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Pokemon Trainer Unmei


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Pokemon Trainer Unmei Empty Pokemon Trainer Unmei

Post by Starbits Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:03 pm

Pokemon Trainer Unmei Image here

Unmei Makenshi
Text Color a392be
Theme(s) ECHO - Gumi || Bird with a Broken Wing - Owl City
Item universal communicator; black duffel bag that contains:
-sleeping bag
-a small assortment of rags
-sewing kit
-a few lockpicks
-knife sharpener
-pack of cards
-phone charger
-food rations and berries for his pokemon
-can opener
-an old, ragged teddy bear

his pockets contain:
-one dead smartphone
-a swiss army knife
-one lockpick
-an old wallet, totally empty except for an old photo

has a pair of those sneakers that suddenly become rollarblades (from Kalos) and he has a couple bobby pins hidden in his hair
-gun with silencer (has ammo)
-other knives
his Pokemon, mostly Teddy
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Birthdate April 1st
Age 18
Species Human
Weight 115lbs
Height 5'4"
Region of Origin Orre
Religion 'gives the concept of god as understood by most people two middle fingers and walks backwards into hell'
Accent Japanese
Occupation Self Employed Assassin | Pickpocket | Thief | Vigilante
Party Each member as a role in their team, whether in battle or not. Most were met in Unmei's childhood and have helped him and each other survive for many years. They are all family to one another and he treats them better than he treats himself, which they then immediately jump on because no asshole you need food too stop giving it all to us.

Prosper and Hershey are never used to fight. Everyone else is, although this isn't apart of everyone else's primary purpose. There are pokemon Unmei will automatically reach for in the event of a fight; those pokemon are considered the battlers of the group.
Pkm 1
Pokemon Trainer Unmei Tumblr_inline_p1x9ziYU6H1r82t0h_100
Mimikyu | Teddy 'Ted' (M)
Text Color:
Level- 55
Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Ghost Pokemon Trainer Unmei Fairy
Attack list-
-Play Rough (Learned)
-Shadow Sneak (Learned)
-Shadow Claw (Learned)
-Swords Dance (TM)
**Starter. Met when both were very small children. Purchased as a cheap alternative to a Teddiursa, he was thrown away when he was unwanted by the little girl he'd been bought for. Unmei found him. Both boys were very lonely and resolved to stick together. Rather than the Pikachu disguise, this Mimikyu wears a Teddiursa one, which earned him his name. Primary function: battler.
**Called Teddy only when alone with his other pokemon.
Pkm 2
Pokemon Trainer Unmei Alolan%20meowth
Meowth | Prosper (M)
Text Color:
Level- 20
Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Dark    
Ability- Pickup
Attack list-
-Bite (Learned)
-Fake Out (Learned)
-Fury Swipes (Learned)
-Screech (Learned)
**Picked up as a kitten, saved from a group of bullies; refused to evolve so as to remain small and was gifted an everstone collar to make that easier for him, given that he kept almost evolving by accident. Primary function: pickpocket, distraction.
Pkm 3
Pokemon Trainer Unmei Sableye
Sableye | Jasper (M)
Text Color:
Level- 50
Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Dark Pokemon Trainer Unmei Ghost
Ability- Prankster
Attack list-
-Fake Out (Learned)
-Power Gem (Learned)
-Foul Play (Learned)
-Detect (Learned)
**Met as a tiny, young, blind thing before his eyes had even opened; saved from dying from exposure. Primary function: pickpocket, scaring off threats nobody wants to deal with, and tasting jewels or biting them carefully to test their value. Able to sift out the junk when looking for valuables.
Pkm 4
Pokemon Trainer Unmei Rotom
Rotom | Shenanigans (M)
Text Color:
Level- 50
Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Electric Pokemon Trainer Unmei Ghost
Ability- Levitate
Attack list-
-Hex (Learned)
-Will-O-Whisp (TM)
-Volt Switch (TM)
-Double Team (Learned)
**Betrayed his original human and helped Unmei and his friends escape a very bad situation, and opted to stay with them. Primary function: doing spooky ghost shit to scare away threats, possessing appliances and electronics to spy on others, mess with equipment, and even move funds through the internet. Also serves as a hacker, although sometimes his vision of 'hacking' is just destroying shit. Likes to stay in Unmei's long-dead smartphone but does have a pokeball.
**Will sometimes possess appliances for no further purpose than exploding them.
**Loves to steal ovens most of all but always ends up eventually blowing them up.
Pkm 5
Pokemon Trainer Unmei Beheeyem
Beheeyem | Alfred (M)
Text Color:
Level- 50
Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Psychic
Ability- Analytic
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Calm Mind (Start)
-Thunderbolt (TM)
-Protect (TM)
**Rescued from a criminal who had already murdered his human. Primary function: battling, fucking with people's memories, helping his Rotom friend read, being the only fucking adult present.
**British accent.
Pkm 6
Pokemon Trainer Unmei Dedenne
Dendenne | Hershey (F)
Text Color:
Level- 30
Type- Pokemon Trainer Unmei Electric Pokemon Trainer Unmei Fairy
Ability- Cheek Pouch
Attack list-
-Charm (Learned)
-Tail Whip (Learned)
-Nuzzle (Learned)
-Rest (Learned)
**Met after the outbreak when trainer abandoned her to die; was a contest pokemon. Primary function: scout, spy, and distraction. Usually the last one involves being ridiculously adorable. Also used to incapacitate (using Nuzzle) those Unmei has no desire to kill but also can't have chasing after him.
Quote "I've always felt that, if you're gonna live, you should live so that either the angels want to make you a saint or hell's afraid you'll take over. And I looked at that concept and was like hey, why not both?"

