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    Elite Four Bertha


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    Elite Four Bertha Empty Elite Four Bertha

    Post by Maximum Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:05 am

    Elite Four Bertha 150px-Diamond_Pearl_Bertha
    Temporary Image

    Text Color 8A360F
    Theme(s) Feed the Birds
    Item -Rations for herself and her Pokemon
    -2 Full restores, 3 Hyper potions, 5 Full heals. First aid supplies
    -Some berries
    -Canteen for water
    -Spelunking gear (Rope, hooks, headlamp, batteries, helmet)
    -Canvas backpack
    Weapons -Her Pokemon
    -She's fairly strong in her own right
    -Knife, though it's usually used as a tool
    -Pistol, Last Resort
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
    Birthdate April 22
    Age 68 years
    Species Human
    Weight 130 lbs.
    Height 5'4''
    Region of origin Kanto, but has she has lived in Sinnoh for many years now.
    Occupation Sinnoh Elite Four
    Party Bertha has raised many different Ground types throughout her long life. She has outlived some, others retired from fighting, and the rest she cycled through so that challengers didn't always know what to expect from her other than the obvious type. The six pokemon here are the ones that she had on her when things went to hell. Peter and Eustace are the Pokemon she's had the longest.
    Pkm 1
    Elite Four Bertha 450-f
    Elite Four Bertha Pokeball
    Name- Destrier
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- 9D1309
    Species- Hippowdon
    Level- 70
    Ability- Sandstream
    Attack list-
    -Earthquake (Level)
    -Stone Edge (TM)
    -Crunch (Level)
    -Yawn (Level)
    **Smooth Rock pendant
    Pkm 2
    Elite Four Bertha 330
    Elite Four Bertha Pokeball
    Name- Eustace
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 629632
    Species- Flygon
    Level- 71
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Outrage (Tutor)
    -Crunch (Level)
    -Boomburst (Pre-evo level)
    **Wears a Rocky Helmet.
    Pkm 3
    Elite Four Bertha 423-e
    Elite Four Bertha Pokeball
    Name- Edmund
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 00CDCD
    Species- Gastrodon
    Level- 67
    Ability- Storm Drain
    Attack list-
    -Earth Power (Tutor)
    -Scald (TM)
    -Toxic (TM)
    -Recover (Level)
    **Holding Leftovers
    Pkm 4
    Elite Four Bertha 473-f
    Elite Four Bertha Pokeball
    Name- Lucy
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- AA5303
    Species- Mamoswine
    Level- 65
    Ability- Thick Fat
    Attack list-
    -Ice Shard (Pre-Evo Level)
    -Icicle Crash (Egg Move)
    -Earthquake (Level)
    -Superpower (Tutor)
    **Father was a Beartic. Lucy was bred specifically to have her ability and egg moves. Holds a Choice Band off and on.
    Pkm 5
    Elite Four Bertha Diggersby
    Elite Four Bertha Pokeball
    Name- Reepicheep
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- C4C4C4
    Species- Diggersby
    Level- 68
    Ability- Huge Power
    Attack list-
    -Return (TM)
    -Earthquake (Level)
    -Wild Charge (TM)
    -U-turn (TM)
    **Holds a Choice Scarf.
    Pkm 6
    Elite Four Bertha 464
    Elite Four Bertha Pokeball
    Name- Peter
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- FF7722
    Species- Rhyperior
    Level- 74
    Ability- Solid Rock
    Attack list-
    -Earthquake (Level)
    -Stone Edge (Level)
    -Ice Punch (Tutor)
    -Poison Jab (Start)
    **Wears an Assualt Vest.
    Quote "From the earth we came, and to the earth we will return."
    History Many might be surprised to learn that Bertha was born in Lavender Town; the town known for ghosts and the resting place of many Pokemon in Kanto. They would also be shocked to learn she had a sister four years older than she was. Bertha doesn't discuss these facts very often, though the first piece of information comes up much more easily. Her sister had a powerful connection to ghosts, and she was incredibly vindictive. More often than not, Bertha did not feel safe in her own home, and when she was old enough to leave the house, she often wandered straight out of town to escape the ghosts that were her sister's friends. Despite her youth, she was fairly smart and new how to avoid dangers, and it also helped that she made friends with multiple ground type Pokemon that lived on the edges of town. Her favorite spot to play was the Rocky Tunnel to the north of town; the dark cave drawing her adventurous eyes. Even when her sister was kicked out of the house, the damage had been done, and Bertha didn't feel at home there.

    When she was old enough to leave on her journey, a young Rhyhorn joined her for her travels, and she delighted in battling with him and also riding him in various races. She wanted to explore, and see what the world had to offer. The different caves she could find often sidetracked her, but she also found delight in exploring places above ground. As she traveled, she obviously favored the sturdy and powerful ground types that she came across, and saw no reason to not use them. Her sister also made a name for herself as a powerful trainer in Kanto, and though Bertha was old enough and could fight back now, several years of being terrorized had left a deep imprint on her. She wasn't quite ready to travel across the seas yet, so she elected to go to Johto to continue her journey. The region's rich history and hidden areas kept her attention, and she was able to wander with less fear than before. Eventually, she decided to head to visit other regions, and Sinnoh, with Mt. Coronet caught her attention. She decided to travel there, and her prowess with ground types caught the eye of the League.

