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    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG


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    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG Empty Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG

    Post by Silverishness Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:16 am

    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG 150px-FireRed_LeafGreen_Agatha

    Text Color #9e769b
    Theme(s) Pokemon Tower
    Item Walking cane, pain medication [generic], food rations, water pouch, chloroform (to get to sleep fast).
    Weapons A large Switchblade and technically the chloroform.
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She/Her
    Birthdate 10/13
    Age 72
    Species Human
    Weight 135.8
    Height 5'4"
    Region of origin Kanto
    Occupation Former Kanto Elite Four/ Former Informant/ Former Spy
    Party Agatha has always kept ghosts by her side. Though she has lost a few pokemon to the epidemic and its clutches, she continues on.
    Pkm 1
    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG Spr_6x_094
    Name/Gender- Boo [F]
    Text colour- #6b3e68
    Species- Gengar
    Level- 76
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    -Sludge Bomb (TM)
    **Agatha's first partner. Has been with her since childhood.
    Pkm 2
    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG Spr_6x_609
    Name/Gender- Della [F]
    Text colour- #57a4c7
    Species- Chandelure
    Level- 67
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Psychic (TM)
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Pain Split (Learned)
    Pkm 3
    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG Spr_6x_709
    Name/Gender- Hangman [M]
    Text colour- #825a2a
    Species- Trevenant
    Level- 60
    Ability- Harvest
    Attack list-
    -Horn Leech (Learned)
    -Phantom Force (Learned)
    -Leech Seed (Learned)
    -Will-O-Wisp (Learned)
    Pkm 4
    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG Spr_6x_478
    Name/Gender- Yuki-onna [F]
    Text colour- #4fd9ff
    Species- Froslass
    Level- 68
    Ability- Cursed Body
    Attack list-
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Thunderbolt (TM)
    -Attract (TM)
    Pkm 5
    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG Spr_6x_302
    Name/Gender- Imp [F]
    Text colour- #0569ff
    Species- Sableye
    Level- 54
    Ability- Prankster
    Attack list-
    -Knock Off (Learned)
    -Fake Out (Learned)
    -Detect (Learned)
    -Pain Split (Tutor)
    Pkm 6
    Agatha the BITTER OLD HAG Spr_6x_681_s
    Name/Gender- Masamune [F]
    Text colour- #a80000
    Species- Aegislash
    Level- 66
    Ability- Stance Change
    Attack list-
    -King's Shield (Learned)
    -Iron Head (Learned)
    -Sacred Sword (Learned)
    -Toxic (TM)
    **Agatha straight up stole this rare pokemon, infuriated that her former trainer was merely using the once Honedge as Contest fodder.
    Quote "Fuck Oak."
    History HISTORY
    Accent Slightly Southern/ American
    Appearance Agatha looks pretty damn good for her age. Good for her. She tends to wear her normal clothes, as she doesn't make a point to travel often-- that's what young people are for.
    Religion Giratina
     -Like a fucking mule.
    -No one crosses her. At least, no one lives to do it again.
    -Obsesses over some grudges more than others. Her grudge against Oak has nearly consumed her in the past; though it has lessened in its outward fury, she still fully intends to kill not only him, but the rest of his hateful lineage.
    -Besides her pokemon, (and even with them, sometimes even they apply) all of her thoughts, efforts and skills are honed toward keeping herself alive and well. Not "happy" -she has never claimed herself happy- but content.
     -Brash and unwilling to compromise her own thoughts and ideals for some snot-nosed asshole, Agatha always says what she feels and when she feels it.
     -There is no force above, below or beyond that will keep her from getting what she wants.
    -Feels entitled to whatever she wants because she's fucking old.
    -She tends to set her goals carefully, but once she does, she won't let it go.
    -No one can ever claim she dreamed small. Agatha enjoys a bountiful imagination despite her old age and is eager, even now, to see just how much farther her reach can go.
    -She gives much credit for her many achievements in life to her ambition.
    -Can be sadistic when it comes to her enemies; she enjoys every moment of pain she gives them.
    -Agatha is a seasoned woman, learned in the ways of intrigue and subterfuge. There is always a perfect time to strike, to get the best results. Generally speaking, she is usually patient enough to wait for this moment, even if she's impatient regarding just about anything else.
     -Extremely resourceful; tends to maximize the items and people at her disposal.
    -One could call her scheming.
    -Rather than bask in the center of attention, Agatha prefers to keep to the sidelines to watch others around her. She does not enjoy many social exchanges, but one every now and again is tolerable.
    -She prefers sending letters via pokemon -usually her Gengar or Sableye- rather than speaking with people face to face. Such personal contact is usually saved for a special occasion or a last resort.
    -Fucking sister.
    -Dumbass kid.
    -Another dumbass kid.
    -Attractive boss. ("Boss".)
    -Slutty secretary/ coworker. Not fond. (As a note, she is aware of Clair and mildly enjoys her.)
    User Notes -USERNOTES


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