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Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace))


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Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Empty Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace))

Post by Dazey Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:50 am

Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) JFcT7wC
[Art by me]

Raver Seikai Faye
Text Color EDCD3F
Theme(s) “Carry On My Wayward Son (Lullaby Ver.)” - Zoe Fuller
“Guilty All The Same” - Linkin Park
“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” - Cage The Elephant
“Berzerk” - Eminem
“VIP” - Manic Drive
“Colors (Audien Remix)” - Halsey
“Stardust” - Gemini Syndrome
“Victorious” - Panic! At The Disco
“Out Of Hell” - In This Moment
“Cool Kids” - Twenty One Two
“Desperate Measures” - Marianas Trench
“Opinion Overload” - Simple Plan
“Keep It 100” - 3FOR3
“The Phoenix” - Fall Out Boy
“Never Close Our Eyes (R3hab Remix)” - Adam Lambert
“Scream” - Hedley
“Diamond Eyes” - Shinedown
“Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun” - Get Scared
“Superstition” - The Birthday Massacre
“Fight Like A Girl” - Emilie Autumn
“City” - Hollywood Undead
“Colorful Mind” - Broken Iris
“All I Want” - NateWantsToBattle
“Thick As Thieves” - Shinedown
“Bad Guy” - Set It Off
“Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)” - Bentley Jones
“Leave A Light On” - Yellowcard
“Forgiven” - Within Temptation
“Sing Sing” - Marianas Trench
Item Universal communicator (worn always)
In a tie-dye backpack, she carries: several air-tight containers of powdered hair dye, candy bars, soda bottle (holding water), her mask, CD player, several CDs, headphones, a few manga volumes, hairbrush
Weapons Switchblade, combat knife, her Pokémon
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity Cisgender Female / She / Her / Hers
Birthdate October 31st
Age 18
Species Human
Weight 137lbs
Height 5'4"
Region of origin Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Occupation Pokémon Trainer | Criminal
Party Raver’s team consists primarily of female Dark-type Pokémon save for Salem, Hecate and Starry Skies. Venge and Salem are the highest leveled members of her team due to being her primary battlers.
She aspired to be a Dark-type Gym Leader someday, but it’s safe to say those dreams are dead.
Raver’s Absol was previously named Aubrey but her name was changed to Venge.
Starry got infected by impaling her paw with a bloody nail and is in the early stages of the virus.
All of Raver’s Pokémon wear collars. This is so if she’s separated from one, it’s easier to specify a “A (Pokémon) with a (color) collar,” when asking about them.
Pkm 1
Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Absol
Name/Gender- Venge |
Text colour- CA6CFF
Species- Absol
Level- 62
Ability- Super Luck
Attack list-
-Night Slash (Level Up)
-Shadow Claw (TM)
-Swords Dance (Level Up)
-Aerial Ace (TM)
**Heterochromatic eyes; Red on the left and blue on the right
**Item: black leather collar w/ rainbow star charm
Pkm 2
Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Zorua
Name/Gender- Salem |
Text colour- 62D4FF
Species- Zorua
Level- 58
Ability- Illusion
Attack list-
-Night Daze (Level Up)
-Return (TM)
-Nasty Plot (Level Up)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
**Item: black collar w/ Everstone attached.
Pkm 3
Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Houndoom-f
Name/Gender- Vendetta |
Text colour- 6f6964
Species- Houndoom
Level- 51
Ability- Early Bird
Attack list-
-Flamethrower (Level Up)
-Feint Attack (Level Up)
-Will-O-Wisp (TM)
-Payback (TM)
