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Pokémon Trainer Dazey


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Pokémon Trainer Dazey Empty Pokémon Trainer Dazey

Post by Dazey Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:09 am

Pokémon Trainer Dazey EPDPpoi
[Art by me]

Dazey Luna
Text Color A9C0FD
Theme(s) Daze
My Demons
Somebody to Die For
Dear Fellow Traveller
Don’t Stop The Devil
Coffee Can Money
Through It All
Gives You Hell
She’s Out Of Her Mind
For Every Step (Acoustic)
Good to Be Bad
Don‘t Threaten Me With A Good Time
I’m Gonna Show You Crazy
Sell Your Soul
Hot Mess
Bring ‘Em Down
My Dark Disquiet
Item -Universal Communicator

Stored in messenger bag:
-Hygiene supplies (refillable razor + refills, hair brush, deodorant, eyeliner)
-Sports bottle (filled with water)
-Sentimental items (iPhone 6s, birthday card, necklace, badge case)
-Food rations
-Poké Balls
-Pokémon medicine (Super Potions, Full Heals)
-Human medicine (NSAID pain relievers, allergy pills)
Weapons -Sniper rifle w/ low ammo,
-Pump Shotgun w/ low ammo,
-Combat knife
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Birthdate February 4th
Age 26
Species Human
Weight 143lbs
Height 5‘7“
Region of origin Saffron City, Kanto
Occupation Pokémon Trainer | Scavenger (post-epidemic)

Pkm 1
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Shiny_arcanine_by_midnightsshinies-d9nejip
Name/Gender- Renge |
Text colour- F9E951
Species- Arcanine
Level- 53
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Protect (TM)
-Return (TM)
-Flare Blitz (Prior Evolution)
-Crunch (Prior Evolution)
**Item: black leather collar with a Life Orb attached
**The correct pronunciation of his name rhymes with Venge.
Pkm 2
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Lycanroc__midnight__745_by_pokemon3dsprites-dawb7ph
Name/Gender- Karma |
Text colour- e86363
Species- Lycanroc (Midnight)
Level- 49
Ability- Keen Eye
Attack list
-Crunch (Level Up)
-Stealth Rock (Level Up)
-Counter (Evolution)
-Stone Edge (Level Up)
Pkm 3
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Umbreon_by_pokemon3dsprites-d9jn6if
Name/Gender- Atlas |
Text colour- 007498
Species- Umbreon
Level- 52
Ability- Synchronize
Attack list-
-Feint Attack (Level Up)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Substitute (TM)
-Moonlight (Level Up)
**Orion’s brother.
Pkm 4
Pokémon Trainer Dazey Espeon_by_pokemon3dsprites-d9jn6hb
Name/Gender- Orion |
Text colour- 685998
Species- Espeon
Level- 50
Ability- Synchronize
Attack list-
-Psychic (Level Up)
-Swift (Level Up)
-Grass Knot (TM)
-Morning Sun (Level Up)
**Atlas’ brother.
Pkm 5
Text colour-
Attack list-
Pkm 6
Text colour-
Attack list-
“Shiro, can I borrow your iPod?”
“If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me and we’ll make fun of people together.”
“When I die, I want it to be as I lived. I want people to say, ‘Dazey, what were you thinking!?’
“Ya ask a dumb ass question, ya get a smart ass answer.”
“I’m an Aquarius and I enjoy long walks on the beach, often draggin’ along the corpses of people I’ve murdered. I’m kiddin’, don’t call the police!”
Dazey’s home life was never apple-pie normal, but she would always express her belief that all the faults in her childhood shaped her into a better woman than she could’ve been without them.

She learned from Dad that familial bonds should never involve violence or substance abuse.
Her brothers actions taught her about staying loyal to people instead of abandoning them.
Her mother’s lackluster parenting taught her the importance of hard work, an honest heart and treating others fairly.

She held these lessons close since the day she left her childhood home. Dazey and her beloved Arcanine, Renge, were prepared to strike out and find their place in a world dominated by could-be heroes and villains.
Her goal was to take down the Elite Four. She didn’t want to be crowned Champion— she was content with the idea of living cozily in a sixth-story apartment with her boyfriend, but she needed to achieve something to be proud of in her life, a reason to hold her head high.
Dazey was an established Trainer by now and kept her blade sharp by training against her boyfriend’s Pokémon regularly. He had been a Gym Trainer for years now - ironically being their place of meeting - and his own goal had become to one day become the Gym Leader himself.

