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Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto]


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Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Empty Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto]

Post by Starbits Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:31 am

Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Tumblr_nzul6bY4061s5iyovo1_500

Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Tumblr_nzul7qGZsT1s5iyovo1_250

Julian Jay
Text Color 3572ab
Theme(s) THEME
Item -universal communicator
-space pendant (worn around his neck)

backback in which are
-a sleeping bag
-a few cans of nonperishable food
-bottle of water
-bag of berries
-small tent
Weapons his Pokemon; the rifle he has is jammed and is just for show
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate August 24th
Age 26
Species Human
Weight 105lbs
Height 5'6"
Region of Origin Sinnoh
Religion believes in the gods, but not as infallible or omnipotent/omnipresent beings; rather he sees them as special creatures that should be protected, as he has seen three of them suffer and is aware they are sentient and can experience emotional and physical pain
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Former Galactic Commander
Party All of these Pokemon are ones he's had since childhood. His Mismagius, Weavile, and Luxray were absent from the events that took place in Sinnoh because they were far too low a level to be battling and he had no desire to risk their safety.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 454
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
Toxicroak | Galaxy (F)
Text Color: 553c87
Level- 59
Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Poison Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Fighting
Ability- Anticipation
Attack list-
-Poison Jab (TM)
-Brick Break (TM)
-X Scissor (TM)
-Sucker Punch (Learned)
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 437
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
Bronzong | Milky Way (sexless; male pronouns)
Text Color: 214a5a
Level- 57
Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Psychic Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Steel
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
-Extrasensory (Learned)
-Gyro Ball (Learned)
-Confuse Ray (Learned)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 429
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
Mismagius | Black Hole (M)
Text Color: b52b6b
Level- 58
Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Ghost  
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
-Phantom Force (Start)
-Power Gem (Start)
-Magical Leaf (Start)
-Thunder Wave (TM)
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 461
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
Weavile | Alphard (F)
Text Color: 3c456c
Level- 56
Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Dark Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Ice
Ability- Pressure
Attack list-
-Quick Attack (Learned)
-Metal Claw (Learned)
-Night Slash (Learned)
-Icy Wind (Learned)
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 405
Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
Luxray | Sirius (F)
Text Color: b61d25
Level- 55
Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Electric
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Thunder Fang (Learned)
-Crunch (Learned)
-Wild Charge (TM)
-Return (TM)
Pkm 6
Quote "A world without spirit... Who would want such a thing?!"

"I tried to live a life without spirit, with minimal emotion, as protection. And people died for it."
Born Julian Jay, he began life in a happy, comfortable environment; his parents were decently well-off but conscious of the fact that they had a son who needed them to spend time with him, and thus were careful to balance their careers with their personal lives and ensure their little boy knew he was loved and supported. Julian grew up a friendly child, if not a bit shy, and was well provided for. His grandmother was called upon to help raise him, and though he was miserable with the excessively stern woman, he wasn't trapped under her iron rule more than twice a week. And so, his early life was uneventful until a horrific boating accident claimed his parents' lives while the family was on vacation and landed him stuck permanently with his grandmother, whose younger son also came to help look after the boy. His grandmother was a deeply toxic person, strict beyond reason; wanting her grandson to go into business or science as his parents had, she did her best to force his destiny on him from an early age, stripping him of most of his favorite activities and ridiculing his interests. As the years dragged on he obtained a tiny group of friends, but truthfully they were more like people who allowed him to hang around them for the sake of making fun of him. Lonely, he waved the cruel jibes away as the 'just jokes' his friends claimed them to be, remaining mostly a shadow in conversations and fairly asocial unless first approached.  

And so the years dragged on the same until a chance meeting changed his life; Julian met a man who called himself Cyrus while attending a local school, and the man slowly earned his trust, the boy spilling the sad truth of his life bit by bit over the course of a year. Cyrus took him under his wing, where he met two other troubled youths, one of whom he became close friends with. Cyrus became a caretaker, the man treating him as though they were related, encouraging him to stop caring so deeply about the thoughts of others. As Julian began to spend more and more time with the man who became a guardian to him, his grandmother and uncle grew more abusive; at last he could stand the pain no longer and left what remained of his family to live on his own, becoming one of Cyrus's partners in the man's new project along with the two others Cyrus looked after. Life had weathered him by the time the project got seriously underway, and by the time he chose his new name at fourteen, his Commander name, the person he'd been as a child was almost completely gone.