**Item: silver chain collar
Pkm 4
Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Liepard
Name/Gender- Ayla |
Text colour- ccffcc
Species- Liepard
Level- 44
Ability- Limber
Attack list-
-Slash (Level Up)
-Fake Tears (Egg Move)
-Assist (Start)
-Assurance (Level Up)
**One marking on her front right shoulder resembles a crescent moon, hence “Ayla.”
**Item: black collar w/ Dark Gem attached
Pkm 5
Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Eevee
Name/Gender- Hecate |
Text colour- 957293
Species- Eevee
Level- 39
Ability- Adaptability
Attack list-
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Double-Edge (Level Up)
-Hidden Power (Electric) (TM)
-Protect (TM)
**Soft purple eyes
**Item: purple collar
Pkm 6
Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Glaceon
Name/Gender- Starry Skies |
Text colour- F6FFFD
Species- Glaceon
Level- 41
Ability- Snow Cloak
Attack list-
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Ice Shard (Level Up)
-Hidden Power (Water) (TM)
-Mirror Coat (Level Up)
**Has white freckles in fur.
**Item: white collar w/ Heart Scale attached
“The world is full of horror, I know. But it needs diversity too. It needs demons.”
“I hope you go buy a huge, family sized box of your favorite cereal, and when you get back to your sad, lonely apartment seven-hundred miles away from your family, YOU REALIZE YOU HAVE NO MILK!”
“It doesn't matter to me if I sound like a stereotypical manga protagonist with my need for avenging my mom. She was a beautiful person and that man took someone so precious from the world, from me, to make sure his own skin was safe. He isn't safe now, that's his fatal mistake - I'm gonna find him and the last thing he’s gonna see is his kid destroying his life like he destroyed mine.”
“I just wanna know why there’s no Dark-type Gym Leaders in Sinnoh. Wouldn’t it be cool if I was the very first one?... Okay! You’ll be my star Pokémon, Aubrey, you’ll need a star on your collar so everyone knows!”
“So, I had this friend and she was gloating ‘bout how she made a grilled cheese with tin foil and sunlight. So I tried too. But I lived in a whole different region with a whole butt load of snow, so… I got a cheesy ice cream sandwich and she got an even bigger ego.”
“Do the letters f-o mean anything to you?”
“Granny, I need some pop tarts. Yeah, I know I ate sixteen packages in a week. Yes, I showered today. For an hour, yeah, it’s substituting for the emotional warmth I’m not receiving from you right now. Or from my pop tarts.”
“When I don’t wear the mask, I’m the kid that ran and let her mom die. The one that hates myself so much but I can’t do anything to change that. When I wear it, I’m the person that scares people, steals from them. I’m the one they feared. With or without it… I’m gonna be the one that gets revenge.”
History ((Rules state only vague references to illegal substances allowed. I made this as vague as possible, but I could try further if necessary.))
Raver’s existence was a mere accident in it’s entirety having been an unplanned pregnancy, but she was welcomed on her birthday - ironically, October 31st - with warmth in the frigid Snowpoint City. She would later laugh at the fact she might’ve resembled a demonic baby at first glance with her ebony hair and vivid yellow eyes.
The first seven years of her life were spent in a small two story house close to the border of Snowpoint, growing up much the same as any other child with plenty of fresh bruises from good ideas gone wrong, yet she never learned. She never really knew many other kids and spent a lot of her time at home with her mom, her dad being gone for extended amounts of time normally.

