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    Sebastian and Ciel the Liepard and Poochyena


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    Sebastian and Ciel the Liepard and Poochyena Empty Sebastian and Ciel the Liepard and Poochyena

    Post by Duma Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:55 pm

    Sebastian and Ciel the Liepard and Poochyena N7IiPfP
    Art by me

    Sebastian and Ciel the Liepard and Poochyena GlbSbzb
    Art by me

    Sebastian Michaelis
  • Aru Shitsuji no Nichijou [Kuroshitsuji OST]
  • You Will Rule The World [Kuroshitsuji OST]
  • Anata no Koe [Kuroshitsuji OST]
  • Tsuki no Ame [Kuroshitsuji OST]
  • Profession Ciel's Butler, Demon
    Text Color #BF0F47
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Demiboy [He/his/him, they/them/their]
    Age Adult
    Species #510; Liepard, the Cruel Pokémon (Dark Type)
    Height 4'8" (1'2" taller than normal)
    Weight 78.9lbs (3.8lbs lighter than normal - underweight)
    Pokédex Entry These Pokémon vanish and appear unexpectedly. Many Trainers are drawn to their beautiful form and fur. - Pokemon Black
    Level 68
    Ability Limber: The Pokémon cannot be Paralysed while having this ability.
    Nature Careful (+Special Defense, -Special Attack)
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning (Special Attack IVs)
    Moves -Night Slash (Learned)
    -Captivate (Pre-Evolution)
    -Play Rough (Learned)
    -Thief (TM)
    Quote "Yes, my Lord."
    History Born into a small family of two, himself and his father, Set's mother died from an unknown illness when he was very young, and now he doesn't even remember her name. Set and his father lived quietly for a few years before the young Purrloin started going out and meeting other pokemon, however because his father was a distant pokemon that never really taught him much else besides fighting, Set would always play too rough with the other pokemon and most times one of them would end up injured and when Set got in trouble, he didn't know why. Because of his violent play style, Set was called a demon and subjected to vicious bullying from stronger pokemon in the form of calling him a demon and attacking him until Set fought back.

    Set spent every day training, and his father would help when he could, but the shiny Purrloin spent his time training instead of meeting new pokemon, until one day he went back and challenged the bullies. They accepted his challenge, expecting an easy win, but what they didn't expect was for Set to savage them. He attacked without mercy and didn't hold back as he attacked the other pokemon without so much as a second thought. By the time he was finished attacking, two of them had fled with severe injuries and one had bled to death. Set chuckled to himself as he licked the blood off his paws.

    "I really am a demon, aren't I?"

    Set fled the forest that night, escaping into the city where he came across an old alley which had an old Houndoom living there. Even before entering the city, Set had heard rumors about this Houndoom. Apparently they made deals with others and at the end he usually got something out of it, and most commonly once the deal was done, he killed whoever made the deal. Set approached them and instead of making a deal, Set asked and old Houndoom to teach him how to make the deals he did.

    The Houndoom was taken aback by Set's bold request and so after a bit of thought, he introduced himself as Lucifer and took Set under his wing, teaching Set his tricks and trades.

    Set spent eight years with Lucifer until the Houndoom passed away from old age, and Set officially took over. At this stage, Set had evolved into a powerful and gorgeous Liepard and would be asked a lot more than Lucifer would to make deals, and so the Houndoom gave his job over to Set, who happily took it and gave the Houndoom a proper funeral. It was the least he could do for his mentor.

    Five more years went by before Set started going out and around. Throughout his time in the city, he had gained many names - Demon, Michaelis (which he later used as his last name), Xaphan, Azazel, Stolas and once he was even called Lucifer, to which he told them to call him Set instead of the name of his mentor. It was during this time that Set caught wind of whispers and mentions of a demonic cult that was planning to try and summon a demon. He wasn't the kind to pass up an opportunity like this and so he traveled over to the abandoned manor on the other side of the city and stealthily entered the building, but to his surprise, when someone spotted him, he was given almost royal treatment and was taken straight to the chamber int he basement that was echoing screams and pleas from whatever was inside. Set's fur raised along his spine and he stiffly followed.

    Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea..?