Galactic came into form; Julian became Saturn, and his dearest friend became Mars. Over the next couple years preparations continued, Saturn realizing Cyrus's concern for others was either not real at all or second to his own ambitions. The knowledge devastated him, but rather than attempt to come to terms with it and bail on the closest thing he now had to a family, he hardened his soul. Cyrus had taught him not to care what others thought, had he not? The boy became arrogant and empty, the wonder he'd once looked at the world with taking on the form of morbid curiosity as became entranced with Cyrus's ability to entrap people using the very thing he hated and wished to eliminate: spirit.

But it failed.

After all that preparation, three children took down Galactic, and he was left with the ruins of the organization and the blood of those who had died at Lake Valor on his hands. It was then that the gravity of what he did began to sink in, though still, he avoided dwelling on it too much, jerking from it like an accidental touch to something hot. After a conversation with Pearl in which he expressed his desire to use Galactic to do good, he disappeared. Though initially he had planned to oversee Galactic himself, it seemed that the International Police had begun to creep in, seeking those who were involved with the more nefarious plots; it would be foolish to stay, given what he had done at Valor. Saturn tied up some loose ends with the company's money, helped settle some grunts who no longer wanted to be part of Galactic, and then left the group in the hands of a qualified grunt he chose himself. Giving this person instructions to research alternative energy sources and some plans to start with, Saturn took his Pokemon and inheritance and vanished to Unova to hide.

It was when Ghetsis surfaced in Unova that he began to fret, recognizing Cyrus's manipulative nature in the other man giving speeches. He was not surprised when Ghetsis's true colors were revealed, and vowed to do something should he return, which Saturn was certain he would. When he did, Saturn learned from a Plasma grunt that something would happen in Opelucid. On the date the grunt gave him, he arrived in the city and sent his Crobat out to look.

What would take place in Opelucid wouldn't be found, though; it would find them.

A blizzard struck the city in the middle of July, Saturn staggering outside to search for his beloved bat. He found her too late; Nebula was dead, and Saturn himself nearly froze to death. It was while recovering in the hospital that the full weight of his sins crashed down, his Toxicroak using the time Saturn was stuck there to hunt down answers, finally learning from a Plasma scientist that a doctor by the name of Colress Gannon had been responsible. Saturn, however, was uninterested in revenge; after being released from the hospital, he exiled himself to Snowpoint, to live in the worst part of the city.  

Death would be too good for him, and he feared it, anyway. He planned to live there in misery for the rest of his days to punish himself, but the when the epidemic swept through the region it changed his plans. His Toxicroak, still wanting revenge against the one who caused the blizzard, convinced Saturn to look for the man, pointing out Colress could try to do something stupid in his desperation to stop the epidemic. Realizing that truth, Saturn agreed, and so they set out, unsure of what exactly he would do should he find the man, but knowing he had to do something.

The years that followed were full of the kind of general misery the apocalypse would bring, but four years in, an unexpected reunion struck. Mars, similar to how he remembered her, rescued him from bandits threatening his life. She coaxed his story from him and now the two travel together, Mars his protector, eager to help him reach his goal.

And... perhaps, after completing it, however it turned out, exactly, he'll have a reason to stay alive, with the person he considers his sister back in the picture.
Appearance -emaciated, he does not have much food that is edible for humans and it's difficult for him to muster the energy or the will to find any
-often appears to be tired and sad, nearly listless at his worst, though Mars's care has brought some life back to him and sometimes he will even occasionally smile
-skin is pale from spending most of his time hiding in caves, burrows, and other underground places
-filthy and has only recently made attempt to keep clean, his once neat hair a scraggly mess
-all of his clothes are worn
-white backpack
-grey sweater and black pants
-old shoes, falling apart
-when standing, tends to keep his hands in his pockets and his body hunched
-avoids eye contact
-Galaxy is usually out and about