She’d adopted the idea of getting a companion Pokémon that year, and despite having barely enough money to feed the three of them, let alone whatever Pokemon she would choose - a Snorlax came up in conversation once - Kayline never gave her daughter a stern ‘no.’ This may or may not’ve been regretted later as Raver played near Snowpoint Temple until an odd shape caught her attention. She approached the snowbank, noting how the snow had a weird ‘hairy’ texture. It had a blue-black sickle poking out of it and began stirring.

The furry white Pokemon raised from the snow, the two trading equally surprised glances at each other. Having no common sense even at this point, Rae leapt at the scrawny Absol and shook their paw. “Nice to meet you!” They didn’t respond with any hostility, luckily for the seven-year-old, instead sizing up the child with their bi-colored eyes. “Do you have an owner?” Rae’s question was met with a confused head tilt.
Kayline knew the inevitable was about to happen as she sprinted to make sure the Absol hadn’t harmed Raver. And as expected, Rae turned, arm slung over the Pokemon’s shoulders and asked the question:

“Can we keep her?”

The Pokemon was obviously an adolescent and didn’t appear to have any kin or human affiliation. What kind of mother could deny adopting the creature?
Before they even arrived home, the Absol was given the name ‘Aubrey.’
The idea of heterochromia was unheard of by Rae and must’ve meant Aubrey was special in some way. Her new companion’s oddity would start a lifelong obsession with rainbows beginning that very day.

With Aubrey’s companionship, Raver hardly noticed the souring relationship between her parents. It began as frequent arguments and later they would split up, then reconcile. There were happy days and then it got nasty again. It was like this for around two years, and then Rae’s dad went to “work in Hoenn for a while.” Nine-year-old Raver accepted the answer and immediately wanted to visit. She was met with a negative, that Hoenn was ‘really far,’ and ‘Dad will be home soon, we can just wait together.’ And wait they did.

Having been three years since Rae’s dad left for ‘Hoenn,’ it wasn’t expected he would ever return and they had gotten used to the absence. So when he did walk back in the door, shock was an understatement. Kayline was less than enthusiastic, but she was decent at faking for Raver’s sake. He wasn’t going to live with them anymore but he was ‘around.’ He visited once or twice a week, and sometimes took Raver and Aubrey to lunch - and with Raver’s absolute refusal to eat meat, it was a bit difficult - but otherwise they didn’t communicate.

It was going okay for the most part. Raver wasn’t satisfied with the half-answers she got about the entire situation but learned to leave it be.

Two days before the shared date of Halloween and Raver’s birthday, her dad offered to take her shopping for a costume. Kayline begrudgedly agreed.
Excitement quickly turned into anger for Rae, leaving with the intention of getting an awesome costume since her birthday party was going to be Halloween themed. And then she found out at the Halloween shop her dad only had the funds for a plastic mask. She snatched one without even looking at it, then said not another word until they got home.

On the walk up the driveway, Aubrey spotted a group of Murkrow and chased after them with no heed to the man hollering for her to stop. The first sound Raver made since leaving the store was a loud, uncontrolled laugh as the Absol got stuck in a snowbank and flailed angrily. It was only funny until Rae’s dad grew fed up and cursed at the Pokemon. And yelling at Aubrey was a direct defiance to Rule Number 1 of Raver. The small girl turned with fury, glaring up to shriek at him. “Don’t scream at Aubrey!”
Kayline stepped out the front door just in time to see her daughter be slapped over the face by her father. And her anger was a lot realer than Rae’s was.

“That’s my daughter, you do not ever put your hands on her, bastard!”

The child was thrown off balance from the untethered hit and dropped to the snow, crying softly as she caught and held Aubrey back from attacking him.

“I gave you three fucking years, to get clean and now you’re hitting kids?” Kayline picked Raver up to her feet and walked her to the house. “Go back to your crank whore and your thug minions, you’re not ever coming near my kid again.”

Kayline was talking to the police a lot that night. She gave them an address to find him and said he’d been living there for the last three and a half years. It was really close by, why didn’t Raver ever get to visit? She didn’t dwell on wondering why for long, deciding she wouldn’t have visited anyways. With an offer to get dinner and then whatever junk food Rae wanted, she perked up and headed out the door with her mom and her Absol.

“Mom, is Aubrey sick?” Rae asked, watching the Disaster Pokémon pace and refuse food.
“She’s probably just stressed out.”

That night, they came in late. It didn’t take a lot of convincing for Kayline to take them to the arcade too, seeings as Raver’s game console had been broken for a while. And considering the mother was wracked with guilt over letting the entire situation play out to begin with.