The day she set off, he entrusted her with his Umbreon and Espeon, and a playful bet - if she succeeded within a year’s time, they would marry the day she arrived home.
Unova was her target region - far enough away that the reputation she would surely gain wouldn’t follow her home. Ferry was her choice transportation - but a mistake while boarding left her unknowingly on a ferry to Hoenn. With her wily wit and smooth tongue, a ferry to Unova was hers free of charge, and led to a chance meeting with another Trainer.

Dazey recognized the Trainer but could not place how until she mentioned the shelter — the place Dazey had gotten Renge from. They had bumped into each other that day, friends without either knowing it yet.
The two seemed equally lacking in social skills yet somehow it made their interactions more pleasant, so when Shiro offered Dazey to travel the Unova region and tackle Gyms alongside her, she didn’t hesitate to accept.

Dazey took every chance that presented itself to battle fellow Trainers — even youngsters and their low level Bug-types presented a new learning experience. She was always humble in her wins and respectful in her losses… assuming the opponent was, mutually, which wasn’t always the case and this led to more than a few fights between the hot headed blunette and strangers.

Her party was consistently Renge - he often spearheaded her gym matches out of favoritism but she would never admit it. Then Atlas, her tank of an Umbreon who was great for wearing down foes. Orion the Espeon, possessing quickness and agility that gave him the ability to inflict huge amounts of damage. Her new additions were Astra the Luxray and Karma the Midnight Lycanroc -
While initially troublesome in their own ways, Astra being disobedient and Karma blatantly vicious, the two females came to respect the human; while she was eccentric, airheaded and arrogant, Dazey had a way of charming her way into hearts practically each time she pushed a door that said pull.

Time flew. Dazey had grown exceptionally close to her traveling companion and the Pokémon Shiro owned - particularly a precious Sylveon named Sylv - and she had already obtained several badges. Her dream was coming true, she could feel it.

And then she faltered. A year had passed and there was only one Gym she needed to claim a badge from, but… whether it was her party structure, the Pokémon themselves or Dazey herself, the last badge seemed out of reach every attempt she made and was defeated swiftly and soundly each time. Over and over she tried until finally, she took in the worn and beaten state of her Pokémon. They had tried every time, given it their all and looked as though they had been abused repeatedly and relentlessly.

It was that realization that crushed her spirit. Suddenly all motivation to continue fizzled away and she accepted she had been the one who failed her beloved team and allowed them to reach this state. How she’d pushed them to keep going even when they were exhausted. If the last gym was this hard, surely the Elite Four would be nothing short of hell on earth.
She realized in that moment what happens to all the Trainers who fail the League challenge - they gain no fame, no glory, and no one remembers the work they put in.

If there was one memory that would haunt her forever, it would be calling her boyfriend. She locked herself in a bathroom stall and broke down into sobs, exclaiming repeatedly, “I want to come home.” One day she would regret quitting, but right then, the idea of one more failure was too much to handle. Would it be one more match until one of her companions fell in battle and didn’t get up?

She was hesitant to break the news to her traveling companion - no part of her wanted to continue her vain struggles, but also there wasn’t a shred of her that wanted to say goodbye to easily one of the best friends she had ever had. She announced to Shiro she couldn’t go on anymore and would be parting ways to return home in Kanto.
Dazey knelt down to give Sylv a hug, lingering longer than necessary to recompose herself in secret. Afterwards, the brand newly evolved Flygon that brought Shiro and Dazey together flew them high over the night Castelia City skyline, where they shared a hug farewell.

The journey home was long. It felt like years that she sat solemnly, not even the companionship of her Pokémon a consolation from the swirling mess of regret, relief, disappointment, sadness and fear in her mind.

When she finally reached Kanto, she heard hushed whispers of a virus from clearly distressed civilians. She was growing concerned since it seemed every time she turned around, that was the topic of the conversations her nosiness intruded on. She finally asked for clarification and was told something akin to a Netflix horror movie plot was taking place and she immediately brushed it off as nonsense.
She initially assumed the disaster of her apartment as her boyfriend’s messiness, but realized quickly his clothes were gone. The non-perishable food was gone. And all the sentimental but useless items she had kept. Panic began to set in, but it wasn’t until she saw soldiers in uniform forcing civvies to give up their Pokémon - and disturbingly, some being shot dead on the spot - that she truly began to fear for the coming storm.

