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Rush the Orange Servine & Xana the Feisty Leafeon [Laverre, Ace]


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Rush the Orange Servine & Xana the Feisty Leafeon [Laverre, Ace] Empty Rush the Orange Servine & Xana the Feisty Leafeon [Laverre, Ace]

Post by Dandelion Fri Mar 27, 2015 1:41 am

Rush the Orange Servine & Xana the Feisty Leafeon [Laverre, Ace] CKB03At

Rush the Orange Servine & Xana the Feisty Leafeon [Laverre, Ace] U9RrsMW
Rush the Orange Servine & Xana the Feisty Leafeon [Laverre, Ace] NQG9c7p

Bull Rush "Rush" the Servine and Xana the Leafeon
Text Color Rush- #ffa545 - Light Orange
Xana - #a6b91a - Bug Type Green
Item None
A small blue handkerchief around her front left wrist.
Gender Male
Age Young Teen - Around 15
Species #496 Servine, The Grass Snake Pokemon - Grass Type
#470 Leafeon, The Verdant Pokemon - Grass Type
Height 2'04"
3'03" / 1.0m
Weight 34.1 lbs
56.2lbs / 25.5kg
Pokédex Entry Pokemon OmegaRuby:: It moves along the ground as if sliding. Its swift movements befuddle its foes, and it then attacks with a vine whip.
Pokemon AlphaSapphire:: Just like a plant, it uses photosynthesis. As a result, it is always enveloped in clean air.
Level 28
15 (Leveled via RP)
Ability Overgrow
Leaf Guard
Nature Rash
Characteristic Capable of Taking Hits
Quick Tempered
Moves - Magical Leaf (Breeding)
- Vine Whip (Level Up)
- Slam (Level Up)
- Mega Drain (Level Up)

- Tail Whip (Level Up)
- Sand attack (Level Up)
- Tackle (Level Up)
- Razor Leaf (Level Up)
History  A pair of eggs hatched on two beautiful evenings to the sight of a lakefront sunset. The parents, a Servine and a Roselia, stared in awe at their offspring, astonished by their odd colorations. The female was a deep violet and the male a vivid orange but both were lively and bright eyed as they looked to their parents, scales shimmering in the red light. At first the Servine, Roselia, and their trainer were taken aback by this strange phenomenon before them, unsure how to react to the hatchlings. However, they were soon overcome by amazement and love for the babes as they welcomed them into the world. They named the little Snivy's after plants they saw in the beautiful light of the setting sun. The female was to be Violet Lilly after the violet water lilies that floated nearby. The male was to be Bull Rush after those that swayed in the breeze at the waters edge. The children squealed with joy, loved and happy a they entered a privileged childhood.

The nature loving trainer taught his new Pokemon to love the plants as much as he did, and how they offered protection and life to the things around him. Both Snivy's big eyes went wide with awe as they learned about the world, appreciating all the types of life that was in it. While his sister picked flowers Rush explored nature with expansive energy. With his vines for assistance he played in the tree tops and crawled through shrubs, meeting everything in life head on. Munching on bugs and romping in the dirt he was a jolly child and loved to mess with his sister, lovingly of course. Months passed and and the trainer was delighted to find that his Pokemon had had yet another egg. His team was growing into a wonderful family of nature lovers! Soon after he found himself on a trip to Kanto were he could continue his study on plants, specifically those that grew inside Mt. Moon. Never even considering leaving his Pokemon behind the boy brought his entire team along for the journey.

The happy family was delighted at all the sights and nature as they arrived in Kanto and made their way to Cerulean City. Ivy the Servine jealousy guarded her egg, tending to it was great care while letting the sunlight warm its surface. All the while her children were overwhelmed by the new region. Lilly clung to her mom, unwanted attention on Ivy's part, but Rush wandered as far as he could from his family, picking fights with the native Pokemon and getting into as much trouble as he could. After a few days of settling into the new region the team headed west to continue their studies. The orange Snivy couldnt wait to get going, restless and ready to stretch his muscles even further.

