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    Lilly the Purple Snivy | [Inactive] Empty Lilly the Purple Snivy | [Inactive]

    Post by Dandelion Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:39 am

    Lilly the Purple Snivy | [Inactive] VT3arLA

    Violet Lilly "Lilly" the Snivy
    A Rose's Thorn
    Text Color #901cdb
    Item None, but she often carries flowers around
    Gender Female
    Age Young Teen - Around 13 or 14
    Species #459 Snivy, The Grass Snake Pokemon - Grass Type
    Height 1‘05‘’
    Weight 12.12 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon White:: Being exposed to sunlight makes its movements swifter. It uses vines more adeptly than its hands.
    Level 13
    Ability Overgrow
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Somewhat Stubborn
    Moves - Tackle (Level Up)
    - Magical Leaf (Breeding)
    - Vine Whip (Level Up)
    - Flash (TM)
    "Im doing just fine on my own, thanks. ..Just.. fine...."

    History   A pair of eggs hatched on a beautiful evening to the sight of a lakefront sunset. The parents, a Servine and a Roselia, stared in awe at their offspring, astonished by their odd colorations. The female was a deep violet and the male a soft orange but both were lively and bright eyed as they looked upon the world. At first the Servine, Roselia, and their trainer were taken aback by this strange phenomenon before them, unsure how to react to the miscolored hatchlings. However, they were soon overcome by amazement and love for the babes. They named the little Snivy's after plants they saw in the beautiful light of the setting sun- The female was to be Violet Lilly after the water lilies that floated nearby, and the male was to be Bull Rush after those that swayed in the breeze at the waters edge. The children squealed with joy, loved and happy as they were welcomed to the world.

      The nature loving trainer, a botanist, taught his new Pokemon to love the plants as much as he did, and how they offered protection and life to all things around him. Both Snivy's big eyes went wide with awe as they learned about the world, appreciating all the types of life that was in it. Lilly found herself particularly fond of flowers, often carrying several around with her wherever they went to keep her close to nature. Months past and and the trainer was delighted to find that his Pokemon had had yet another egg. His family team was growing! Soon after he found himself on a trip to Kanto were he could continue his study on plants. Never even considering to leave his Pokemon behind the boy brought his entire team along for the journey.

      The happy family was delighted at all the sights and nature as they arrived in Kanto and made their way to Cerulean City. Ivy the Servine jealousy guarded her egg, tending to it was great care while letting the sunlight warm its surface. The purple Snivy kept close to her mother, though the thought of danger never crossed her mind she would be a good sister and guard the egg against any and everything. After a few days of settling in to the new region the team headed west to continue their studies.

      The group traveled slowly outside of Cerulean City, taking a great deal of time to move across the hilly terrain, noting the different plants growing along the route. The sight of the city was still clearly visible when tragedy struck. A group of large, powerful, and angry Pokemon burst out of a nearby cave. Their eyes blazing a sickly red color, pure rage filling their erratic movements. Outnumbered and, by the looking of things, outmatched the group fled in terror. The boy managed to grab some of his Pokeballs and returned the young children as he fled deeper into the route. However, the Primape's and Machoke's were much faster. They quickly caught up to the group before they could find a shelter and instantly engaged in a ruthless fight. Thorn the Roselia and Ivy fought bravely but the pair were vastly under leveled compared to the powerful infected Pokemon.

       The young trainer knew he had to do something as he watched his team quickly get crushed. A particularly painful blow crushed one of Thorn's flowers before the boy could even react. Placing the two Snivy's Pokeballs on the ground he fumbled through his bag in search of medicines. When he looked back up Ivy was on the ground being bombarded with punches. Yelling at the crazed infected the boy threw whatever he could from his bag at them, even Pokeballs as he ran out of items. One of the Fighting Types vanished for a moment but instantly reappeared with a new rage to its red eyes. The undead roared in anger, suddenly forgetting the Grass Types for their trainer. Running as fast as he could the botanist shouted something back to his injured team but couldn't finish before he let out a sickening scream. No other sounds came from the boy and the two remaining grass types were petrified.

       The grunts and groans of the dangerous Pokemon forced the couple to move. Thorn grabbed the Pokeballs of his childen while Ivy cradled her egg that had thankfully been uninjured due to their trainer. Together they fled deep into the undergrowth.
    It was dark before they stopped moving. Pain, exhaustion, and grief stopping the Grass Types in their tracks. Finally they let their children free from the protection of their Pokeballs, desperately needing the reassurance that they were safe. Lilly and Rush were confused and panicked as they stared at their wounded parents but couldn't piece anything together. What had just happened, if the battle was bad why weren't they in a Pokemon center? The night was quiet, and the next morning solemn as they started to move once more. Lilly nagged at her mother with an unending string of questions. Where was their trainer, why were they hurt, why did they have to be quiet? The Servine shushed her daughter, telling her it was not the time, and kept moving. Disappointed and confused the child followed along in silence, her mind buzzing with unease.

