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    Bak Yuri the Human & Borasaek-Dalgyal the Gengar [Frost, Ace]


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    Bak Yuri the Human & Borasaek-Dalgyal the Gengar [Frost, Ace] Empty Bak Yuri the Human & Borasaek-Dalgyal the Gengar [Frost, Ace]

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    Bak Yu-Ri
    [박유리 || 朴宥利]
    [-sincere, forgive, advantage]
    Text Color #677099
    Weapons Hwando - "a single-handed, single-edged sword"
    Item Extra pokeballs, a cleaning cloth, and a couple Cleanse and Spell Tags
    Gender Bigender [she/they]
    Age Young Adult
    Species Human
    Height 5'04" || 1.63m
    Weight 82lbs || 37.2kg
    Occupation Former Ghost Trainer, apprentice at the Kimono Dance Theatre
    Pkm 1

    보라색 달걀, Bolasaek-Dalgyal "Purple Egg"
    Level 55
    • Hypnosis [lvl]
    • Hex [lvl]
    • Shadow Ball [lvl]
    • Dazzling Gleam [tm]
    Pkm 2

    눈, Noon "Snow"
    Level 40
    • Ominous Wind [lvl]
    • Wake-Up Slap [tm]
    • Ice Shard [lvl]
    • Hail [lvl]
    Pkm 3

    물, Meul "Water"
    Level 49
    • Brine [lvl]
    • Rain Dance [lvl]
    • Safeguard [tm]
    • Shadow Ball [tm]
    History A quiet child from a foreign country. Born to two vicious parents and with no social interaction outside of her home, little Yuri struggled to stay happy. Her mother was sharp with her words and neglectful in her actions, caring little for her only daughter. Her father was rarely home but often stumbled in during the night intoxicated, slurring insults at both his child and wife. Sometimes during the cold winter days or burning summer nights her parents would fight. The sound of smashing bottles and overturning tables frightened her, and no matter how hard she clung to daddy's shirt or begged mommy to stop their acts were relentless and furious. Every word she spoke was quickly reprimanded with a "What do you know?!" and "Shut up, you're just a kid!" It wasn't long before the girl stopped speaking completely, her lips sewn with strings of anxiety and fear.

    A common practice for most families, on her tenth birthday Yuri received a Pokemon. Wishing to drive their child away from the idea of training Pokemon they had acquired a Gastly, a gaseous dirty ghost that was worthless in price; however, the child had instead grown to immediately love the spectre. Affectionately naming him "Purple Egg", "Borasaek-Dalgyal" in her native tongue, she and Dal were quick to grow a close bond. Without hesitance Yuri and Dal immediately began training against the lower leveled Vulpix and Litwick in her town. It only took a few years until Dal managed to gain enough experience to evolve into a Haunter, their training slow and restricted to do Yuri's parents. Regardless they were overjoyed by the fruit of their efforts, and Dal's new form had filled Yuri with a new found confidence in herself and her partner.

    With this new found confidence Yuri had decided to begin an independent journey as a Pokemon Trainer as well as run away from her home. She took no time packing her things: several hanboks, a few spare potions, empty paper books to serve as diaries, and a single hwando she had stolen from her father's closet. Set with everything she needed she snatched a couple dollar bills from her mother's wallet before finally running in the dead of the night, Dal following close behind. It hadn't taken them long to sneak onto a boat heading towards Johto, already living close to a port town and with Dal distracting any shipyard guards along the way, and soon the duo arrived in Olivine.

    From Olivine she struggled to get around. Speaking in only foreign tongues and too nervous to ask for directions, the new region was confusing for Yuri. Thankfully Dal had managed to communicate with fellow Pokemon around the city and soon lead his trainer to Ecruteak, the home of ghosts. It was there that she had finally settled down, having met other people who spoke similar dialect and was gentle with her. There had been a small community of shamans residing in the town, a group that Yuri was quick to join for both protection and education. Despite not being able to talk most of the time her mentors were kind to her, helping the girl using demonstrations and actions.

