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    Undertaker the mutated Sableye [Floater]


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    Undertaker the mutated Sableye [Floater] Empty Undertaker the mutated Sableye [Floater]

    Post by Duma Wed May 20, 2015 5:33 am

    Undertaker the mutated Sableye [Floater] Aa3YRGc

    "The Aristocrat of Evil"
  • Dance With The Devil [Breaking Benjamin]
  • Evil Angel [Breaking Benjamin]
  • Bones Shatter [Hedley]
  • Ghost [Hollywood Undead]
  • Profession Informant, self-proclaimed "Grim Reaper", full-time little shit, former mortican/funeral director
    Text Color #C1C1C3
    Item A scythe made from metal and a Rattata's skeleton, a torn long jacket and a long top hat, a chain of lockets, On one locket, there is a date and a name engraved: 13 July 1966, Claudia P. He also carries around a bag of bone-shaped gems that he will snack on occasionally.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Agenderflux [They/them/their, he/his]
    Age Ageing Adult (50-60 in human years)
    Species #302; Sableye, the Darkness Pokémon (Ghost|Dark Type)
    Height 4'02" | 1.58m
    Weight 54.6lbs | 24.8kg
    Pokédex Entry Sableye lead quiet lives deep inside caverns. They are feared, however, because these Pokémon are thought to steal the spirits of people when their eyes burn with a sinister glow in the darkness.
    -Pokémon Ruby
    Level 70
    Ability Prankster: Gives priority to a status move
    Nature Impish (+Defence,-Special Attack)
    Characteristic Mischievous (Special Attack IVs)
    Moves -Sucker Punch (Breeding)
    -Detect (Level-up)
    -Fake Out (Level-up)
    -Taunt (TM)
    Quote "How sad it would be, should laughter disappear."
    History The young sableye was born into a decently wealthy family of breeders, one that was well known for cross-breeding other species to see if they could get rare and unheard of special subspecies of pokemon that were only achieved by breeding a certain species.

    That is what happened to this particular sableye. A Bisharp father and Sableye mother, however, his lineage was far from clean. Horrid inbreeding had caused a mutation somewhere down the line, which made itself known in this newly hatched child. Instead of the exotic rust red that went with his subspecies, this sableye was a dark grey, almost black, and he had a small bit of white fuzz on the top of his head. Appalled by the child’s horrific look, the family gave him away.

    A more poor in the line of families found the odd child, taking them into their household to keep him warm, and fed. Before long though, that family forgot about the sableye, pushing him off into the corner where he would sit and observe the family from his perch. As he grew in that house, the silver-y white hair atop his head grew out so that while it was about shoulder length, it covered his strange yellow-green gemstone eyes.

    Finally the duel type grew bored with just watching, so in the middle of one night, he slipped away, escaping into the city and roaming the streets. The odd sableye caught the attention of a roaming police officer, and planning to return him to his household, picked him up. Once they got the where they could call his caretakers, the sableye managed to somehow convince them to let him stay. Even to this day, he’s not quite sure how.

    Instead, he was put to work with a few other pokemon that were an Elite team of prosecutors, sent after villainous heads of power that usually the police couldn’t touch because of their status. With their group however, they could get in anywhere.

    They became known as “Shinigami” or, “Death Gods” for how easily they could slip into a house and dispose of their target without anyone noticing them. Well, almost everyone.

    They were on a dangerous mission to take out the head of a powerful mob around the area, and something went wrong. One of the sableye’s co-workers, Grell, made a noise that alerted the mob head of their presence. He sent out a Skarmory to fend them off, and started running. Taking charge, he told everyone to deal with the Skarmory, while he went after the mob boss. It was going well, up until the Skarmory used a Steel Wing that sent razor sharp feathers everywhere. Two grazed the sableye, while a third scored a deep gash down his face that actually cracked one of his eyes and sliced a deep enough gash that the sableye had blood coming from his face. Now with one hand to his face, trying to stop the bleeding, he ran after the mob boss.