Raver lay in her bed, while Aubrey continued pacing from her tie-dye Pokémon bed to the window, the door, and then back. It was around three in the morning that Aubrey began insistently waking Raver, refusing to lay down when told.
A bad smell seeped into the room like a toxin, progressively getting worse until Raver roused coherently and realized something was wrong. Throwing off the covers and flying out her door - and falling on the way - she found the smell had been smoke. The entire bottom floor was an ocean of bright orange flames, blocking Raver from descending the stairs to her mother’s bedroom. “Aubrey, do something!” The Absol was at as much of a loss as Rae was. “Mom! Mom, wake up! Mom, help us!”
A door slammed open, audible even over the roar of the fire. “Mom, up here!”
The figure standing there wasn’t her mom. Even with the half-blindness due to the burning house, the figure there wasn’t Kayline. Because Kayline wouldn’t have sent a visibly half-crazed Darmanitan thundering up the stairs at them.

It struck the floor with a Hammer Arm upon reaching the top, splintering the wooden floor loudly but serving no other purpose than to either scare them or show it’s insanity evermore. It served both goals well as Raver and Aubrey ran back to the room, slamming the door as it’s anatomically odd body stomped behind them, followed by the sound of the door literally being knocked off the hinges. With no time left to plan, Rae ran straight for the window and jumped. The snowbank softened the impact but it was still less than pleasant.
Checking for Aubrey as soon as possible, she was nowhere to be seen. “Aubrey!” The seconds following were fewer than thirty, but she’d never forget them. She was numb to the snow sinking through her socks, focused on the shattered windows spilling flames, and wondering if Kayline and Aubrey were coming back.

The upper half of the raised window shattered outward with the force of Aubrey flying through it, and without the red dyeing her coat, she might’ve blended in again. She was back up in a flash, damaged but ready to defend against the next opponents looming around the house. They were simply silhouettes from the distance but they could see two humans and several Pokémon. Raver froze in place-- she couldn’t leave her mom! But Aubrey hadn’t even been trained, she could’ve been a level two for all she knew! “We’ll get help, Mom!”

As soon as they began running, all the figures hidden by the dark gave chase.

The buildings were spread far apart and the pursuers were gaining on them. At this rate, they’d get caught before anyone even opened their door! Minutes of sprinting more, they began to weave around and attempt to lose them before a split second decision had them on a frosted porch and pounding the wooden door. “Help us! Please, please!” She could hear their chasers getting closer, having just barely lost them on a turn and slightly hidden now. “Please, god, open the door!”

She pounded with her palm a few more times… were they not home…?

And then the door swung open and sent Raver tumbling in and nearly on someone’s feet. Before she could utter the situation, an elderly man strode right past her and Aubrey into the wintery night. Raver clambered up and held onto the second homeowner’s legs and wailed until she was gently ‘shushed.’
A loud bang shook the walls, making the bloody Pokémon and panicking girl jump. The old man was aiming a shotgun out the door and firing while his wife was on the phone. Raver demanded if it were nine one one and pleaded they help her mom, giving the address and then a description of the house if that wasn’t enough.

The police were at the old couple’s house faster than Raver could begin talking sense. After several attempts, she gave a decent idea that it was an arson but not much more. The officer speaking to her asked one last question; if she knew the person that did it.
“I think it was my dad…”
The young man visibly fought a grimace and led her away from the others with a gesture of attention to Aubrey.
During the distraction, the old couple were enlightened that with a possibly deceased mother and absent father wanted for a record of… illicit business, she’d have to go into foster care. They didn’t realize that was Raver’s attention to detail was on point and when she turned and saw the sympathetic look cast at her moments later, she knew something was wrong.

Raver learning her mother had in fact died took a toll on her mind and spirit. The old couple hadn't known her previously but no little girl should've had the dead look in her eyes and lifeless tone she held constantly. They'd adopted her themselves and became surrogate grandparents for Raver and Aubrey, but neither showed any real regard for life at that point. They went through the daily motions like a person with nothing left.