    During her stay in Ecruteak City Yuri grew a high interest for ghost type Pokemon, an interest that she had decided to pursue. With the help of a fellow mudang (female shaman) she had traded Dal to and back, allowing him to evolve into a Gengar. Other mudang were quick to gift her with extra items; a variety of Pokeballs, a simple hand guide to catching Pokemon, and a map of the surrounding area in order to aid her. During her first winter a horde of Snorunts had wandered through Ecruteak; Yuri managed to catch one and use a Dawn Stone to evolve her. Later on her mentor had gifted her a Frillish, which she took little time to train and evolve into a Jellicent.

    Happy with her current life and relatively healthy, Yuri was a fast learner. It wasn't long until her mentors had no more to teach her about spirits and ghosts, so instead Yuri turned to the Kimono Dance Theatre in the city, becoming an apprentice there to practice and perfect her ritual dances. (gut) She worked hard, consistently training her Pokemon when she found the time and rehearsing steps with the other girls. Sometimes she even had her own Pokemon dance with her.

    A few years later is when the epidemic had hit, the virus rapidly spreading in Johto. Frightened, confused, and unable to understand what many of the others were shouting, Yuri had hidden herself away in a small nook while Dal fended off the undead. By the time she had emerged from her hiding spot the city was nearly completely empty, with undead roaming the streets along with a few confused living trying to fight them off. Terrified she fled with her three Pokemon away from the city, only having enough time to pick up her sword and a few tags before being spotted by an undead. Thankfully she was small enough to fit into tight spaces, a skill that allowed her to escape from the notice of most infected.

    During the three years of the epidemic Yuri struggled to get by, Dal often looking after her to make sure she didn't starve and that she was safe. Wanting to find a safer place the trainer and her Pokemon began to travel northwest into colder territories with the thought that thick snow and ice would help hide them away.
    Appearance A young Korean girl who is sickly skinny and frail. Yuri has dark bags under her eyes and her cheeks are slightly sunken. Her hair is oily and thick, a dark brown cascading down from her scalp that matches her similarly dark eyes. She wears a dirty lower-class hanbok, the traditional clothing of her homeland, and carries a black-sheathed hwando with her at all times. Unlike other humans she does not have a translator and thus cannot communicate via speech with Pokemon.
    Personality Well, Yuri is definitely not a talker.

    Being selectively mute Yuri is unable to speak when those who she is not already well-acquainted with are around. Not even able to utter a single word in the presence of a stranger, she is awkward in any conversation. Furthermore with the lack of a translator she is unable to understand Pokemon, often leaving her confused when living bark or howl at her with their own speech. Regardless Yuri tries her best to understand what others are trying to say and is more than willing to prove that she can help despite her disability.

    She tends to be more standoff-ish, a trait that was developed since she was a child as her own form of protection. She is heavily dependent on her Gengar, Dal, to help her with most tasks including communication. Having been together since they were mere children the two hold an unbreakable bond; one so strong that they are able to understand each other's feeling with simple glances. This helps Yuri convey her own emotions while acknowledging what Dal is also thinking.

    Once you become close to her she is a little more open. Upon analysis it is obvious she is a very spiritual person, something her profession as a shaman requires. She is very well affiliated and enjoys the company of ghosts and other spirits. Yuri is also very gentle with others and is almost never angry, something that she had taught herself to be in order to not anger the ghosts. Despite her anxiety and generally distant disposition she is more than eager to make friends and loves any sort of Pokemon company.

    Yuri, however, hates other humans. People frighten her and she will automatically be extremely wary and hostile towards other humans regardless of who they may be.
    User Notes
    • If you put Noon and Meul's name together (Noon-Meul) it means "tears"
    • Furthermore, if you put Dal-Noon-Meul together it means "moon tears"
    • Although she doesn't have a translator she communicates just fine with her Gengar, who is more than happy to explain to others what she's trying to convey
    • Having a translator would be useless anyways. She is Selectively Mute
    • She speaks mainly korean, knows only broken english, and a few bits and pieces of japanese
    • Theme Song: Alone by Team.IDEA

    art by chroma

    보라색 달걀, Bolasaek-Dalgyal "Purple Egg"
    [commonly referred to as "Dal"]
    Item None
    Gender Cisgender Male [he/him]
    Age Adult
    Species #094 Gengar, the Shadow Pokemon
    Height 4'11" || 1.5m
    Weight 89.3lbs || 40.5kg
    Pokédex Entry Hiding in people's shadows at night, it absorbs their heat. The chill it causes makes the victims shake.
    Level 55
    Ability Levitate
    Nature Naughty
    Characteristic Likes to run
    • Hypnosis [lvl]
    • Hex [lvl]
    • Shadow Ball [lvl]
    • Dazzling Gleam [tm]
    "It's no use trying to hide."

