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    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Empty Pokemon Trainer Terjon

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    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Tumblr_inline_pnx8xf26Bp1r82t0h_500
    Dual Image with Vitaly
    dollmaker placeholder image:

    Terjon Delacroix
    Text Color 35586C
    Theme(s) Show me what I'm Looking for (Save me)
    Item -A few day's rations
    -A half full first aid kit. (Gauze, rubbing alcohol, and a few items for stitches)
    -Universal Communicator
    -Water Canteen
    -Hair bands, bobby pins, brush, comb
    -Straight edge razor blade (only used for intended purpose unless absolutely necessary)
    -Blade sharpener
    -Spare set of clothing
    -Small sewing kit for repairs
    Weapons -Handgun (I don't know details rip) with some limited ammo
    -Taser (Seeing less and less use. Only useful for humans)
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Birthdate October 19
    Age 19 years
    Species Human
    Weight 180 lbs
    Height 6'5"
    Region of origin Orre
    Occupation Former guard sorta. Didn't have a profession before the epidemic started. He originally wanted to be a police officer.
    Party Stella and Orion are the only Pokemon he owned before the Epidemic started. Vega was picked up somewhere near the beginning of the Epidemic. Sirius belonged to his boss who disappeared from the community. Musca was given to him for protection, but he didn't consider himself her primary caretaker until things went south. Adhil was picked up during the Epidemic when they both went for the same thread and fabric stash and agreed to share.
    Pkm 1
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Lycanroc
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Pokeball
    Name- Stella
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- EDC393
    Species- Lycanroc (Midday)
    Level- 60
    Ability- Keen Eye
    Attack list-
    -Accelerock (Evolution)
    -Scary Face (Level)
    -Crunch (Level)
    -Stone Edge (Level)
    **Considered small for a Lycanroc. Has some scarring around her legs, but it's mostly hidden by fur. Afraid of really deep water.
    Pkm 2
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon 006
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Pokeball
    Name- Vega
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- F0A804
    Species- Charizard
    Level- 45
    Ability- Blaze
    Attack list-
    -Defog (Tutor)
    -Heatwave (Start)
    -Air Slash (Start)
    -Dragon Pulse (Egg)
    **Abandoned by her trainer as a Charmander. The trainer had told her to wait in a dangerous area and counted on her to do so. When Terjon found her, she was weak from lack of food and water. When he brought her back to the community, the former owner just happened to be there. Long story short, alchohol made for bad decisions, and the owner tried and failed to attack Terjon. He got kicked out for assault and Pokemon neglect. Vega ended up clinging to Terjon as soon as she was healthy, and he couldn't bring himself to let her go afterwards. She is bigger than a normal Charizard.
    Pkm 3
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Tumblr_inline_ot4j60KlYp1r82t0h_100
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Pokeball
    Name- Orion
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- FFFF7E
    Species- Houndemn
    Level- 56
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (Level)
    -Nasty Plot (Start)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Roar (Level)
    **Father was a Stoutland. Orion was the result of a brief fling between a breeder's prized stud and a passing trainer's Houndoom. No one wanted to keep the child, but when Terjon overheard, he immediately volunteered to keep the Houndour.
    Pkm 4
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Yamper-png
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Nestball
    Name- Musca
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- CD6889
    Species- Yamper
    Level- 6
    Ability- Ball Fetch
    Attack list-
    -Tackle (Start)
    -Tail Whip (Start)
    -Nuzzle (Level)
    **Insert sad backstory here. Sprite from the Sword and Shield Spriting Project.
    Pkm 5
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon 448
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Pokeball
    Name- Sirius
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 99CDC9
    Species- Lucario
    Level- 54
    Ability- Inner Focus
    Attack list-
    -Heal Pulse (Level)
    -Aura Sphere (Evolution)
    -Bullet Punch (Bred)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    **Father was a Pangoro. When Sirius was younger, his boss asked Terjon advice for names. Even though Terjon is not his trainer, he respects the man enough to mostly follow orders. However, since his trainer was Terjon's boss, there are some things that he will argue or ignore.
    Pkm 6
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Mimikyu
    Pokemon Trainer Terjon Timerball
    Name- Adhil
    Species- Mimikyu
    Gender- Nonbinary
    Text colour- BDA0CB
    Level- 31
    Ability- Disguise
    Attack list-
    -Wood Hammer (Start)
    -Shadow Sneak (Level)
    -Feint Attack (Level)
    -Mimic (Level)
    **Due to being abandoned while stuck in their Pokeball, they haven't travelled with Terjon and his party enough to trust being inside a Pokeball for long periods of time. Originally, they weren't happy with even the idea of Terjon holding their Pokeball, but enough time has passed to where they trust him to only call them back in dangerous situations. (long story short, this Pokemon is likely always out, likely sitting somewhere on Terjon or one of the larger Pokemon) Mimikyu sprite from Smogon Sun and Moon Spriting Project.
    Quote "We find you near a burning building, and there are frozen corpses. This is your doing. That I am certain of."
    History Terjon was born to a mother who really didn't want a kid and a criminally inclined father who didn't believe in men taking care of children. The man would drop by and ensure that Terjon was taken care of, but he really didn't care to bond or do anything with his child. The couple wasn't married either, and there were hints that the father had other women in his life. Whether he had other children was never known to Terjon, and his mother didn't care enough to ask. Despite this, when Terjon was old enough, he tried to make his mother happy and his father proud of him. He thought that if he was good enough, maybe they'd be happier with him, and maybe his father would stay around longer. After one too many incidents where his accomplishments or gifts were treated as garbage or ignored, Terjon found himself getting frustrated and eventually gave up. Unfortunately, his apathy inspired rage in his mother, and she started taking out her frustrations on him. "I wish I had never had you, brat."