    Even still, Set continued on and followed the other person down the steps to the basement, where the screams and please grew louder and louder, until finally they arrived and Set slunk away from the human to watch from the darkest corner of the room. A young Growlithe was dragged from a cage and tied down on the table, and a spike raised over their spine before being plunged deep into their spine, at an angle so it punctured the heart as well.

    A single voice stood out - childish but orderly, and Set's eyes roamed the room until they fell on a blue furred Poochyena. A grin found itself way to his muzzle as Set strode forwards, ignoring the humans who blabbered wishes and wants until it became too annoying for the Liepard, who silenced them all with a deadly glare. He then turned back to the Poochyena and smirked.

    "What a tiny young lord you are."

    The Poochyena's eyes widened as they stared up Set, almost as though he were a ghost and not something on the physical plain. Lifting his paw slightly, Set unsheathed his claws and used Night Slash to break the bars of the cage, and set the Poochyena free, who then faced him with a determined expression. Set's smirk grew wider.

    "Do you want to form a contract with me?"

    The Poochyena nodded stiffly, and Set chuckled, his magenta eyes lighting up with amusement. Unsheathing one claw, Set put it up to the Poochyena's left eye, and in one fluid motion he made a single cut across the pup's eyelid. They screamed in pain, as Set ran his tongue over his claw, tasting their blood. With a grin, he finished the pentacle with four more slashes, admiring how the pup smother his screams to muffled grunts by the last slash.

    He told the pup to give him a name to be called by and however many absolute orders he had to follow in the contract. he was getting bored of the name Set anyway.

    "Sebastian, you must protect and never betray me, you must obey my orders no matter what, and you will never lie to me."

    With a smirk, the newly named Sebastian gave his young master - Ciel - a feline bow and said simply, "Yes, my Lord."

    Taking Ciel, Sebastian left the basement and followed the pup's directions to his manor. There they found the burnt remains of what once was a gorgeous manor and in a few moments, Sebastian had made a shelter for the two of them. Spending the first night in the shelter, Sebastian went out and hunted to get food for him and Ciel, when he first discovered the nightmares that the pup would have. They didn't occur every night, but they happened often enough to become a worry. Soon Sebastian started curling up with Ciel, and the Poochyena's nightmares stopped.

    Ciel took up his father's old job, as the guard to an elderly woman called Victoria, but Ciel only called her by the name 'my Queen' or 'her Majesty'. Ciel knew that Ash, Victoria's Togeren was the killer, however neither Sebastian or Ciel could isolate the angellic pokemon, and so instead they devised plans in their small shelter. Until of course, Ash came to them.

    Victoria had fallen ill, and overnight the virus claimed her. Grief stricken, Ash attacked Ciel and Sebastian. Caught unaware by the attack, Sebastian grabbed Ciel and ran, with Ash hot on his tail. The Liepard ran and ran, Ciel's scruff held tightly in his jaws as he bounded over bridges, over rivers and at one point Sebastian stowed on a boat destined for Kalos.

    Ash was always following them, but once they were in Kalos, Ciel had enough of running and ordered Sebastian at attack and kill Ash. Now prepared, Sebastian turned and watched as Ash landed in font of them, his front legs balled up into fists. Sebastian attacked first, Lunging at Ash with his Thief, stealing the Togeren's item, a long blue scarf that Victoria had given him. Enraged, Ash attacked again and Sebastian dodged o the side, a smirk on his face as he danced around Ash's attacks. Ducking under an attack, Sebastian came up from under Ash, his paw shooting up into the Togeren's chest with Night Slash. His claws gripping their heart, Sebastian yanked his paw back, taking the heart with him.

    Ash gasped and choked, falling to the ground and almost landed on Sebastian, but the cat wormed out just in time, leaving Ash to die with his heart crushed under him. Sebastian sauntered up to Ciel, amused at how the Poochyena seemed... Resigned. Then Sebastian's whiskers twitched and he spun around, his eyes on Ash as a wet, sticky laugh bubbled up from their throat, and the Togeren's eyes opened, now a bright glowing red with undeath. They got up, but instead of attacking, Ash took a look at Sebastian, grinned wickedly and turned... And ran.