    Borasaek-Dalgyal, or "Dal" as he is commonly referred to, was a Gastly born among hundred others. Originally owned by a young man who worked to breed shiny Pokemon for profit, Egg was born with perfectly normal colouration. An undesirable trait that the man was only disappointed with, the young ghost was simply given away to a foreign family looking for a first Pokemon to gift to their ten-year old daughter.

    Already distrusting of humans from the acts of the breeder, Dal never expected to develop such a close bond to the frightened little girl he was dumped upon. Quiet and fearful the child was no threat to the Gastly and at the same time was no human he could pull pranks on and laugh at. He felt reluctant to pick on the girl, feeling as if doing so would be like kicking a sleeping Poochyena, and instead opted to strike up a more healthier, stable relationship. Realizing that her home life was not the best, Dal was determined to become the "crutch" and supporter of the girl.

    Having become so close in such little time it was no surprise when Dal fervently followed Yuri when she ran away from her home on her fourteenth birthday. Refusing to leave her to fend by herself out in the vast wilds, a place that may even be worse than home, the now-Haunter accompanied Yuri on her travels to Johto and to their future home, Ecruteak City.

    "Found you!"
    Appearance "Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a roundish body. It has red eyes and a wide mouth that is usually curled into a sinister grin. Multiple spikes cover its back, and it has large pointed ears. Its arms and legs are short with three digits on both its hands and feet. It also has a stubby tail."

    A normal Gengar in terms of appearance. Dal seems to have a straighter, more sophisticated posture and mostly floats around rather than walking.
    Personality Jovial, generous, and just a touch sophisticated, Dal comes off as somthing of a gentleman. Seemingly benevolent and caring. The Gengar is well-spoken and confident in his speech and does not hesitate to mention his opinion in conversation. A sweet character, he does his best to help and cooperates well in teams.

    At least, that's what he seems.

    Upon establishing a closer relationship with Dal it becomes increasingly clear that he selfish and chasing after his own goals. His heat-sink body only worsens the sinister air that surrounds him. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants and will not hesitate to toss teammates aside for his goal. Highly protective of Yuri he refuses to let anyone wrong her and will become vicious and uncontrollable to anyone who dares to lay a hand upon his trainer. Despite his less-than-friendly personality he is more amiable towards fellow ghost and poison types, and is a little more lenient towards dark and psychic types than others.

    Dal has little concept of death and does not seem to understand the finality of it. Whether this is because he is a ghost or not is unknown, but he seems to believe that all those who die will simply become one of his kin and roam the earth. Despite this he still protects Yuri as he is unsure whether his trainer is ready to travel to the 'next world', and is also worried that his trainer will become different as a ghost and forget about him.

    He keeps very good relationships with Yuri's other Pokemon, Noon and Meul. He and Noon are like siblings, always having fights over little things and debating meaningless points. They work to try and sabotage each other with pranks and tricks, which Dal seems to gain the upper hand in. Dal and Meul are more distant but close regardless. The kind of relationship where the two can simply sit and gaze off into nowhere in complete silence yet feel a pleasurable company while doing so. Despite having good relationships with both of them, Dal seems to dislike it when either of them try to aid him in keeping Yuri safe or helping their trainer around.
    User Notes
    • Text Color #CC588E
    • He has a short history mainly because his history is near-identical to Yuri's, with the exception of what happened to him before he met Yuri. After arriving at Ecruteak their history is the same as he accompanied Yuri everywhere
    • Theme Song: Hide and Seek by SeeU

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