The group traveled slowly outside of Cerulean City, taking a great deal of time to move across the hilly terrain, noting the different plants growing along the route. The sight of the city was still clearly visible when tragedy struck. A group of large, powerful, and angry Pokemon burst out of a nearby cave. Their eyes blazing a sickly red color, pure rage filling their erratic movements. Outnumbered and, by the looking of things, outmatched the group fled in terror. The boy managed to grab some of his Pokeballs and returned the young children as he fled deeper into the route. However, the Primapes and Machokes were much faster. They quickly caught up to the group before they could find a shelter and instantly engaged in a ruthless fight. Thorn the Roselia and Ivy fought bravely but the pair were vastly under leveled compared to the powerful infected Pokemon.

 The young trainer knew he had to do something as he watched his team quickly get crushed. A particularly painful blow crushed one of Thorn's flowers before the boy could even react. Placing the two Snivy's Pokeballs on the ground he fumbled through his bag in search of medicines. When he looked back up Ivy was on the ground being bombarded with punches. Yelling at the crazed infected the boy threw whatever he could from his bag at them, even Pokeballs as he ran out of items. One of the Fighting Types vanished for a moment but instantly reappeared with a new rage to its red eyes as the Pokeball was broken. They roared in anger, suddenly forgetting the Grass Types for their trainer. Running as fast as he could the botanist shouted something back to his injured team but couldnt finish before he let out a sickening scream. No other sounds came from the boy and the two remaining grass types were petrified.

The grunts and groans of the dangerous Pokemon forced the couple to move. Thorn grabbed the Pokeballs of his children while Ivy cradled her egg that had thankfully been uninjured due to their trainer. Together they fled deep into the undergrowth with not a moment to grieve.
It was dark before they stopped moving. Pain, exhaustion, and grief stopping the Grass Types in their tracks. Finally they let their children free from the protection of their Pokeballs, desperately needing the reassurance that they were safe. Lilly and Rush were confused and concerned as they stared at their wounded parents but couldn't piece anything together. What had just happened, if the battle was bad why werent they in a Pokemon Center? Where was this place in the middle of the woods and why wasn't their trainer here? The night was quiet, and the next morning solemn as they started to move once more. Rush was silent, scolded by his parents to stay low to the ground and not in the trees. His sister had a never ending string of questions but the male was quiet. Perhaps it was because they were wounded or forced to be quiet but he just knew something had happened. Something was really wrong. The tension among them was almost palpable to the child. The Servine shushed her daughter and told her children it was not the time for questions. The family kept moving endlessly, the faint sounds of screams behind them.

All too soon time was lost to the Grass Types. It seemed they had been traveling forever, days or weeks even, it was unclear. The grief was too raw in the parents, and though nature was their friend lack of rest was taking its toll on their wounded bodies. Thorn's petals were wilting, changing color to some sickly purple shade as the flower started to die. Eventually the family came to a forest with a human pathway beaten into the soil. It seemed safe enough to allow rest and they took it instantly. Everyone collapsed with exhaustion, used to long forest treks and days on end in the forest but never without their trainer or with heavy wounds. Why they had to move so feverishly the orange Snivy did not understand, but the rest was more then welcomed. They set up a camp and took the time to tend to their festering injuries, shocked by the pain and the degree that the wounds had turned sour. Again Lilly pestered her parents, begging them for answers for everything that was going on. The Roselia was growing impatient, snapping at his daughter to be quiet before breaking down into a sobbing rage. Shouting very clearly that the boy was dead he near attacked her in a fit of uncharacteristic rage. Rush darted to his sisters side, horrified by his fathers outburst and ready to protect his sister.