  • intelligent
    -he is incredibly quick to apply what he has learned to situations
  • remorseful and guilty
    -seriously cannot forgive himself for what he's done, at all
  • constantly stressed
    -literally, always; he barely remembers what not being stressed feels like
  • warped sense of blame
    -he blames himself entirely for everything, even when he is not at fault or someone should be sharing the blame with him
    -it's his way of trying to ensure he never becomes that cold, pitiless monster ever again
  • terrified
    -the world is a scary place and though he feels he'd deserve it, he would rather not die a violent death
  • slow to anger
    -he's usually too miserable now to be angry
    -besides that anything that someone would do to annoy him, he finds he deserves, so he won't take offense
    -the only way to truly tick him off is to do something morally objectionable, such as cruelty towards an innocent
  • easily upset or knocked off-kilter
    -insults really hurt and sometimes make it hard for him to focus on anything other than his self loathing
  • little energy; difficulty focusing
  • driven to live by one mission only
    -he reasons that if Colress has not changed, then he could very well repeat the sins of Opelucid, likely in a misguided attempt at trying to stop the pandemic
    -he owes the victims of Valor and Opelucid both to try to locate the man before another tragedy
    -fully intends to die upon completion of his quest if Mars is no longer around
  • awkward among his own kind
    -until Mars, it had been years since he'd spoken to any human with no hostility defining the encounter
    -even disregarding that, his depression and self-loathing so completely colors everything that aside from her, he's nearly incapable of socializing normally
  • loyal
    -to a fault
    -once his trust is earned it's hard to break it
  • closed off to strangers
    -though it's very obvious he's hurting, he won't share why
    -he thinks his words through carefully and keeps himself as guarded as he can
    -is determined not to be taken advantage of ever again
  • willing to make hard decisions
    -despite the agony that making decisions ambiguous in how right they are can be to him, he's still willing to make them
    -in some part it's due to ensuring no one else has to
    -he has so much guilt already; he can handle more; it's better than making someone else live with it
    -it also means he's willing to call someone out on their BS and risk losing their companionship despite being desperate for company
  • Affiliations
    Saturn's Relationships:
    :virgo: Mars: The closest thing Saturn has ever had to a sibling; he adores her and desires nothing more than to ease her back onto the right path. Though desperate to keep her as his friend, he's not about to let bad behavior go uncorrected.

    :virgo: [url=???]Jupiter[/url]: Something about Jupiter has always felt off to him, but when her true colors were revealed upon Galactic putting their plan into action, he found her outright repulsive. Though he had a very personal reason for what they were doing and would benefit from it, he didn't take any real pleasure in carrying out Cyrus's orders; she seemed to delight in it. While he nowadays finds his own state of mind during that time morally abhorrent, he shudders to think what reason she had for enjoying the destruction of others. Wants to avoid her at all costs.

    :virgo: [url=???]Cyrus[/url]: Directly Saturn's thoughts: he used me oh god he used me and I fell for it completely... unless he didn't really use me and genuinely cared for me? Maybe? ????? Dear god I just don't know

    He truly did trust this man; the knowledge that Cyrus may have just been using him rattles him deeply.  He does his best not think on it but is rarely successful.

    :virgo: [url=???]Charon[/url]: Found him to be a creepy old man; avoided whenever possible.

    :virgo: [url=???]Colress[/url]: Hopes to the love of the gods that don't exist for him not to do anything stupid. Is not sure where he stands on the topic of forgiveness with Colress-- he hasn't forgiven himself so why should he forgive Colress when their crimes were just as terrible? However, he certainly understands the man, or at least, is willing to try to, and refuses the notion of harming him should he find him UNLESS it is obvious he is going to repeat the sins of the past. He has no desire for revenge at all, only to ensure Colress doesn't bring about disaster again in some misguided attempt to cure the epidemic.
    User Notes
    -despite his real name being Julian, he will always give his name as "Saturn;" this is not just a form of self-punishment ("I am not allowed to forget what I have done") but also, he in some small way hopes that someone will recognize the name and take his life for his crimes
    -Saturn's space pendant looks like this; but the planet Saturn is instead a red Mars.

    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Tumblr_nzulh2ZgVc1s5iyovo1_400

    Marian May
    Text Color e93632
    Theme(s) THEME
    Item -universal communicator
    -space pendant
    backpack in which are
    -sturdy gloves
    -limited rifle ammo
    -canteen of water
    -a few spare pokeballs
    Weapons her Pokemon, a rifle that actually works
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
    Birthdate August 24th
    Age 27
    Species Human
    Weight 120lbs
    Height 5'9"
    Region of Origin Kanto
    Religion absolutely believes in the gods, after having seen them herself, though sees them more as pokemon whose strength is in a tier all its own, rather than as actual gods
    Accent American
    Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Former Galactic Commander
    Party All of these Pokemon have been her childhood friends; she kept most of them out of the conflict involving Galactic to protect them, since their levels were low. Arielle was her first Pokemon, the one who was found guarding her as a baby.
    Pkm 1
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 432
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
    Purugly | Hellena (F)
    Text Color: 8b529c
    Level- 64
    Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Normal  
    Ability- Thick Fat
    Attack list-
    -Slash (Learned)
    -Shadow Claw (TM)
    -Aerial Ace (TM)
    -Hypnosis (Learned)
    Pkm 2
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 437
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
    Bronzong | Belle (sexless; female pronouns)
    Text Color: 9c6a7b
    Level- 57
    Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Psychic Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Steel
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Extrasensory (Learned)
    -Gyro Ball (Learned)
    -Confuse Ray (Learned)
    -Light Screen (TM)
    Pkm 3
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 169
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
    Crobat | Noelle (F)
    Text Color: 8c52b5
    Level- 58
    Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Poison Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Flying
    Ability- Inner Focus
    Attack list-
    -Air Slash (Learned)
    -Bite (Learned)
    -Cross Poison (Start)
    -Supersonic (Learned)
    Pkm 4
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] 036
    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Pokeball
    Clefable | Arielle (F)
    Gender: de6363
    Level- 20
    Type- Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] Fairy  
    Ability- Cute Charm
    Attack list-
    -Sing (Start)
    -Thunder Wave (TM)
    -Incinerate (TM)
    -Psychic (TM)
    **not a battler; primarily a companion
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    Quote "We've been trying to create a new world that's better than this one... But people have shown little understanding about what we do."

