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    Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite]


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    Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite] Empty Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite]

    Post by Abysswalker Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:35 pm

    Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite] IXmMkjp

    Daisy Oak
    Text Color fba5ac
    Theme(s) Daughters of Chaos
    Item Medical supplies (includes Pokemon-oriented items, i.e potions and super potions), half-full canteen, rations, sewing kit, picture of her and Blue, Scizor's empty Pokeball
    Weapons Handgun, Blue's Pokemon
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She|Her
    Birthdate December 24th
    Age 29
    Species Human
    Weight 122.7 lbs
    Height 5'11"
    Region of origin Kanto
    Occupation Pokemon Doctor, Pokemon Coordinator
    Party Her Blissey was her only personal Pokemon, prior to the epidemic. The Blastoise and Porygon-Z belonged to Blue, while the Togetic was found in the wild. Daisy once also had Blue's Scizor before he was lost to an undead attack.
    Pkm 1
    Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite] 242
    Name/Gender: Maggie/female
    Text colour: #a1ceff
    Species: Blissey
    Level: 40
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Attack list:
    -Light Screen (TM)
    -Aromatherapy (Bred)
    -Heal Pulse (Level Up)
    -Hyper Voice (Tutor)
    Pkm 2
    Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite] 009
    Name/Gender: Valjean/male
    Text colour: #4863a0
    Species: Blastoise
    Level: 78
    Ability: Torrent
    Attack list:
    -Flash Cannon (Start)
    -Surf (HM)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Mirror Coat (Bred)
    **Previously owned by Blue; named by Daisy herself
    Pkm 3
    Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite] 474
    Name/Gender: Zippy/agender masculine
    Text colour: #c9210c
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Level: 67
    Ability: Adaptability
    Attack list:
    -Tri Attack (Level Up)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Thunder Wave (TM)
    -Psychic (TM)
    **Previously owned by Blue; named by Daisy herself
    Pkm 4
    Daisy Oak [Mahogany|Elite] 176
    Name/Gender: Snowy/female
    Text colour: #deb6db
    Species: Togetic
    Level: 33
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Attack list:
    -Wish (Level Up)
    -Safeguard (TM)
    -Heal Bell (Tutor)
    -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    "I'm Daisy, Daisy Oak. Maybe you've heard of my kid brother, Blue?"
    "Pokemon are living creatures too. They deserve rest and support just as much as any human does."
    History Daisy Oak was born and raised in the little town of Pallet, the oldest of two siblings. While her little brother Blue had big dreams and a competitive personality, Daisy was content with a quiet, simple life. The Pokemon around their town seemed drawn to her calm energy, and she quickly became known in the small town as being well-loved by just about any Pokemon that drew near her. With her mother's permission, Daisy was even able to adopt and care for a Chansey that had been given to her mother by a retired nurse. After some time, Daisy gained an interest in learning more about Pokemon and their health; with a famous professor as her grandfather, it wasn't hard for the girl to be able to gain more knowledge about taking care of Pokemon. Despite Blue's obvious desire to be a trainer, and the fact beginners often passed through Pallet to start their own journeys, Daisy herself was rather reluctant to put any Pokemon into a situation where they could get hurt. Even when offered the chance to go out on her own with a starter, Daisy declined and stayed in Pallet. She would remain even when Blue set off by himself, a little Eevee bounding after him; his rival and her neighbor Red would do the same thing not long after, though not with an Eevee.

    As her younger brother grew increasingly infamous in the battling scene, Daisy began to become more involved in her education about Pokemon health and care-taking. The townspeople knew her not just as the sweet Oak girl with a love of Pokemon, but also as a reliable person to turn to in case of trouble. She even began to sometimes travel to places further away, such as Viridian and Pewter, in order to see the Pokemon Centers there and how they worked. Sometimes Daisy would meet up with Blue again, and what she observed was troubling; his Pokemon looked so exhausted, and her brother occasionally spoke quite sharply to them. Not willing to let such behavior go, Daisy began to speak up, telling Blue that he needed to let his Pokemon rest and recover. They were living creatures, she told him, not fighting machines that he could treat with little respect.

    He never listened, though.

    Daisy's contact with her brother began to dissolve afterwards, until they were barely speaking to each other. When he eventually reached champion status, she did not feel the joy or pride that should've accompanied her brother achieving such an honor, knowing that his Pokemon must have been shoved beyond even the usual limits for League challenges. She could not help but wonder how long Blue could keep his title with his Pokemon being run ragged in such a way...and sure enough, it wasn't long before Red came and took the crown. Maybe, Daisy thought, this was the catalyst Blue needed to see how much he needed to change how he treated his team members. The loss could be less painful that way. Instead, Daisy could do nothing as Blue took the title of Viridian Gym Leader and became even more ruthless in battle over the years.