    Down the corridors they went, with the mob boss throwing knives back behind him in an effort to shake the ghost. It didn’t really work besides earning the sableye a cut on his left pinkie that would need to be healed. Finally the duel type caught up to the mob boss, who had cornered himself in a room, a crazed smile on his face and a dagger in hand. It didn’t make much difference as the Sableye charged at the human, ducking under his too-wide swipe and coming up with a Sucker Punch that hit the human straight in the jaw. He staggered back and swung wildly, the dagger scored a semi deep gash across the sableye’s neck, but the ghost’s hard skin dulled the blade before it could do too much damage. With one hand to his throat, the sableye, jumped back, waiting for his colleagues to join him so that they could be done with this job. He didn’t have to wait long, as Grell came running down the hall and finished off their target with a Fury Swipes. Their mission successful, the Shinigami went home.

    When they arrived back, the sableye was congratulated for the successful finish of such a dangerous job. After his wounds were patched up, the duel type was given a tall scythe that was made out of the bones of a rattata. The scythe was taller than him at the time, and while he knew it was blunt, it was still very intimidating because it looked sharp. He loved it.

    After a while, he grew bored of the job he had. Finally, in the dead of night, he took his scythe and a chain of lockets he had of the people he had taken out, and left the Shinigamis. They didn’t know he had left, until he was long gone.

    Along his travels, the sableye came across an old funeral parlour that was still running. Curious, he poked his head in and was fascinated with all the coffins that were in the building. The old mortician noticed the ghost’s curiosity and asked for the sableye’s help, since they were getting older and couldn’t do as much in the funeral parlour anymore. The sableye gladly accepted. He needed a break from being out on the streets, wandering.

    After a while, the sableye grew bored of having no name, so he took the name of the funeral parlour. “Undertaker” he called himself. His human friend was overjoyed and soon, Undertaker and his friend were well known around the area for not only being the local morticans, but the local informants.

    The amount of gossip the two would get was astounding, and Undertaker would revel in his loot. He loved to hoard gossip, rumours and facts, and for a price, he would share this information with others. In one such trade, he was given a top hat and long coat, which he ripped the sleeves so that it would fit better. Another trade gave him his earrings, and soon after came a trade for the earrings to be put into his ears properly.

    After a while, the constant trading grew boring, so to spice things up some more, he told his customers that in order for him to share his information, they had to make him laugh. At first, they thought it would be easy, since Undertaker had a habit of chuckling at the strangest things. They soon found out that it was very hard to get him to laugh, and more often than not, people would turn away from the stoic sableye, which was just fine with him. If they couldn’t make him laugh, they weren’t worth his time.

    Even still, Undertaker’s work was trying on his mind. After all, one could only spend do much time around death before it starts to take a toll on them. His semi-unstable nature was reflected in how his snickering and giggling would increase overtime, and sometime he would have to hold a hand over his grin to stop himself from snickering at something completely morbid.

    Finally, the old man who ran the funeral parlour’s time came. He passed away in his sleep, and Undertaker made a coffin for him and had already arranged the funeral before people had really realized that he was dead. After all, Undertaker couldn’t let the man go without a proper funeral. In the man’s Will, he left the funeral parlour and it’s upkeep to Undertaker, who graciously accepted it, taking over the previous work as both a mortician and informant.

    Eventually Pokemon of deceased trainers would come to him to get information on how they died, if it was in strange circumstances, however, Undertaker’s price was too high for them, as none could make the sableye laugh, so they were not told anything other than “try again when you can make me laugh”.

