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    Mars the Warrior Altaria (Safari, Johto)


    Mars the Warrior Altaria (Safari, Johto) Empty Mars the Warrior Altaria (Safari, Johto)

    Post by Guest Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:18 pm

    Image- Mars the Warrior Altaria (Safari, Johto) 334Altaria

    Name- Mars

    Gender- Male

    Level- 60

    Dragon Breath (learned)
    Sing (Learned)
    Aerial Ace (TM)
    Roar (TM)

    Ability- Natural Cure

    Nature- Rash

    Characteristics- Proud of his power

    National Dex No./Species-

    #172, Altaria, Humming Pokemon

    Height- 4’12 (He’s bigger then average)

    Weight- 55lbs (according to him that’s all muscle)

    Pokédex Entry-

    It flies gracefully through the sky. Its melodic humming makes you feel like you're in a dream

    items pertain to items in the games; they can be used and replaced for another in RP.


    Mars has always been a fighter, ever since the day he hatched. Even the songs he preferred to sing were war songs, when he was in his lower levels every starly and zangoose knew his wrath and had lost family members to it, as he grew the golbats, geodudes, and onix each had a run in with this mighty swablue. When he reached higher levels so did his prey, most he would leave alive so they could grovel at his feet. He liked it, the power and the fight. Before he wasn’t known as Mars and his mother was worried over this and tried to stop him, telling him that these fights wouldn’t lead to any good. But he ignored her and eventually ended up getting into a real fight with one of his flock. It was a bloody battle with one of his cousins, Mars can’t even remember what it was over but it went on for hours, blood was spilled and death came to bother him but in the end he won.Though as a result he got kicked out of the flock for attacking a family member, he would miss his family but he went off without many regrets, battling as many pokemon as possible.

    One day he met an ampharos who wore a scarf, signaling that he belonged to someone. Mars enjoyed battling trainer pokemon, discovering that they where much tougher then wild pokemon and much more fun to fight. So he challenged this ampharos stupidly mainly because he hadn’t seen this kind of pokemon before outside of what humans called television. The ampharos laughed at the swablu saying that he was on vacation but the humming pokemon would have none of that and he attacked first, the ampharos though his trainer was nowhere in sight to give him orders fought the flying type off easily and didn’t even use any of his real attacks, mainly swinging his tail around and absorbing hits. The swablu was out of his league and was desperate, he’d been holding off his evolution thinking it would make him stronger to train in his little body but he evolved to try to at least have a chance against this pokemon.

    But it did nothing for him and the newly evolved altaria was done in by a thunder. Mars wounded, weak, and humiliated wanted nothing more then the ampharos to finish him off but instead the electric pokemon introduced himself as Zeus and said that the was impressed with his skill and that he knew someone who would gladly train him. Mars explained that he would rather not have a trainer, hating the idea of being bonded to a human by a ridiculous contraption that looked like a toy. Zues laughed and told him it wasn’t his master but a typhlosion back in the ‘Johto Region’ who could train him, he explained to Mars that she was one of the strongest pokemon around and a champion. Mars agreed wanting to do anything that would make him stronger. So he followed the ampharos on the ship that took them to an entirely new region, after they landed and went to some town he met his new teacher. A female typhlosion with a harsh look in her eyes, she went by the name Blaze. She let him in her class and didn’t bother with him much, even if Zeus (her closest friend) recommended him, but when he nearly killed one of the other pokemon she knocked him down and pinned him with such ease it was scary.

    “Don’t kill in front of me; if you do I will make sure you can never battle again.”

    And he didn’t, the threat hung over him. But after that she took him into private classes and really started teaching him, and did so harshly but it’s what Mars needed and it did so effectively. He looked up to her as she taught him and nearly beat him into higher levels. If it hadn’t been for Blaze he would’ve never known about combinations, focusing the attack or some battle strategies that he uses frequently now. She was actually the one to dub him Mars and he loved the name and kept it. The typhlosion though not one of open favoritism, did seem partially proud of the flying pokemon’s progress. But eventually Mars felt like there was nothing else that Blaze could teach him anymore and left. He would visit his teacher every once in awhile for some practice but pretty much was on his own from then on battling and killing as he pleased.

    When the epidemic struck the Altaria fought any infected that came his way, and learned about it more from sneaking into towns. He’s been enjoying decapitating and ripping apart undead, finding it to be much like those zombie movies that the humans made. He’s enjoying this infection for all it’s worth, though he does keep an eye out for Zues and his teacher Blaze.

    User Note

    -Despises anyone who calls him a cotton swab, a puff ball, etc.

    -Named after the roman god of war

    -Is a cocky bastard but can be caring

    -Usually snuck into theaters to watch human films (pretending to be someone's pokemon, drive inns, etc) he likes human films

    -the reason Zues didn’t teach Mars himself is because he’s too lazy to

    -If he has any tm moves its cause Blaze gave them to him

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    Mars the Warrior Altaria (Safari, Johto) Empty Re: Mars the Warrior Altaria (Safari, Johto)

    Post by Suicune Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:56 pm

    label your moves with where they come from.
    Other than that, approved.


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