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    Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn, Fortree Team]


    Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn,  Fortree Team] Empty Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn, Fortree Team]

    Post by Guest Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:32 am

    Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn,  Fortree Team] Spectre_by_drazerii-d4q5vgm

    Name- Spectre

    Gender- Male

    Level- 42

    -Shadow Ball
    -Dream Eater
    -Double Team(TM)

    Ability- Levitate

    Nature- Jolly
    Characteristics- Mischievous
    National Dex No./Species- #94/ Gengar/ The Shadow Pokemon

    Height- 5'9"
    Weight- 113 lbs

    Pokédex Entry-The leer that floats in darkness belongs to a Gengar delighting in casting curses on people.

    Item- Spell Tag

    Spectre has gone from place to place all of his life, or his death, however you like to look at it. He started as a Gastly who was caught in Bellsprout Tower in Johto. His trainer loved him, and he grew to love him too, but the boy traded him to a passing trainer. Depressed, Spectre wondered why this had happened, but his new master gave him little time to think about his past.

    The trainer was interested in more than friendship, this one wanted to win contests. Spectre hated performing, but learned to be Jolly about his lot in life, because this trainer seemed to care enough to keep him. Then he lost the contest of his life, and his new friend left him to rot in PC storage. He spent months there, but the other Pokemon in the box seemed optimistic, since every once in a while they were brought out to see the light of day. The first time Spectre was taken out, he met his new trainer.

    This trainer seemed very young to him, but he went with her. She would always leave him out of the ball, and talked to him often. Her hard work let him grow, and he evolved into a Haunter. the girl always held him close and he seemed to be at peace. There he grew happy and strong, and finally she wanted to evolve him again. She went to the Pokemon Center in Olivine city, then looked for a trainer to trade with. She found one, and they traded. Spectre evolved, but the trainer never traded him back to her. He fought to escape his Pokeball, but the rogue trainer ran off, and he never saw his friend again.
    From then on, Spectre was used by the trainer, a member of Team Rocket, to do bad. He hated that even more than contests, but the trainer forced him to. So he grew cold, and slightly crazy. The time passed and he was no longer bothered by doing crime. He was a strong Gengar and no one could defeat him. Then suddenly, the Pokemon around him fell sick. The rockets didn't know what had happened. Spectre always knew the place had been unclean, but this new sickness was deadly, and he quickly lost all of his subordinates. He was resistant, but he didn't know why. Then the people died, and his horrible master released him. Spectre still believes that he let him go because he was afraid. He was afraid of what he had created. But that is all in the past for him. He has floated along from land to land and has found that he enjoys the hidden places in Hoenn the most. No more masters to abandon him, no more forced labor, just fun. What he loves most, is killing the infected and eating their tortured dreams.

    User Note- Spectre is a bit mad. He floats to travel, and he laughs more often than not. He's reckless and hides his Spell Tag so no one can find it. It was the only thing his final friend gave him. Never touch it, or something bad may happen.

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    Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn,  Fortree Team] Empty Re: Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn, Fortree Team]

    Post by Lugia Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:19 pm

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    Post by Guest Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:39 pm

    Thanks, I'm fixing the problems now :>

    I appreciate it!

    I have finished the changes :>

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    Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn,  Fortree Team] Empty Re: Spectre the Gengar [Hoenn, Fortree Team]

    Post by Mewtwo Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:51 pm

    Very good.



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