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    (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team


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    (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team  Empty (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team

    Post by Duma Sat Mar 26, 2022 11:45 am

    The AMBRETTE Team
    • In
    Ambrette Town in Kalos

    • Humans are welcome, though prior planning is appreciated.
    • Duma and Dazey are leaders of the team and should be kept in the know with potential or upcoming plot between characters.
    • This team is planned for ACE rank and all that entails.
    • Undead/Infected are preferred not to be on the team as they will clash with Zuri and his need to protect the kids. If they are still somewhat sane they might be allowed, but it will be case-by-case basis.
    • No other pokemon over level 55. The premise is that Zuri's the protector and is the highest levelled in the team, to make the fight later on with Peregrine that much harder.
    • No flying type pokemon, or pokemon with the ability to fly. The point of this team is that Peregrine is keeping them trapped and having fliers would make escaping easy.


    Plot via Zuri

    "This damned storm has been going on for days now. Eirlys and I had originally taken shelter within the hotel of this town to avoid the rain, however the longer we stayed, the more dangerous conditions became for travel. The beachfront is near impossible to pass, and with the frenzied undead in the waters of the aquarium blocking the path down, Eirlys and I cannot progress further without risking her life. To make matters worse, a rather persistent thorn in our side has taken up residence within the pokemon center. Living pokemon with less than pure intentions patrol at night, though I have yet to spot their ringleader.

    With the threat of unhinged living pokemon and undead scrambling at the glass of the aquarium, Eirlys and I haven't been able to move from where we are in days. The supplies within the hotel have been enough to keep us tied over for now at least, but I fear that it will not last long. Normally, such a group would have been no problem for me... but I have Eirlys to worry about. She is far too young and innocent to subject to this, and this group will take complete advantage of that fact, I fear.

    Because of this hard place I have found myself in, I have no choice but to try and reach out for help. No matter who it may be, in these times numbers are a safer bet, especially when one has to contend with living who would rather see myself and my charge smeared across the pavement. If you find yourself of able body and mind, I would be incredibly grateful for the help."

    Plot Devices
    • Terrain.
      • Ambrette is based on a cliffside, and as such makes traversing the land very difficult for anyone who does not have the ability to fly. The waters of the beachfront are wild and dangerous for anyone to move along as well, both because of the swell itself and the undead that patrol the waters around the town.

    • Aquarium is filled with undead, and is a danerous place for anyone to enter since seeing a living in the aquarium will send them into a frenzy.
      • The aquarium in Ambrette is filled with contaminated water and undead. All of the pokemon in there have all turned and are a dangerous school of frenzied, hungry undead. The sight of any living in their area will send them into a frenzy, smacking the aquarium to try and escape and attack them. Within the aquarium is a single, powerful Sharpedo. This Sharpedo will eventually break the aquarium glass and will absolutely wreak havoc in the aquarium and will probably injure anyone unfortunate enough to be in the aquarium at the time.

    • Peregrine will be floating to the team to act as a long-term antagonist and reason to keep the group within the city.
      • Peregrine is incredibly smart, and she is well versed in manipulating people, and using her wits to get people wrapped around her claws. She will be a very dangerous foe to deal with because of this, and will be a constant danger to anyone who strays from the group.

    • Peregrine will have a little group of followers to use at her disposal.
      • Having sunk her claws into Ambrette, Peregrine has control over the pokemon center and guards it with a small posse of powerful living pokemon that she has gathered under the guise of giving them shelter and free access to the pokemon center's riches. These pawns of hers will contantly patrol the pokemon center and will make entering it to steal supplies incredibly dangerous.

    • Wild weather patterns.
      • Ambrette is being hit with tropical storms and absolutely vile weather caused by the undead in the aquarium and beach, making outside travel a danger to anyone not used to violent weather patterns and the possible danger it causes.

    • Fossil Lab
      • The Fossil Lab has been left mostly untouched, though it has long since been ransacked and there is very little to be found of use in the actual lab. It would however, be a good base of operations, or even be a useful hiding place if someone wanted to plan an attack on the nearby pokecenter.

    Users Involved

    Team Roster

    First come, first serve
    Shout out to 2KB for the coding format.

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    (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team  Empty Re: (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team

    Post by ShadowCharizard Sat Mar 26, 2022 1:43 pm

    I would enter Dirk the Druddigon

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    (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team  Empty Re: (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team

    Post by Duma Wed Apr 06, 2022 8:18 am

    I think we're just waiting on Dazey to finish Yahto's profile, but the team's pretty much ready to be put up for approval now.

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    (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team  Empty Re: (ACE) The AMBRETTE Team

    Post by Azelf Fri Apr 15, 2022 1:12 am

    This team is approved for Ace. Good luck to you all!


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