"... I'm pretty sure the asshole that rained this bullshit down on the planet is just going straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, and even the devil would be like 'Dude that's a little much.' And I wanna personally give that guy his ticket there."

Unmei is a deeply abused little boy hiding behind snark and vengance and the need to survive outweighing any emotional need he has. His mother abandoned him, leaving him behind as a kind of sacrifice for his father in the hopes she would be allowed to leave. His aunt bailed as soon as she could. His father carved an X into his face with a broken bottle when he was seven. His earliest memory is of his father murdering a prostitute while he hid under the bed. He was four. At six he already knew exactly what sex was but only in its most vile and evil form. He knew what violence and sadism and evil looked like. It was basically all he did know. He was a terrified, shivering little thing that bit and clawed at anything which got too close to him.

The same year Unmei got his face sliced into, his father had an episode so violent he fled to the police, who assumed he was serving as a distraction or was trying to pickpocket them and told him to get lost, threatening him with arrest to make him leave. He turned to the nearly church, where he pleaded with the priest to let him stay. That priest turned out to be a predator, who afterwards told him "No one will believe you."

Mitsuru and his plight melted his hardened heart, but he never trusted any authority figure. Everywhere he looked he saw only misery and exploitation and torture at their hands. Unmei's life was a fucking horror story, one he handled with surprising grace and ease because practice makes perfect and tears only attract the wrong kind of attention.
Appearance He's a short young man; leanly muscled (as well as shorter and, currently, also thinner than he'd like), he has a surprising amount of strength for his small frame, able to climb up a number of surfaces. Nonetheless, he's more built for speed and acrobatics than power and oh, does he deliever on that front. He wears an old, faded black shirt with a cartoon skull on the front, a black hoodie with patches sewn over the elbows, and dark jeans with sneakers. His eyes are a strange shade of purple, somewhere between violet and gray, and he has wild, black hair that he occasionally grooms by cutting it with a knife. He bears two scars on his face that form an X across the bridge of his nose, as well as various other scars on his body, some being from knife fights and others from torture. Many of the latter are on his back.

He grins like a Cheshire cat and often holds himself in a lazy, relaxed way unless truly alarmed, in which case his wariness is very obvious. Pops his neck and other joints a lot, especially when getting ready to do something. He's very expressive and generally doesn't hold back with this. Puts his hands behind his head a lot, especially when laying down.

When a nerve is touched his expression will freeze and if he was smiling, that smile just got a whole lot more dangerous, son.

Genuine smiles, from him, are rare. But when true happiness coaxes one out of him, it's a slow, sweet thing that starts in one corner of his mouth and spreads across his whole face.

He always has Teddy near him. Very rarely does he put that one away into the pokeball. It's very common for him to have at least four of his Pokemon out at all times, especially since one is given to living in his smartphone in his pocket and therefore isn't always actually out of his reach.