    "... The end justifies the means, right?  I mean, it was for a good cause!  A world without pain, can you imagine!?  Nothing like this fucking cesspool of a planet we're stuck with now.  If those brats hadn't gotten in the way, everything would be fine right now.  I did nothing wrong!

    ... So then... why am I starting to feel... bad... about it...?"
    Life for Mars started in front of a fire station, in a cardboard box, with a Cleffa hissing at the firemen who discovered the infant. Her parents were never found. She was placed in a foster home with many other children; her foster mother paid no attention to her, her foster father spat a great amount of vitriol at her and the other foster children, as well as his wife, and she had a terrible relationship with her foster siblings, who turned to violence and drugs to cope with their awful home life. When she was a teeanger, unable to stand it any longer, she ran away with a Glameow she befriended several years ago and the Cleffa that had never left her side. Marian soon discovered that life on the street for a teenager was not as easy as she'd believed, and things would have gone very badly for her had she not been approached by Cyrus, who noticed her brilliance in the Pokemon battles she participated in to earn money for food. Eager for affection, she ate up the praise he gave her and joined his group of talented young misfits, where she met Julian, a boy just a year younger than herself. They became very close, but just as Galactic had brought them together, it also tore them apart. By the time their training was complete and they took on their new names, their closeness had grown cold and distant as each withdrew into themselves, Cyrus having successfully molded them into usable pawns.

    He failed to convince her to completely abandon emotion, however, and her spirited nature shone through on their crusade across the region. Though she tried to pretend otherwise, meeting Mesprit unsettled her. Capturing her was worse.

    But of course, it was all for the greater good. No one would ever suffer like she had ever again, because spirit would not exist, and so neither would selfishness.

    But Galactic fell to the efforts of three children, and a disgusted Mars abandoned Charon at Stark Mountain, the greedy scientist unable to inspire her as Cyrus had. She didn't want money! She wanted a fixed world! She wanted to eliminate suffering and violence! Charon was the kind of creature she had hoped to rid the world of by helping Cyrus remake a universe that lacked desire. He was of no use to her, and she refused to sully her name by working with him. At least Cyrus was someone she could say she had worked alongside with pride. While not pleased with her crimes, recreating everyone who had ever existed would erase what she had done and make everything new again, anyway.

    But now she existed in a world where she had no purpose. Her great leader had fallen, the replacement was a shill. Jupiter agreed that Charon was pathetic, but had no such lofty goals like improving the world and fucked off.

    This left Saturn. Mars contemplated that as she wandered the wilderness around Mt. Stark, deciding she would try to go find him. If he was still cold and easily irritated he might be yet another dead end, but if even a sliver of her old best friend remained, maybe not all was lost...

    She remembered how they sniped at one another like siblings, even after each had closed themselves off to the other. Surely, she thought, surely there must still be something there.

    But findin him was not to be; she was soon apprehended, brought into custody by Looker despite her best attempts to escape him. The agent proceeded to confuse her, however, as he began visiting her in jail. He spent time with her, spoke with her, and eventually earned her trust and drew her story from her. He advocated for leniency and Mars was lucky that Looker's word was taken so seriously, her prison sentence ending up much shorter than one would expect given her crimes.  

    Looker, in fact, saved her life by reaching for that shorter sentence.

