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    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]]


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    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Empty Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:14 am

    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Karenandwallace_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8rzhfe

    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Wallace_zpsf71c582d

    Text Color #00e3a3
    Theme(s) Diamonds [Steam Powered Giraffe]
    Item Various beauty maintenance products, brush, hat, change of clothes, leather messenger bag, lighter, small med kit, water pouch
    Weapons Small hunting knife, Military issue handgun [rarely used], fishing trident
    Gender Male
    Age 25
    Species Human
    Weight 132.3 lbs
    Height 5'10"
    Occupation Former Gym Leader/ Sootopolis Guardian
    Party His Luvdisc was killed in the early stages of the Epidemic's chaotic reign. He was not nearly as sad as he probably should have been.

    His team is also entirely Male.
    Pkm 1
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_350_m
    Species- Milotic "Siren" [M]
    Text color- #F07575
    Level- 70
    Ability- Competitive
    Attack list-
    -Scald (TM)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Recover (Learned)
    -Substitute (TM)
    Carries Leftovers
    Pkm 2
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_184
    Species- Azumarill "Bubbles" [M]
    Text color- #52A7E0
    Level- 57
    Ability- Huge Power
    Attack list-
    -Ice Punch (Turor)
    -Superpower (Learned)
    -Waterfall (HM)
    -Play Rough (Learned)
    **Carries Choice Scarf
    Pkm 3
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_130_m
    Species- Gyarados "Leviathan" (Levvy) [M]
    Text color- #297EA3
    Level- 67
    Ability- Intimidate
    Attack list-
    -Dragon Dance (Learned)
    -Waterfall (HM)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Iron Head (Tutor)
    Carries Life Orb
    Pkm 4
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_581
    Species- Swanna "Rothbart" [M]
    Text color- #CCEBFF
    Level- 55
    Ability- Hydration
    Attack list-
    -Surf (HM)
    -Hurricane (Learned)
    -Rain Dance (Learned)
    -Defog (Learned)
    Carries Focus Sash
    Pkm 5
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_593_m
    Species- Jellicent "Regal" [M]
    Text color- #A3E4F5
    Level- 55
    Ability- Cursed Body
    Attack list-
    -Scald (TM)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    -Shadow Ball (Learned)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    Carries Assault Vest
    Pkm 6
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_368
    Species- Gorebyss "Ex" [M]
    Text color- #EBADDE
    Level- 60
    Ability- Swift Swim
    Attack list-
    -Draining Kiss (Learned)
    -Hydro Pump (Learned)
    -Psychic (Learned)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    Carries Choice Specs
    Quote "Steven, don't you see? I'm your fabulous guardian angel. I'm allowed to fuss."
    History Wallace was born and raised in Sootopolis, where he fell in love with the water. Its beauty, its elegance-- it engrossed the young boy's mind for years as he grew up in the renowned limestone city. When he was old enough, he immediately took the opportunity to become a pokemon trainer, claiming his starter pokemon-- an adorable little mudkip.

    Life was fairly decent to Wallace as he grew as both a man and trainer. His love for water and water-type pokemon only grew along with him, eventually mastering commanding the type all together. Finding the boy he'd met on that day in Lilycove, they struck up a fast and solid friendship. He and Steven traveled Hoenn for quite some time, their friendship growing into something more, at least on Wallace's end. He soon found he harbored feelings for the steel trainer, but once confessed, found they were not reciprocated. Wallace soon split from his traveling companion, finding it a little too difficult to resist damaging their friendship more with his own trivial crush. The absence would be brief however; they still traveled in tandem with the other, often spying traces of the other along the road of collecting Gym badges and to Evergrande City itself. They would eventually meet back up there, picking back up where they last left off.

    The year-end tournament was a glorious, beautiful thing. Wallace did well enough by himself, but was bested in one of the semi-final rounds; a loss he took with grace. He took to cheering on Steven all the way to the top, wholeheartedly congratulating the other once Steven proved to be the better. Though Wallace did lose, he was scouted by his hometown's Gym Leader to become his apprentice. He readily accepted and soon, the boys were off to live their new lives.

