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Legendary: Suicune


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Legendary: Suicune Empty Legendary: Suicune

Post by Suicune Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:11 pm

Legendary: Suicune HtEyK
Legendary: Suicune T7zFTlP

Name- Suicune

Gender- Genderless

Level- Unknown

Ice Fang
Calm Mind

Ability- Pressure

Nature- Serious

Characteristics- Strong-willed

National Dex No./Species- #245 Suicune/ Aurora Pokemon

Height- 6' 7" (2m)

Weight- 412.3 lbs. (187kg)

Pokédex Entry- It races around the world to purify fouled water. It dashes away with the north wind.

Item- Lustrous Orb

History- After the outbreak, Suicune traveled throughout Johto in order to cleanse the waters of the virus, to help prevent it from spreading further to other regions.
Overwhelmed by the masses of infected, Suicune founded a sanctuary for the uninfected.
It can still be seen at times, cleansing bodies of water and protecting the teams of uninfected from the harbingers.
It stays in contact with Lugia through telepathic means, working together with the legendary to purge the disease.

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