       All too soon time was lost to the family. It seemed they had been traveling forever, days or weeks even, it was unclear. The grief was too raw in the parents, and though nature was their friend lack of rest was taking its toll on their wounded bodies. Thorn's petals were wilting, changing color to some sickly purple shade as the flower started to die. Eventually the family came to a forest that seemed safe enough to allow rest. Everyone collapsed with exhaustion, used to long forest treks and days on end in the forest but never without their trainer and with heavy wounds. They set up a camp and took the time to tend to their festering injuries. Again Lilly pestered her parents, practically begging to know why the boy wasn't with them, why they had been covered in blood, why they would cry at night, and why they had to walk so very far in this unknown place. The Roselia was growing impatient, snapping at his daughter and shouting very clearly that the boy was dead he near attacked her in a fit of uncharacteristic rage.

    The youth screamed. She had never seen her father like that before. Swiftly her mother stepped in, shouting at the Roselia with anger as well before things turned to physical violence. Amongst the fighting the truth came out- their trainer was dead, they were all now homeless an lost in a foreign region, and that their wounds were not looking good. Tears instantly welled in the Snivy's eyes and were accompanied by cries of sorrow. It shouldn't of been a surprise that the screaming and crying attracted a mass of insect undead. Things turned into instant chaos. They swarmed the grass types with no end, coming from all directions. The parents, already wounded and on edge, fought valiantly but were no match. Things turned sour fast, blood spilling as their planty bodies were literally eaten.

    The children were completely horrified, unable to run but hiding nearby. Lilly couldn't pull her eyes off of the scene as even more tears poured from her eyes. How long had pasted before her parents stopped moving, stopped screaming? The Snivy moaned with loss, alerting the insects to her and her brothers hiding place. As they swarmed closer the male took action, attacking them with Magical Leaf before darting into the distance. The bugs followed, thinking he was all that was left. Alone and sick on the wreak of blood the purple Snivy passed out.
    She awoke with a start, head pounding and body shaking. She could hear something nearby along with a sickening wet crunch. Daring to peek out of her hiding place she saw some creature eating her.. mother. It was too much. Lilly ran. It didnt matter where but she had to get away, go somewhere.

    She was all alone now in an unfamiliar region. She had no idea where to go, no one to turn to, and no plan of action. Sticking to the shadows the child cried to herself, letting the raw pain out.
    She has been alone ever since.
    Appearance A luxurious deep violet colored Snivy, with a pink stripe and cream belly. Her eyes are a bright magenta. Very small for her species despite age.
    Prone to carrying flowers around, especially orange ones.
    Personality | Quiet | Withdrawn | Shy | Polite | Distant | Relaxed | Vain | Gentle | Resistant | Careful | Stubborn | Self Reliant | Not Trusting | Lonely | Longing | Prideful |

    - Very quiet, tries not to speak much. Her voice died with her family and is very soft when used. She believes that actions speak louder then words. When she does speak is very polite and seems somewhat shy.
    - Her parents raised her to be polite. Lilly uses Sir and Miss, as well as asking before taking. However, the epidemic has made her grow cold, and even polite language can be venomous.
    - Very withdrawn, distant, and keeps to herself. Doesn't speak much of her past or herself. Just little tidbits such as being from Sinnoh or that her trainer was a botanist.
    - Can handle and care for herself quite well after being forced to do so for so long. A bit smug about it.
    - Very independent and stubborn. It can be very hard to get her to cooperate sometimes.
    - Keeps to herself. She doesn't trust other Pokemon and is used to traveling and living alone aside from the occasional Pokemon of her same size. While she will stand up to a Pokemon of any size she is prone to being more friendly with those of similar size.
    - She can be unexpectedly gentle though its usually to those in need of it- nature, younger children, the wounded, or the old.  
    - Very regretful and ashamed of what happened to her family. She misses them dearly and still wonders what happened to her brother and unhatched sibling. While she is positive she will never meet up with either of them in her life she does question if they are alive.
    - Despite the time that has past she is still rather traumatized from the death of her family. Swarms of undead and insect Pokemon are triggering. She will bolt from a scene if it even slightly look like it will go the way of her parents slaughter.
    - Determined to live and not waste Rush's sacrifice.
    - Never seen her species in its natural color. Her mother was the normal green but, being a Servine, makes things uncertain since she was evolved. While she knows her color isn't normal she doesn't think it is unusual either. Her brother was orange after all, so who cares about color? Often mistaken for an undead due to her coloration and this has pushed and solidified her living alone.
    - Sticks very close to nature. Plants calm her down and have a certain level of reassurance to them. Rather uncomfortable in other environments.
    - Has a preference for things that are orange. While she misses all of her family intensely her brother was the hardest blow. Seeing orange things reminds her of him and while it is upsetting it is also comforting. The flowers she carries are usually bright orange.  
    User Notes - Magical Leaf passed from Roselia father.
    - Older sister of Plant the Snivy and sibling of Bull Rush the Servine.
    - Rush's fate is unknown to her.
    - Because of her small size and quiet nature she is often mistaken to be younger then she actually is.

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