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    Bones the Human Hunter Poochyena | Inactive


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    Bones the Human Hunter Poochyena | Inactive Empty Bones the Human Hunter Poochyena | Inactive

    Post by Dandelion Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:03 am

    Bones the Human Hunter Poochyena | Inactive 250px-261Poochyena

    Bones the Poochyena
    Text Color #75735b
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Mid Teens
    Species #261 Poochyena, The Bite Pokemon - Dark Type
    Height 1'05"
    Weight 24.0 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon X:: A Pokémon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted.
    Level 21
    Ability Quick Feet
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Highly Persistent
    Moves - Bite (Level Up)
    - Odor Sleuth (Level Up)
    - Fire Fang (Bred)  
    - Play Rough (Bred)
    History Bones' history starts back with his parents, the biggest and one of the only influences in his life. The Mightyena and Stoutland were both human owned and raised, born wild but captured as many Pokemon are. Their trainer was rather exceptional, traveling for many years as he trained and honed his team. They went far, were revered for their strength, and lived a full life as trainers Pokemon. However, their trainer had a small accident along his journey and eventually he brought it to an end. It was just too hard/risky to get around anymore and it was about time he settled down. His Pokemon, already deep in love, thought the same.

    Once the pair of hounds eased into the calmer life of retired masters they gladly took to the idea of a family. It wasnt long before they had a pair of eggs together and things were to be perfect. They were overjoyed along with their teammates and trainer. Things couldn't be more perfect.
    But perfection is subjective and fragile and it wasn't long after that it was to come to a crashing halt. The Epidemic struck with full force and the weak were quickly weeded out. The trainer was weak of mind and now body with his handicap and quickly into fear and panicked. Packing up all his Pokemon and and Mons-to-be he fled to the edge of the nearest route. He released them all, right there on the spot, wanting nothing to do with Pokemon that were strong enough to kill him and would eventually turn on him. His Pokemon stare, confused, heartbroken, abandoned, and watching as their owner holds the two innocent eggs. What if they hatch into these demons..? He can not allow that and the fainthearted human smashes one of the eggs right there.

    The hounds are outraged, retalliating against the human without hesitation. They barely manage to rescue their surviving and the ex-trainer barely escapes with his life. In the coming weeks the Epidemic blooms and the egg hatches. Its female, but she is weak and sickly, possibly from the constant movement the pair had to do. The hounds are highly protective and watchful of their child but as she wanders slightly away they fail to notice the looming danger. BANG. The human hunter sent the bullet straight through the childs heart and the parents sent their fangs through his entire body.
    Neither escaped with their lives.

    The heartbroken couple took many, many months, perhaps years, before even considering trying again and the unexpected birth of their next pair of eggs was bittersweet. How could they raise a family in this broken world..? Regardless, the refused to let the misfortunes of their previous pair repeat. As the weeks passed a foul smell came from one of the eggs. It was rotten. It seemed that them having a family was no more then a cruel joke to the gods. The other egg, however, did hatch, and the loud pup that came from it was loud and alive. Bones may of been tiny but he was a fighter from the get go, ready to take on this dangerous new world.

    But the damage had been done. His parents were broken shells of the Pokemon they had once been. While they raises their only son to be strong and brave, they constantly cursed the humans that brought this life upon them. The bitter feelings ruled their minds and corrupted their family. It seemed the hounds couldn't get trough one day without anger of mankind creeping in.  The young Poochyena had no idea what these 'human' things were, just that they really upset and angered his parents. How awful!

    Bones grew rapidly both in body and skill. With ex-masters for parents and violent purple predators around learning to fight was installed early in his life. It was no longer a luxury but a needed skill to survive, and the pup soaked it in. These human things taught his parents amazing moves and skills, were they smart creatures? They must of been because he felt proud using his tools against anything that wandered too close. The feisty youths curiosity about these humans grew by the day though. What were like, who were these things and why did he never see any? His parents only answer half his question but when he does get answers they are always a bit hard to take.

    "They are the reason you dont have a loving and warm home." The Poochyena shook out his pelt. His thick fur made sure he was always warm, if not hot. Was his den supposed to do that instead? Interesting..
    "They abandoned us and the world to the undead. They wanted us to perish." They were left as prey to the predators? Those fiends!
    "They took your siblings."
    They killed his siblings? Bones had always thought he was an only child, but in fact he was just a survivor of horror! An icy chill sweeps through his thick fur.
    Each answer got worse and worse. The hatred so clear in the venom of his parents voice. Eventually the pup just had to ask the ultimate question.
    "Daddy why do you hate the humans so much?"

    Not only his father but his mother too were left speechless for several moments. They seemed to be holding something back and with a deep growl could hold it back no longer. Both went off on a rant, telling the child of the humans betrayal, that they took their home, lives, and happiness. The vemon-soaked words were supposed to be no more then an explanation or the truth but instead they installed bitterness of humans in their son. Each story only held and put the humans in a negative light. Its been too long and his parents no longer see the positives, unable to tell the happy stories of their time as champion grade trainers Pokemon. With each tale, each word, every bitter growl the hounds corrupted their child.