    She wasn't sure if she was ready to settle down quite yet, though the offer of being an Elite Four member was amazing. Her decision was made for her when her sister caught up with her and dropped a baby in her arms with a clear statement, "This looks like it's up your alley. If you don't take it, it's going in the river." Her sister then vanished again, presumably back to Kanto, and Bertha was suddenly a single mother. She couldn't let the poor child suffer, and she took very well to being a mother. However, she could no longer travel, for the child needed safety and security, and she joined the Sinnoh Elite Four. She resented that her sister would go off and have a child just to dump them off on her, but it wasn't the baby's fault. Despite many questions and side-eyeing, she never denied that she was the child's mother.

    Finally staying in one place was strange and so was learning how to be a mother, but it was what she needed to do. Battling people who came to the Elite Four managed to sate her need for adrenaline, however, and she was soon able to settle into the new rhythm. She also took an interest in raising new Pokemon, and her child was able to learn about Pokemon raising from her. The child didn't know that Bertha wasn't their mother until they eventually heard some rumors about Bertha when they were much older. It originally started with wanting to know about their father, which had been an extremely common question, and then Bertha decided they were old enough to know the truth. Her sister had a bit of a reputation, and realizing that she was their mother was shocking. Unfortunately, even Bertha didn't know who their father was, so that question would have to remain unanswered. They decided that it didn't matter anyway, for Bertha was the one who raised and loved them, and decided to also keep quiet on the matter. It obviously didn't bother Bertha for people to spread rumors about her, and they honestly didn't want everyone to know who their real mother was. Eventually, Bertha's adopted child gets married and has a daughter, and Bertha dotes on her grandchild as much as she can. The granddaughter also shared Bertha's love of caves and dark places, and when she went on her own journey, favored dark types.

    More years pass, and an evil team in her beloved region rose up and threatened to destroy the world. Unfortunately, it fell to the hands of three children to stop them, and to this day, Bertha regrets that she couldn't have done more to stop the villains. Events came to a head too quickly for her to get as involved as she would have liked, and, while she is grateful the three children stopped it, she feels guilt that saving the world had to fall to them. She wasn't too surprised to see two of them come to challenge her later, and the fights they gave her were ones to remember. They were both victorious over her, and she sent them along with a smile. Things in Sinnoh were fairly quiet after that, and several years of peace followed.

    Then there were tales of Pokemon becoming sick and violent, and the epidemic hit Sinnoh. The strange illness made Pokemon become horribly violent, and even if they died, they would come right back. Humans infected with the disease were guaranteed to die, though more died from their beloved partners getting infected. The Sinnoh League was abandoned as people tried to migrate away from the disease, and Bertha remained behind to make sure everyone got out. She lost track of Lucian and Will, and realizing that they weren't with the others, she set out to look for them.
    Accent A mixed accent, but it is more American Southern than anything else.
    Appearance Bertha is an older woman with grey hair and warm brown eyes. She is about average height for a woman, and she looks rather healthy.  Despite merely looking like a healthy older woman, she physically very strong. After chasing and carrying little ground Pokemon around a lot, she picked up a fair amount of muscle that is usually hidden under her clothes. She still has her old E4 outfit, but she wears more practical clothing now. She currently wears tan canvas pants, a black sweater, and tends to wear her signature brown scarf as much as possible. Her grey hair is normally pulled back into a bun so that it doesn't fall in her face, and she doesn't have the time or supplies to do much else with it.
    Religion She has a strong belief in the afterlife due to her upbringing, and has a strong faith in the legends. Due to the Team Galactic incident, however, she knows that the legends are also beings with feelings and can be hurt.
    Personality -Kind
       Concerned for other's wellbeing, and she wants to help people.
       She's old, she knows it, but life is too short to be obsessed with being an "adult."
       She is a caretaker of Pokemon and people. She is concerned for anyone under her care, and children have a soft spot in her heart.
       Also, just like a mother, if you mess with her kids, expect a mother bear reaction.
       She's been around the block many times.
       Like a mule.
       You know exactly where you stand with Bertha. She doesn't believe in dancing around issues and would prefer if you were also clear with her.
       You have to go out of your way to piss her off.
       She is under no illusions about her age. She will always put those younger than her before herself.
    -Willing to Compromise/Listen  
       She wants the best for others, and she realizes that she's not always right.
    -Confident in her and her pokemon's power
       She was a member of the Elite Four.
    -Knows her and their limits.
    -Isn't afraid of death
       Being raised in Lavender town instilled a certain peace that eventually everyone will die, and as she's aged, it's only been reinforced.
    -Not in a hurry to die.
    Affiliations -Agatha- They look strangely alike, do they not?
    -Lucian- fellow Sinnoh Elite Four. He loved to hear her stories of her adventures.
    -Will- Lucian's brother. Bertha suspected something wasn't quite right with Lucian and Will's parents’ relationship with the boy, and she tried to make up for it by mothering him when he visited Lucian. Granted, she was already being a mother hen to Lucian, so this wasn't a big surprise.
    -Aaron- Fellow Sinnoh Elite Four
    -Flint- Fellow Sinnoh Elite Four
    -Cynthia- Sinnoh Champion.
    -Karen- Granddaughter. Technically great-niece, but Karen isn't aware of that.
    User Notes -Anyone who has fought me probably recognizes three of these Pokemon. Sorry not sorry.
    -She can't help but mistrust ghost Pokemon and those who use them at first. Individuals can ease her fears quickly, but her sister's friends gave her a very bad impression of them when she was younger.

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