The female youth screamed. She had never seen her father like that before and it was terrifying. Swiftly their mother stepped in, shouting at the Roselia as well for yelling before things turned to physical violence. Amongst the fighting the truth came out- their trainer was dead, they were all now "wild" and lost, and that their wounds were not looking good, something was chasing them... Lilly wailed with sorrow and her brother took the poor female in his arms while his own heart was breaking. They.. their trainer was dead? It shouldn't of been a surprise that the screaming and crying attracted a mass of insect undead. Things turned into instant chaos. The bugs swarmed them with no end, coming from all directions. The parents, already wounded and on edge, fought valiantly but were no match. Things turned sour fast, blood spilling and the bugs literally eating their leafy bodies.

The children were completely horrified, unable to run but hiding nearby in the shrubbery. Rush crouched over his sister, feeling her tears drip onto his arms as he steeled himself against the rising panic. How long had pasted before her parents stopped moving, stopped screaming? Both Snivys moaned with loss, alerting the insects to their hiding place. As they swarmed closer the male took action, attacking them with Magical Leaf before darting into the distance. The bugs followed, thinking he was all that was left and attracted by his bright orange scales.

Heart drumming wildly Rush dared to look back and see the swarm was following him, his sister safe but now his life in imminent danger. Tearing off into the trees the tired child pushed his body to the max, losing some but not not all of the bugs. Eventually he was cornered on a shallow ravine, water racing below. Unable to run the turned to fight, attacking with all his remaining strength. He wasn't a very experienced fighter, not even close, but luckily the bugs were weak, tired, and wounded from fighting their parents. Some died, from fled, but most continued the onslaught. Dazed and weak the youth slipped over the edge and fell down into the river, instantly washing him downstream and away from the insects. Too weak to fight the current Rush blacked out as it swept him under.

He woke on a pebble coated shore, the waters behind him gentle and babbling. Everything hurt, his was mind unclear and foggy but the starter forced himself to move. He stumbled forward, barely able to walk and bleeding heavily. A blurred shape moved in the treeline ahead. Lilly? He thought before collapsing again. Completely defenseless this time Rush watched helplessly as a foreign Pokemon came toward him and his world darkened once more.
When he came too again he was no longer ice cold and sodden, instead warm, aching but dry as he lay on something soft. "Finally decided to wake up." A gruff voice rasped from nearby. The weakened Snivy tilted his head up, panicked but collapsing as he tried to stand. His red eyes did manage to find the source though, a green Pokemon sitting causally on the other side of the den, watching him with a bored expression. "Who are you?" The frightened child growled, curling up defensively despite the grimacing pain. The Grovyle shrugged, switching which of his legs was crossed on top. "Names Axel, and you should be a bit nicer to the guy who saved your damn life."

"Wha.." he muttered before it all hit him. The fighting, the screaming, the blood.. his parents were dead, he dove into a freaking river his- "My sister!" he wailed, "I have to go back for my sister!" Clambering out of the nest he was on the Snivy fell to the ground and moved toward what he thought was the exit. His small body protested, agony pulsing through him until he was stilled on the ground. "I wouldnt do that if I were you kid. You took some major damage and your sisters probably dead anyway." "No!" He screamed. "I protected her, she needs help!" The Grovyle groaned, one hand pinching his brow. "Fine. Look, Ill go check for your sis if you stay put. Its not safe out there and you are in no condition to search let alone move." A defeated feeling came over the orange Grass Type. He was right.. he could barely move it hurt so bad. But could he really trust some Pokemon he hardly knew? "..Okay." he yielded, slowly crawling back into the nest.

It felt like forever before Axel returned. He said he found two corpses but neither matched Lilly's description. A mix of pain and relief knotted in Rush's stomach. His parents really were dead but his sister might yet be alive. The Grovyle didn't let him dwell, shoving a berry in his face and telling him to eat. Food was the last thing the Snivy wanted but he hadn't the strength to be defiant. Eating, he soon passed out.
Its unclear how much time he spent cooped up in that nest. The Grovyle tended his wounds, brought him food, and watched him sleep a lot like a a nurse in the Pokemon Center would. Rush didn't understand why, he hardly knew this Pokemon, and was desperate to go look for his sister but Axel forced him to stay in the den. He kept begging, asking when he would be allowed to leave. The Grovyle smirked, stating simply, "When you can beat me in a fight." While he had managed to fight off those little bugs Rush doubted he could even scratch this guy especially in his condition. Wailing in distress the Snivy threw his little arms over his snout.

