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Elite Four Aaron


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Elite Four Aaron Empty Elite Four Aaron

Post by Abysswalker Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:40 pm


Text Color CDF5B7
Theme(s) listen. it WILL be The After(life) of the Party
Item Universal communicator (only thing typically kept on his person)
In his room: MP3 player, two pairs of headphones, handful of various CDs, a few notepads and pens, several accessories (earrings, rings, etc.), three bottles of fingernail polish (two greens and black; only one is unused)
Weapons Though assigned a firearm, he rarely keeps it on his person. It stays quite secure in his room (bc he doesn’t like guns)
Gender Identity Genderfluid (he/him)
Birthdate December 19th
Age 30
Species Human
Weight 167 lbs
Height 5’10”
Region of origin Sinnoh | Eterna City
Occupation Sinnoh Elite Four Member | HQ security
Party He stubbornly kept a consistent team during his E4 days, mostly because he hated the thought of swapping them out for other Pokemon. (Also, these movesets might be outdated. I’m still editing)
Pkm 1
Name: Julie (she/her)
Text colour: C67171
Species: Vespiquen
Level: 71
Ability: Pressure
Attack list:
-Attack Order (Level)
-Defend Order (Level)
-Power Gem (Level)
-Air Slash (Level)
Pkm 2
Name: Judas (he/him)
Text colour: DCA2CD
Species: Drapion
Level: 70
Ability: Sniper
Attack list:
-Cross Poison (METHOD)
-Knock Off (METHOD)
Pkm 3
Name: Pollyanna (she/her)
Text colour: 7D9EC0
Species: Beautifly
Level: 68
Ability: Swarm
Attack list:
-Bug Buzz (Level)
-Psychic (TM)
-Quiver Dance (Level)
-Morning Sun (Level)
Pkm 4
Name: Cassius (she/her)
Text colour: 1C86EE
Species: Dustox
Level: 68
Ability: Shield Dust
Attack list:
-Bug Buzz (Level)
-Light Screen (Level)
-Toxic (Level)
-Protect (Level)
Pkm 5
Name: Romala (she/her)
Text colour: E18E2E
Species: Galvantula
Level: 67
Ability: Compoundeyes
Attack list:
-Thunderbolt (TM)
-Bug Buzz (Level)
-Thunder Wave (TM)
-Giga Drain (TM)
Pkm 6
Quote ”Remind me never to catch the flu again.”

Everyone knows ‘Bug Catchers’: how they’re not difficult to defeat, how they’re only obstacles for beginner trainers. Aaron himself was a Bug Catcher, back when he was small and helpless. That painted a target on his back like nothing else. Most people talked a big game about how wonderful and life-changing a Pokemon journey could be, but they always ignored the less fun sides. Bigger kids enjoyed using him as an easy target; they liked bullying him, hurting his Bug-type friends, stealing his pocket money, anything and everything humiliating. His parents were of no help. All they did was ask him why he didn’t stand up to his bullies, which hurt worse than anything the other kids ever did.

Aaron hated feeling those awful emotions. He hated being a punching bag. So he did the one thing left to him; he made sure nobody would ever mess with his bugs again. Most people thought little of Bug-types, but his? They were different. In battle, they weren’t merely annoyances but rather monsters to struggle against. As he grew older, everyone familiar with Aaron knew him as the Bug Catcher turned Bug Menace, the companion of Pokemon nobody wanted to cross in a fight. There was a sweet revenge in how his old tormentors looked away fearfully when his Vespiquen was out and about.

So potent was his battling prowess that it became his defining feature during the course of his life. Aaron focused nearly everything into his career, forgoing close relationships with other people despite his seemingly social personality and reveling in all the attention and validation his talent afforded him. Competitive battling became who he was, and it gave him what he’d always wanted. Aaron was no longer looked down upon; he was popular, admired, confident. His Pokemon were practically glowing with strength. How could he turn away from it all? Hobbies, friendships-Aaron shoved them aside, never noticing or caring much for the toll it inflicted upon him.