    It wasnt hard for Bones to come to the simple conclusion that humans were evil, the devil even, and that he was happy to of never seen one. Yet they wouldnt leave his mind, much like his parents. If they were so bad why werent they around? Were they dying off, being killed perhaps? Or were they just cowards and hiding their shame? Thoughts of these tall, furless creatures haunted his dreams and soon the Poochyena was much like his parents: obsessed. Quickly dreams arent enough for him. He wants to see what these horrors look like. Everyone around his home screams about the undead and the infection, about putting down their loved ones or moving, but he seems to be the only one who wants to witness a true demon. Humans! How amazing would it be to see one first hand, talk it down, shred it with the skills his parents had taught him.

    The child was obsessed. Eating up each one of his parents stories the pup started to form a plan of attack. If he found of he had to be prepared! Purposefully provoking the human rage from his parents Bones found himself enlightened. "Im gonna kill a human dad!" He would bark gleefully. The Stoutland laughed, "Im sure you would."
    "I really am!" He wasnt serious!
    "Yeah, youve been prepping for it your entire life"
    But was that serious?? "I can do it, show me one and Ill shred it!"
    The massive hound raised a brow and grunted, "Hehe, if only we knew what that coward of a trainer went. What Id give to see the look on his face after my little terror destroys him.." He trails and wanders off.
    Left alone with his thoughts the Poochyena didnt sleep that night. Was his father serious? Had all the training been for this, to destroy the cruel trainer his parents once had to work under? 'Was I born to do this..?' Just thinking the sentence brings a sharp gasp. He was. His siblings were wiped out.. the resistance shrunk to just him. I know what I must do.

    In the dead of night the pup found his resolve. Quickly he snuck out, made a kill, and left the bones in front of the den with a clump of his fur. His parents would forgive him, they knew he was strong and would be proud he was setting off on his journey. Bones ran away from home that night, excitement rippling through his veins at his newly realized but simple life goal- kill all humans.
    Appearance Bones looks like your standard Poochyena with no true distinguishable features. He holds himself up very proud and confident, usually smiling or grinning in some way. Often he try to make himself look like he is the greatest thing to ever live, llike hes always on guard, or that he is infinitely wise. However, the lack of hard lines in his face, paws much too large for his body, and a still yelpy voice easily mark him as a dumb kid with a lot to learn. His fur is rather thick due to his parents both being very thick furred species.
    Personality | Young, Foolish, Naive | Bold, Ambitious, Brave | Lives Vicariously, Noble in Cause, Misinformed, Improper Resolve, Vengeful | Immature and Childish, Limelight Seeker, Loves the Attention/Praise, Pressured | Sturdy, Courageous, Angry | Unsure, Doubtful, Scornful | Happy, Loud, Playful | Somewhat Sheltered, Unaware, Ignorant | "Savior, Hero, Conqueror" |

    A child born amongst the epidemic Bones grew up learning that humans were the devil, caused the world to be rotten, and were just plain evil creatures. He knows not a world without the smell of rot filling its air, full of trainers and collectors, without the infection and all it holds. To him this is normal. While he personally doesn't find anything wrong with the world he can see that everyone else does. The bitterness of the other living but his parents especially resides deep in the Poochyena, and he has made it his lifes goal and purpose to rid their suffering.

    His parents were cold, angry, bitter Pokemon that resented the humans that abandoned them, took their lives and kids. They never let those bitter feelings go and in turn their son was heavily and constantly exposed to them. They installed these feelings in their child on accident and it festered into a powerful resolve- He was born to be there avenger. It must be his purpose in life. He lives to fulfill his dream, to make his parents happy, and his task is simple: Kill all humans.

    Bones lives his life around this thought, this obsession. He is a human hunter, born and raised by powerful ex-human owned Pokemon. He knows their secrets, what they taught his parents. He has the power to destroy them. While Bones has never personally seen one himself he lives and searches to find any humans and kill them for the suffering his parents and others had to endure.  He thinks that killing any humans, the cause of the current suffering, he is cleansing the world. Sees himself as a warrior, a rebel, a hero with a noble cause. If other ask he will try to act both proud and humble about his purpose.

    Bones is very proud, brave, naive, and confident. While he generally holds himself with pride he is also rather pompous, happy go lucky, smug, and a bit of a selfish dick. Well.. hes a teenager after all, and being young throws a few problems into his face. His boundless energy and short attention span often have him going off on a tangent, giving in to the child he is and forgetting his purpose. Still loves to play, learn, and explore. He is rather sheltered so running away has been an extreme shock and surprise to him. There is so much out there he had no idea even existed!

    Feels a lot of pressure to fulfill his goal, his purpose. His parents are still alive for what he knows and he can not return home until he has killed at least one human. He knows that everyone is hurting. He can see the pain on their faces, its there all the time. Every Pokemon always seems to fearful, angry, or depressed. Its rare he finds another who is happy like him. As he travels Bones is slowly finding holes in his resolve.. no one curses the humans like he does, only the infection. He doesn't understand, the infection is just a thing, the undead are just the weak finally becoming predators. Its the humans that need to be punished for being cowards..
    User Notes - As stated in the history, father was a Stoutland.
    - Parents are still alive and healthy for what he knows.
    - Specifically chooses not to evolve as he currently finds his small stature more useful then it is embarrassing/not intimidating. Who would suspect a kid to the the worlds savior? However, a loss in focus/over indulgence during a level up will push it through without his approval.
    - The beginning of his history is expositional, but the background info is important.. kinda.
    - Doesnt know the humans started the infection or anything like that. He just knows they released all their Pokemon into the wild when it started so they would have to deal with it alone, basically dooming them.

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