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    Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn||


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    Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn|| Empty Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn||

    Post by Duma Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:52 pm

    Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn|| LWO9MHA
    "You're good... But I'm Crowley."

    Text Color #6C41C1
    Item Tailored hooded cloak
    Gender Male
    Age ImMature Adult
    Species Dex number, type of Pokémon
    Height 4′11″
    Weight 89.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry The leer that floats in darkness belongs to a Gengar delighting in casting curses on people. - Black|White
    Level 62
    Ability Levitate
    Nature Sassy [+Special Defense -Speed]
    Characteristic Somewhat Stubborn [+Special Defense]
    Moves - Dark Pulse [Level 44]
    - Nightmare [Level 61]
    - Teleport [Bred Move]
    - Psychic [TM29]
    History Crowley grew up with his mother in a small clan of ghost and dark types with the original name Fergus, never knowing his father and living only with his obsessive mother. She was obsessed with concocting potions and the like. Most of it Fergus ignored, but a few things stuck. Eventually Fergus grew tired of his mothers insanity and left the clan, leaving to terrorize the nearby town.

    Once in the town however, that was easier said then done. Fergus caught sight of a tailor and overcome with curiosity, the young Ghastly followed them around, until they finally asked if they wanted to join him. Fergus happily accepted. The tailor captured him and Fergus became the tailors ghostly assistant. His presence sometimes scared away customers, but Fergus's trainer didn't mind.

    Fergus evolved while with the tailor and with hands he became an even bigger help now that he was able to actually sew up patches himself instead of simply helping the tailor. His evolution came well timed as the tailor fell ill, and Fergus took up looking after the shop while his trainer was in hospital.

    Unfortunately, the tailor died in the hospital and Fergus was traded over to a new owner, where he evolved into a Gengar and was dubbed Crowley. Crowley was tossed into a pokemon fighting arena, playfully dubbed 'Hell' by the residents. He wasn't about to let the turn of events get to him though, and he took it in stride, climbing the ranks and earning respect within the ring.

    Eventually Crowley grew bored of the ring and one night Crowley escaped by slipping through the bars of his cage and escaping under the cover of darkness. He traveled for a while more before stumbling upon the old tailors shop he used to help out in. It had fallen into disrepair but all the machines still worked. He used the place as his hideout as she lived there for a while, not really leaving the building unless he wanted to go out and spook someone.

    One day when he was out inspecting the shop, Crowley found an old purple cloak that looked like it'd fit him. With a bit of tinkering to the coat, Crowley slipped it on, pleased with his work. He then left the shop and started roaming around, terrorizing pokemon and humans alike, occasionally marking people for 'hellound chow' as he called it by selling certain objects or making deals with others.

    Then, before long the Epidemic hit. Seeing his chance, Crowley fled, ditching his previous teammates and leaving them for dead. He started roaming around, not really having a real goal other than to go around and fuck shit up.
    Appearance The demon stood tall as he addressed the ghost below him with a scornful smirk. They stammered something up at the King of Hell and Crowley rolled his eyes, waving his hand and sending them flying with a Psychic attack. They didn't get up from where they fell, and with a roll of his eyes and a light scoff, Crowley turned and walked off, his coat fluttering around him.

    Crowley stands tall and proud, and his eyes always have a spark of mischief to them. He almost always has a sly smirk on his face and he holds himself like a king. He has a long faded purple hooded cloak that reaches his feet and covers most of his purple skin. He usually has his arms crossed with a teasing or sneaky look, as though he was going to steal something or kill someone at any moment. Despite this, Crowley is surprisingly well set and he knows it. He is not afraid to flaunt himself and he makes it painfully obvious.
    Personality |Strategist|Intelligent|Suave|Self-Preservative|Insulting|
    Pros: Crowley is a very good strategist, and he will use his experience to con his way out of a bad situation. He is a big fan of quotes and will use any and all quotes he can. Very optimistic, he can make the best out of a bad situation and can outwit opponents that are stronger by out-witting them.

    Cons: Crowley is extremely focused on self-preservation. He will ditch his comrades with no second thought, and he will also attack with no mercy. He is cunning, deceptive and cruel. Crowley is a sadist and he loves to use sexual innuendo to make others uncomfortable. He delights in insulting everyone and everything he can, and he is very cunning. Crowley is a brilliant con-artist and will con his way out of any and all bad situations and probably get his teammates in big shit while he leaves them behind.

    Neutral: He refers to himself as the 'King of Hell' and is very blatantly pansexual.
    User Notes - Loosely based on Crowley from Supernatural
    - Knows how to repair a basic tear in clothing and edit certain items of clothing from his time with the tailor
    -Has a deep voice with a growl to it. Voice Clip.
    -Father was a Gallade. Teleport was passed down
    -Will be using a Mutator for Teleport

    Age : 23
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    Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn|| Empty Re: Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn||

    Post by Duma Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:45 am

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    Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn|| Empty Re: Crowley the Gengar ||Sky|Hoenn||

    Post by Silverishness Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:08 am



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