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    Nox the Espeon (Sky Team, Hoenn)


    Nox the Espeon (Sky Team, Hoenn) Empty Nox the Espeon (Sky Team, Hoenn)

    Post by Guest Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:00 am

    Nox the Espeon (Sky Team, Hoenn) A71o5

    Holy water cannot help you now

    See I've come to burn your kingdom down

    And no rivers and no lakes, can put the fire out

    I'm gonna raise the stakes; I'm gonna smoke you out

    Text Color#d9d9d9
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age 43
    Species #196, Espeon The Sun Pokemon
    Height 2'11″
    Weight 58.4 pounds
    Pokédex Entry By reading air currents, it can predict things such as the weather or its foe's next move.
    Level 52
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Rash
    Characteristic Good Endurance
    Moves -Psybeam (Level Up)
    -Confusion (Level Up)
    -Future Sight (Level Up)
    -Last Resort (Level Up)
    To grow up within a breeding facility is never any easy thing and it was especially hard for two young, beautiful Eevee's that hatched within minutes of one another. Lux was the first to be brought into the world, his gold and white pelt shocking the breeders into amazement but when Nox was hatched, they marked her off as plain, that was until her fur caught the light. Dark ebony brown fur blanketed her whole body, leaving not one piece unmarked and on top of that, each piece of fur was tipped in silver that caught the light in a magnificent way. The breeders were shocked at the silver of her fur and soon they were even more astonished when the two opened their eyes. Lux was gifted with beautiful ebony brown eyes embedded with tiny flecks of shimmery silver while Nox's were a radiant gold only broken in color by the bits of shimmery white that glistened in the sun. The breeders were astonished by what they had created and so began to do all they could to make more beautiful Pokemon and when they succeeded quickly, the two siblings were thrown into a cage to be forgotten and hopefully bought by a trainer who could afford their high price. Staying in their cage for weeks and not gaining any human contact, the two began to starve to death, their bodies weak and frail but Nox did all she could to protect her brother even if it meant her own life.

    A few weeks into their dysfunctional life, a man by the name of Ralen came to the breeding facility demanding to see where they stored the unwanted Pokemon. Furious and in a rage, he attacked the owners and broke the Pokemon free from their cages so that they could live somewhat normal lives. Too young to know what was going on and albeit a little frightened, Lux and Nox stayed within their cage even when the last Pokemon had been freed, Nox choosing to curl up around her brother protectively as to make sure he was at least safe. Soon the two were found by Ralen and it broke his heart to see the weak and frail creatures before him. Offering to take them with him, they were both too young and weak to even think about trusting him so Nox stood up from her brother to attack the man even though her pounding heart showed how terrified she was. A weak Scratch attack was all she could muster and soon the battle was over. Her weak body only made it easier for Ralen to capture her within the Ultra Ball he threw and soon she was safely tucked away, blackness engulfing her.

    She blinked a few times before shaking her head and looking around. Beneath her and her brother was a pile of soft pillows, the velvety soft faux fur caressing their small bodies in an almost pitiful way. The only thing they could feel was a tight confusion but putting that aside, Nox leaped down from their mound of pillows and began to explore the house, her brother soon following in her wake despite the distrust they were both feeling at that time. Still skeptical about it all, Nox could tell that her brother had a good feeling about all of this so she kept her mouth shut so as to not kill what little hope they had left. A few hours later, once the two were back upon their mound of soft things, Ralen found them and gave them the warmest smile Nox had ever seen which caused her to be amazed by the warmth he exuded. Although the two didn't know who he was or what he was saying, Nox knew as well as her brother did that he had saved them and for that they were both grateful. Soon Ralen had them both eating regularly, gaining their weight back steadily to increase their health which had been continuously decreasing over the few weeks they spent within the breeding facility.

    The very next day began their real training and Nox absolutely loved it. She loved everything about it down to the small feelings of using her moves and to the satisfaction of winning something. Battling had opened up a whole new world for her, one which she embraced thoroughly and without hesitation unlike her brother who was scared of fighting and would rather prefer to watch. Ralen sat him down soon after that and in no time, Nox had had someone she could attack besides Ralen's other Pokemon and soon the two began to level up together, growing stronger day after day. It took years of the three being together before they finally evolved but Lux was the first to make the change despite Nox's rigorous training. He had taken to Ralen faster and thus allowed him into his heart so much that in the dead of night he had evolved into a gorgeous Umbreon although sometime in the night, things had gone wrong for the female Eevee.