With his abilities, it was perhaps a foregone conclusion that he would be offered a place in the Sinnoh Elite Four, something he accepted without a second thought. Not everything became perfect in his world, though. People fawned over the idea of a Bug-type trainer rising so high in the ranks, and it was an impressive gig, but for Aaron himself, there was a certain irritation in being considered the weakest of the group. He never quite bonded with the others as a result, always letting that internal jealousy keep him from even a hope of friendship between peers. Still, the battles were easily worth it, and it let him continue with what he loved. That was all Aaron truly cared about. He had his job, and his Pokemon; everything else was secondary.

Or, at least, it was. The epidemic changed that, of course. It stole away his familiar beloved Sinnoh League, stole away the life he’d made, and worse than anything else, it stole one of his cherished partners, his Heracross, her own life ending in violence. But unlike so many others, Aaron was lucky, privileged enough to have a place at the Indigo League with countless other people like him, safe from the undead. Nothing could bring back his companion, but at least her friends had all survived. He’s remained there at HQ all these years, working a boring security job and occasionally coming down with the goddamn flu.

Appearance •Has lost quite a bit of weight from his illness, and will still look under the weather
•Light green hair, light green eyes; the former is completely natural, no dye required. He’s also started to let it grow longer.
•When he shows up in RP, his outfit will be the following: black V-neck sweater, gray pinstripe pants, black boots w/ silver trim, and a black choker (mentioned below)
•Adores accessories, and has quite a few of them, though he never wears all of them at the same time (except the earrings LMAO). They include: black stud piercings, silver cartilage ring earrings, a thin silver necklace, a black choker with a silver heart clasp, and multiple rings with Bug-type engravings (his favorite are the pair with Combee).
•Wears dark green nail polish.
Religion //SHRUG
Personality •very social, gets depressed when deprived of company, the heart of the party. never passes up a chance to hang out with others unless he really hates them. also always seems to know other people’s drama, and often indulges in gossip purely because he thinks it’s fun
•however, though he talks a lot and acts rather flippant and careless, he‘s careful not to give away his own secrets or vulnerabilities. far more guarded than you would expect. one could speak with him for hours and yet still barely know anything about him
•a very sensitive person at heart, and acts according to impulse; he is easily hurt by insults and mockery, and has physically fought with people over them before. prone to misinterpreting tone and reading malice/judgment where there is none
•can be very petty, even vengeful if pushed hard enough; if someone treats him like shit he will stop at nothing to completely piss them off and make their life worse. honestly a trash talker, both to someone’s face and behind their back
•simultaneously overconfident and yet insecure; though he can be cocky at times, especially when it comes to his battling ability, he is constantly occupied with what others think of him. can never seem to be content with who he is on his own terms. NEEDS validation and approval from other people or else his self-image/self-esteem will implode
•has no concept of balance in his life, whether personal or professional. he used to neglect his own needs (especially in regard to his mental health) in favor of his career, and though that career is now technically dead outside of a title used by HQ, Aaron still hasn’t learned how to keep himself together in a healthy way. Competitive battling and being an E4 member was his whole life, his entire identity; without it, he feels as though his existence is a void, purposeless
•this is incredibly obvious, but he adores Bug-types, regular bugs, anything that so much as resembles a bug (such as Lurantis). he does not bother listening to people who don’t like bugs; he will adore even the scariest looking insects. the type of guy to defend wasps (I mean that in a good way)
•Despite not focusing on them for most of his life, Aaron still has a lot of interests: fashion, music (both listening to and creating it), making accessories, that sort of thing. he really likes switching up his looks, even in small ways; doing so helps ease his day-to-day anxiety. When not hanging out with people, he tries to fill his time and thoughts with at least one of his hobbies
Affiliations AFFILIATE
User Notes •love you baby boy <3


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