    Wasting no time, Sebastian grabbed Ciel and gave chase, hounding after Ash and making them continuously find more hiding places. Eventually Ash found a PokeMart in Camphrier town, and Ciel said they should set up a base in the Castle. Taking the idea, Sebastian ushered Ciel in and kept watch on the PokeMart. When Ash didn't leave however, Sebastian raised the idea of help. Ciel thought about it and reluctantly agreed. They would need help trying to take down Ash. And so, they waited, keeping watch on Ash for any changes.
    Bulbapedia "Liepard is a slender, purple feline Pokémon speckled with yellow rosettes. Its fur patterning is considered attractive to many Trainers. It has a pink "mask" marking over its eyes, a pink nose, and small yellow markings over its green eyes. It has two pairs of long yellow whiskers, and a tufted yellow underside. Its lower legs are yellow, and each small paw has a pale pink pad. It has a long, curving tail with a sickle-like shape toward the tip. Liepard has well-developed muscles that allows it to run silently and strike opponents from behind. It has also been known to vanish and reappear without warning."
    Appearance Covered in dark gray fur, Sebastian's coat is always well groomed, and the normally yellow markings are a dark faded purple. The pink across his face is a dark blood red and his eyes are a pink-ish magenta. Holding himself proper and upright, Sebastian gives off an air of nobility, which he uses to charm those around him. His fur is well groomed to the point that it catches almost all the light that hits it, adding to his own appearance. He knows he looks good, and he makes sure he stays in top shape. His muscles are well developed, allowing him to move faster than the eye can follow. On his right shoulder is a dark purple-black ring made from diamonds, and in the center is a light purple pentagram that grows darker as it reaches the outer ring. This is what Sebastian calls his 'contract mark' and will use it to identify anyone he has a deal with.
    Accent Polished soft spoken London accent
    Also a voice clip because holy shit his voice.
    Religion Atheist
    Motivation Keep his Bocchan alive and finish the contract
    Personality Pros: Loyal and obedient, Sebastian will go through with any and all orders Ciel gives him, no matter the cost to his own life. Very proper  and articulate, Sebastian speaks with the utmost intelligence and knows of many different tales - some are legends of his own deeds. Highly cunning and intelligent, Sebastian keeps a cool head at all times, and can react to stimuli with unexpected reactions.

    A brilliant strategist, Sebastian can cover a battle plan with utmost accuracy and will already have at least three different back-up plans as last resorts. Very persuasive, if there is someone who opposes him, Sebastian will reply with cold logic and facts, sometimes even turning a whole conversion around and confusing the one who started the argument in the first place.

    Cons: Sly and opportunistic, Sebastian will take any and all opportunities to exploit a weakness. Even going to far as to blackmail someone into silence, nothing is stooping too low for him. A true demon in every sense of the word, Sebastian loves playing tricks, whispering tricks and promising lies. Dangerously persuasive and secretive, Sebastian will flaunt every charm he's got if it means he'll get something out of it. He knows how attractive he looks, and he will use it to every advantage. Extremely manipulative, Sebastian can and will all weapons available to him, especially weapons in the form of words. He stalks people to learn their secrets and then uses that to whisper sweet-nothings to them in order to manipulate them as he sees fit.

    Neutral: Very quick with his words, Sebastian is very witty and takes great delight in sarcasm and other wordplay. He's surprisingly good at telling jokes from all the times that Ciel would go to Undertaker for information on Ash and would get Sebastian to make him laugh. Sebastian is a Demiromantic Pansexual.
    User Notes -Based off Sebastian Michaelis from the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) anime and manga
    -Before he met Ciel, Sebastian's name was Set.
    Team notes While Ciel is around, Sebastian is obedient and quiet, but once he's free from Ciel's orders he becomes dangerous and sly and will not hesitate to poison a weaker willed Pokemon's mind if it means he gets a kick out of it, or information. Be very careful around Sebastian if he is alone.
  • Ciel - Bound by an oath, Sebastian remains loyal to Ciel until their contract is over and he will claim his life. Over the years he has known Ciel, Sebastian has almost grown fond of the blue pup, but above all else, Sebastian waits for the taste of his young lord's blood once the contract is over. Their relationship is 'strictly professional' as Ciel puts it, and Sebastian sees him as nothing more than his prey and his young master.
  • Undertaker - A personal informant of Ciel's, Sebastian finds Undertaker to be a rather queer and odd person to be around, and while he has his suspicions and doubts Sebastian stays friendly with the ex-shinigami, lest he turn his attacks on him. Sebastian also finds Undertaker's presence oddly calming, and the two would often spent time cracking jokes while Ciel was not around.
  • Development Notes After hunting down and killing Ash/Angela once, Sebastian joins his young master as they try to take the Togeren down again, and eventually succeed, and Sebastian claims Ciel's 'soul'.

