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    Long-stride the purple Delcatty [wip]


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    Long-stride the purple Delcatty [wip] Empty Long-stride the purple Delcatty [wip]

    Post by Long-stride Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:40 pm

    Long-stride the purple Delcatty [wip] 1_by_kemurigakurekaze-d7z3o47

    Long-stride / Violet
    Text Color #6600cc
    Item None
    Gender Woman
    Age Adult
    Species #301, Normal type/Delcatty, the Prim Pokemon
    Height 5'00"
    Weight 120 pounds
    Pokédex Entry Rather than keeping a permanent lair, it habitually seeks comfortable spots and sleeps there. It is nocturnal and becomes active at dusk.
    Level 45
    Ability Cute charm
    Nature Rash
    Characteristic Proud of its power
    Moves -Sucker punch (bred)
    -Play Rough (level)
    -Mud Bomb (bred)
    -Foresight (level)

    Appearance Ridiculously tall for a Delcatty, Long-stride stands at an impressive five foot exactly. She does not know this is unusually large, she grew up the small one as a kid, though. Her fur is all purple, and, well, violet. She has large amber eyes.
    Personality Sassy and confident, she tends to come off a bit strong to most people. Has a love for alcohol as well as a perverted sense of humor, she is unafraid to make a joke at another's expense. Long-stride comes off brash, not always thinking things all the way through, and thus gets herself into trouble often, though it is not always forgiven.

    Secretly insecure, she has a great fear of being forgotten and abandon, thus makes a true effort to not end up like that if she can help. She takes jabs at her deeper feelings quite seriously, growing violent quickly. Sporting a respectable temper, she tends to being her claws out before calming down enough to talk it out.

    But while her emotions and feelings are something she hates to talk about, Long-stride loves a chance to show off her strength. An ally in a fight, she knows how to hold her own, and despite being selfish, she will always help those weaker or less fortunate. A strong chivalrous view on the world, she takes unkindness from fate very personally, quick to become angry and frustrated when unable to fix a situation or past experience.
    User Notes -Vince helped me with the profile
    -Father was a Dugtrio, but was raised by a Luxray and does not know her biological father
    -Even though she is so tomboyish, she keeps her fur clean and very nice. Takes pride in how good she looks.

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