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Yahto the Blue Leafeon [WIP]


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Yahto the Blue Leafeon [WIP] Empty Yahto the Blue Leafeon [WIP]

Post by Dazey Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:57 am


Yahto (Yahh-tow) the Blue Leafeon
Theme “Michi~ To You All” - Bentley Jones
“May I” - Trading Yesterday
“I'll Run” - The Cab
“Neptune” - Sleeping At Last
“Die For You” - Starset
“Children of the Sun” - Poets of the Fall
“Ashes of Eden” - Breaking Benjamin
“Sing” - Hollywood Undead
“Warrior” - Beth Crowley
“Unity” - Shinedown
“Dream Catcher” - Set It Off
“Astronaut” - Simple Plan
“Acadia” - Marianas Trench
“Set Me On Fire” - Thousand Foot Krutch

Profession Pet || Emotional support Pokémon
Text Color ADECFF
Item Lilac striped collar
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity Cisgender Male / He / Him / His
Age Young Adult
Species #470, Leafeon, Verdant Pokémon, Grass-type
Height 3'03"
Weight 49.4 lbs (Slightly lighter)
Pokédex Entry When you see Leafeon asleep in a patch of sunshine, you'll know it is using photosynthesis to produce clean air. - X
Level 34
Ability Leaf Guard: Prevents status conditions in sunny weather.
Nature Brave (+Attack,-Speed)
Characteristic Alert to sounds (Speed IVs)
Moves -Magical Leaf (Level Up)
-Helping Hand (Start)
-Synthesis (Level Up)
-Return (TM)
“If you won't let me stop you, then let me help you.”
“Eh? Did I promise that? Ahaha, sorry, I forgot! But my word is my word!”
“Back up now, please. I don't want to fight, but that doesn't mean I won't.”
“I don't want to be cold. I don't want to be alone.”

*WIP synopsis

Born after his parents are sold by Korei and separated from Ali. They were moved to Nacrene City in Unova
Innocent sweet Yahto.
This kid loves Pinwheel forest. He's always chilling there. So he finds a human girl lost there and him, being the sweet precious innocent angel he is, leads her back to Nacrene. She buys him snacks and stuff and they bond and go to their respective homes and then she comes to find him after a few days. He's all excited and eventually he becomes her pet, then later is taught to be an emotional support Pokémon and protector because she has anxiety issues. He's a good boy. He evolves in Pinwheel Forest at some point \o\

He has a sort of vanilla life, really. Dammit I want a milkshake now. Anyways

Probably after some type of conflict, fuck if I know what that may be yet, epi beginssss. Some punk ass bitches are being… punk ass bitches and looting and just being pricks in general and Yahti is like ayyy no no no that's bad stop that.

So he ends up throwing down with them probably to help someone and it's all fine and dandy and well and good

I mean besides the world ending.

Okay so later Yahto is trying to play hero because he's so damn sweet, but he can't handle whatever is happening. A horde or a collapse of rubble or something idk, kills his parents. Ali’s parents too btw gdi
So his human is also in danger so he's screaming for help having already lost his parents. Who comes to the rescue?

Punk ass bitches from earlier. Well fuck.

These heartless, balless asshats beat up on Yahto meanwhile his human is getting killed. He gets beaten bloody and left for dead by those sons of BITCHESSSS and his human dies. He's devastated. Right here he decides to give up and lay down to die.

Then he hears the auditory hallucination for the first time. It's something to do with his sister or something, idfk. So his adorable little broken self gets up and limps somewhere safe until he can get up and go. And he does. He goes on a damn crusade and helps everyone he can, probably out of guilt and trying to repent for the end is nigh lmao.