    Then, Undertaker got wind of something amazingly interesting. An epidemic of pokemon that rose back up when they were bitten by what was being called an “infected.” Intrigued by this new plague, Undertaker left the funeral parlour, determined to gather information on this new plague and, if people could pay the price, spread this information.
    Bulbapedia "Sableye is a bipedal Pokémon with a dark purple body. It has pale blue, gemstone-like eyes, which allow it to see in low light and sparkle in the dark. It also has a red gemstone on its chest, and its back has a blue and green gemstone as well as another red one. These gem-like eyes and adornments on its body are caused by its diet, which consists of rocks and raw gemstones. It also has sharp teeth and claws. It is feared by people, since it is said to steal a person's soul if they look into its eyes. It is nocturnal and is rarely seen. It lives in caves."
    Appearance Much taller than the average Sableye, Undertaker's breed was bred specifically for its height and rarity. His skin is a very dark grey, almost black color that allows him to blend in the dark very well. He has many different white diamond-like gems, including one on the side of his head, above his left ear that looks like a devil's horn. He has a cluster of spiked gems on his shoulders and the backs of his hands. A single band made from gems stretches across his midriff, just under his ribs that is not unlike the metal on a Pawniard's torso.

    Undertaker has three noticeable scars, one around the circumference of his pinkie claw, one along his neck and one that goes from his left temple, across his eye and down to his right cheek. The gemstones that make up Undertaker's eyes are a yellow-green color, with a crack across his left eye that follows the scar. His eyes however, are covered by his silver hair - an odd mutation that he got through inbreeding to get his specific Sableye subspecies. The hair goes down to his hips, and while he knows it will probably grow more, he doesn't really care since he'll just cut it back.

    His most prized possessions are his scythe, coat, hat, earrings and his lockets. He has a long coat with torn sleeves that comes down to his thighs and a top hat that sits on the jewel on his forehead so it doesn't fall off. The hat has been extended to have extra material that hangs down like a Banette's head-ribbon. Around his neck is a long chain of lockets, each one has a name and date engraved on it, as well as a lock of fur/hair of whoever is engraved on the locket. In each top-most ear, Undertaker has a single gold stud earring. Above all else, Undertaker treasures his scythe. The scythe is made from the bones of a Rattata, with a thick wire threaded through the center of each bone to keep it all together. Attached to the skull of the Rattata is a large metal scythe-head, that while it looks sharp, it is dulled down so that it won't do damage. The bones are reinforced, but the wire that holds each bone together is weak, so if the scythe was ever used as a proper weapon, it would break.
    Accent Has a soft, yet deep British accent
    Religion Himself|Yveltal/Darkrai
    Motivation Get a good laugh and learn more about the world as it is now.
    Personality Pros
    Undertaker loves to camp out in tight spaces. He loves the confined feeling, since it reminds him of the time when he was at the funeral parlour. He loves caves and overgrown forests that he can duck and hide in alcoves, or under tree roots. Being confined does not bother him at all due to the time he would spend hiding in the coffins at the funeral parlour.

    Although he is a big prankster, Undertaker is also very serious at times when it calls for it. It can be jarring for others who aren’t used to the sudden shifts for him to go from this pranking idiot to a somewhat capable leader or fighter, but when the time calls for it, Undertaker can be deadly serious.

    From his previous work as a mortician, Undertaker is a great person for hosting funerals for a ‘mon’s loved ones. He isn’t afraid to get his claws dirty to dig out a grave, and if he has the materials available, he can scrounge up a decent gravestone. Even if he hasn’t known someone for that long he can always find something to say about them, unless they have annoyed him in some way, then he will say nothing.

    Undertaker is attracted to investigating strange and unusual deaths. If it’s a murder, or anything like that, he will investigate to the best of his ability. While others may not like to investigate a dead body for moral reasons, or even emotional reasons, Undertaker doesn’t worry about that if it’s someone he hasn’t even met.

    If he has the correct materials, Undertaker can make basic shapes from pieces of wood, stone and other materials like that with his claws. He is most familiar with the basic shape of a coffin because of how he would build them of an almost daily basis, but if he has the basic shape of something in his mind he makes a decent carpenter.