    Wallace did well as a Gym Leader; he loved the fame and somewhat easy job, as well as the easy communication with his old best friend. Though his crush was effectively... crushed by reality, Wallace's infatuation with Steven slowly turned into a fierce, unyielding loyalty and the two remained extremely good friends. There were hiccups along the way, such as Team Magma butting their brown noses into Groudon's business and nearly obliterating half of Hoenn, but he, Steven, a new traveler named Brendan and a strange feral girl managed to handle it with ease. Glad to have the world back to normal, Wallace was more than eager to return to his normal routine as a Gym Leader instead of fussing over the fate of the world and Steven's well-being.

    But as the land quickly descended into screams and blood, Wallace had to act quickly. Never questioning Steven's judgment, he followed his best friend out to Indigo Plateau, taking the few people and things along with him that he could. Much of his hometown had gone to complete Hell, and as much as it hurt, he had to abandon the Cave of Origin-- it was all he could do to hope that the disgusting bastards couldn't reach Groudon.

    He remains in Indigo Plateau, now known as “HQ” to its inhabitants, as not only Steven's right-hand man, but his confidante and emotional support. Which, to Wallace, is the only job he needs.

    Appearance Always carefully manicured and thoughtfully presented, Wallace is a very attractive man, and he is well aware of it. He takes pride in his appearance and body, often opting to showcase his natural gifts as he can. His strange, seafoam green hair is short cropped, yet extremely wavy. He enjoys emplying strange fashions into his wardrobe selections. He often will not carry any weapons around with him in HQ, as he honestly has no place to put them. Be aware when barging into his room, as he is likely to be naked.
    Personality +Flamboyant+
    -Look at him
    -On a more serious note, Wallace is someone that enjoys making dull and mundane things into something memorable and extravagant. Not tacky-- never tacky, but something worth the effort. Life is only surviving if you're not having fun.
    -Whether it be his food, money, time or effort, Wallace is generally happy to help in whatever way he can, making him a fantastic team player. He finds wealth and happiness simply by making others happy.
    -Genuinely finds it thrilling to see from another's point of view, and often seeks it. He tends to keep prejudices and stereotypes from affecting his judgments.
    -However, personal experience is a completely different subject entirely; once he's been crossed, it is difficult to attain his approval once more.
    -Of course he is.
    +Exceedingly loyal+
    -Once he has found a true friend, he sticks to them like a beautiful barnacle.
    -Keeps his friends in mind much of the time, worrying over them when off on their own.
    -This could also be identified as “Nagging”.
    -Is not opposed to a prank here and there.
    -The sharpest weapon in his arsenal is not the dinky hunting knife that was issued to him-- it's very much his quick-witted tongue.
    -If he has an opinion, you will likely hear it. One way or another.
    -This also means he is a gossip and very proud of it.
    -It seems that this trait, in comparison to all of the others, is misplaced. However, Wallace is simply very adept at keeping this particular side of himself away and out of view. Should someone earn his scorn one way or another, Wallace takes it upon himself to personally destroy the enemy. No mercy, no forgiveness, no survivors. Judgment is absolute, as is the exectution.
    -In most cases where this trait arises, Wallace takes absolute pleasure in exacting revenge.
    - “Revenge” can mean a lot of different things, but words are Wallace's favorite weapons.
    -See above
    User Notes -Dat official art.
    -I am a Diamond.
    -Original Profile I edited in text colors for his pokemon, as well as changed a few team members.

    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] 150px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Karen

    Text Color #b6cae4
    Theme(s) None

    • Various hygiene items
    • Extra Dusk Balls
    • Small collection of dark pokemon memorabilia
    • Pokémon Communicator-- painted [This is the only item on this list always on her person]
    • Length of 65ft rope
    • Solar Flashlight
    • Lighter
    • Dwindling pack of cigarettes
    • Water pouch-- painted
    • Moderate amount of Acrylic and oil paints gathered and hoarded, as well as brushes, small canvases and turpentine. These never leave her room in Headquarters.


