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#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto]


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#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] Empty #585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto]

Post by Duma Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:56 am

#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] XQjmX6f
Art by me

Experiment #585092
Theme Through It All - Spoken
Bones Shatter - Hedley
Don't Stay - Linkin Park
The End Is Where We Begin - Thousand Foot Krutch
You're Going Down - Sick Puppies
No Reason - Sum 41
Profession Mercenary|Hired Assassin|Ring Fighter
Text Color #585092
Item Dark red-brown bird mask and her ID tags that show her experiment number and codename.
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity Cisgender Female
Age Adult
Species #715; Noivern; The Sound Wave Pokemon (Flying/Dragon Type)
Height 5'4" (Much taller)
Weight 187.4lbs
Pokédex Entry They fly around on moonless nights and attack careless prey. Nothing can beat them in a battle in the dark. - Pokemon X
Level 57
Ability Telepathy: Anticipates an ally’s attack and dodges it.
Nature Hasty (+Speed, -Defense)
Characteristic Alert to sounds (Speed IVs)
Moves -X-Scissor (TM)
-Steel Wing (TM)
-Boomburst (Start)
-Dragon Pulse (Tutored)
Quote "What d'ye want? An invitation? Stop ye gawkin' and move along!"
History Peregrine's early life was pretty uneventful. She doesn't remember her parents, and she doesn't exactly care to. All she cares to remember is that both her parents were of normal coloration and had never seen a human. So of course, when humans came through in white lab coats and started trying to steal Peregrine from her nest, her parents were too busy shaking in fear to help. Peregrine last saw them as she was screaming at them to help her.

Of course, they weren't going to.

The young Noibat was taken to a laboratory that specialised in the enhancement of a pokemon's strength. While that didn't sound too bad, it was the way that they did it which many others had a problem with. Peregrine was no exception as she was pinned to a table and had injections put in her wings, ears and tail. This happened twice each day, morning and afternoon.

Aside from her twice daily injections, Peregrine was also trained and beaten in a test to see how high her pain tolerance was, and how far she could be pushed before the young Noibat broke. When she wasn't being trained, she was being locked in a room and left to her own devices, which could be more dangerous to her own safety than the training. The walls of her confinement were littered with blood of hers and her handlers, and there were often scribbles drawn in the red liquid here and there. Needless to say, many of Peregrine's handlers did not like the Noibat's mental state.

Eventually the brutality of the experiments and training paid off, and Peregrine evolved into a powerful Noivern. Her evolution however did not go smoothly. The injections had done something to affect her growth, and her ears instead of growing larger, painfully split and became more canine like, and the muscles in each allowed her to twitch and move each ear. Peregrine's wings had warped to be much larger than normal, and her tail grew longer than normal to try and counterbalance the warped dimensions of the bat. Needless to say, Peregrine's evolution was a painful experience.

She had finally had enough of the continuous torture that she had been put though. With her newly evolved strength, the Noivern blasted down the walls and escaped, her natural speed made the bat impossible to catch, and after only a few failures, Peregrine was up, in the air and fleeing from the confines of the laboratory.

Eventually Peregrine found herself in a large city. She took a few days to rest, before her boredom got the best of her and the Noivern started exploring to try and find anything interesting. What she came across, was a fighting ring that seemed to be rather popular in the area of the city she was in. She wasted no time in getting brought into the ring, and although many others hated the place, Peregrine loved it. She could torture and bring pain to any and all pokemon here, and no one would really think twice. It was amazing.

She would fight almost daily. There were a few days that the Noivern refused to leave her cage, and with the strength she had, getting her out of the metal contraption was impossible. On these days, another Noivern, this one a shiny, would battle instead of her. They did not live at the ring, she knew that much. Peregrine had to admit, they were a good fighter. However, it seemed, there was one better.

One one of the days that Peregrine was recovering from an injury, the shiny and their owner had come in to fight in the ring. They were definitely a fierce fighter, getting in close and not taking any heed of their own safety. The mutated Noivern could only watch with sick amusement as the shiny fell to a blow from behind. It was a dirty trick to attack from behind, and it happened to be one of Peregrine's favourite attacks.