Finally, he had recovered. With his wounds healed the child dared to defy his caretaker and slipped outside, instantly disorientated by the foreign forest. A desire to find Lilly pushed him to explore the woods but he had no idea where he was going and quickly became lost. Scurrying into the treetops he hoped to get a better look of the area when something screeched and lunged at him. Screaming himself the frightened child tore off into the trees, hoping to break away from the monster but it gave chase and was much faster. Within a matter of moments, though it felt like a lifetime, the creature had caught up to and cornered him. Rush cowered against the tree, attacking with Magical Leaf though it did little to stop the other Pokemon. Finally getting a good look at it the Snivy had no idea what species it was but locked his sight on its bright, crazed red eyes. It snarled and came closer, a mix of saliva and blood dripping from its teeth. Rush screamed again, covering his head, when he heard a smack and felt the branch shake beneath him.

"I told ya before its not safe out here." Axel croaked as one of his bladed arms cut straight through the creatures throat, blood splattering up his arm. The strange Pokemon gurgled out something before skidding off the branch and smashing against the ground. Rush stared at the Grovyle, tears forming in his eyes, and quickly gasp onto his leg. "I-I need to find my sister.." he whined as the drops fell from his eyes. Axel's clean hand grabbed the Snivy's head and lifted him until he was eye level. "You wont survive out here on your own." The words were cold but painfully honest. "Then train me!" Rush begged, flapping his arms. "Ill do everything you say and try really hard! Please!" The lizards eyes narrowed and he took in a deep breathe. "Fine. Training starts now." The evolved starter threw the Snivy. "Grab that branch or hit the ground, your choice."


Training was brutal. Day in and day out Axel taught him not only how to fight but how to survive in these woods. Hiding, foraging, spotting danger, silent travel and stalking.. Axel beat the knowledge deep into the much smaller Grass Type. He picked things up fairly well, the progress was slow but he understood what he was learning and could see a difference. While survival was one thing combat was completely different. The Grovyle was fast, strong, and ruthless. Every training session left the tiny Snivy in pain that lasted until the next one. Rush tried his heart out but for months the training seemed to do little other then tire him out.

The days blurred together. Months passed. Rush hadn't forgotten about Lilly but he was consumed by a new thought: he had to beat Axel. The Grovyle had said a long time ago that that was the deal, and that would mean the training was a success, right? Refocused and ready the Snivy focused less on trying to attack more on evading (as Axel had said many times before). Eventually he noticed the change himself- dodging even Axel's fast strikes, sharpening his reflexes to hear him moving through the trees. The Grovyle noticed the change too, especially once Rush evolved after a victory against an undead, but instead of praise he changed the combat to a much more direct style. Coming in head first at the newly evolve Servine Rush's evasive style was forced to change to rapid reactions, attacking as a defense, fighting back instead of waiting it out.

This time though he flourished. The Servine finally picked up combat, fierce, fast, violent, much like his teacher. Now when the Grass Types sparred they were like a single unit, a matching style that was almost on an even playing field. All that was missing was the raw power behind Rush's attacks that would come with time. Finally on par with his teacher their relationship became less of master and student and more of rivals, most like family. Their time together went from months to years and finally the Servine won, the Grovyle pinned down in defeat. "I won.." he gasped, backing away from the Grovyle in shock. Axel staggered to his feet, blood marring his green skin. "It seem you have." His voice was quiet but Rush could hear pride and see it shining in his red eyes. "I guess its time then," he continued. "Time for what?" The Servine had no idea what that meant. "Go." Go..? "Your sister needs you."