She ran for the Saffron Gym, careful to avoid the evacuation teams. There she was told her boyfriend had resigned from his job as a Gym Trainer and was on his way to Unova. To find her. Yet here she stood in Kanto.

Almost immediately she restarted the trip from only a year before, making her way to Unova. Before boarding the ferry, she made her way through a city in chaos to her childhood home— her mother and stepfather. She burst into the unlocked door, finding yet another empty home she remembered once bustling with warmth and life. The house was emptied of essentials and sentimentals, much like her apartment, leaving her to believe her parents evacuated to safety.
While scouring the house, she came across a Poké Ball she was terribly familiar with — with all the marks and scratches she’d left on it during her childhood, she could only guess with the brutality against Pokémon and the virus spreading, her parents deemed abandoning the elderly Jolteon in his ball the only way to save him.

It was on the ferry she first experienced the horrors of the epidemic.

They were nearing the shores of the destination when a horde of Water-types began relentlessly attacking the ship. Dazey made her way into the chaos, panicked shrieks of the word ‘undead,’ still not enough to deter the woman with a plan. The violent rocking motions tipped the boat side to side and she made a rash decision, one she would regret forever. Dazey sent her Jolteon to the ferry’s edge with the order to Thunderbolt into the water before the damage was great enough to sink them.

Unfortunately, while he did subdue the reanimated Water-types, he fell overboard into the waters below. Before she could return the old Electric-type, a dazed but mobile Sharpedo dragged him down. The only evidence of Kyoushiro’s fate was the dark red waters that brought bile up from Dazey’s stomach.

She stayed in a Unovan Pokémon Center for a while after. The girl rejected food and interactions as she mourned the death of Kyoushiro and berated herself for how easily she could have avoided it. A small band of kindhearted strangers also taking shelter at the Center took pity on the distraught and alone Dazey, offered to teach her how to fire a gun for protecting her remaining party. Her aim needed work but she learned the fundamentals before departing, taking with her the pump-action shotgun as a parting gift and wishes well for her in her travels.

The first undead she encountered up close startled her so much that she fled immediately. She couldn’t find it in her to euthanize the Fennekin and kept up fleeing as a solution whenever she spotted unnatural purple coloration. Luckily undead were scarce this early on but they increased day by day. Eventually she began having to kill them, and it was never a task she enjoyed because part of her felt like some traces of their old personality might’ve been there, pleading for salvation from the disease.

While Kyoushiro’s death was still fresh in her mind, Astra was bitten.

She stayed by the Luxray’s side in constant denial - she wouldn’t believe her companion was going to turn. No way. Not even as her fur grew purple, as her breath got weaker. Only when Astra passed and then stood up, a drooling and snarling perversion of the Pokémon she once was did Dazey begin to accept it. Astra’s reanimated corpse was shot down mid-jump by a panicking and sobbing Dazey. Knowing her companion would never attack her, she raised her shotgun and blew away her the monster piloting her Pokémon.
Dazey turned cold and vicious towards the undead when Astra died. She never hesitated to kill as many as she had to, because even one wandering about could mean death for a beloved companion. She became obsessed over her party’s safety to ensure she would never have to euthanize one of her own again.

Dazey never stopped seeking out her boyfriend and Shiro both. Whenever she encountered a human, which became less and less frequent over time, she inquired about the two, but every ‘no, sorry,’ she got made her hope fade more and more.
It was in the Dreamyard she found a living piece of her past. A man she recognized as a dear friend’s father lay severely wounded in the ruins. They had a short interaction in which he confirmed Raver and Kayline Faye were both dead before Dazey performed her first-ever coup de grâce on a human. She abandoned the Dreamyard, leaving Marco Faye behind in a shallow grave. She took with her, however, the knowledge that her quirky, raven haired sidekick had been stolen from her. Dazey could practically make a list of everything she lost due to this damned epidemic.