    Sebastian and Ciel the Liepard and Poochyena 5SjIHt4
    Art by me

    Ciel Phantomhive
  • Monochrome no Kiss [Kuroshitsuji OST]
  • Shiver [Kuroshitsuji OST]
  • Enamel [Kuroshitsuji OST]
  • Profession Former Earl, Guard Dog
    Text Color #0042A5
    Item Black eyepatch.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male
    Age Early Teens
    Species #261; Poochyena, the Bite Pokémon Pokemon (Dark Type)
    Height 1'02" (0'06" shorter than normal)
    Weight 23.1lbs (6.9lbs lighter than normal - underweight)
    Pokédex Entry A Pokémon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted. - Pokemon Black
    Level 15
    Ability Run Away: Except for trainer battles, can always run from battle. Cannot run during Mean Look or Block or when the opponent is trapping with the Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, or Shadow Tag ability.
    Nature Hasty (+Speed, -Defense)
    Characteristic Somewhat stubborn (Special Defense IVs)
    Moves -Bite (Learned)
    -Leer (Bred)
    -Tackle (Start)
    -Payback (TM)
    Quote "Only two kinds of people exist in this world, those who steal and those who are stolen from."
    History Born into a wealthy family, Ciel was the son of Mary and Vincent Phantomhive, two powerful champion Mightyena they wer both hated and adored by many. While Ciel's mother focused on tending to their household - which was also home to an elderly lady Ciel only referred to as 'her Majesty' and her Togeren, Ash - Vincent focused on a job known as 'The Queen's Guard Dog.'

    It was dangerous work, being the Watchdog, so when a fire started out in the manor, everyone immediately knew what do do. Mary and Ciel fled into the Queen's study where Ash was supposed to keep them safe while Vincent fought off the attackers with the rest of the servants of the house. Only, when Ciel got to the study, there was Ash, standing over Mary's dead body, his claws and jaws covered with her blood.

    Ciel could not hope to outrun the Togeren, but he still tried, turning and running back down the hallways to loose the Queen's pokemon. However, as he turned a corner, Ciel ran headfirst into Ash's wing, stopping suddenly and falling to the floor, Ciel only saw Ash's bloodied fist raise above him before everything went black.

    As he woke, Ciel was sure he had died. Cracking open one sapphire blue eye, the Poochyena looked around wildly. The floor was covered in blood, and beside him were many other young pokemon, each one had this vacant look, like they had been staring out of the cage for so long that their eyes had become stuck like that. Calling out for help, Ciel only got replies of 'it's useless', or 'we tried that'. A sense of dread fell on Ciel as he slowly asked what the humans were doing with them.

    "They're trying to summon a demon"

    The answer settled a pit in Ciel's stomach, and his blue eyes grew wider. He didn't want to become a sacrifice! Calling out louder this time, Ciel drew the attention of a few humans, who walked over taking out the young Growlithe next to him. They screamed for mercy, for someone else to go, but of course the humans didn't understand - or just didn't care.

    Ciel watched as the Growlithe was strapped to the table and a large spike was lifted over their back. Screaming for them to stop,Ciel threw himself against the bars, and in doing so, the blue furred Poochyena caught sight of something - a tall dark furred Liepard that was watching from the darkest corner of the room. Ciel hadn't seen them before, and when he looked closer, he could see that the cat was not in a cage. Calling out to them, Ciel ended up alerting the humans, who said they they had done it. Looking back to the Growlithe, Ciel was horrified to see that the spike had been driven through their spine and heart, at and angle so that the single spike punctured both vital body parts.

    Crying out for revenge on the Growlithe, Ciel caught the attention of the Liepard who gracefully glided across the ground, their purple paws dancing over puddles of blood and feces. The humans were blabbering wants and wishes, but the cat silenced them all with a glare before turning back to Ciel.