    It was then Daisy decided that she could not spend her life trying to change her brother, and that he would have to learn on his own. She only wished she could have helped his Pokemon more...and put even more focus into her training to be a medical professional for Pokemon.
    During this time, Daisy was given the opportunity to go traveling with her mother, and was introduced to Pokemon coordinating and the contest scene. She was practically born for it, and flourished even in the more competitive aspects. Preferring to be seen only as a normal girl from Pallet, Daisy never used her full name, and luckily nobody outside of Kanto really knew anything about her. Coordination became something she really loved, and it provided a way out of the stress of her home region. As much as Daisy loved Pallet, it seemed to remind her of the trouble with her brother even when she tried to put it out of her mind. Balancing both her new hobby and her continued training in the medical field provided a healthy state of mind for Daisy.

    A few days after Daisy returned home, she and her mother got a frantic message from Blue, freaking out over the apparent theft of his Umbreon. Daisy was stunned-Pokemon theft was not unheard of in the region, of course, but who in their right mind would ever risk stealing an ex-Champion and Gym Leader's Pokemon? Putting the issues with Blue aside, Daisy helped with the search for Umbreon; as time dragged on, however, all of the signs pointed to the possibility that there was no theft. Umbreon had simply run away.
    Daisy knew it was a huge blow to Blue; seeing his confidence and passion fade was something she'd never expected to happen. And so, in a big sister fashion, she gave him encouragement and advice. As her brother began to slowly turn things around, and treat his Pokemon with love and compassion, Daisy was there for him, always ready to make sure both Blue and his Pokemon were in good health. She'd never stopped loving her brother, but seeing the changes he made brought not only happiness to her, but pride as well.

    Before the epidemic began, Daisy was out of Kanto for one of the bigger Contest holdings taking place abroad. She'd brought along a few of Blue's Pokemon; she'd personally asked to be able to spend time with them while Blue was back in Kanto with a full party of his Gym Pokemon. So when news of the outbreak first popped up and it began to spread at an alarming rate, Daisy wasn't home in Pallet-but she needed to be. Leaving the region she was in, however, wasn't going to be easy. Having refused to follow through with the order to release Pokemon, Daisy had to be careful to avoid people-and when chaos really caught on like wildfire, it was all she could do to just stay alive. The virus did more than just kill, she soon discovered, it brought the dead back to life into violent, rotting forms...but only Pokemon. Humans stayed dead. Daisy had never felt so much fear for her own life, and that of her family; she had to get back to Kanto.
    But time dragged on. With movement so dangerous, she barely made any progress at all for months, which stretched into years...and along the way, she lost not only other survivors she came across, but also Blue's Scizor. Infected wounds, illnesses she had nothing to combat with, the reanimating virus itself, the living dead, so many things Daisy either could not stop at all or couldn't help in time took others' lives. What was the point of her experience in medicine if she couldn't save anyone, not even her brother's own Pokemon?