    For a year she had been harboring a sickness within her that would cause her to have coughing fits and collapse almost to the point of unconsciousness but she had never allowed herself to get that far or to do it around the other two so as to not make them worry. She had successfully made certain they knew nothing about it but she didn't realize just how bad that truly was until the night of Lux's evolution. She had awoken and found him missing beside her. Not thinking anything of it, she fell back to sleep, or so she thought, and awoke again with blood beside her on the floor where she had collapsed unknowingly just a few hours before. Panicking the young Eevee wiped away the blood with one of their pillows but before she could do anything further she began to cough and cough, not stopping for so long that her body became unconscious from the lack of oxygen. Ralen, awoken by the sounds of her coughing, found her a few minutes later and began to frantically speak out loud which woke up Lux as well. He was heartbroken at the sight of his sister and tears fell from his eyes but he heard her faint heartbeat and harbored a hope within him as they took her to the nearest Pokemon Center.

    A few hours later the small female Eevee blinked open her eyes to the sight of machines and hospital walls surrounding her. For a few seconds she was panicked but when Ralen peeked in the room with Lux at his side her thoughts soon were at ease and before she knew what was happening she was released from the hospital with the hope that whatever medicine they gave her there had cured her illness. On the ride back home she sat in Ralen's lap, warmth spreading through her at the thought of him rushing to save her. Finally realizing that she truly loved and trusted this wonderful man, a light began to burn within her and morph her into a beautiful Espeon with the same ebony fur and silver coloring that she had enjoyed as an Eevee although she was gifted with more beautiful markings in her final form. Nox felt a thousands times better after the evolution and soon she also felt that her strength was completely renewed. She no longer coughed and felt one hundred percent healthy for the first time in a long time. She and her brother finally believed that nothing could go wrong and that their lives were perfect but thirty years later something went completely wrong. On the night before their fortieth year together the two awoke in the dead of night to a dark and quiet house. All seemed fine but both of them knew something was completely wrong, they could feel it in their hearts.

    Padding silently into their beloved masters room they found him dead in his sleep, their pokeballs broken on the ground. Sadness clung to both of their hearts but even though the tears came easily, they both knew that they were ready for the outside world and it was thanks to Ralen. Silently they said their goodbyes and ventured outside not knowing where they were or where they would go but as long as they had each other they would be alright. Apprehension for the journey ahead clutched at Nox but her brother soon reassured her despite the strangeness that was going on in the outside world. Strange scents of decay blew through the wind and perplexed the siblings greatly as they soon realized that Ralen had been protecting them by forbidding the two to go outside during the past couple of weeks. Not sure of what was going on they kept moving and soon were confronted by an Abra, the stench of sickness and death clinging to its form. Nox hissed and dropped her stance to attack but Lux jumped in front of her and was whisked away, never to be seen again. Panic gripped the now lone Espeon but her personality kept her alive enough to find that same Abra but before she could attack, it transported her to the Sky Pillar in Hoenn. Now she walks around numbly as she awaits to find the living.
    Appearance Espeon has lilac fur, large ears with dark purple or blue ear insides and long tufts of fur below them, a red gem on its forehead and a pair of pupiless eyes with white irises and purple scleras. Espeon has four slim legs and tiny paws. Its slender tail, which is forked into two at the end, helps it to foresee possible futures. Its catlike appearance and sparkling red gem have caused some to mistake it for a relative of Persian. However, this gem merely augments its psychic powers.

    Nox has about her a mysterious type of beauty. Her silky fur is a darkened ebony brown and every single piece of hair is tipped with a glistening silver that, when in the right light, shimmers with a magical gleam that only brings out her prominent majestic beauty. The gem upon her head is the same shimmery silver and her eyes are a beautiful gold with shimmery flecks of white. Her ears, tail, and paws are all dipped in silver as well as the beautiful tufts of fur that hang down from her face. Across her back are three stripes of silver and gentle swirls of the shimmery color snake across the left side of her muzzle.
    Personality The unique coloring of this beautiful Espeon says a lot about her and one thing it says is how unique her personality is. She was gifted with a "fight and ask questions later" type of mindset and in many ways it kept her alive without her brother. Quick to mistrust but loyal and loving, Nox is the darkness whereas her brother is the light. She's regal, headstrong, quick to anger, and stubborn as a mule but deep within her locked away heart lies a gentle creature that only hopes someone will earn her loyalty.
    User Notes

    And here is my other Pokesona<3

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    Post by Guest Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:40 pm

    Nox is ready for approval<3

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    There are questions regarding this profile.

    Please be patient while we discuss them.


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    Post by Guest Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:12 pm

    Alright dear. :3 If it's her sickness I can change that with no problem whatsoever.

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