    "What a tiny young lord you are."

    Those seven words chilled Ciel to the bone as he watched the cat turn for a moment, their eyes still on Ciel, as though the cat was sizing him up. Their paw moved faster than Ciel could follow, and in a flash, the bars of his cage had been cut by the cat's Night Slash. They spoke nine words to him, words that Ciel would remember for the rest of his life,

    "Do you want to form a contract with me?"

    Clenching his teeth, Ciel nodded, his eyes growing hard. The Liepard smirked and unsheathed a claw, his paw moving to Ciel's face, and he Poochyena screamed as the Liepard dragged his claws across Ciel's eyelid. Five quick slashes later, Ciel found he could not open his left eye, and it hurt like nothing he had ever felt before. But Ciel knew, this mean that he had a contract then. Opening his right eye, Ciel stare cooly up at the cat, even though this eyes were threatening to spill tears. The cat told Ciel to give him a name and absolute orders. Ciel called the cat Sebastian and he gave three absolute orders.

    "Sebastian, you must protect and never betray me, you must obey my orders no matter what, and you will never lie to me."

    Sebastian gave a feline bow and said three simple words - "Yes, my Lord."

    Sebastian and Ciel left the cages, but not before Ciel ordered the destruction of the people inside. Sebastian carried out his order with no second thoughts, and soon rejoined Ciel, picking him up much like a kitten. While normally Ciel would have protested, at that stage he was tired, his eye was bleeding all over his face and he was just too tired to walk. Comforted by the safety of the Liepard, Ciel fell asleep as the cat walked them back to where Ciel's manor once stood. In the rubble, Sebastian found a black gauze eyepatch, which after almost an hour of Sebastian telling Ciel to hold still, was tied tightly around Ciel's head so that it covered their 'contract mark'.

    The Queen had returned, but she lived in another mansion, and Ash was under her protection. Unable to confront the Togeren, Ciel and Sebastian took up Ciel's father's job, as the Queen's Guard Dog. Her Majesty would send Ciel out on missions that her own servants could not do, or would not do because of moral reasons.

    This went on for a while. Ciel would get contacted, one of the Queen's servants would deliver the letter and Ciel would deal with whatever was troubling her. It was quick and efficient, and caused Ciel to gain more than a few enemies. So it was no wonder that when the Epidemic hit, the first one to come after Ciel and Sebastian was Ash himself.

    Ash cornered Ciel as the two were exiting the manor, blaming them for the death of his Queen. Ciel was taken aback. Her Majesty was dead? Unacceptable. Ash would not give up though, and he attacked, forcing Sebastian to step in and attack the Togeren. Wasting no time, Sebastian grabbed Ciel and the two fled, with Ash right on their heels.

    Stopping whenever they could Sebastian would keep watch whenever Ash came near, and if he got too close, they would run again. Ash was always right behind them, a white four-winged angellic creature tailing them wherever they went.

    By the time they had reached Kalos, Ciel had enough. Ordering Sebastian to stop, Ash landed in font of them, a crazed grin on the Togeren's face. Staring cooly back, Ciel gave Sebastian a simple order, to kill Ash and fulfill the contract. Sebastian stepped forwards and without hesitating, he lunged at Ash. As the Liepard and Togeren fought, Ciel watched from the sidelines. While Ash had the advantage size-wise, Sebastian was faster and the more experienced fighter. The fight took longer than Ciel expected, but eventually Sebastian came out on top as he punctured Ash's lung with a Night Slash, his claws gripping the Togeren's heart and pulling it out with a fountain of blood that stopped just at Ciel's feet.

    Ash gaped at Ciel for a few seconds, before he fell to the ground, his wings shuddering a few times before he went still. Sebastian sauntered up to Ciel, and murmured a few quiet goodbyes, before the Liepard turned suddenly, watching Ash's corpse. The wing twitched twice, before Ash's once purple eyes now glowed a sickly red. Stepping in front of Ciel, Sebastian prepared to fight Ash again, but as the Togeren got to it's feet, Ash turned, and ran away.