Bulbapedia "Leafeon is a mammalian, quadruped Pokémon. Its body is tan with dark brown paws. It has several green sprouts growing all over it with the longest one on its head, in front of four tan tufts of fur. Leafeon's ears and tail have a leafy appearance. It has brown eyes and a small, brown nose. This Pokémon’s cellular structure is similar to plants, which allows it to perform photosynthesis and purify the air around it by sleeping under patches of sunshine. It is a pacifistic Pokémon, preferring not to fight."
Yahto has a number of admirers from good looks alone; the male is tall and lean with a large tail and ears tipped in violet, which gradients into a dark turquoise, then a cyan until it fades into his primary fur, which is thick and white, showing the most prominent fringe on his chest. The leaf between his ears sticks up out of his long bangs and follows the same color pattern as his ears and tail. The remaining leaves adorning his wrists, chest and between his shoulders are a singular color of either violet or turquoise. The two “socks” on his front paws are violet, as well as his eyes, while the hind paw markings are turquoise. Lastly, the insides of his ears and his paw pads are pastel pink.
Yahto, despite aging towards young adulthood now, has the charms of a well mannered teenage boy showing by his excessively friendly and polite way of presenting himself, very rarely without a cheerful and innocent smile.
American. Yahto is very soft-spoken and rarely raises his voice; when irritated, he tends to stress his words rather than yell. His manner of speaking is generally very proper with little use of slang and absent of swears.
Yahto respects all Legendaries that he knows of, but he places particular faith in Xerneas and prays to them occasionally.
Find Alirah, first and foremost. If anyone needs help in any shape, way or form, he’ll do his best to assist and protect them.
-Friendly; Yahto is social and outgoing with the habit of treating every civil soul he meets like an old friend. He's never been one to discriminate for any reason and has to be directly provoked into being hostile. He's conversational and enjoys chatting about anything with anyone.
-A little too literal; Sometimes he misses obvious sarcasm and makes himself look silly because of it. If you said it was raining cats and dogs, he would look to the sky and ask ‘what?’ He's learning as he goes to recognize metaphors better.
-Morally driven; He has a golden heart and follows it even over reason and rationale. Nothing is a lost cause and he’d go through hell and back if it's necessary to help someone. He has a firm belief in protecting the weak and not hurting anyone unless it's in self defense. He's especially protective of females and accidentally comes across as sexist or condescending, which is never his intention.
-Hates being alone; Having spent far too much time alone, he's developed a near-phobia of even the idea. He’ll do anything to keep someone by his side, even if they treat him poorly.
-Logical; He believes there's a how and why for everything. Yahto often speculates things, sometimes coming up with an ideal that's extremely off-base. With nothing proving otherwise, he takes his theory as pretty much fact, which has led to issues before. This makes him just as delusional as logical.
-Brave on impulse; It's a deadly combination, but Yahto will face off with any threat without hesitating if he has to, but he doesn't always have to. He doesn't think things through before doing them, making his recklessness a very real danger to himself.
-Captivating; Yahto is a Prince Charming of sorts. He always has respect for others and displays a genuine interest in listening and getting to know them, never forgetting a name while he forgets many other things. He tries to find agreement rather than argument and his optimism can lift others’ spirits. Couple that with his looks, he's a ladykiller.
-Naïve; His trust for others hasn't been spoiled by the new world. It's endearing but makes him terribly gullible and unquestioning, yet he never learns. Even knowing how a majority of the undead behave, he will still try to talk with them and avoid putting them down. It's almost never possible and he feels a great deal of guilt for executing them.
-Absentminded; Yahto has a habit of daydreaming and just being scatterbrained in general. He forgets things easily and has to be often reminded of them, otherwise they’ll likely be completely forgotten.
-Easily embarrassed; Surprisingly, he's very self-conscious and gets upset at himself for making a blunder of any type. He also gets flustered when someone - especially girls - praise him.
-Stubborn; He's generally agreeable and easy to work with, but if he's absolutely fixed on something, you cannot change his mind.
-Clumsy; No matter what he does, sometimes he just can't avoid an accident like the universe is against him. He tends to laugh them off if they aren't too serious and reminds himself that his sister is the same way.
-Awful at lying; He’s more often than not completely sincere. So in a situation that calls for him to lie, he tends to freeze or stutter. He's got a constant doubt in his ability to lie convincingly, so always thinking no one believes him freaks him out a little.
-Selfish; He claims he always puts others’ best interests first, but that isn't entirely true, whether he believes it himself or not. He does in fact want what's best for those he cares about, but when that is the opposite of what he wants, he thinks from his point of view more than theirs.
-Schizophrenia; Yahto sometimes has visual hallucinations but they're rare. However, he nearly constantly has auditory hallucinations in the form of a female voice. It's always the same voice and he has dubbed her “Alibean.” He convinced himself it's his sister and she must be able to communicate telepathically somehow - this obviously is not the case and the voice is not Alirah. Regardless, he's grown very fond of the voice and speaks with her often. She's entirely benevolent and comforts him when he's alone, encourages him to take care of himself and sometimes gently scolds him for being reckless. Yahto finds nothing abnormal about it, which likely causes him to confuse people when he says he's talking to his sister, who is obviously nowhere nearby.
User Notes
User Notes:
-Duma named and helped me design this lil fella.<3
-Text color for Yahto’s auditory hallucination is CCADFF.
-Has a really nice singing voice, but he's kind of embarrassed to sing in front of others.
-Heteroromantic; probably asexual but he isn't sure.
-Really loves the song “Walking The Wire” by Imagine Dragons. He doesn't know what song it is, just that his owner played it a lot.
-Super low tolerance to the cold, but he adores snow. Poor boy.

Team notes Eventually to be dualed with Alirah on Laverre.
Alirah the Pink Umbreon - Shiny Sibling Squad Younger brother of Alirah, she isn't even aware of Yahto’s existence since he was born after her parents were sold. He holds his sister in high regard despite never having met her and won't tolerate the slightest insult towards her or the suggestion she could be dead. His main motivation is to find her and stay by her side.
Development Notes -Try to be a hero and fail

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