    She had been out of prison under a new name (albiet still listless and looking for a purpose and contemplating more vigilantism) for a short while when the epidemic came sweeping through, and it chilled her to know that if not for Looker, she would have likely died in prison to the undead. As she spent her days running, hiding, and fighting, Mars found herself not for the first time wondering where Saturn was. Where did he disappear to, did the person she used to know ever return? And why had Looker been so kind to her, even going as far as to visit her in jail and then after her convinction, prison?

    With nothing else to do in this new and now-even-more-empty world, she set out to look for answers. Though she did a lot of soul-searching, she came up with very little besides the fact that she really did consider Saturn to be family to her. Her search eventually led her to IP Headquarters, though that yielded nothing.

    But after four frustrating years of the epidemic, a miracle.

    She found Saturn.

    He was taken by bandits; they would have killed him had she and her Pokemon not stepped in to fight them off. That night she learned just how broken he was, and she resolved to protect him and help him rebuild his shattered self image. The two now wander together, Mars determined to fix the one she calls her brother.
    Appearance -decently fed
    -dirty, but tries to stay clean when she can
    -pink sweater with a cat face on it; relatively good condition; though smudged with dirt, it's not torn
    -black pants, off-white shoes with purple laces
    -hair is red as are her almond shaped eyes
    -typically grinning or scowling; very rarely is she not displaying some kind of noticeable emotion on her face
    -usually leaning on Saturn if standing or sitting near him
    -almost always has Hellena out
    -if Mars is not right next to Saturn, she's often seen petting her cat if Hellena is near her legs--which she usually is

  • brash
    -if she has an opinion, it will be heard
  • loud
    -what is inside voice
  • headstrong
    -she will rush into things, most of the time without really thinking about the consequences
  • impatient
    -time waits for no woman
  • cheerful
    -typically she's actually pretty sunny
    -eager to see what each new day brings, looks forward to making progress
    -surprisingly optimistic
  • easily irritated
    -however, it's not too hard to stamp out her cheer by being annoying
    -doesn't take well to insults, degradation or people being stupid
  • enjoys power
    -when it's handed to her, she enjoys feeling important and doesn't like it when someone tries to undermine it
  • childish
    -not above using first grade insults to get her opinion of someone across
  • anger issues
    -she's been known to put holes in the wall with her fists or feet when riled up
  • strong willed
    -if there's something she wants, she's fucking getting it, one way or another
  • not subtle
    -at all
  • extrovert
    -gains energy from being around others, especially other humans
  • guarded
    -though she appears open, she actually resists getting attached to anyone for the most part
  • loyal
    -when she does love, she loves strongly
  • slowly experiencing a change in morals
    -though always a firm believer of "the end justifies the means," she is now being confronted with the idea that maybe this isn't the best life philosophy
  • shaky moral ground
    -confused by everything she worked for being challenged, she is struggling to find her mental feet again
    -she had come to be selfish, but now has seen selflessness
    -and she can't deny that her love for her surrogate brother is swaying her opinion of the world, drastically
  • sort of lonely
    -there's a tiny part of her that still hopes she'll someday find her biological family
    -she clings to the idea that her parents didn't want to give her up, but had to
  • Affiliations
    Mars's Relationships:
    :virgo: Saturn: The closest thing she's ever had to a sibling, she and Saturn struck up a surprisingly close relationship with one another in their early Galactic days.

    :virgo: [url=???]Jupiter[/url]: Found her to be a stuck up bitch; doesn't know or care what happened to her.

    :virgo: [url=???]Cyrus[/url]: Feels intense feeling of shame for having ever found this guy amusing or fun. She will never forgive his betrayal of her trust.

    :virgo: [url=???]Charon[/url]: Found him creepy and annoying; had very little to do with him.  

    :virgo: Arianna: Her biological mother. Has never met her.

    :virgo: Looker: The man confuses her greatly; she can't understand his kindness. She would like to find him again so she might be able to find out why he had been so good to her despite Mars really not deserving it.
    User Notes
    -though her real name is not Mars, she has come to see it as a nickname and treats it as such, using it as an alias
    -Arielle's moves are used for non-battling purposes; Thunder Wave charges devises, Incinerate starts campfires, Sing helps soothe the insomnia or nightmare stricken to sleep, and Psychic lifts things over that are otherwise out of reach
    -yes they were indeed born on the same date, but different years
    -plotting with Looker and has been allowed permission to use him in this history
    -Mars's space pendant looks like this


    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] RosaChallenge
    oh, captain, let's make a deal
    where we both say the things that we both really feel
    i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
    and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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    Pokemon Trainers Saturn and Mars [Mahogany, Johto] RosaChallenge
    oh, captain, let's make a deal
    where we both say the things that we both really feel
    i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
    and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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