After the battle, the shiny left to go with the tattooist, only for the ring to get word that they were giving both of their shinies in to repay debts. Despite still recovering from a tail injury, Peregrine offered to go with one of the people that were taking the two to the ring, in case they tried to escape. The humans were more than happy for the extra muscle.

When they picked up the shinies, Peregrine knew from the first glance that the other Noivern - Noiz they called them - would be trouble. The shiny had no concept of when an injury was too much, and though they were a good fighter, Peregrine knew that you needed at least some strategy to get anywhere in the ring.

The previous human that had once favored Peregrine over all the other fighters in the ring, now began favoring Noiz for his ruthlessness in the ring. After breaking free of her cage, Peregrine slipped away in the dead of night, leaving the ring behind to go and quell her boredom elsewhere.

Peregrine found out about becoming a mercenary for hire around the city, where pokemon and humans alike would come and find the Noivern for certain jobs that no others would do. Quite often these were missions that required a strong will and an even stronger stomach. Many were assassinations, and some even required certain methods of getting information that the Noivern was more than willing to go to. To keep her own identity safe, she found a mask that she had fitted to sit over her face, hiding everything but her glowing gold eyes. It was after one particularly gory mission that Peregrine decided to go back to spy on the ring to see how Noiz was going.

To say things were going well was like saying that Peregrine was as sweet as a child. The two shinies were up against a rather savage Houndoom which had purple splotched all along its hide. Peregrine frowned behind the mask. She knew that Houndoom, and last she had seen them, they had no purple. Writing it off as new wounds, she watched from a safe distance.

When the houndoom attacked Noiz, the shiny had dodged and found a safe perch, watching as their electric companion was torn to shreds. Peregrine could not stop the wolfish grin that crept onto her face as she watched the shiny escape.

As Peregrine herself was about to leave, she heard her old trainer call her name. While her gold eyes had seemed to spook them for a moment, Peregrine watched with an expression of disbelief as they brought out a pokeball. With a dark chuckle, Peregrine blasted them with a focused Boomburst, destroying the pokeball, and taking the human's hand with it.

While the human was still screeching about his hand, the Noivern wasted no time in finishing them off with a Dragon Pulse. Now fully free from all the clutches of humans, Peregrine flew off, lazily following the path that Noiz took to escape. The shiny aways did seem to be more fun than anyone else around.
Bulbapedia "Noivern is a large bat-like Pokemon with enormous ears suited for precise hearing. It has a mane of white fur sprouting around its neck and upper back. Noivern has two black wings lined with a dusky purple and has maroon grasping claws. A teal membrane fans between its ribcage and wings. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its lower jaw."
Appearance Peregrine has the normal grey and purple colors for her species, Peregrine boasts the eye-catching mint green wing membranes and underbelly along her tail like normal Noivern have, but her eyes are a brilliant, eye-catching gold that glows brightly. She covers her face with a rust-red bird mask that has a grey beak. Her eyes shine through the holes in the mask, but the glow rebounds off her scales and makes it hard to see into the over-large eye holes of the mask.

Unlike a normal Noivern however, Peregrines ears a a lot smaller than normal, and are more akin to feline or canine like ears rather than the usual large ears. While her hearing is not affected by this, her sound-based attacks are weakened slightly from the downsized ears. Her wings are also unusually large for a Noivern, and instead of the three red claws, Peregrine has only two wickedly hooked claws and a third, almost thumb-like dewclaw with a similarly dangerously hooked claw on them. Her tail is also a little longer, to counterbalance the size of the wings.

Despite her size, Peregrine is built for speed. Boasting a streamlined body and a lighter-than-is-probably-healthy weight, Peregrine is able to change her direction in flight and on the ground very quickly with a flick of her wingtips or by shifting her weight to the sides to counterbalance. Due to this however, Peregrine's spine has grown so that it is very uncomfortable to stand on her hind legs, instead she prefers to move using her wings as front legs, though she will raise herself to her full height to intimidate others if she feels it's necessary.
Accent Very thick Scottish accent
Religion Apatheist
Motivation Stay alive and look for contracts
Personality Pros
What pros?

