Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Empty Pokemon Trainer Unmei

    Post by Starbits Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:03 pm

    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Image here

    Unmei Makenshi
    Text Color a392be
    Theme(s) ECHO - Gumi || Bird with a Broken Wing - Owl City
    Item universal communicator; black duffel bag that contains:
    -sleeping bag
    -a small assortment of rags
    -sewing kit
    -a few lockpicks
    -knife sharpener
    -pack of cards
    -phone charger
    -food rations and berries for his pokemon
    -can opener
    -an old, ragged teddy bear

    his pockets contain:
    -one dead smartphone
    -a swiss army knife
    -one lockpick
    -an old wallet, totally empty except for an old photo

    has a pair of those sneakers that suddenly become rollarblades (from Kalos) and he has a couple bobby pins hidden in his hair
    -gun with silencer (has ammo)
    -other knives
    his Pokemon, mostly Teddy
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He | Him | His
    Birthdate April 1st
    Age 18
    Species Human
    Weight 115lbs
    Height 5'4"
    Region of Origin Orre
    Religion 'gives the concept of god as understood by most people two middle fingers and walks backwards into hell'
    Accent Japanese
    Occupation Self Employed Assassin | Pickpocket | Thief | Vigilante
    Party Each member as a role in their team, whether in battle or not. Most were met in Unmei's childhood and have helped him and each other survive for many years. They are all family to one another and he treats them better than he treats himself, which they then immediately jump on because no asshole you need food too stop giving it all to us.

    Prosper and Hershey are never used to fight. Everyone else is, although this isn't apart of everyone else's primary purpose. There are pokemon Unmei will automatically reach for in the event of a fight; those pokemon are considered the battlers of the group.
    Pkm 1
    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Tumblr_inline_p1x9ziYU6H1r82t0h_100
    Mimikyu | Teddy 'Ted' (M)
    Text Color:
    Level- 55
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Ghost Pokemon Trainer Unmei Fairy
    Attack list-
    -Play Rough (Learned)
    -Shadow Sneak (Learned)
    -Shadow Claw (Learned)
    -Swords Dance (TM)
    **Starter. Met when both were very small children. Purchased as a cheap alternative to a Teddiursa, he was thrown away when he was unwanted by the little girl he'd been bought for. Unmei found him. Both boys were very lonely and resolved to stick together. Rather than the Pikachu disguise, this Mimikyu wears a Teddiursa one, which earned him his name. Primary function: battler.
    **Called Teddy only when alone with his other pokemon.
    Pkm 2
    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Alolan%20meowth
    Meowth | Prosper (M)
    Text Color:
    Level- 20
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Dark    
    Ability- Pickup
    Attack list-
    -Bite (Learned)
    -Fake Out (Learned)
    -Fury Swipes (Learned)
    -Screech (Learned)
    **Picked up as a kitten, saved from a group of bullies; refused to evolve so as to remain small and was gifted an everstone collar to make that easier for him, given that he kept almost evolving by accident. Primary function: pickpocket, distraction.
    Pkm 3
    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Sableye
    Sableye | Jasper (M)
    Text Color:
    Level- 50
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Dark Pokemon Trainer Unmei Ghost
    Ability- Prankster
    Attack list-
    -Fake Out (Learned)
    -Power Gem (Learned)
    -Foul Play (Learned)
    -Detect (Learned)
    **Met as a tiny, young, blind thing before his eyes had even opened; saved from dying from exposure. Primary function: pickpocket, scaring off threats nobody wants to deal with, and tasting jewels or biting them carefully to test their value. Able to sift out the junk when looking for valuables.
    Pkm 4
    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Rotom
    Rotom | Shenanigans (M)
    Text Color:
    Level- 50
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Electric Pokemon Trainer Unmei Ghost
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Hex (Learned)
    -Will-O-Whisp (TM)
    -Volt Switch (TM)
    -Double Team (Learned)
    **Betrayed his original human and helped Unmei and his friends escape a very bad situation, and opted to stay with them. Primary function: doing spooky ghost shit to scare away threats, possessing appliances and electronics to spy on others, mess with equipment, and even move funds through the internet. Also serves as a hacker, although sometimes his vision of 'hacking' is just destroying shit. Likes to stay in Unmei's long-dead smartphone but does have a pokeball.
    **Will sometimes possess appliances for no further purpose than exploding them.
    **Loves to steal ovens most of all but always ends up eventually blowing them up.
    Pkm 5
    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Beheeyem
    Beheeyem | Alfred (M)
    Text Color:
    Level- 50
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Psychic
    Ability- Analytic
    Attack list-
    -Psychic (Learned)
    -Calm Mind (Start)
    -Thunderbolt (TM)
    -Protect (TM)
    **Rescued from a criminal who had already murdered his human. Primary function: battling, fucking with people's memories, helping his Rotom friend read, being the only fucking adult present.
    **British accent.
    Pkm 6
    Pokemon Trainer Unmei Dedenne
    Dendenne | Hershey (F)
    Text Color:
    Level- 30
    Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Electric Pokemon Trainer Unmei Fairy
    Ability- Cheek Pouch
    Attack list-
    -Charm (Learned)
    -Tail Whip (Learned)
    -Nuzzle (Learned)
    -Rest (Learned)
    **Met after the outbreak when trainer abandoned her to die; was a contest pokemon. Primary function: scout, spy, and distraction. Usually the last one involves being ridiculously adorable. Also used to incapacitate (using Nuzzle) those Unmei has no desire to kill but also can't have chasing after him.
    Quote "I've always felt that, if you're gonna live, you should live so that either the angels want to make you a saint or hell's afraid you'll take over. And I looked at that concept and was like hey, why not both?"

    "... I'm pretty sure the asshole that rained this bullshit down on the planet is just going straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, and even the devil would be like 'Dude that's a little much.' And I wanna personally give that guy his ticket there."
    Appearance He's a short young man; leanly muscled (as well as shorter and, currently, also thinner than he'd like), he has a surprising amount of strength for his small frame, able to climb up a number of surfaces. Nonetheless, he's more built for speed and acrobatics than power and oh, does he deliever on that front. He wears an old, faded black shirt with a cartoon skull on the front, a black hoodie with patches sewn over the elbows, and dark jeans with sneakers. His eyes are a strange shade of purple, somewhere between violet and gray, and he has wild, black hair that he occasionally grooms by cutting it with a knife. He bears two scars on his face that form an X across the bridge of his nose, as well as various other scars on his body, some being from knife fights and others from torture. Many of the latter are on his back.

    He grins like a Cheshire cat and often holds himself in a lazy, relaxed way unless truly alarmed, in which case his wariness is very obvious. Pops his neck and other joints a lot, especially when getting ready to do something. He's very expressive and generally doesn't hold back with this. Puts his hands behind his head a lot, especially when laying down.

    When a nerve is touched his expression will freeze and if he was smiling, that smile just got a whole lot more dangerous, son.

    Genuine smiles, from him, are rare. But when true happiness coaxes one out of him, it's a slow, sweet thing that starts in one corner of his mouth and spreads across his whole face.

    He always has Teddy near him. Very rarely does he put that one away into the pokeball. It's very common for him to have at least four of his Pokemon out at all times, especially since one is given to living in his smartphone in his pocket and therefore isn't always actually out of his reach.
    Unmei's Relationships:
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