    Despite her surroundings of doubt and fear, Daisy kept going. She is determined to find her family and ensure their safety, and the most likely place to find them was in their home region. All she has to do is reach it.
    Accent n/a
  • Long brown hair, often tied back into a messy ponytail; green eyes
  • Wears scrubs and a white overcoat that are both now filthy from dirt, grime, blood, et cetera; she also has a large grey shoulder bag that contains medical supplies
  • Rarely seen without a smile when talking to others, though when she is working, Daisy's expressions shifts to one that is far more focused and serious
  • Confident stature, holds herself up proudly, very straight and healthy posture, almost never slouches; Daisy is physically healthy and has a lot of lean muscle.
  • Religion Daisy has always felt a spiritual connection to the traditional Kanto legends, such as the elemental bird trio and Mew. She also holds respect towards the Johto Legendaries, but is not as connected to them.
    Personality +Compassionate+
    -Daisy truly cares about the suffering of others. She hates seeing people or Pokemon in pain, and will always try to help them, whether it be easing the physical pain or simply being there for them when they need a shoulder to lean on. She's an attentive listener, refrains from judgment, and tries her best to reach out to those who might not know or accept that they need help.
    -Though she has seen the way some people truly are, Daisy is still someone willing to strike up a friendly conversation, and thrives on companionship. While she adores her Pokemon just as much as anyone else, Daisy still greatly misses the company of other human beings. She can talk about almost anything and has a great amount of enthusiasm for quite a few topics, the most prominent being Pokemon coordination, various religions, and her experiences traveling to other regions.
    -Daisy believes firmly that the undead cannot be saved, though she's uncertain towards those who are merely infected. Thus, she has taken precautions to protect herself against them, seeing the act of self-defense as being justified. She might not like using guns or having her Pokemon kill, but letting them or herself die is a far worse alternative.
    -Daisy is also not naïve enough to assume that every person is safe and not unwilling to resort to robbery or murder in order to get what they want.
    +Plagued with guilt+
    -Each person she can't save, or even help a little, is another blow against Daisy's conscience. The guilt is huge, and in her low moods, she will dwell endlessly on the things she could've done differently. Even the tiniest mistakes can be targeted and dragged back to her, whether or not they had anything to do with how the situation ended.
    -The fact that she could not save Blue's Scizor, one of his trusted and beloved Pokemon, is something Daisy might not ever forgive herself for.
    -Daisy wants to help people be the best they can possibly be.
    -While not shy to giving constructive criticism-it's necessary, after all-she enjoys giving out praise to others' strengths more; it tends to make them smile, after all. However, Daisy will not and will never encourage behavior or habits that could harm either others or the person themselves.
    +Doubting herself+
    -Daisy has had her share of mistakes and failures. Acting too late to save a person's life, being unable to reach Kanto in the span of four years, Scizor's death-all of this spawns doubt that attacks her mind and the confidence she has in her abilities. Daisy cannot help but wonder if she will ever make it back to Pallet, or if she will eventually get all of her Pokemon killed.
    -While she's held onto the belief that her mom and brother are okay throughout the years, Daisy is still worried sick for them; there has been many times where she has woken in the middle of the night thanks to nightmares depicting them dying in often brutal ways.
    +Numb to death+
    -While fiercely protective of others, Daisy has seen so many survivors did that seeing it again would likely bring out no emotion. Despite the fact she is not usually cold or callous, this event has hurt her so many times before that Daisy began to instinctively repress any sort of feelings towards the deaths of most.
    -Key word here, of course, is "most": the exceptions would be her Pokemon and her family.
    -Daisy is very attuned to her own emotions, and has never had trouble connecting with the pain, fear, and overall experiences of other people, even if she hasn't gone through what they have. Thanks to this trait, which she is fully aware of, Daisy is always willing to be a shoulder for other people to lean on in times of trouble. Her empathy is a huge part of why Daisy is both so reluctant to hurt other people and Pokemon alike and why she blames herself so much when others cannot be saved.
    -Along with her kind, gentle nature, Daisy can also be a lot like a mom in other ways, such as making sure the people she cares about take care of themselves. Daisy isn't the type to take a lot of bad attitude, and as stated before, will not simply let damaging behaviors go on unchecked. She genuinely cares about people, and sometimes that means saying things that they might not like; Daisy isn't afraid to point out a truth if it is for somebody's health.

    (couldn't think of one-word summaries for these, whoops)
  • Around the right people, Daisy has a diverse sense of humor and loves to laugh. This sort of relaxed behavior does wonders for her stress levels, but it's been a long time since Daisy has been around a person she feels entirely comfortable being so open and cheerful around. Typically, Daisy is a lot more guarded, still showing a caring side while still keeping things to herself.
  • Daisy is a bit more wary of humans who are trainers, thanks to her experiences helping abused Pokemon and those with her brother; she tries not to let it dictate her entire view of that person, but the bias exists regardless.
  • She is determined to not let another one of Blue's Pokemon come to harm, and is extremely protective of them, even more so than Maggie and Snowy. This means Daisy is also a lot more stern and occasionally even impatient with them, as she believes they have a tendency to overestimate their own strength. Because of this, she has developed a habit of running from the undead, and only letting Valjean and Zippy fight if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Daisy shows an entirely different side with people who she knows have willingly hurt others without caring about it. She will be cold, show little of her inner emotions, and will not treat them with the same kindness and warmth she does with most other people. If placed under threats of injury or even death, Daisy will go along to keep her Pokemon safe, but will try to escape, or at least work against them, as soon as she has the right opportunity.

  • Affiliations Blue
    User Notes
  • Changed a few things from her original profile, once of the most prominent being that she never went to HQ.
  • Her brother's Scizor was named by her as well; his name was Kaszal.

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