From her time as both a for-hire mercenary and in the fighting ring, Peregrine has made a name for herself as a very good and experienced fighter. She shows this in the way she will size up her opponents before she makes a move.

As much as she insists that she's not, Peregrine is a superb strategist and planner, and she is definitely not intellectually challenged in the slightest. She will analyse everything, figuring out weak and strong points and, if it's a building, any and all points of entry for even the smallest of pokemon that could get in when they were not welcomed.

She refuses to back down from a fight, and even in her speech, Peregrine is fierce and snappy, never failing to point out a flaw or even to take a chunk from someone's ego just to get them to shut up. Because of her ferocity, it is very hard to change her mind when she had got her sights set on something.

If she can find an opportunity to take something, she will take it. There is no ifs or buts, Peregrine will take whatever opportunity she can get, especially if it gives her an upper hand. Very much a daredevil, Peregrine is happy to try most things at least once, and will even do them to get one step up on a rival or enemy.

Peregrine is a business pokemon, through and through. If she can get a deal out of something, she will barter and bargain to get said deal, and she won't care what it is she gets, so long as it fits whatever price she sets.

Colder than even an ice type, Peregrine is not kind, at all. She doesn't like anyone and sees everyone as being out to get her. She trusts no one and will make it a very well known fact that she does not trust someone. This also means she has no care for who she is with, and she doesn't pay any heed to anyone but herself.

Peregrine has no problems in lying her way into the hearts of others, and will even harm herself away from prying eyes to make her stories seem believable if they call for an injury to her person. She loves to refer to things as a game, and even going so far as to name someone after a certain piece in a game - her favourite of these game would be chess. She has a way with words that are very much poetic in how she presents them, and can easily wash someone from finding any truths.

Even though she may be optimistic in good points, Peregrine is definitely far too optimistic. She will steal if she knows that no one is looking, and blame it on others, and if she sees a gap that she can use to bring down someone's walls, she will take it.

Peregrine is a sly fox that will stop at nothing to get information that can be used on others. She is extremely cunning and devious, using any and all methods to get her information.

Once she has her target, Peregrine will show no mercy in whatever she does. She does not care what happens to others and she does not bother with even feigning it once her façade has been broken.

Very much a smart-ass, Peregrine has no end to the jokes she can say and even the sass she will speak to others with. She says that she has perfected the art of "not giving a fuck" and will emphasize this if ever it's needed.

If she sees it as a good call, Peregrine can and will cheat to get her goal, and she is not afraid to admit that she is a cheat. She refuses to lose and she will stop at nothing to win in her games. She sees herself as the game master and all others are just pawns that are under her control. Those that don't submit or disobey are taken out.

Peregrine can and will fight dirty. She takes the cheap shots and will not deny that she takes them. She loves the use of blackmail and loves to use it on her enemies, no matter if it's in bad tastes or not.

She has no morals, whatsoever. If she wants it, she takes it. Peregrine does not understand the fact that others have a problem with how she acts, and she will disregard them anyway, instead staying to her own path.

She is Aromantic Asexual, and although she will feign loving someone, she often does so to get something out of them or to get closer to take them out.

Peregrine swears like a sailor and she will not deny that fact.
User Notes -Using a mutator for her ears and wings, as well as ability
-Love my little sociopath, I swear she won't bite.
Team notes Have fun getting her to trust people, but once you have her trust, she is fiercely loyal.
Affiliations Noiz - Not on good terms with the other Noivern, Peregrine and Noiz were both in the same fighting ring together, and for obvious reasons there are a few competitive and rival-like feelings there. Even still, Peregrine does not trust the shiny, at all, and she knows that the feelings of distrust are very much mutual.
Development Notes The rivalry game is strong.

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#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] Empty Re: #585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto]

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#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] Empty Re: #585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto]

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#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] RGgji6G


#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] Victini#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] TGJeE
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#585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto] Empty Re: #585092 "Peregrine" the Noivern [Dragon, Johto]

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