Over the course of a few months, both began to smile more, eventually laughing and regaining the innocence stolen that night with their mother’s life. Raver had begun to refer to them as ‘Granny,’ and ‘Pops.’ She'd never known her biological grandparents, but she loved her adoptive ones as though they were blood related.
Raver and Aubrey spent much of their time finally happy again, but even as they fished at Lake Acuity, learned about mechanics - and later, Rae learned to drive because Pops thought she’d do fine at fourteen - and began training daily, Raver was thinking too much and getting angrier about her life and circumstance. She'd began to piece together parts of her mother’s death she hadn't understood before, until the entire thing was a hideous painting of hate, fire and sorrow, and a desire to inflict the same pain on him.

It was apparent by now that he wasn't… himself. Not anymore. He let himself become that way, and Kayline knew it. It was the moment he’d hit Rae that a line was crossed-- but Kayline suffered the most, having been the one to report the entire thing and lose her life to a man with no morality.
She mulled on it a lot. How the hell would she find a fleeing man though? No reports had ever been made that a lord of his business, and not to mention a murderer, had been caught, so that meant he'd ran further than even the police could dredge him up from.

Years since her adolescent days, she still had the nasty habit of trying to survive off Twix and Coca Cola. Though her growing disorder with refusing to eat was becoming more helpful, which fueled it more. Granny had developed congestive heart failure recently and all their money was going towards medical care and savings for more drastic measures. Raver was doing her best to at least make sure they were eating, even at the expense of her health. She was growing ‘thinner,’ but ‘frail’ was a more accurate term. They weren’t so poor that Rae had to starve, but the thing was, Raver loved it every time she dropped a pound or two.

It was a bitter freezing day and Rae was on her way to the store for a few candy bars, food for Aubrey and a two liter of soda. She strode through the snow quietly, having carried on a conversation with Pops beforehand. Granny wasn't getting better with medication, but surgical intervention was an option. But without the funds, it was a far off hope. Pops then decided he would begin working again-- he had retired with age but that meant null.
Raver couldn't let that happen, none of it. She wouldn't sit around and let the people that took her in struggle while she did nothing.
She'd grown desperate in the span of time it took to walk to the store due to her obsessive nature and wasn't thinking exactly clearly. A clear minded person probably would not have stolen a man’s wallet. Raver was quick about it, grabbing it from the shopping cart as subtly as she could and putting it in her bra while his back was turned and pacing off.
Since walking right out with no items would seem odd, she paid for a few groceries with her own money, not willing to expose her stolen wallet. And began running straight home.

She went to the kitchen and handed the food to Pops with a proud smile, then walked to the bathroom for a moment. She needed to see what was in the wallet before she presented it.
There was a picture of his family first thing. She tore it in half and flushed it before she could even begin to feel bad. Granny and Pops needed this more. As for money, she counted through it and the total came up to 7543 Pokédollars. It was… something. It was better than nothing.
“Some guy gave me this… said he reminded me of his niece or somethin’,” she handed the money to her grandpa. “Here, Pops.”
Aubrey padded in from Rae’s room, half-asleep, hair disheveled and looking skeptical of the story.

Raver got away with it once. But with that feeling of accomplishment, how happy her grandfolks were, it was inevitable she’d do it again. She got Aubrey in on it, and while the Absol was unsure - morals weren't an issue for her, she was just paranoid Raver would screw up and get caught - she helped her Trainer dutifully. They did this constantly and the family began faring better than they were previously. Raver used the excuse she’d found lots of odd jobs - babysitting, grooming Pokémon, etc. and her grandparents didn't have the time or energy to question it.

And then she screwed up, just as Aubrey feared.

She got caught. Rae saw a chance and took it without thinking, and then had no response but a guilty stutter when the woman saw Raver slipping her wallet from her purse.
Her second mistake was not running fast enough. The clerk of the convenience store seemed to have a bit of hatred for idiots like Rae and attempted to stop her. The attempt ended with the man’s blood staining the tile floor. Aubrey didn't mean to hurt him that bad, but she didn't know if he was going to hurt Rae and better him than her Trainer. She Slashed his arm, cutting to the bone and then lashing out on everyone trying to restrain her. She ended up injuring five people - one of them heavily - before they got away.

