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Pokémon Trainer Dazey


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Pokémon Trainer Dazey Empty Pokémon Trainer Dazey

Post by Dazey Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:09 am

Pokémon Trainer Dazey EPDPpoi
[Art by me]

Dazey Luna
Text Color A9C0FD
Theme(s) Daze
My Demons
Somebody to Die For
Dear Fellow Traveller
Don’t Stop The Devil
Coffee Can Money
Through It All
Gives You Hell
She’s Out Of Her Mind
For Every Step (Acoustic)
Good to Be Bad
Don‘t Threaten Me With A Good Time
I’m Gonna Show You Crazy
Sell Your Soul
Hot Mess
Bring ‘Em Down
My Dark Disquiet
Item -Universal Communicator

Stored in messenger bag:
-Hygiene supplies (refillable razor + refills, hair brush, deodorant, eyeliner)
-Sports bottle (filled with water)
-Sentimental items (iPhone 6s, birthday card, necklace, badge case)
-Food rations
-Poké Balls
-Pokémon medicine (Super Potions, Full Heals)
-Human medicine (NSAID pain relievers, allergy pills)
Weapons -Sniper rifle w/ low ammo,
-Pump Shotgun w/ low ammo,
-Combat knife
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Birthdate February 4th
Age 26
Species Human
Weight 143lbs
Height 5‘7“
Region of origin Saffron City, Kanto
Occupation Pokémon Trainer | Scavenger (post-epidemic)

Pkm 1
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Shiny_arcanine_by_midnightsshinies-d9nejip
Name/Gender- Renge |
Text colour- F9E951
Species- Arcanine
Level- 53
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Protect (TM)
-Return (TM)
-Flare Blitz (Prior Evolution)
-Crunch (Prior Evolution)
**Item: black leather collar with a Life Orb attached
**The correct pronunciation of his name rhymes with Venge.
Pkm 2
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Lycanroc__midnight__745_by_pokemon3dsprites-dawb7ph
Name/Gender- Karma |
Text colour- e86363
Species- Lycanroc (Midnight)
Level- 49
Ability- Keen Eye
Attack list
-Crunch (Level Up)
-Stealth Rock (Level Up)
-Counter (Evolution)
-Stone Edge (Level Up)
Pkm 3
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Umbreon_by_pokemon3dsprites-d9jn6if
Name/Gender- Atlas |
Text colour- 007498
Species- Umbreon
Level- 52
Ability- Synchronize
Attack list-
-Feint Attack (Level Up)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Substitute (TM)
-Moonlight (Level Up)
**Orion’s brother.
Pkm 4
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Espeon_by_pokemon3dsprites-d9jn6hb
Name/Gender- Orion |
Text colour- 685998
Species- Espeon
Level- 50
Ability- Synchronize
Attack list-
-Psychic (Level Up)
-Swift (Level Up)
-Grass Knot (TM)
-Morning Sun (Level Up)
**Atlas’ brother.
Pkm 5
Text colour-
Attack list-
Pkm 6
Text colour-
Attack list-
Religion Agnostic
User Notes
User Notes:

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Pokémon Trainer Dazey Empty Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey

Post by Dazey Tue May 03, 2016 4:43 am

I... I think she's ready.

Move to the PC for approval, please.<3

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Pokémon Trainer Dazey Empty Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey

Post by Dazey Tue May 03, 2016 1:51 pm

She isn't quite suited for the original team I was going for, so I need to find another home for her.

To Inactive until I figure out where she needs to go. ^^; I'm extremely sorry for the trouble.

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Pokémon Trainer Dazey Empty Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey

Post by Dazey Mon May 01, 2017 1:20 pm

Ohhhhh snap, I'm letting this psycho loose. >w<

Onward to the PC for approval, please!

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Pokémon Trainer Dazey Empty Re: Pokémon Trainer Dazey

Post by Mewtwo Mon May 15, 2017 12:43 pm

I have read through your history thoroughly and I keep coming back to the power level of the trainer’s Pokémon. She did challenge gyms in Unova but never finished, stopping after only three, then went on to fight in more of a traveling trainer style. Many traveling trainers are lower leveled if you notice, it is only until you reach those who have completed gym challenges, go through Victory Roads, and challenge the Elite Four that have Pokémon over 50.

Another factor is she was in Unova for a year so she was around 19 when she got home. It reads like the Epidemic started around when she was 20 so if her character is 21 the Epidemic for her has only been going on about a year. The Pokémon are Elite Four high in levels, and four aren't even hers. The only one of her two that even went with her are the Arcanine and the Eevee at 23, and the Eevee didn't go through the gym challenges at all. Even the Arcanine didn’t evolve until right before she went home so it was a Growlithe the entire time in Unova.

I cannot see her reaching the 60s after only a year and not evolving the Growlithe until just before going home. It isn’t possible in that kind of history or time frame as well as not training after she got home because of her depression. The ones she found post-Epidemic likely wouldn't have trusted or listened to her because she didn’t finish the gym challenges. Part of the way the badge system works in the games is as a way to make stronger Pokémon listen because they can sense what a strong trainer they are. The only way around that is super high friendship levels because you raised them to those strong levels making them more likely to listen even if you don’t have the next badge yet. She hasn’t had time to train them to like her to obey.

Essentially we, as I have had to confer with the other admins regarding what might be an appropriate fix, feel that the only way to pass this character is to either lower the entire teams levels significantly (even the found ones) or rewrite the history to reflect more dedication to training to prove she can command such high level Pokémon.

If she beat three Unova gyms, Burgh's highest Pokémon is level 23 for his gym challenges. Assuming she quit after that I would cap her highest in the 40s and that includes leveling up during the Epidemic. 45 tops and since that would have been her Growlithe (now Arcanine) that would put him no higher than that. The ones she found I would prefer be in that range as well. Nothing higher than 45 for her Pokémon given the history, and that is even giving a slight boost since the third badge in Unova allows control for Pokémon up to level 40.

One more small side note that was notice was about the Darmanitan in the history. Infected and Undead cannot be contained in Poké Balls as stated in our human creation section of the Profile Computer.
Cannot tame Infected. They will burst out of their pokeball and retaliate.
The Darmanitan wouldn’t have been able to be summoned by the dying man as Poké Balls do not work for them. It would have had to already be out and leashed some other way or a random attacking Pokémon.

Please consider revising and reply to this thread when ready for another review. Thank you.


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