    Due to wanting to avoid her ire, he started spending as much time outside of her apartment as possible, but since he was young, people wouldn't allow him to wander off as far as he'd like. The farthest he was able to get was a pier that overlooked the nearby ocean. He frequented the place as much as he could; people left him alone, and he could work on schoolwork in relative quiet. He tested his limits on how often he could stay out without his mother getting angry by increasing his time there slowly. As far as he could tell, she almost never cared how long he stayed out. It always depended on if he just happened to walk in when she was in a mood. One day during the winter, he stayed until the moon was high in the sky and stars were out. To pass the time, he had a cheap flashlight and a picture constellation book, and he used these to find the stars he had always read about. When the batteries began to burn out, he packed up and carefully made his way back home. His mother was asleep by that point, so he sneaked his way into his room. The next morning, she looked massively disappointed. "Thought I was rid of you."

    During one of his regular visits, he stopped working on his homework when he heard something splashing in the water. He closed the book and placed it over his worksheets to peer over the wooden fence that kept people from accidentally falling over. In the deepest part of the water that the pier stood over, there was a moving burlap bag. He wasn't exactly sure what it was, but something in his gut told him that he needed to get it quickly. He was too scared to vault over the edge, so he ran down the wooden planks as fast as he could, shaking off his shoes before getting to the water. He wasn't a powerful swimmer, but he knew enough to feel the riptide that was pulling at him. He used the dangerous current to carry him to the bag, and remembering what he had heard people say about the currents, he swam parallel to the beach until he could no longer feel the current trying to drag him in deeper. This was made harder by trying to keep the heavy bag balanced on his stomach and swimming on his back like an otter. The movements were slowing, and his fear for whatever was in the bag gave him the strength he needed to get back to the shore. He paid no attention to the sand clinging to his legs and arms as he tried to open the bag with nothing but his hands and a sharp rock he almost stepped on. Once it was open, his heart dropped. Inside were three Rockruff pups. Two of them weren't moving, and the third was barely breathing. He didn't know what to do beyond picking them up and running to the closest Pokemon Center. The two that weren't moving were pronounced dead, and it was uncertain about the third one. He paced outside the center, disregarding his sopping wet and sandy appearance until a nurse handed him a towel to dry off. Almost an hour of waiting later, he suddenly remembered that his stuff was still on the pier, and he panicked at the thought of losing his books. Those cost money he didn't have, and his mother would get so angry. Conflicted, he resumed pacing between the door and the seat again until asking the nurse if he could run and grab his stuff. Thankfully, no one had touched his bag, and he was able to save his shoes from getting carried away. When he came back, the nurse gave him good news. The Rockruff was alive, but she'd have to stay overnight to ensure she was okay.

    When he returned home from the incident, his mother snidely commented on his ragged appearance. "Trying to look like your father, I see." At the time, he ignored it because he was so tired. The next day, he went to the center immediately after school to check on the Rockruff, and her tail wagged when she heard his voice. He reached out hesitantly to pet her; he worried she would snap at him despite her friendly appearance. He was shocked when she let him, and the nurse suggested that maybe he should take her. He wanted to. He really wanted to. But he knew his mother barely tolerated him, and the thought of her touching this creature horrified him. She'd probably sell the pup for money. The big blue eyes, however, pleaded with him, and he eventually decided to find a way to make it work. He dubbed her "Stella," and she followed him home. There were a few places she could hide for the moment, and he tried his best to impress upon the pup to stay hidden. She only needed to do this for a few days until he was able to pinch enough pennies for a pokeball. Once he had another mouth to feed, he learned more about how to handle the rarely used kitchen. While his early attempts weren't the best, Stella happily ate whatever he made her.