His sister.. he had forgotten he had to find his sister! Emotions slam against the Servine. Lilly had been all alone out there with those things for how long now?! Was she still okay?? Worse yet another fear pounds against his mind. Was Axel kicking him out, did he want nothing to do with him anymore? "Axel.." He moans, unsure how to process this all. "C'mon, you're family after all and I want to meet her." A smile came over the orange Pokemons face. "Right."
The next morning the Servine left the only home he had known for years. He was confident, having faith in himself and knowing he could return. But there was something more important out there. Lilly.. He didnt doubt she was alive, or refused to believe otherwise, and knew it would take a long time to locate her. But by gods he would and nothing was going to stop him.

Xana was born deep in the wilds to a poor family, living off scraps, garbage, and other scavengings as they struggled just to survive. Always hungry the poor childs belly only distended from worms and her bones poked out from under her thin patchy pelt. She was just a little kit, a small, innocent Eevee in a big world of evil and vileness. It might not of been much but she did have a loving family and siblings and it made the youth happy.

But the evils of the world quickly made themselves known to little Xana. When she was young she was robbed of her siblings, her family, and all that she knew in her life.
One by one her siblings vanished, each little Eevee was never seen again as they were caught by trainers. As each of her littermates was stolen Xana's little heart broke more and more. Soon it was just her and one other sibling and an empty, lonely feeling plagued the child. She had to find them! The Eevee wandered her forest home far and wide, calling out and searching for her missing siblings, desperate to see them again though the search was completely in vein. A deep depression settled in but she continued on, searching and instead becoming a Leafeon by epiphany. The occassion should of been joyous but with no one to share it with she merely wandered on.

It wasnt long after her type-changing evolution that a raging fire roared at the heart of her forest and she had to flee. Heat singed her whiskers as she ran wildly to escape the soulless destroyer. Fear pulsed through her veins as the heat crushed her tiny, leaf-baring form. The flames sizzled, burned, and choked the Leafeon, her new natural weakness to them them allowing the fire to sap her strength away. She barely managed to escape the grasp of the flames, immediately collapsing in exhaustion on a stretch of raw ground when the heat stopped licking at her. Every inch of her body ached and screamed, skin burned from the heat and a patchy cream pelt covered in soot and blood. Her new and delicate leaves were crisp and hissing, curling up with mistreat and agony.

An unknown amount of time passed, hours or perhaps days, before the Leafeon had the energy to wake and walk. Dazed and delirious Xana wandered the charred woods aimlessly until she found a stream. It was thin but the trickle was just enough to offer her meager relief and much needed water. As her head cleared worry and confusion took the groggy feelings place. Fires were not normal in these woods. She didn't know of a single Fire Type who lived in the area and often the plant life was too thick to burn so rapidly.
The first realization hits her.
It was humans. The same humans that stole her siblings. They brought fire Pokemon with them, or forgot their camp fire as it sizzled life away. They had no care for the trees she called home! Some insolent dud did it, some vile human had burned her home and her body and killed countless innocent lives! Rage fills her creamy form.

The second realization hits her even harder along with a wash of pure terror.
She hadn't seen her family anywhere. Not yet, not even once since the flames started. Her mom, dad, and littermate.. How long had she been out, been wandering? Though her body was weak adrenaline pulsed along in her blood and the Leafeon raced through her ravaged home. She searched for days after the fire burned out, climbing through the charred skeletons of trees, weaving though felled giants and blackened bodies. Even her own home, utterly destroyed to nothing but ash, remained empty of everything but the smell of smoke. Eventually she had to stop. Her relentless searching left no time for food or rest- her body was quitting.

She settled down by another stream, letting the cold water soothe her aching, raw pads. Not eating. Not sleeping. Just cold dread and anguish filled her. They were gone.. not even a scent trail to follow or a body to confirm her fears. She wanted to yell endlessly at the sky and the stars that mocked her from above. For taking her family, her home, her life. But her throat was raw from the smoke and her breathing was like sand paper grinding against stone. The world wouldn't even allow her to vent her despair...