When she got to Driftveil, her entire survival game changed. The times when she fought to make it another day and slept in derelict buildings was a memory as she settled in a community. She’d become a guardian and provider, everyday striving to build a home almost as good as the one she lost. And one day, for sure, her boyfriend and Shiro would walk through the gates and be with her again.
American-southern; She primarily sounds American but she has a light southern accent which is more noticeable with certain words and phrases. Several words will have the last letter removed and she frequently uses skateboarder and country slang.
She has a habit of speaking too quickly to understand and stuttering when she’s excited or nervous. Also, she sucks at phrasing and it makes her even harder to follow verbally at times.
Dazey’s height comes in at about 5'7" with a ghostly pale complexion and a healthier than average body in the epidemic. Her excess bulk is most prominent in her hips and thighs while her arms have light muscle tone; due to this and her bust size, she has a bit of an oversexualized appearance for her airheaded personality type.
Dazey has hip-length, wavy platinum blonde hair, with the lower half dyed in an ombré, turning cyan and then blue at the bottom. The front of her hair is sideswept and frames her face, these pieces of hair being just bra-strap length from being accidentally cut off. She has two cowlicks on top of her head.
Her eyes are a light gray, and often darkened by black eyeliner. The upper row of Dazey's teeth show two pronounced canines, nearly vampiristic when she smiles or otherwise shows her teeth.
She has three scars - a large burn scar spanning over much of her mid to lower back, two horizontal but slightly crooked slashes; one just below her collarbone and the other across the top of her left foot. She's very often seen with fresh bruises and cuts, generally from her own shenanigans ending badly.
She takes a bit of care in keeping herself clean, bathing and shaving when she has a chance and brushing her hair regularly. Her usual outfit consists of a stretchy, faux leather underbust corset with an around-the-neck strap, buckles and silver studs. Underneath that is a black camisole with built-in cups, which is her main shirt and often takes the corset off for comfort. She has black leather pants, slightly tattered, a gray double-belt and knee-high combat boots. She wears a thick black choker with lace lining and a charm of a paw, a moon and star attached to a silver loop. She keeps a black pair of sunglasses and occasionally wears them. Finally, she has long black fingerless gloves starting at a bit above her elbows, a spiked bracelet on her left wrist and a yellow cord wrapped around her right arm, attached to it is a silver tag with "Kyoushiro" engraved, and her name and phone number on the opposite side.
She has a pair of purple pajamas with a plaid paw print pattern and black long sleeve tee with a hood for sleeping.
Religion Agnostic
-Witty & humorous: While not quite as funny as she might think, Dazey is constantly cracking jokes, clapbacks or making usually-playful insults. She has to be comfortable around someone before she can play the wit game with them; unless of course, she’s actually being cruel behind a humor façade. It’s often hard to tell whether she’s actually joking or trying to hurt someone as her jokes do border on going too far sometimes. She finds plenty of fun in making facetious comments in the worst of times.
-Antisocial, awkward: Dazey initially comes across as very cold and rude due to only speaking when spoken to. If she gets used to someone and likes them, she’s very friendly and outgoing to them, in stark contrast to before. If a friend is absent for a long time, she’s very awkward around them as though they were strangers again.
-Protective: If she does care about someone, she truly does. She could fearlessly put herself on the line for someone’s sake without taking a moment to think about it jeopardizing her own safety. Mess with someone she loves and you're in for a world of hurt. That's one of the few times she doesn't play games.
-Devil May Care: Reckless in the extreme, she gives no thought to what consequences an action might have should she do it, preferring to jump in feet first and “see what happens.” Dazey is very cheerful in doing so as well, even when she injures herself. She tries not to get herself critically injured, but she generally shrugs off the instinct that knows something is a bad idea.
-This girl has an attitude: While she can be very caring, she’s equally heartless when angry. She gives no consideration to someone’s feelings if she’s upset at them, even if she's incredibly fond of them. She will argue fiercely with someone if they provoke her, trying very hard to be the dominate, most vulgar and loudest one in the conversation.
-No leash on emotions: Despite all of her “tough” traits, Dazey is very soft on the inside and terrified of losing those she cares about. She acts possessive of others sometimes and assumes if they associate with anyone besides her too much, they've abandoned her for someone better. She’ll sulk if she makes someone angry at her but won’t try to apologize because she doesn’t want to deal with it anymore or be scolded and/or rejected by them. She can be reduced to tears without a lot of effort, surprisingly to those that know her, though Dazey rarely does so openly in front of others and will literally bite her tongue or lip to prevent crying when not in private. When she’s happy, Dazey is pretty funny because of her exaggerated, childish mannerisms.