    Ordering Sebastian to follow him, Ciel was picked up once more as Sebastian gave chase, not wanting to let the Togeren get away to ambush them again later.

    By the end of the day, Ciel and Sebastian had holed Ash up in a town called Camphrier, and Ciel said they would set up a base of operations in Shabboneau Castle, where they could overlook the town and watch out for Ash, who had taken up residence in the PokeMart. There the two started formulating a plan of attack to take down the Togeren, and it was then that they realized - they would need help to kill the Togeren.
    Bulbapedia "Poochyena is a quadruped Pokémon similar in appearance to hyenas and canines. Its body is primarily gray, with a black face, throat, feet, and belly. Its eyes have yellow sclera and red irises, and its nose is also red. Its lower jaw has two pointed teeth sticking out. The fur at the base of its tail is rumpled and shaggy. Poochyena has gray paw pads on its three-toed paws."
    Appearance With powder-blue fur and dark sapphire highlights, Ciel certainly is a looker. Having gotten his father's unusual coloring, Ciel keeps himself well groomed (By Sebastian, of course) and will hold himself tall and proud. Having practically perfected the condescending glare, Ciel gives everything a downcast glare, and almsot always has a frown on his face. The sclera in his eyes is a light ice blue and his eyes are a royal sapphire that catch the light. Over his left eye is a black gauze eyepatch that covers the 'contract seal' from Sebastian - a pentacle carved into his eyelid from the cat's claws and an injured eye where the blood has dyed the color purple. He can't see very well from this eye and to spare others from the gruesome sight, he keeps it covered with an eyepatch.
    Accent Polished London accent
    Religion He once believed in Arceus, but since his contract with Sebastian, Ciel no longer believes that the legends are all powerful.
    Motivation Re-kill Ash and fulfill his revenge as per the contract.
    Personality Pros: A brilliant strategist and highly intelligent, Ciel is a very smart individual, capable to seeing through ploys, traps and other tricks meant to throw him off. He doesn't fall for petty lies and he will stand up to almost anything. He enjoys games and is very adept at strategy games such as chess or other similar games. Childish at times, Ciel is still a child at heart and will often say things or act in a way that completely contradicts himself sometimes. Very proper and gentlemanly, Ciel treats women with the utmost respect, and if they earn it, will treat others the same way.

    Cons: Snobby and brat-like at times, Ciel believes because he has Sebastian at his side he is 10ft tall and bulletproof. He will not back down from anyone, and effortlessly gives out orders expecting the utmost co-operation. Extremely bossy, Ciel rules his butler with an iron fist, and will use Sebastian as a means to force others into submission if they dare defy him.

    Neutral: Ciel is an Aromantic Asexual. He sees the world like a chess board. He is the black king, Sebastian is his knight while Ash and his Queen are the white king and queen. All the others are pawns and depending on the side they are on depends on how Ciel will treat them.
    User Notes -Based off Ciel Phantomhive from the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) anime and manga.
    Team notes After his family was killed and his name slandered, Ciel vowed revenge and so he and Sebastian have been hunting Ash for months now. Ciel has suspicions on what Sebastian gets up to while he isn't around, but he lets him do his own thing. He is resigned to the fact they he is not getting out of this alive.
  • Sebastian - Having made a contract with the cat in the pit of his despair, Ciel and Sebastian are tied my both a blood bond and a physical bond. Ciel and Sebastian have a strictly master-servant relationship and Ciel make sure that Sebastian never goes back on his word. It was a part of their contract - 'Sebastian must protect and never betray him, to obey his orders no matter what, and to never lie to him.' They were his absolute orders and Sebastian was not allowed to go back on them. Even still, Ciel knows the danger of having Sebastian around and he knows there is no escaping the contract.
  • Undertaker - While Ciel finds the Sableye rather creepy and odd, he will not deny that Undertaker is a valuable asset to his information on Ash. Because of Undertaker's unorthodox payment method, Ciel usually gets Sebastian to get the ghost to laugh, and then asks him what he wants to know. It was because of Undertaker that Sebastian was able to corner Ash and Ciel knows that he will probably continue to need Undertaker's help throughout the remainder of his life.
  • Development Notes After Ash is killed, Sebastian will kill Ciel as per their contract and Ciel will be separated from this profile.

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