    Above all else, Undertaker loves to pull pranks. If it’s something as simple as jumping out and scaring someone, or a more elaborate prank like dumping water on them when they enter a room, Undertaker loves pranking others. While some of these pranks can be in bad tastes, Undertaker will come up with a joke or pun to quickly cover over something that could very well be disastrous for him.

    Undertaker is a little shit at heart, and if he finds someone that is emotionally vulnerable, or even if he is in a fight with another ‘mon, he will use Taunt to get under their skin and hit sore points, aiming to get them into a rage or even upset them so he can gain the upper hand. This doesn’t always work however, and in those cases, Undertaker will take his leave and get out of the area, leaving the ‘mon he Taunted to deal with themselves.

    Undertaker has a bad talent for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He sees it as fate toying with him to see if that’ll be the day that he dies, and often in cases like that Undertaker will get bitter at nothing, and mutter to himself before trying to talk his way out of whatever situation he managed to get himself into.

    He absolutely loves to scare people. If it’s with his scythe, or even by jumping out of nowhere and scaring someone, undertaker absolutely adores spooking others. He is excellent at coming up with scary stories about things he’s done in the past, often these stories have been grossly exaggerated, but sometimes he will actually tell true stories just to throw others off. He is a big fan of scary fireside stories.

    Undertaker has a bad habit of chuckling, snickering and giggling at the worst of times. Despite how he asks for people to make him laugh before he shares his information, if you know his tastes in jokes, he is surprisingly easy to make laugh. He finds extremely morbid things like dead bodies, death and anything to do with dismemberment amusing, and will giggle and laugh about these things if he comes across them.

    Because he knows how odd his scythe looks, Undertaker will grossly exaggerate how he got the scythe, often coming up with wild stories that seem believable. Only those who were actually there when he got the scythe know the true story, and because of this Undertaker takes great delight in coming up with scary stories for it. He also loves to scare and intimidate others by playing with the scythe. Often this includes spinning it in one hand, swinging it in the general vicinity of others and even pretending to cut himself on it.

    Undertaker punctuates his speech with his hands and other movements. He uses sweeping gestures and will sway as he talks to punctuate certain words if they have a bit of significance, blowing up stories to be a lot more than they actually are just by exaggerating the words with gestures and swaying. Undertaker also has a habit of unconsciously swaying from side to side when he talks. He knows he has this habit, but he just doesn’t bother to stop it.

    He is very interested in the lives of undead and will take any opportunity he can to investigate and observe undead as they got about whatever life they have left. He is morbidly obsessed with finding out about the virus, and will overrule his policy of making him laugh for information if someone can give him information he doesn’t know about the Epidemic. Undertaker finds it very amusing to poke dead things, and even undead with his scythe, just to see if they will move, or in the undead’s case, if they’ll react to him poking them.

    He claims his previous job with the Shinigamis was far too boring for his tastes, so he quit. He is happy to tell stories about it though.
    User Notes -Based off The Undertaker from the Kuroshitsuju manga
    -Using a mutator for the hair, ability and the Diamond subspecies of Sableye
    -Sucker punch was chain bred onto a Bisharp them bred onto The Undertaker because the breeders were trying to get the Diamond Sableye variation. Because of inbreeding however, it miscolored The Undertaker and he was abandoned
    -The scythe is purely for intimidation purposes. The Undertaker won't use it in battle, at most he will swing it around just to scare others.
    -The scythe itself is actually very brittle, being made of literal bones that is held together with a thick, but weak piece of wire through the center of each bone. The scythe blade is a strong, but semi-flimsy metal, that while it looks very sharp, the blade is actually dull. If The Undertaker were to use it as a weapon, the bones that make up the pole of the scythe would break and render it useless.
    Team notes Make him laugh and he'll tell you everything.
    Affiliations No known affiliations
    Development Notes Travelling around getting any and all information he can get on the Epidemic.

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