    • One small military issue handgun-- painted
    • Two small knives hidden on her legs
    • Three cans of mace; one is lightly used

    Gender Female
    Age Adult, 27
    Species Human
    Weight 185.5lbs
    Height 5'10"
    Occupation Master Dark-Type Trainer, Johto Elite Four, Collector
    Party Dark Master. Cares deeply for her team and has kept them up to health. Her team is in their collective prime, boasting powerful, young bodies. She favors her Houndoom and Umbreon the most.
    Pkm 1
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_197
    Umbreon "Slick" (M)
    Level- 61
    Ability- Synchronize
    Attack list-
    -Moonlight (Learned)
    -Confuse ray (Learned)
    -Toxic (TM)
    -Assurance (Learned)
    **Text colour is #f2e71b
    Pkm 2
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_229_f
    Houndoom "Eve" (F)
    Level- 66
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (Level)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Nasty Plot (Level)
    -Sludge Bomb (TM)
    **Text colour is #00b7c4
    Pkm 3
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_248
    Tyranitar "Gozer" (F)
    Level- 64
    Ability- Sandstream
    Attack list-
    -Ice Punch (Tutor)
    -Thunderpunch (Tutor)
    -Earthquake (Learned)
    -Stone edge (Learned)
    **Text colour is #df82ed
    Pkm 4
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_571
    Zoroark "Zach" (M)
    Level- 63
    Ability- Illusion
    Attack list-
    -Extrasensory (Egg)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Grass Knot (TM)
    -Nasty Plot (Learned)
    **Text colour is #a80000
    Pkm 5
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_630
    Mandibuzz "Penny" (F)
    Level- 53
    Ability- Overcoat
    Attack list-
    -Foul Play (Tutor)
    -Thief (TM)
    -Aerial ace (TM)
    -Bone Rush (Learned)
    **Text colour is #faca69
    Pkm 6
    Fancy Pants Wallace and Elite Four Karen [[HQ]] Spr_6x_687
    Malamar "Medusa" (F)
    Level- 59
    Ability- Contrary
    Attack list-
    -Superpower (Learned)
    -Psycho Cut (Learned)
    -Night Slash (Learned)
    -Hypnosis (Learned)
    **Text colour is #abd164
    Quote "Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."
    History Born in Johto, Karen was introduced to the world of Pokémon as a young girl. Her family had been proud to send her on her journey right on her tenth birthday with her recently acquired pet, an Eevee she'd named "Slick".

    She enjoyed every moment of her journey, finding a love for exploring dark, new places for new pokemon. Eventually, she found herself in love with the Dark type but was hindered in her journey by the gym leader in Azelea. His expertise was bugs, and it proved difficult to move forward with her favorite pokemon all being weak to his. But it didn't matter-- hers were better and she would prove that. Her freshly evolved Umbreon eventually made quick work of it, as well as a recently acquired Houndour. From there, she plowed on ahead, reckless in her trek across Johto.

    Her determination to win with simply her favorite pokemon proved adequate, as she soon managed to claim each Johto badge for her own out of pure spite. Afterward, convinced she could reach higher places with her teammates, she submitted herself to an application for not a Gym Leader-- no, that was too easy. She wanted the Elite Four.

    She got it.

    Blazing past her now fellow Four members, she fell under the rule of the newly appointed Champion Lance when she reached her early twenties. She enjoyed it there, being able to beat down trainer after trainer that dared challenge them. However, there were long stretches of time that proved more boring than anything, and so she picked up a few... hobbies. She enjoyed painting, training of course, and little "side projects" that involved getting men and women of power wrapped around her finger. She became fast friends with Clair for this reason, as well as her cousin and Karen's own boss, Lance. Despite actually enjoying Clair's company, deep down she wondered if she herself was truly capable of actual, genuine friendship.