Raver made it home and immediately locked herself and Aubrey in the bathroom. She had to clean blood off Aubrey’s fur again. “I didn't want this,” Rae had to wipe her eyes repeatedly, smearing blood and tears across her pale skin. “I just wanted to help. I didn't wanna hurt anybody.” She didn't know how to fix it. Her Pokémon had injured several humans, not to mention the stealing factor. Would they take Aubrey? Unfit for society because she protected her Trainer? “I won't let them take you from me.” Granny and Pops would be so disappointed in them...
She took her small and favorite belongings and put them in a backpack - and then slid a yellow piece of plastic from under her bed. “Hello again,” she said monotonously, staring at the malicious face of the mask she’d picked with her dad. Someone had found the item lay in the snow where she had left it during her parents’ last fight and returned it. She had never wanted it back but it was one of the last pieces of her and Aubrey’s old life that didn't burn up.

“Granny,” Raver peeked in the door, “hey, I gotta go now. My friends are waiting.”
That wasn't a thought out reason to be honest. She hoped to just leave for a ‘few hours,’ and then call with a better reason. But hell… doing it once was bad enough. “You remember right? I told you I was gonna be going with my friends to a… a convention for future Gym Leaders…”
She hugged the woman for the final time. “Tell Pops I'll see him next week. I love you both.”

She walked out then, putting Aubrey in her Ultra Ball and making tracks straight towards Route 217.
Having never traversed the entire route, it was a mere two or three hours before she was done. As in, not to Mt. Coronet, as in, lay in the snow saying ‘to hell with it all.’
Aubrey clambered onto the Trainer’s back and sat down; seemingly selfish, but she just wanted to keep Raver warm. Luckily it didn’t come down to life or death via freezing, but Raver would’ve stopped brooding and got up before that point, anyways - crunching snow alerted both lost ones of someone approaching. Was it a threat? Police? Raver shoved Aubrey off and sat up.
It turned out to be a Trainer, staring down at the girl with a curious but friendly smirk.
She was weary of the boy at first, and a bit intimidated by her immediate attraction towards him. He seemed to travel this area often and claimed he could get her out of there in a split. She was doubtful until she noticed a Salamence circled high above them and would make things hella faster. Raver agreed, and requested to fly to Eterna City - she was going there after cutting through Coronet, so why not? This guy had a freakin’ Dragon-!

Eterna was a brand new concept of geography. Raver had never been out of snowy territory and literally had no idea what it was like to walk down a street not at least ankle-deep in snow at all times. She and Aubrey found grass patches and lay in them like on movies, lay on the street too - IT WAS WARM! The guy, earlier introduced as Dustin, found her a bit odd… but she was funny and kinda cute.
He ended up hanging around Eterna for a few days, citing his reason being the Snowpoint Gym was giving him hell, seeing as his main battler was a Dragon-type and leveled over his other team members out of favoritism.
Raver didn’t exactly lie when it came to personal questions, she’d prefer calling it ‘strategic secret.’ She was apparently a traveling Trainer aspiring to become a Dark-type Gym Leader. Yeah, that wasn’t too far-fetched. The part about her being a low-key homicidal teen with a past of thievery and assault might’ve been a turn-off though, hence strategic secret.

When Raver wasn’t being a serial stalker equivalent of a friend, she was doing what she did best-- pickpocketing. She collected everything into an envelope and kept it in her backpack, filling it more and more each day. She’d messed up once, that was a given-- she had to learn, right? She couldn’t stop helping her family, even if she were away from them, and there was nothing else she knew how to do or was willing to do.
Rae entrusted the envelope to Dustin, explaining with a lie that it was a letter to her grandparents. He was heading back to Snowpoint, but Raver refused his offer to travel with him back.

