Stallion [M]
Text colour- B9876F
Species- Mudsdale
Level- 42
Ability- Stamina
Attack list-
-Iron Defense (Learned)
-High Horsepower (Learned)
-Heavy Slam (Learned)
-Double Kick (Learned)
**No information on subject
Pkm 5
Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] Spr_6x_464_m
Name/Gender- Sentinel [M]
Text colour- FF7722
Species- Rhyperior
Level- 73
Ability- Solid Rock
Attack list-
-Rock Wrecker (Learned)
-Roar (TM)
-Megahorn (Learned)
-Hammer Arm (Learned)
**Often only comes out at night, to guard while sleeping. A fitting name.
Pkm 6
Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] Spr_6x_208_f
Name/Gender- Ferry [F]
Text colour- EEE5DE
Species- Steelix
Level- 60
Ability- Sheer Force
Attack list-
-Gyro Ball (Learned)
-Stealth Rock (Learned)
-Curse (Learned)
-Dig (Learned)
**Perp uses Subject mostly for utility; often rides on Subject for long durations when traveling while Gliscor is flying nearby. Once shelter has been found, Subject is returned. May have spotted a Mega Stone, but cannot get closer to confirm.
Last Known Whereabouts Southwestern Kanto
Known History
Very little is known as far as Giovanni's parents, childhood or lifestyle prior to his initial pokemon journey as he seems to have destroyed most of those records or they've been lost. We do know that he began his journey as most do as a preteen in his homeland of Kanto. His Rocket associates (known are Ariana, Archer, Petrel and Proton) were met early on, as far as we know, but the details of their relationships are muddled. Multiple sources have stated, however, that Ariana and Giovanni grew close while still relatively young and that they eventually produced an illegitimate son.

We do know that at first, Giovanni did not know about this child, who has little to no documentation. It's suspected that the mother or one of her own associates hid the child from Giovanni's knowledge until either she shared the information or he found out on his own shortly after he became the Viridian Gym Leader. To find his now missing son, he founded a small "business" to produce funds to search for the son that involved only his most trusted associates, which quickly became the Rocket we all knew and feared.

Giovanni bought out the Casino in Celadon City and quickly raised funds for the search for his son, but apparently something went awry; either too much time passed or some other event triggered his sudden disinterest in his son, as Giovanni turned his eye to espionage, racketeering, money laundering and blackmail. A new goal and obsession became the new direction of the company: the legendary Pokemon, Mew. From the precious few receipts and documents salvaged from the Celadon Game Corner, Giovanni hemorrhaged money at this project, spewing money for excavation in South America as well as purchasing an exponential amount of scientific equipment and shipping it to Cinnabar Island. His two top-paid scientists, Blaine and Fugi, were also at the top of the expenditure list. [Whereabouts on Blaine, after his sudden disappearance on Seafoam as well as most of his research, are unknown, as is Fuji.]

After some time and countless hours of effort, it is known that Giovanni's scientists succeeded in cloning Mew, creating the monstrosity that is known as Mewtwo. [When queried on Mewtwo's origins, Blaine spoke in nonsensical circles.] While Giovanni's plans for the beast fell through, Mewtwo itself escaped captivity then and, disturbingly enough, is still apparently at large. [Again, when asked, Blaine gave only riddles as answers.] It is unknown whether or not the beast is connected to the plague or not.

Kanto was soon beneath Giovanni's rule. He either had everyone as an ally or a victim by way of bribe or blackmail. He owned Kanto, while its true rulers could only watch in disapproval. It was at this point, at the height of Giovanni's power, that Red toppled the man's empire. One by one, Giovanni's stranglehold on the region fell as Red surprisingly destroyed each facet of the company. Soon, Giovanni was forced into a retreat to the Viridian City Gym, where after Red claimed victory once more, the mob lord disappeared after allegedly disbanding Team Rocket. Red declined further comment.

Three years of relative silence pass before a reunited Team Rocket surfaces once more in Johto, though Giovanni himself, despite numerous investigations and interrogations, does not seem to be a part of it. A trainer named Ethan Gold was responsible for stopping Team Rocket once more but unfortunately, as of now, he is still missing. There was a legitimate rumor that Giovanni did finally succeed in finding his son, but was wholeheartedly rejected. No leads in finding the son.

Whether out of boredom or anger, Giovanni begins work anew as he gathers old Cipher members, specifically scientists and administrators as well as a few of his older contacts. We have few but legitimate documentation of money being gathered and sent out to questionable destinations, many in Orre itself. Soon after, there were multiple reports of Pokemon theft from notable trainers. High-end bred pokemon, as well as heavily trained Pokemon were soon reported missing and stolen. One of our agents, codename "Looker", tracked down and attempted to intercept one of the meeting places of these thieves, but we have not been contacted since. He is presumed dead.

After approximately a year of these reports and Looker's absence, the Epidemic began, the alleged "Harbingers" at the front lines. We suspect, and have confirmed with the short amount of information Giovanni gave us during our interrogations, that he created the Harbingers and thus, the Epidemic itself. Giovanni claims that he wasn't aware of the contagious nature of the virus, but the claim seems dubious.

