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    Sly the Honchkrow (Inactive) Empty Sly the Honchkrow (Inactive)

    Post by Starbits Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:13 pm


    Text Color: #544870

    Item: None.

    Gender: Male

    Age: Adolescent

    National Dex No./Species: #430 Honchkrow/Big Boss Pokémon

    Height: 5'11" (Much larger than usual)

    Weight: 95.6lbs

    Pokédex Entry: It makes its Murkrow cronies bring it food. It idles its time away, grooming itself in its nest.

    Level: 25

    Ability: Insomnia

    Nature: Naughty

    Characteristics: Proud of its power.

    Ariel Ace (TM)
    Night Shade (Learned Naturally)
    Wing Attack (Learned Naturally)
    Payback (TM)

    Sly was born in the Sinnoh region at the edge of Eterna Forest. A behemoth of a Murkrow, he learned through his mother’s encouragement that when one is bigger than others, you can generally get what you want if you know how to fight. Thus Sly enjoyed a particularly high standard of life, able to bully the other Murkrow in his flock into getting him what he wanted. Despite his easy life, however, he wasn’t quite satisfied. He hated the dark forest and wanted to test his strength against Pokémon more powerful than the usual Murkrows, Bunearies, and bug type Pokémon one could find in the forest.

    His desire came true in the form of a human boy. A trainer, Jon was practically a kindred spirit to the Murkrow, alike in almost every way. Ironically enough, the Pokémon who would become his favorite victim introduced him to his trainer; he woke one morning to see a Chimchar scarfing down berries from his favorite berry bush. He chased the fire monkey back to Jon, who allowed the bird to assault the Chimchar for a bit before stepping in. He offered Sly a Mago berry and a coin, as well as an opportunity to travel and enhance his strength. Sly quickly accepted the proposal and soon realized that it was the best decision he’d ever made. Not only did he get along with Jon, acquire an endless supply of his favorite food, be able to battle on a daily basis, and was straight out allowed to rob passerby for their shiny objects, but he also got along quite well with Tank and gained a victim he could bully around the clockm this being the little Chimchar called Oliver. As an added bonus, Jon never stopped him and even encouraged the abuse on occasions, usually after losing a battle. The group progressed onwards together until the Pastoria Gym; it was at this gym that their journey effectively ended. Jon had added a Ghastly to the group, which he dubbed Joker. He was given a Dusk stone by a passerby and Sly evolved with it; he also evolved Joker into Ghastly and evolved Tank into a Machoke before the traveler he was trading with had to cut and run. Despite the evolutions they were unable to get past the gym, eventually having to return home.

    Just as bitter as Jon was at not being able to progress any further, Sly likewise also became more angry and abusive, and like his trainer, targeted Oliver as a way of releasing it. He would attack him, steal his food, order him around, shoot down any confidence or joy the Chimchar felt, and generally participated in making sure he was as miserable and lonely as possible. When Oliver was rescued from them by the young human girl called Anne, he had no outlet for his anger and began to roam the city at night. He stole shiny objects from anyone and everyone, and would attack any Pokémon he saw wandering alone. Jon’s parents caught wind of this activity, and weren’t pleased by it. This is when they also noticed their son was generally more sour in disposition, and concluded that the solution was to send him and his Pokémon somewhere where they could relax and cheer up.

    Thus it was that Jon, Sly, Tank, and Joker wound up at Jon’s cousin’s home. Sly in truth loved it; the city wasn’t too far away, and it was harder to keep him under surveillance on the rather large ranch. There was, in fact, one thing he couldn’t stand about it.

    There was no one to boss around.

    All of the Pokémon on the ranch were older than him, and could easily trounce him. The only one who was weak enough to be bullied was the Riolu that belonged to Jon’s cousin, and he was well protected by his vast family. His attempt to rid himself of the annoying pest was successful, but he didn’t have very long to celebrate; the Epidemic broke out right afterwards. When the humans came to evacuate the others, Jon gathered his team and flew away on Sly, while his cousin, aunt, and uncle were dragged off by their fellow humans after their Pokemon had been tranquilized.

    Some time passed, but the group discovered that surviving here would not be easy. Jon had the idea of using an old boat they found to travel to a different region in hopes that the infection was only in the one region, but while traveling on the ocean, a violent storm hit and Sly was flung overboard. He woke some time later on a beach, alone and with no idea of where he was. He now looks for Jon, hoping that if anyone made it, it was him.

    Appearance: He looks just like any other Honchkrow, but is larger than average and is heavier as well.


    Sly is a conniving, cruel, merciless slimeball. He likes to make others feel terrible about themselves, prefers that everyone do his work for him, can’t stand not being the strongest or the one in control, and loves pilfering shiny objects. He has a general dislike for children, but doesn’t hate them with a burning passion. He enjoys bullying those weaker than them and will jump on a chance to belittle them. He’s very observant and can easily find out what makes others tick, and then uses it against them. However, it rattles him when someone stands up to him; like all bullies, he’s a coward at heart. The only person he holds any affection for is Jon; while he likes Tank to some degree, the Machoke is not very bright and Sly occasionally finds him irritating. Joker just flat out frustrates him, as he rarely makes sense. However, he would ditch them all to save himself in a heartbeat; his own skin is his top priority.

    User Notes:

    1) He likes sweet food, and is very possessive of his food. Anyone who touches it, accident or otherwise, is instantly going to be attacked by him unless he knows he’d lose the fight.

    2) He has a weakness for shiny objects, just like most of his species. He will act first and think later when it comes to shiny objects.

    3) He was Jon’s favorite, and his level shows that. He was used most often.

    4) His larger than average body makes fighting easier for him, but it also makes hiding and sneaking harder, unless it is nighttime.

    5) He prefers to sleep during the day and move about at night, using the darkness for cover. His favorite method of transportation is flying, as likely expected.

    6) He holds a special hatred for Oliver; he loved the feeling of power he had while the Chimchar was forced to live with them, and misses being able to treat someone like garbage and not have them retaliate for it. If he could find Oliver, he would be able to find a source of amusement and be able to inflate his ego again, two things he wants back.

    7) The Epidemic has him worried, but he is convinced he’s strong enough to see it through. He’s more concerned for Jon, as he’s well aware how fragile humans can be.

    8) He’s confident that ditching Felix in the woods has ensured the young one’s death and is unaware that he is alive.

    9) The TMs Ariel Ace and Payback were taught to him by Jon.

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    Sly the Honchkrow (Inactive) Empty Re: Sly the Honchkrow (Inactive)

    Post by Negative10 Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:23 am

    I really like him! 8DD

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    Post by Jay Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:19 am

    So much gusta.

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    Post by Starbits Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:50 pm

    Thanks guys~ ^^ I plan to make him a duel someday~


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