-Pokémon: Dazey is extremely fond of Pokémon, canines in particular. She sees them as their own beings with their own lives, much like humans are viewed. That being said, she can be pretty hostile towards them should they offend or threaten her, but she's more tolerant of Pokémon than humans. If one - elder, adult, infant, or anywhere in-between - is abandoned or can’t care for themselves, Dazey will jump to their aid. In regards to her own Pokémon, she can be fiercely overprotective and is easily angered at any ill intentions towards them whether it’s an insult or an attempt to harm them. She’s easily driven to violence in their defense, and she doesn’t feel bad about it at all. On a lighter note, she comes up with brand new nicknames for her team almost daily, which frequently confuses them.
-Easily embarrassed: Compliments are a usual culprit and she’d likely think about one nice word for a month. While she’s strictly faithful to her partner and not swooned by other men, she can act like it regardless out of accident. She gets flustered at suggestions of romantic nature towards even if they were not intended that way. Dazey does not hide embarrassment well at all, which one could poke fun at and make her angry as well. A blushing, pissy Daze is an amusing sight, to be sure.
-Technology, music: She was a gamer in the days before the Epidemic, though admittedly, she got a little too engrossed in competitive online games and the anger that came from being killed by another player. Dazey was never without her iPhone, which had an extreme amount of music, pictures and apps on it, along with a browsing history that was cleared on the daily. It was smashed on the first day of her surviving on her own in the outbreak, much to her dismay. If one asked about her musical tastes, she would explain that genre doesn‘t matter if the song is good, but she’s always favored rock and metal. Shiro’s iPod is the holy grail of life and if she were to ever receive it, she would probably flee with it.
-Decent morals, but spiteful: While Dazey is not a saint nor would she ever try to be one, she does believe in fairness to those who deserve it. Every decent soul has the right to live the same, so if someone were to abuse another for their own gain or bully them, Dazey would not let it slide. But she has little concern for someone she deems doesn’t deserve that fairness.
-Disrespectful towards authorities: While Dazey is crude, rebellious and ill-mannered in general, she holds a special hatred for any type of authority and would undermine them in any way possible. She does not take kindly to someone giving her orders or preaching to her over her actions, casually responding that she is an adult followed by purposely disobeying them.
-Way too into fandoms: Please don’t ever get her started on the things she’s a fan of. She will never shut up and could probably recall every single important detail of every series she’s ever followed. She and Raver had many, many conversations about anime and manga in the past.
-Prideful: She will very rarely ask for help and won’t willingly accept an offer from someone. One would literally have to ignore what she wants in order to assist her; it doesn’t matter if she needs to walk ten miles and both legs are broken, she will try to make it work unless she absolutely gives up. But if someone does help her out, she will absolutely smother them in gratitude and will try to repay the deed.
-Arrogant: She has far too much confidence in her own abilities which makes for a great chance to knock her down; if she feels superior to someone, she’ll immediately let down her guard around them. She can act very condescending and frequently wears a smug, smartass grin as she looks down on others. This only goes for ones she doesn’t like or finds threatening; she respects allies for the most part.
-Lives for the moment: Many of her actions seem completely unnecessary for apocalyptic life, such as her need to stay spotlessly clean and draw on eyeliner. She was that way before the epidemic and since she's still alive, why stop? She can seem incredibly happy-go-lucky and sometimes chooses amusement over rationality mostly due to her value of life and knowing that it can be taken at any point. Whatever comes after death, she doesn't want to look back and think about what she should've done when she had time.
-Self loathing: Dazey has a hidden, deep rooted disgust for herself with nearly every aspect. She never found herself pretty, smart, talented or special in any way and isn't ashamed of putting herself down in front of someone, usually in a humorous way. The jokes are not as innocent as they might seem however, and despite her fighting spirit, she would probably wholeheartedly agree with someone if they attempted to humiliate her, though she wouldn’t show it.
-Quick tempered: She’s always been extremely easy to piss off. She’s a cruel sadist that loves humiliating others if irritated enough that she can’t leave it alone. Moreover, she tends to be absolutely vicious and ‘scary,’ to some when she’s angry to the point of physical violence. She holds grudges for a childish, excessive amount of time, possibly to the grave if she’s mad enough. She’ll also try to provoke someone into fighting her if she can’t let her aggression go, instigating at any chance because her mind can’t rest.
-Mischievous: Dazey is hell on wheels. You never know what she’s capable of. Works very well as the leader of a group organizing mischief.
Shiro - One of Dazey's best friends. She is clingy towards Shiro when they're together and does not waste a single chance to playfully antagonize her. Despite Dazey's obvious immaturity, she cares a great deal for Shiro and does her best to be a reliable friend. If Dazey should lose reins on her temper or try something excessively stupid, then Shiro’s common sense makes up for Dazey’s lack thereof. Vice versa, Dazey is the friend ready to fight anyone and everyone for Shiro no matter the reason.