Thankfully, the stream attracted other Pokemon that had survived and the waters helped new life to grow in the rich, ashy soil. While all she wanted was to give up something inside her, some raw instinct, forced the Leafeon to keep going. With the streams aid she managed to recover, finally regaining her strength and giving her body the time it needed. Once her body regained its strength Xana wandered aimlessly again, letting her paws guide her where they wanted. The anguish soon deepened her depression, and the depression turned to anger. It fueled her, filled her, kept her on her feet and moving. Without this anger she would just lay down and never want to get back up. No, that's what the world wanted from her. To give up, to give in to the sadness. To punish her for living and watch her suffer. During her wandering the epidemic hit and with nothing left to lose she had only one response: bring it on.
Appearance Rush is a bright orange Servine. His eyes are a deeper red then most Servine and his arms are darker then his main body. Scars and bruises from many tough fights litter his body, however most are faint. He's really had to tough it out these past years and its clear in all the oddities in his scales (dents or weird ways of growing in instead of scars) and stern look on his face. Rush stands proud and moves with confidence and purpose.

A very skinny Leafeon with thin patchy fur. Very quiet and often her eyes look distant. She wears a blue scrap of fabric around her front left paw as a token of luck. Its the only non-damaged thing she found in the remains of her homeland and symbolizes her will to survive.
Devotion Taught to praise Grass Legends. Sinnoh born, Shaymin was always his 'top' god though with the rough world now Virizon has risen. Also worships Suicune and Lugia for protecting nature.

Arceus in both pray and curse, usually curse. Believes all legends to be useless when needed and are just any other Pokemon with no reason to be worshiped.
| Hardened |
- A Child at the start of the Epidemic on his own Rush has had to fight hard just to survive. The years have hardened the usually jolly, calm Servine into of one who has seen the unforgivable.
| Fierce |
- Very violent in combat and wont take shit from anyone. While he isnt the highest level or the strongest pokemon ever he is fast and knows his own strength.
| Searching |
- The thoughts that Lilly is still alive and that he must find her fuel him. Its his driving force and nearly an obsession. He refuses to believe she is dead and is determined to find her..  no matter what.
| Cold |
- Not very inviting, no sugar coating, rather harsh. Very stern expressions and not much in the ways of humor or laughing.
| Resolved |
- This is the world now. It sucks and its hard but only the strong survive. The innocent must be protected. He does not sulk or brood.
| Determined |
- Set to his goals and wont let anything detour him. He will go to the ends of the earth for what he desires.
| Straight forward |
- No beating around the bush, gets straight to the point. Not much of a liar. Doesnt really like to mince words.
| Affirmative |
| Calm |
- Almost eerily so. Never panics but does have a temper. Very stotic unless rightfully provoked.
| Quiet |
- Not one for small talk he doesnt speak much.
| Rash |
- Quick to act and might not think something through. Brunt force is a good option.
| Act first talk later |
- Speed can make the difference between life and death and asking questions may mean murder.
|Protective |
- After learning to take care of himself Rush gets very defensive about those that can not.
| Big brother |
- Soft spot for children and the only thing he is gentle with. Misses his sister dearly.
| Firm |
- A steady mind guides him and he acts accordingly. He does not bend.
| Proud |
- Having overcome this apocalypse this Servine has a deep sense of pride. While he does not boast he is very confident and shows it in his mannerisms and movements.
| Soloist |
- Used to being on his own, fending for his own, fighting by himself,  and the silence that comes with it. No loyalty to groups.
| Serious |
- There isnt much time for jokes and fun when you can die or be infected at any moment. Prone to disagreements (as he doesnt say enough to argue).
| Good Guy |
- Does what he can to help others in need. Goes out of his way sometimes for no profit to himself.
| "Superhero" |
- Helps those who cant help themselves. Prone to rushing in to bad situations.