And with the entire world at her fingertips… she had no idea what now. She was a petty thief with no other purpose… but damn was there a rush to doing it. The feeling of satisfaction when she knew she was getting away was a high of her own, and she continued on that path. She knew she was becoming a monster just as her dad did, finding joy in something even though it was bad. But the key difference lay in her mind being so strongly against hurting anyone.
Eventually, she decided to do even more good with it. Her dad was a criminal, and she was too. Surely they have an underground way of finding each other, right? Criminals have to, don’t they? So, she’d be the best damn criminal the world ever knew, and she’d use it to find that man and she’d choke the last breath out of him. Or burn him alive, cut him into pieces… the possibilities were endless.

Rae’s crimes escalated to small robberies, which ended well each time with the aid of a gun, Aubrey - with the brand new name ‘Venge,’ - and Rae’s recently acquired Houndoom. The gun was useless, as Raver had no clue how to fire it and had ended up finding it while she crisscrossed the region - it scared people though and her Pokémon wouldn’t let something actually happen to Raver. She was getting bolder with every plan, but also more calculating, clever and knew what to expect. Raver had began to use the mask to hide her real face, which was a beautiful irony. He’d see that damn mask and know she was coming to kill him. He’d freaking know. He’d live in fear until she found him. It was perfect. Flawless.

They detoured one getaway though. Something lay in the bottom of a ravine and Rae’s curiosity got the best of her. She slid down and was met with disgust. A tiny black fox growled viciously at her but didn’t run. They didn’t even get up. “Your legs are broken, aren’t they?” Raver dropped her mask beside her and crouched to the Zorua. “Did you fall? Or did somebody drop you down here?” She patted his ears and smiled, holding up an Ultra Ball from the robbery moments prior. “C’mon. We’re lost souls too. I’ll take care of you.”

It was a few months into her dark turn that people were more and more scared. It didn’t seem to be of her though, because she wasn’t even presenting herself as her criminal alter ego - they were afraid of her party. Rae eventually had enough of their crap and asked what the hell their issue was. An epidemic they said. The apocalypse, they said.
“Oh great, George Romero nerds…”
She called BS on it until she actually came across one. It was a Manectric with weird purple splotches. Which could’ve passed for a pigment mutation, but the thing had a damn knife driven into their chest and a heap of blood covering their mouth. They looked legitimately dead in their red eyes and before she could gather any more details, they began firing Flamethrowers at Raver. She didn’t take well to the Fire- move at all, possibly worse than she did to them running after her with it’s teeth bared and head slinging lazily. Her Eevee, Hecate, was released to throw a Protect while Vendetta and Venge dropped the Electric-type and tried to reason with the creature. It made no sounds besides gurgles and sharp gasps as it snapped at Venge’s fur.

“What the actual hell…” Venge murmured. “Vendetta, that thing is dead, isn’t it?”