Cherry - Her favorite person in Driftveil and her favorite added flavor in Dr. Pepper. <3

Raver Faye - Dazey and Rae developed a good friendship through video calls and online gaming. Dazey mistakenly believes she’s dead now and is deeply saddened by it. All the details surrounding what Marco Faye did to Raver and Kayline are unknown to her as he simply stated they had died.
User Notes
User Notes:
-Chaotic good.
-Serves as the scavenger in Driftveil. She moves quickly and stealthily with Renge while on runs and quickly executes smaller undead. Bigger enemies are taken out from afar with her sniper rifle.
-Her favorite video games are shooters and horror-survivals. She favored shotguns in gaming, influencing her weapon of choice in the outbreak.
-Makes a lot of canine or fire related puns. Most of the time she doesn't even realize she's doing it.
-Right handed.
-Loves space so much. She kinda wanted to be an astronaut but she knew she’d fail so she didn’t try.
-Nearsighted. Had glasses but forgot them in Saffron at the start of the epidemic.
-She’s afraid of heights and really, really creepy dolls.
-Low tolerance to extremely hot and extremely cold weather. She prefers cold over hot though.
-Dazey mailed Raver some manga volumes as a gift once. Raver still has them with her.

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Post by Dazey Tue May 03, 2016 4:43 am

I... I think she's ready.

Move to the PC for approval, please.<3

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She isn't quite suited for the original team I was going for, so I need to find another home for her.

To Inactive until I figure out where she needs to go. ^^; I'm extremely sorry for the trouble.

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Post by Dazey Mon May 01, 2017 1:20 pm

Ohhhhh snap, I'm letting this psycho loose. >w<

Onward to the PC for approval, please!

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Post by Mewtwo Mon May 15, 2017 12:43 pm

I have read through your history thoroughly and I keep coming back to the power level of the trainer’s Pokémon. She did challenge gyms in Unova but never finished, stopping after only three, then went on to fight in more of a traveling trainer style. Many traveling trainers are lower leveled if you notice, it is only until you reach those who have completed gym challenges, go through Victory Roads, and challenge the Elite Four that have Pokémon over 50.

Another factor is she was in Unova for a year so she was around 19 when she got home. It reads like the Epidemic started around when she was 20 so if her character is 21 the Epidemic for her has only been going on about a year. The Pokémon are Elite Four high in levels, and four aren't even hers. The only one of her two that even went with her are the Arcanine and the Eevee at 23, and the Eevee didn't go through the gym challenges at all. Even the Arcanine didn’t evolve until right before she went home so it was a Growlithe the entire time in Unova.

I cannot see her reaching the 60s after only a year and not evolving the Growlithe until just before going home. It isn’t possible in that kind of history or time frame as well as not training after she got home because of her depression. The ones she found post-Epidemic likely wouldn't have trusted or listened to her because she didn’t finish the gym challenges. Part of the way the badge system works in the games is as a way to make stronger Pokémon listen because they can sense what a strong trainer they are. The only way around that is super high friendship levels because you raised them to those strong levels making them more likely to listen even if you don’t have the next badge yet. She hasn’t had time to train them to like her to obey.

Essentially we, as I have had to confer with the other admins regarding what might be an appropriate fix, feel that the only way to pass this character is to either lower the entire teams levels significantly (even the found ones) or rewrite the history to reflect more dedication to training to prove she can command such high level Pokémon.

If she beat three Unova gyms, Burgh's highest Pokémon is level 23 for his gym challenges. Assuming she quit after that I would cap her highest in the 40s and that includes leveling up during the Epidemic. 45 tops and since that would have been her Growlithe (now Arcanine) that would put him no higher than that. The ones she found I would prefer be in that range as well. Nothing higher than 45 for her Pokémon given the history, and that is even giving a slight boost since the third badge in Unova allows control for Pokémon up to level 40.

One more small side note that was notice was about the Darmanitan in the history. Infected and Undead cannot be contained in Poké Balls as stated in our human creation section of the Profile Computer.
Cannot tame Infected. They will burst out of their pokeball and retaliate.
The Darmanitan wouldn’t have been able to be summoned by the dying man as Poké Balls do not work for them. It would have had to already be out and leashed some other way or a random attacking Pokémon.

Please consider revising and reply to this thread when ready for another review. Thank you.


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