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Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP)


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Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP) Empty Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP)

Post by Kaze Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:36 pm


Text Color #A62A2A Brown
Theme(s) THEME
Item Pokeblock machine and case, bag of assorted berries, Pokeball x15, Great ball x10, Ultra Ball x5
Weapons Stantler Antler handled serrated bread knife, spiked brass knuckle rings, stainless steel sculptures tool set (five inch metal spikes on handles)
Biological Sex Female
Pronouns Agender (all pronouns acceptable; uses he/him as default)
Birthdate 02/11/1994
Age 21
Species Human
Region of origin Kanto (late; after discovery of Sinnoh)
Occupation Student of Pokémon Mythology.
Pkm 1
Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP) Fletchette_by_kemurigakurekaze-d9nmicm
Name/Gender- Fletchette, Female
Text colour- Blue ice #74BBFB
Species- Cloyster
Level- 50
Ability- Skill Link
Held item- Focus Sash
Attack list-
-Shell Smash (Move relearner)
-Rock Blast (Bred from Corsola Father)
-Icicle Spear (Lvl)
-[Ice Shard (lvl)
**Has a Jolly nature, was raised by Eric from an egg.
Pkm 2
Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP) Digimon_by_kemurigakurekaze-d9nmice
Name/Gender- Digimon, agender
Text colour- Teal LED #05EDFF
Species- Porygon Z (shiny)
Level- 50
Ability- Adaptibility
Held item- Choice Scarf
Attack list-
-Thunderbolt (TM)
-Dark Pulse (TM)
-Ice beam (TM)
-Tri Attack (Lvl)
**A traded pokemon, Modest nature, has problems understanding orders
Pkm 3
Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP) Reet_by_kemurigakurekaze-d9nmj4v
Name/Gender- Reet, female
Text colour- Pineapple #FCDC3B
Species- Breloom (shiny)
Level- 50
Ability- Technician
Held item- Miracle seed
Attack list-
– Swords Dance (TM)
– Spore (previous evolution)
– Bullet Seed (TM)
– Mach Punch (Lvl)
**Raised from an egg, Jolly nature
Pkm 4
Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP) Maerd_by_kemurigakurekaze-d9nmid7
Name/Gender- Maerd, Female
Text colour- Purple candy #BDA0CB
Species- Gengar
Level- 50
Ability- Levitated
Held item- Black Sludge
Attack list-
Sludge Bomb (TM)
Destiny Bond (lvl)
Shadow Ball (lvl)
Dazzling Gleam (TM)
**A longtime companion, Timid Nature, has a Gengarite but Eric doesn't have a Key Stone.
Pkm 5
Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP) Kaiju_by_kemurigakurekaze-d9nmicx
Name/Gender- Kaiju, Male
Text colour- Sandstone #A78D84
Species- Tyranitar (clone)
Level- 55
Ability- Sand Stream
Held item- Smooth Rock
Attack list-
– Crunch (lvl)
– Superpower (tutor)
– Earthquake (lvl)
– Stone Edge (Tm)
**An old clone pokemon, adamant natured, sometimes disobeys orders
Pkm 6
Eric the Pokemon Trainer (WIP) Undermine_by_kemurigakurekaze-d9nmidq
Name/Gender- Undermine, Female
Text colour- Red delicious apple #9D1309
Species- Excadrill
Level- 50
Ability- Sand Rush
Held item- Focus Sash
Attack list-
–Rock Slide (lvl)
–Shadow Claw (TM)
–Earthquake (lvl)
–Protect (TM)
**Adamant nature, double battles partner with Kaiji, often found on the Tyranitar's head.
Quote “All is temporary”
History Develops a fear of Balloons after they follow a Drifloon as a Toddler and it uses Explosion, knocking them down a flight of stairs and causing them to need three stitches in their head. Adults don’t believe there was a drifloon and Eric starts to develop trust issues.
Becomes deeply interested in insects because they are not going to be the kind of girl who is scared of spiders. Becomes interested in the monstrous, has many imaginary friends, Is popular in primary school, known for being smart and creative. Manipulates others to get things.
Accent New Zealand
Appearance Heterochromic eyes, one blue and one brown, pierced ears with varying earrings, freckles, small scar my right eyebrow from falling down concrete stairs as a toddler, small scar on bottom lip from falling a different time, left arm at a slightly different angle from being broken and being set later skinny, bites nails, particularly toe nails, wears sandals as preference (only likes shoes with a grip), bag a khaki gasmask bag from father with a patch in the shape of a wrestlers/carnival mask, hair shaved at sides and comes to a wavy flame like shape at the top. Tends to run everywhere rather than walk, wears bracelets of chip stone (i.e. Moon Stone chip bracelet) on left hand, watch on right, rings on first three fingers, rings on pointer finger have carved markings colored to represent the respective eye, rings serve as brass knuckles, wears necklace of own tooth in a glass bottle.
Religion Existential Nihilistic (believes in no higher purpose and that all meaning is arbitrary but that’s no reason to go all emo or be a dick to people.)
Personality -They always run everywhere otherwise they run the risk of forgetting where they were going.
–Memory problems and a hearing disorder mean they are bad at completing assigned tasks.
–Often fail to recognize themselves in a mirror. They don’t feel like a real person or like they are properly attached to their body. Cannot describe themselves. Thinks in terms of a story being told where they are a character rather than a view based around them.
–Can’t tell when they are being addressed as they constantly hear unseen people saying their name.
–Pathological liar with an aversion to the truth, often cannot remember what is true due to memory problems. When they do know what is true they will often make up a plausible lie for no reason.
–Uncertain due to not knowing if their memories are real.
–Doesn’t mind death, hates pain.
–Has trouble relating to others.
–Hates and fears a lack of control; will pretend their mistakes are on purpose to spite those who try and correct them. Likes to think they are capable of murder but chooses not to follow through. When the time comes they want to be able to kill. Makes elaborate murder-suicide plans when feeling stressed to calm themselves. Constantly goes over past conversations and thinks about what they should have said. Is bad with managing resources due to spending when stressed to re-establish control.
–Is comforted by small dark spaces.
–Has had traumatic experiences with balloons, bikes and cooking and hates all three. Will often choose not to eat all day rather than cook, is depressed whenever biking and feels anxiety and fear around balloons.
–Believes that they must look after themselves first and go for all they can otherwise they will never have things they want. Is overly generous in giving others things they want because he likes to see those he likes being happy/enjoys being able to create happiness in others. Judges things by how much happiness they can create; things that can make others happier than himself he will give away.
Affiliations Pokémon League (former)
User Notes -Asexual, Aromantic.
-Eric is not their real name, their real name makes them nervous so they will use many pseudonyms, Eric is just the one they have chosen for this time.

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