Sentenced with crimes against the world itself, Lance, Champion of Kanto and Johto, decreed that Giovanni be executed by the very beings that he betrayed. A few of our militiamen took a helicopter and supposedly dropped Giovanni at the Viridian Gym, but the helicopter lost contact near the city. Last data relays determine that the helicopter crashed. Everyone aboard is presumed dead. Giovanni was as well until reports from Koga stated otherwise. Koga provided intense reconnaissance until just a short while ago, when his check-ins ceased. Janine, his daughter, confirmed that Koga was indeed killed by Giovanni's hand.

It is advised that despite numerous setbacks and disasters, Giovanni is an extremely dangerous target and should not be approached alone. Shoot to kill; dispose of his pokemon as quickly as possible. Rallies to levy a reward on the man have been shot down, if only to prevent loss of life on our part.

--Special Agent Bishop, Global Police
Accent None
Appearance Our last reports from Koga mention Giovanni being in frustratingly impeccable health: well-fed, not ill and not experiencing any sort of setbacks from poorly sanitized conditions. His hair is longer than previously recorded, but that is to be expected, as well as a shade of facial hair. His pokemon seem to be in good general health as well.
Religion Unknown
-Frustratingly enough, Giovanni is a master of charm, easily sliding into conversations and playing the contributors like musical instruments. On several occasions, even during the most recent interrogation, we've had to switch interrogators because Giovanni was causing them to sympathize with him.
-Obviously, he uses this skill as often as necessary, with great, overwhelming success.
-Extremely social.
-Sometimes, I fear the man knows us better than we know ourselves. Too often he is able to say the perfect words at the perfect moment to illicit the perfect reaction.
-Perceptive; able to accurately size up and individual in mere moments.
-Extremely so.
-Very skilled in many areas. A true Renaissance man.
-Rarely slips information he doesn't want others to know; extremely difficult to crack.
-Very few pressure points to force him to speak.
-Even this last interrogation that ended with Lance himself sentencing Giovanni to death, the man merely watched with a coy grin. To be completely honest, it send chills down my spine. Faced with death and condemnation, all he did was smile.
-Absolutely determined to achieve his goals or in the very least survive to try again.
-Will not hesitate to kill.
-Apparently not disheartened by failure.
-Unfortunately, Giovanni knows how to utilize just about anything in his immediate surroundings to his advantage.
-Extremely strategic.
-Of course he is. It's Giovanni.
-During the last interrogation, he claimed he'd topple HQ with his bare hands if he had to, then laughed in Lance's face.
-See above.
-The man exudes confidence from every pore. If he ever does experience anxiety, he hides it well. Very coy, especially in the face of his enemies.
-A dominant presence. The man knows his infamy and revels in it.
-Giovanni, in spite of being a horrible, disgusting, eternal dumpster fire, is a careful, tactical and strategic leader. He accurately assesses his underlings and leads them well. He had to be kept in Solitude because he kept trying to organize the prison force.
-Unafraid, even eager to take the helm. Seems to enjoy the attention as leader.
-Surprisingly a team player. Takes care to keep his underlings at least happy; seems to understand the old honey/ vinegar saying.
Records This is one of the only copies we have of Giovanni's last interrogation; all other copies from earlier court dates and hearings have disappeared.

NOTE: We have had to switch out interrogators three times with Giovanni, as he continually manages to turn the conversation around or talk in circles. This is the fourth attempt to procure any sort of relevant information from him.


GIOVANNI: Giovanni.

INTERROGATOR: ...Your full name, please.

GIOVANNI: Oh, pardon my rudeness. Lord Giovanni, Leader of Team Rocke--

INTERROGATOR: Titles are not a part of your sanctioned birthname, sir.

GIOVANNI: -laughs- I wholly beg to differ.

INTERROGATOR: Can you just say your surname, Giovanni?

GIOVANNI: My surname is Giovanni.

INTERROGATOR: Then what's your first name?


INTERROGATOR: Your name is... Don... Giovanni.

GIOVANNI: Is there a problem with my name, sir?

INTERROGATOR: You can't expect me to believe your name is Don Giovanni.

GIOVANNI: And why can't I?

INTERROGATOR: Because it's a name from-- it's not a real name!

GIOVANNI: My feelings. My mother gave me that name, you know. It's real enough to me.


-There's a long pause as the Interrogator jots down notes.-

GIOVANNI: Hmm... Oh dear...

INTERROGATOR: "Oh dear" what?

GIOVANNI: Oh, nothing of interest.

INTERROGATOR: No really, what?

GIOVANNI: Oh don't worry so much, you're doing fine. It's just a little setback in the interrogation, but I'm still perfectly amicable enough to answer more of your questions.

INTERROGATOR: -a brief pause- You... uh, Were you a... were-- Would you stop looking at me like that?

GIOVANNI: Like what?

INTERROGATOR: Like THAT. With pity-- why are you even doing that?

GIOVANNI: I feel for you.