    The two of them survived in this manner for a while, but Stella started getting angry when she realized what was going on with Terjon and his mother. He kept telling Stella to just keep quiet, and it would be over sooner rather than later. However, there came a day when a bunch of things went wrong. He wasn't sure why his mother was so angry that day, but she somehow found Stella's pokeball, and it caused her to fly off the handle. In an attempt to smash the pokeball, she threw it out the window, and that caused something in Terjon to snap. He yelled back for the first time. It would have been the last time too, if Stella hadn't broken out of her ball when it landed safely on a pile of trash bags and somehow convinced a police officer to follow her to the apartment. By the time the pup and the officer made it there, Terjon had been knocked down to the ground, and there was a knife in his mother's hand. She was yelling obscenities, but the sight of the officer's gun made her drop the weapon. Afterwards, Terjon was taken to the hospital to be treated, and he was promptly placed into foster care.

    From that day forward, he was starry eyed when it came to the police force. They had saved him and Stella. His mother was finally being punished. His parents were unlawful and horrible people, and the nice officers enforced the law. This planted the seed in his mind that the those who followed the law must be good, and those who didn't were horrible people. He had only ever seen extremes, so he believed them to be true. He wanted to be like the police officers who protected the weak from those who would do them harm. From then on, his goals centered around law enforcement despite the side eyeing his peers would give him for that goal. His fervor for obeying rules caused kids his age to shun him for being uptight or a killjoy. At that point, he didn't really care. His quiet nature as a younger child had prevented him from making friends earlier on, and he didn't see a need to make any now. Especially since so many were keen on disregarding rules when it suited them.

    As he got older and continued his studies, he also made a point of visiting the station house to get better acquainted with the people who worked there. When most of them stared at him like they had seen a ghost, he finally asked the one that had saved him about it. There he was told that he was a dead ringer for his father when the man was younger. All he was missing was a beard. Apparently his father was wanted for multiple charges of varying severity. Horrified, Terjon left to consider his options. He had the picture in his hands, and he decided to do whatever he could to change the likeness. From then on, he started growing his hair out, and when puberty allowed for facial hair, he shaved it right off. Plastic surgery wasn't an option for him, but simply changing hairstyles handled what he needed. School went well for the amount of time he was able to attend. Unfortunately, the Epidemic cut his dreams of being an officer short.

    He had been visiting the Gateon station when things devolved into chaos. His memory of what exactly happened was fuzzy, but he knew that Officer Yvette, his savior, did her damnedest to keep him safe as she and the other officers tried to contain the undead. When things became too much, she had him follow her into the desert. They wandered for a while until they found a small community that had formed in the greener parts of the region. Between her and a few others, they managed to set up a proper guard schedule, and managed to keep the community safe from undead and thieves. She apprenticed Terjon into this function if only because he was so insistent; if allowed her way, she wouldn't have allowed the teenager to risk his life like this.

    It was an average day when he caught a random thief trying to skip town with goods Terjon knew came from one of the locals. He was incensed when he figured out which refugee the items were from. Terjon fully believed the man naive and foolish for his trusting nature when it came to ex-convicts. However, he never wished the man harm, and the idea of someone taking advantage of the priest's trust filled him with righteous fury. The thief tried to lie and say the items had been a gift, but Terjon knew better. Even though he didn't believe it, Terjon dragged him back to the priest. He wasn't sure if he was more dumbfounded or angry when the priest instead argued that the thief had been correct. He didn't miss the thief's jaw drop and wide-eyed stare. However, the more he tried to argue the point, the  more the priest insisted. Even though he didn't want to, he had to let the thief go. However, he gave them both a knowing glare, and the pair was watched for several weeks afterwards. Terjon couldn't believe what happened despite practically watching it happen. The cunning thief shed his old persona and had become a decent citizen. He had other things he had to attend to, but just from passing by, he could see the outward changes. He didn't believe them. This "Vitaly" had betrayed the priest's trust once already. It was only likely he would do it again later.