  • playful
    -as a general rule, Unmei treats most things in life as a joke, even when he's actually taking them very seriously
    -everything is some kind of game
    -this absolutely applies to murder
  • fun-loving
    -tries to find entertainment in just about any situation
    -will make his own fun when none is to be found
    -absolutely a thrill-seeker
  • charismatic
    -some find there's a sort of roguish charm to him
    -besides being just generally smooth when he wants to be, he so genuinely seems to enjoy himself at whatever he's doing that it's hard not to enjoy the situation, yourself, unless he's seemingly making light of a very serious situation, in which case then he's just being annoying
    -also, he has flirting down to an art
  • spirited
    -he is a wild boy; though far from having a heart full of wanton destruction, Unmei sees rules as more of a challenge than a guide
    -if he finds no reason to respect a norm, a rule, or a person, he just... won't
  • little respect for authority
    -speaking of which, he tends to assume all people in positions of power are not good people unless proven otherwise
    -he will, however, refrain from harming anyone until proven they are a threat of some kind
    -but he's likely to be flippant, incredibly casual regardless of their rank, dismissive, snarky, or disobediant
    -exceptions would include 'my need to survive outweighs my desire to potentially piss this person off' but even that is up for debate sometimes, honestly
  • stubborn
    -he has survived all of the horrors in his life on sheer spite and willpower
    -when he wants something he wants it, and he will generally not give up until he has what he was after
  • ruthless
    -he had a reputation on the streets for a reason; anyone who fucked with him promptly paid a very hefty price
    -was not someone to be trifled with and every other kid in whatever gangs they were in knew it
    -has been known to shank people in the middle of flirting before
    -"I'm fifteen, you sick fuck."
    -can come across as cold and creepy when he wants, especially when in a bad mood or observing others
  • sadistic
    -his targets are just toys to him; he has no empathy for them and actively enjoys their pain
    -usually his jobs require him to be in and out very quickly so rarely does he ever get to actually have any fun with these people, but when he does, he takes a very twisted pleasure in making them suffer
    -does his best to ensure no innocent eyes witness this particular side of him, as he's aware others would find it hella fucking disturbing
  • untrusting, suspicious, wary
    -though absolutely very trusting of his pokemon and Mitsuru, other people are an entirely different matter
    -unlike many humans, who find solace from their struggles with their fellow humans in pokemon (whose social conventions might be entirely different and therefore comforting to them) Unmei treats humans and pokemon completely alike and therefore distrusts pokemon as much as any human being
    -though casual in his treatment of others, he ensures to hold them at a distance due to this; while he doesn't believe that all individuals are garbage, he finds people as a whole distasteful and dangerous
    -not everyone is a threat but you never know who is
    -will watch others closely until he can gauge them
    -there is a fast and easy way to lower his guard, though:
  • caring
    -Unmei has an enormous soft spot for anyone weaker than himself; though very odd in the way he actually shows it, he is drawn to protect those who can't protect themselves and after a quick look to make sure they're not faking their duress, he will see what he can help them with
    -typically he will do this from the shadows if he can, so that he can slip away when done
    -other times this is impossible, hence why he has Hershey at all
  • secretly sentimental
    -he likes to hide it but oh, he definitely has plenty of room for sentimentality in his heart
    -the fricking teddy bear
    -also Mitsuru's name means 'young light', which Unmei knew when he gave him that name, so yeah
  • clever and calculating
    -despite his own beliefs, he's not a very stupid kid
    -he might be dumb sometimes in the sense that he is immature and quick to make snap decisions, but just as often these fast choices have saved their lives
    -he is excellent at analyzing a situation in seconds and figuring out some sort of game-plan based on what he knows; the first thing he does in any building is note all the exits and the amount of people inside, and think of a counter for anything that might go wrong
    -he is also good at playing diplomat among his fellow street kids; happy to offer an olive branch to any gang that didn't cause needless misery to the already-downtrod, he earned favors far and wide in Pyrite by helping those as destitude and as on the wrong side of the law as himself (hiding from police, delivering messages, scaring off other gangs, stealing food and medicine, etc), memorizing names and faces, and quietly (with a knife) taking care of those who did cause needless misery to those in the same position of poverty
    -is very good at utilizing the skills he has to his benefit, as well as the people around him
  • rash
    -that being said he is a teenager and making really stupid choices is inevitable; he will sometimes rush into things he really did not need to
    -and then there's a bit of hubris followed by general dumb teenage shenanigans
  • very strong moral center
    -despite all the fucking death he causes, Unmei doesn't believe in harming anyone innocent
    -all of his targets have been those of the most detestable kinds of people-- pedophiles, in particular, but also murderers, domestic abusers, rapists, and those who commit major white-collar crimes and ruin the lives of multiple people
    -typically targets people of power specifically because their money, influence, and the face they wear in public means that they would never face any kind of justice otherwise (he once killed a bishop, for example) but he's also not above going after complete and utter randos
    -or, as previously stated, the children and adults of the street who extort or hurt those in the same desolate conditions
    -as long as they are doing things that have truly marked them evil, he will come for basically anyone
    -"I'm a monster who hunts other monsters."
    -he does his homework very carefully to ensure his target is actually guilty of what he's heard before he makes any move to harm them
  • loyal
    -he fiercely believes in protecting one's own and the helpless and repaying good deeds done to you
    -is immediately disgusted by those who are disloyal to those who have been good to them or those who are depending on them
  • thick skin
    -he really does not care yo
  • blunt
    -if he has something to say he finds no point in pussyfooting around it
  • fundamentally broken
    -though he treats everything like a game, frankly, it's mostly his way of keeping a nice little thick cushion between himself and the horrible things wrought on his psyche
    -he laughs because if he didn't he would never stop crying
    -really, Unmei is a deeply abused little boy hiding behind snark and vengance and the need to survive outweighing any emotional need he has
    -he desperately wants to be loved, to have someone taking care of him, to have what he watched other kids have as he grew up, but he's pretty much accepted he will never have it
    -he most likely has bi-polar disorder as well as a host of other untreated mental illnesses, including ptsd; definitely has ptsd
  • vengeful
    -that's not to say the above means he regrets the killing
    -in fact, he sees killing those who never would have otherwise gotten what was coming to them something of a calling and there are very few things in life that could persaude him to stop doing it
    -cruelty for cruelty's sake will immediately put you on his shit list and is likely to get you killed because he believes in punishing the guilty, not abusing the innocent
  • little faith in authority
    -yeah there are some good apples but most are rotten to the fucking core
    -Pyrite has not exactly inspired great faith in him when it comes to those in charge
    -nor Phenac, home of privleged fucks who can get away with whatever they want
  • holds those he doesn't know at a distance
    -if a stranger isn't in need of help he tries his best to maintain distance via keeping all interactions casual
    -reacts strangely to affection towards him from those he doesn't know
    -tends to refer to open displays of affection as gay
  • walls off all feelings he doesn't want to deal with
    -his sexual orientation? nope not gonna deal goodbye gay feelings
    -grief? anguish? nah son that can get you beaten or killed; tears draw attention and signal vulnerability
    -to survive he had to basically learn to suppress any emotions that might prompt him to do things that could put him in harm's way and that behavior is very much still around today
  • fluctuates between being very patient and being very much the opposite
    -he can wait for a target in one spot for hours but god forBID he have to wait for food to cook completely or for something to finish processing or something
    -if it's related to something he takes very seriously he can wait for an eternity but the moment it's something objectively trivial it's like death please take me for I am dying already of boredom
    -boredom is like a disease to him and gets him looking for things to amuse himself with and that tends to go poorly
  • Affiliations
    Unmei's Relationships:
    ♈ [url=???]Mitsuru[/url]:

    ♈ [url=???]Officer Turner[/url]: Spent a good year evading the young man's efforts to identify and capture him. He found him amusing and all near-misses thrilling, but also didn't begrudge the officer his duty or see him as any sort of toy-- after all, the man had no way of knowing Unmei's targets were all the worst kinds of lowlifes, and judging from how he acted whenever the boy spied on him, Turner genuinely wanted to use his position to do good, not lord power over anyone. Therefore, he has a strange sort of respect and even, perhaps, a smidgeon of warmth for the officer... but still wouldn't hesitate to end his life in a second if Mitsuru's life were threatened by him.

    User Notes
    -I have no self control but what the hell else is new.
    -You can tell he's truly comfortable where he's sleeping (or was just really exhausted) if he snores. That means he's very deeply asleep and will be much harder to wake than usual.
    -If he is sleeping alone or if the people he is with are ones he especially trusts, he will sleep with the teddy bear.
    -Not sure if gay or bisexual but he's definitely not straight.
    -Extremely talented at cards. Extremely talented at cheating at cards. Is more than happy to teach people who he comes to like how to do both things. Fond of gambling with card games. And will absolutely cheat, even if he doesn't need to, just because he enjoys the thrill of it.
    -Speaks Japanese. So do his Pokemon. Regularly uses it to host private conversations with them right in front of others. Also knows Chinese thanks to some neighbors, but is not nearly as fluent.
    -I was reading Mahogany earlier and now that I write this character's history I'm super amused because he could relate to Ariana on a very deep level but she decided to go monster on those who didn't deserve it; she is exactly the kind of person he hunts.


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