GIOVANNI: It must be so nerve-wracking, this being your first big interrogation and your first big case. Here, you have the Leader of the old Team Rocket, the man who's suspected of constructing the entire apocalypse alone and at your mercy and you are doing nothing but fumbling it up. Can't even get him to say his full name-- how are you expected to get any REAL information out of him? Like I said, I feel for you. I do tend to make things a bit more complicated than they need to be, don't I?

INTERROGATOR: Now hold on a minute, this isn't my first interrogation.

GIOVANNI: It's not? Oh, well, then maybe you do have reason to worry.

INTERROGATOR: I'm not worried.

GIOVANNI: Really? Well, you should be. You're doing terrible.

INTERROGATOR: This isn't--

GIOVANNI: After all, I won't even let you finish your sentences anymore. So terribly rude of me. But it's as if I simply don't respect a... sweaty, stinking pawn in the dubious hierarchy you have here. And if I can't respect you, then what's the point in answering any of your questions, especially since you can't even seem to get them out without stuttering or being interrupted?

INTERROGATOR: -stunned silence-

GIOVANNI: So I feel for you. I feel sorry that you're... likely about to lose your job, since you're so painfully inadequate for it -something you've probably suspected for quite some time now. But why do you keep pursuing it? It must to be impress someone, no? A dame, a relative, your mother, father perhaps? Maybe a dead parent instead, so that you always have their watchful, spiritual eye on you, judging you for your inadequacies even beyond the grave. And you've so spectacularly failed here, your only chance to really shine, all that hard work just... down the drain. What a horrible thing to go through. You have my sympathy.

-Lance bursts into the room-

LANCE: Out. Now.

INTERROGATOR: -Leaves wordlessly-

GIOVANNI: Well, that was rude. We were having a conversation.

LANCE: Stop the charades and answer the questions, Giovanni.

GIOVANNI: Ah, now here's a REAL interrogator. Taking charge like a "real man". Is that little cop still watching? Oh, I hope he is-- take notes! Look at you, Lance, all grown up-- you even came dressed for battle. I like that. At least you got rid of that ridiculous hair. Tell me, it must be so tiring to run around in that armor all day--


GIOVANNI: I'm not going to answer if you keep interrupting me. Very rude. I don't much appreciate it.

LANCE: What was your role in the Epidemic? What did you do?

GIOVANNI: I orchestrated it, of course.

LANCE: You confess to that crime?

GIOVANNI: "Confess"? I practically advertised it. I was very close to putting it on cereal boxes.

LANCE: Who were the others that were involved? You're no scientist, you didn't do this alone.

GIOVANNI: Well spotted, Champion.

LANCE: Answer the question.


LANCE: "No"?

GIOVANNI: -laughs- Does me not cooperating actually surprise you?

LANCE: We have reason to believe you hired renegade scientists, as well as made contact with some of your old affiliates. Is this true?

GIOVANNI: You certainly do have reason to believe all of that.


GIOVANNI: Or what? What will you do, little Champion? What could you possibly do to me that would make me spill all of my secrets out to you and your shivering whelps behind that two-way mirror?

LANCE: Whatever it takes.

GIOVANNI: Delightfully vague, uninteresting and wholly nonthreatening. Try again, Lance.

LANCE: I'll rip you apart piece by piece, with my bare hands if I have to. You'll talk as I'm ripping out your very teeth. I'll toss you to the Legends and let them destroy you!

GIOVANNI: You'll do that anyway. No matter what, even if I talk, I'll be tortured to make sure it's correct information and then apparently creatively disposed of afterward. So why should I speak now? See, I have nothing to lose-- and you have everything. Despite your shouting and these cuffs, I still hold all the power in this room. And now, your underlings know it, too.

LANCE: -a long pause- Fine.

GIOVANNI: Excuse me?

LANCE: You won't cooperate; there's no need to continue. On that front, you're correct, Giovanni. For crimes against Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos, against their people and their pokemon both wild and under human care, I, Lance, Champion of the Indigo Plateau, sentence you, Giovanni, to be destroyed by the very creatures you so woefully betrayed. May you burn in the next life as you die in this one.

GIOVANNI: -laughs- What, no trial?

LANCE: Have your trial with the Legends, Giovanni. You won't get one here.

End transcript.

Last Notes
-Trained in hand-to-hand combat; mostly kickboxing. Do not assume he isn't dangerous if he isn't armed.
-Spry. Age hasn't slowed him.
-Extremely good shot. Don't get in a fire fight with him.
-While most, if not all, of his allies have been either killed, imprisoned or scattered, he is still very capable of earning new allies, despite being a grotesque cesspool of a human being. We are aware of how highly he values allies. Do not assume he is still working alone.
-The safest thing to do, actually, is to simply not find yourself near him. Extremely dangerous; do not approach.
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Please move to be approved, darling moderators. Thank you.

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Um... not sure if I'm comfortable doing this, but...

Lord Giovanni [Lumiose||Plot] RGgji6G


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Well, sweet Victini, I could have simply started posting again without a profile, if you prefer. Besides, Agent Bishop and the others at Indigo Plateau worked so diligently to put this dossier together for you.

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