    After a few years, things fell apart in the community. Yvette disappeared in an excursion, and the loud group that had been insisting on getting rid of Pokemon finally had their moment. They took over and gave all the trainers and other Pokemon owners a choice. Shoot their Pokemon dead, leave them in their balls and abandon them, or leave the group. Duty dictated that he should continue helping the people. But he couldn't abandon his Pokemon. To the shock and relief of the people, he promptly grabbed his bag of supplies and walked off. It didn't show, but his thoughts were scattered at the dilemma. He knew what he should have done. What would have been more lawful. But he chose what he felt was right instead, and the growing realization that he did that with such little thought horrified him. Was he truly any different from the criminals and corrupt officers he loathed? He had tried to become stone, and it turned out that there had been a crack where his Pokemon were involved. Surviving in the harsh desert thankfully ate most of his time for the first few days; it allowed him to simply not think of the implications. He almost religiously maintained a routine for himself, and despite no longer being around many other humans, he faithfully kept up his neat appearance. As he travels, he hopes to find another community that he can aid. Even if he is defective.
    Accent It is carefully neutral. He possesses a deep voice.
    Appearance Terjon is the epitome of an intimidating figure, and he does nothing to dissuade people of this. He is tall, gruff, and generally wears a frown. Before the apocalypse started, he was also known for having an impeccable appearance, and even afterwards, he still maintains a level of neatness most wouldn't expect. The only thing people would think as odd about his appearance is his long grey hair. It makes him look far older than he is, though his youth is given away by the fact that he isn't completely filled out. The hair is usually kept in a braided ponytail that he keeps under the collar of his heavy coat. His icy blue eyes are almost predatory, and he's often referred to as having eagle eyes. He wears a navy button up shirt and pants under the long coat. He wears riding boots mostly for ease of travel, though they're getting a little too worn for his liking. It is also worth mentioning that he has old defensive scars on his forearms that came from the incident with his mother.
    Religion He doesn't really believe in a specific god. It's more appropriate to say that he believes in the idea that those who are good will be rewarded in the afterlife, while those who are evil will be punished. Exactly who doles this out isn't that important to him.
    Personality -Stern
    He isn't very open with his emotions, and doesn't really talk about them with anyone.
    -Believes in routine
    Faithfully. It's one of the few ways he can maintain order now.
    Bullheaded to a fault.
    He doesn't like lying and will avoid it whenever possible. If he isn't in the mood to talk about something, he will let you know instead of lying about it.
    Caveat: no, not always honest with himself
    He doesn't believe in dancing around issues, and he doesn't have the patience to either.
    -Very powerful belief in the good of the law
    He firmly believes that law and order is what is best for people. Without it, people can do whatever they please, and that often leads to hurting other people.
    -Doesn't get emotionally attached to most people
    Due to his work, he didn't get attached because of the off chance they would try to manipulate him.
    In the end, his belief in the law is grounded in the idea that it should protect people, and since he is a servant to the law, then he should protect others.
    He actually doesn't like killing if he can help it because of this.
    -Hates those who abuse their positions to hurt others
    If you want an unbiased person to rule on something, he will weigh options equally and give you what he thinks is best.
    -Wants to do the right thing
    -Wants to prove to others and himself that he's not evil like his parents.
    This is what happens when you consistently see the worst in people.
    Wary of people supposedly changing for the better or peace barters.
    -Really unfamiliar with people being nice to him because they actually like him.
    -Feels like he has lost his purpose, but his Pokemon depend on him so he keeps trying.
    -Not very in tune with his emotions and doesn't know how to handle other people's
    -There is a modicum of kindness in there, but his Pokemon are the only ones likely to see it. They also just know him better and know how to properly read his actions.
    Everything was so clear cut before he truly had the dilemma of what was right and what was his duty. He's not sure how to handle this dilemma beyond trying to ignore it, however as time goes on, the thoughts keep spiralling downwards.
    Affiliations Vitaly- He apprehended Vitaly after the smaller man tried to abscond with some supplies from a priest. He didn't buy the priest's cover story, but he couldn't do anything. He was certain that Vitaly was a viper simply waiting to strike, and so Terjon kept an eye on the priest and him through the time where they shared the same community.
    User Notes -His name listed here is not his birth name. He got it legally changed as soon as he was able. I wasn't sure how to fit that into the history rip, but his original name was his father's name (Michael Harrison).
    -This is a human version of this character
    -I wasn't going to do this and then Day Lycanroc happened.
    -Enjoys stargazing, and has a powerful interest in astronomy. May or may not have a passing knowledge of astrology too, but he will deny this if outright asked.
    -Born in Gateon.
    -The only reason his mother kept him was because his father was paying her to. If not for that, she likely would have dumped him somewhere.
    -Despite having experience with a gun, he really really hates using it.
    -Dollmaker image was not made by me. I used an image made from this trainer creator. The person who made it is joy-ling. According to the information on the page for the creator, they don't care if people use the images created as long as they aren't being sold. All I did was remove the background so that it could be used on EJ.
    -Dual image done by Spoog on Flight Rising.

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