    The years passed and suddenly, seeming without warning, her complacent life in Indigo Plateau erupted. A plague fell fast and hard on the world, consuming much of it before anyone had the time or intelligence to act. Lance quickly intervened, commanding his Elite Four's power, as well as his Gym Leaders, to turn Indigo Plateau, their home, into a fortress and refuge. Karen happily obliged, eager to carry out the command. She still lives in her old room in Indigo Plateau, still waiting to strike on her prey.
    Appearance Karen is a healthy adult with pale skin and matching silver hair and eyes. She enjoys loose, comfortable clothing, generally sporting her favorite yellow tank top and ivory dancer pants. She keeps herself very clean, especially since she tends to be covered in pain smears while in her room.
     -Enjoys not only light pranking and jokes, but finds humor in much of her current life. She tends to keep from straying to the tactless side of this, however. She knows when to stop.
     -Very dark sense of humor/ gallows humor.
     -Not easily rattled or dismayed.
     -Very calm under pressure.
     -With her innate abilities for perception and intelligence, Karen is able to easily find new uses for old items. Each dilemma is a new puzzle to solve.
     -Secretive and sneaky, Karen prefers intrigue to outright fighting when it comes to her fellow humans.
     -Adores intrigue and secrets. Often times, she will entertain herself by catching up on gossip or eavesdropping. She rarely passes on her knowledge, as she views it as more valuable the less people that share it.
     -Karen typically is one of the ones in the back, observing the more main players. She prefers letting others speak and allowing them to make fools of themselves before she decides to pounce.
     -When in her room with her pokemon, they rarely need to actually speak to one another, much of their time spent in companionable silence. When not seeking out new information or observing her targets, she enjoys painting, reading and otherwise just watching the world.
     -Is generally seen alone or with her pokemon.
     -It's nearly impossible to tell whether or not she likes you at first glance. She tends to be very pleasant and plays to others' personalities for as long as it suits her needs. Honey attracts more flies than vinegar.
     -She enjoys being able to gently push others into decisions they may not have otherwise picked.
     -She can be best described as a predator. Her fellow survivors are merely there, and she has every right to make the most out of any she wishes.
     -Breaking the weak is no fun; it's only a matter of time before her sharpened claws render them into little bloody ribbons. It's predictable. She enjoys the chase more than the actual capture, so she prefers to hunt stronger, more formidable prey. Her current sights are focused on the most powerful trainers the world has known: the Champions.
     -She derives much pleasure from watching others' misery-- at least the misery that she inflicts herself. Outside torture means little to her; she almost sees it as competition. Hunting a wounded animal isn't nearly as satisfactory as a buck in its prime.
    +Attracted to Power+
     -As a member of a region's Elite Four, it's suffice to say she has her own share of power. She loves battling and taking others' power for herself, adding it to her own. She enjoys showing off her own strength but only when provoked; no one likes a braggart. She will never back down from a challenge.
     -The idea of someone stronger than her bending to her will is fascinating, and she chases it whenever the opportunity presents itself.
    -Often refuses to submit; always trying to find a way to get on top.
     -She is fairly willing to try anything at least once. New things, pokemon and people are extremely interesting and she always makes time to familiarize herself with them before moving on.
    +Morally Grey+
     -The end generally justifies the means.
    +Has Difficulties Being Genuine+
     -With much of her time and life dedicated to manipulation and being false, Karen finds expressing genuine feelings difficult, sometimes impossible. While she feels sympathy and empathy, even rarely, she has no idea how to express them without guarding herself first. Though she may feel true respect or sympathy for another person, it always comes out with a backhand of sarcasm.  
    User Notes -Still Besties with Clair
    -May or may not have a crush on Will
    -Thinks Lucian is a goddamn poser.
    -Malva, Glacia and Lorelai are all stuck up bitches too and I don't know if she loves or hates them. Maybe both.

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