| Angry |
- A troubled child, the world has done her many wrongs and with no proper outlet she often lets the anger consume her. Can get very snappy.
| Angsty | Brooding | Grudge Bearing |
- She has grown a thick skin in her short life but actually dealing with problems, emotions, and turmoil is another story. If something happens to upset her Xana will hold it in and let it fester, a deep grudge forming along with her natural temper.
| Temperamental |
- While her normal response to being upset is to hold it in she does have angry outbursts followed by bitter sulking.
| Pessimistic |
- Wandering the forest alone and seeing nothing but death and charred bodies changed something in the Leafeon. Even without the Epidemic the world was a sick, cruel place with nothing but torment in it.
| Rash |
- That human-born fire had done the same thing that the undead are doing now. Let it be for morals or to conquer past demons Xana has resolved herself to never see another creature die if she can prevent it. As such she often rushes into fights she is not prepared for.
| Blunt | Cold |
- She has a harp tongue and a vocabulary she is not afraid to use. Others mean nothing to her. She doesn't like to talk much so often what she says is vocalization of her thoughts.
| Lonely |
- She misses her home, family, friends.. to have no one is a poor existence and is more painful then dealing with other Pokemon.
| Loyal |
- With nothing left to hold onto this Leafeon has an amazing since of loyalty to anyone, or anything, she bonds with. With nothing left to call her own something/one she cares about is a precious thing worth protecting. Amazingly loyal down to her very last whisker.
| Sassy | Feisty | Snarky |
A raging quick tempered go-to attitude and an attitude to go with it. Both submissive and dominant, depending which side of her attitude you are on.
| Proud |
- With attitude comes pride and while Xana strides with confidence she has no reason to be so. Hates to be talked down upon and considers herself better then that.
| Naive |
- She is still young and rather naive to some of the worlds workings. While she knows about death and violence, everyone being out for themselves, she doesn't really understand love, trainers, and a lot of human workings.
| Hateful |
- Utterly hates humans and blames them for the epidemic. After a lashing for vile words there are to be killed on sight. Refuses to see any good in them. They deserve to have Pokemon overrun their homes.
| Secretive |  Defensive | Conceded |
- Her past is nothing but pain. She hates to be questioned and will lash back merely for being so. She will deny accusations about herself though will later prove them through actions.
| Pensive | Quiet |
She doesn't really understand why she is alive. She has no one and no purpose for life. Often thrown into the "Why..?" thoughts. Very distant, often zones out as she thinks existentially. Generally doesnt talk too much.
| Looking for Reasoning |
Xana has tried to resolve herself that she is alive simply to spite whatever force gave her life, to live and not cry at the horror she has dealt with.
| Solemn |
Without much reason to live or die she feels rater hollow inside about life in general and while she fights valiantly to protect lives she doesnt know why it will matter.
User Notes - Actively searching for his sister.
- Brother of Plant and Lilly. Completely unaware that Plant exists.
- High level for age due to years of hard training with Axel.
- Despite the way that its written Rush is actually a little bit older then his sister (the eggs were not laid at the same time and didn't hatch at the same time). Its too clunky in each rewrite I tried so I left it as it. >.<
- The majority of his history is copy pasted from Lilly's profile with a few sentences changed. This is because they had the same history up until their separation. The 9th or 10th paragraph his where his personal history starts.
- As with all the siblings, Magical Leaf was passed down from their Roselia father.
- Both parents are deceased. They were devoured upon, and somewhat before, death and didnt even have a chance to come back as undead.

Text color in case a teammate has a similar shade of orange (cause oranges often all look the same lol).

- Created by Keishu13, Original Profile. Character concept and history are the same but with much heavy editing to the entire profile. Xana's single profile
- My first profile with a legends section so I can stop forgetting which characters pray to which legends @.@

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