From then on, they had to worry about avoiding living corpses instead of police… Things got a lot more difficult, that was for sure.
Accent American
Raver is accurately described as a walking, gothic rainbow with her midnight black hair dyed with highlights akin to a rainbow kept in a high ponytail that reaches just above her waist. Her hair is naturally straight with messy bangs and two significantly longer portions framing her face. She’s almost never seen without her ponytail due to the amount of hair constantly being in her way. The colors are often vibrant with her dyeing it whenever necessary and kept very well groomed even in the epidemic. She’s slightly small for her age, standing at 5’4” with a mildly underweight body and easily mistakable for being younger thanks to her slightly less than womanly figure. She has fair skin with no bodily scarring save for the several cuts on either of her wrists, which are hidden beneath her sleeves. Her eyes are a very vibrant yellow and quite often shining with a mischievous light behind her pronounced eyelashes.
Raver dresses in black clothing, normally donning a long-sleeve shoulder top with straps and gray hemlines, torn black jeans and bright pink western styled boots with straps over the insteps decorated with black stars. Her hair scrunchie is yellow and she has a cyan glow stick on a yellow string around her neck, though it stopped glowing long ago, she never got rid of it.
The most unique item she wears is a menacing plastic yellow mask with a wide, sharp toothed grin and eye cutouts filled with black mesh to hide her real eyes. She doesn’t wear this terribly often anymore but she is extremely protective of it regardless.
Raver has a white tank top and pair of black leggings as backup clothes if something should happen to her daily outfit.
Religion Agnostic
-Misconstrued: Rae was always labeled a “monster,” throughout her days as a masked criminal. Many knew of her existence, few had seen her true face and none of them knew her motivations. She grew lonelier as her days progressed, knowing human affection was out of reach due to the danger of being caught, even if she had alter egos. Raver never thought she was a monster, but it was easier for strangers to assume that was exactly what she was. No one ever tried to reach a hand to her, and god how she wished they had. It was easier to fear the scary person roaming in Sinnoh and wish she’d go away.
-Benevolent: The adult figures Rae loved set many qualities in her personality. One of them is a kind heart willing to give aid to a stranger and go to any length for it. During her “violent” crimes, she would threaten people’s lives but never once lay a scratch on them, even if they fought back. She would flee instead of hurt them.
-Habits: Raver has suffered from OCD since just after her mom’s death. Raver constantly made it a point to improve herself, leading her to bouts of bulimia, obsessively showering, fixing and dyeing her hair, and ultimately the mask idea came from her need to hide her face. She can no longer have her mother’s praise and continues to try and better herself in a blind hope Kayline will continue to love her from the afterlife. She can be driven to mental lows and self harm out of frustration, which she immediately regrets because she believes she made herself “uglier.” It’s a vicious cycle that repeats endlessly. Raver will anger quickly if someone tells her to stop, and so Venge has begun to point out her good traits often in a more gentle attempt to help. Raver has displayed suicidal tendencies in the past.
-Fears: Pyrophobia: She forbids Vendetta to use Fire-type moves in her presence, even if to stay warm in cold climates. If there’s a flame she cannot forcibly put out, she will place a great distance between herself and the fire. Androphobia: This is very mild, but she does have a fear of men. It’s often mistaken with sexism based on how she acts, but she has little trust in males based on her dad - the first man she ever knew murdered her mother and attempted to off Rae too. It’s directed towards humans but she does have a bias towards preferring female Pokémon due to it. She does not openly lash at anyone, not even a man, who doesn’t clearly make themselves a threat, but the paranoia is always there. The most intense fear she has is to lose someone she cares about, which makes her very overprotective and paranoid.
-Lively: Raver is incredibly hyper and considers herself the “life of the party.” She rarely gets tired and can stay awake all day and all night without sleep if needed, and will often go on sprints to wear herself out to rest. She’s very loud unless shushed every other moment and gets extremely excited with almost no reason for it. Rae is notorious for laughing so hard Venge has to stomp Raver’s feet to make her stop.
-Social: She can actually be annoying with her tendencies to harass a potential “friend,” and if not immediately told to buzz off, she will assume her friendship advances worked and will cling to the chosen one. Dazey was a victim of this.
-Strange: Raver’s name was chosen because Kayline firmly believed Raver would be “different.” She was absolutely correct. Raver has a fascination with colors and rainbows from the very moment she saw Venge’s bi-colored eyes. She’s a huge horror enthusiast and weaves tales of “What if,” followed by a long-winded idea of a monster, ghost or demon leaping out of the ground or something similar, preferably saying such things at the worst times. She has incredibly odd solutions to problems - which often work, must swing her legs while she sits if possible, will only eat Skittles if all the colors are grouped, hates metal spoons and forks and refuses to use them, loves the scent of rubbing alcohol, sandwiches must be cut into triangles, etc...
-Silver tongued: Raver is a smooth criminal and if there’s a possibility of talking her way out of an issue, she can find it. She’s a master of backhanded compliments and paired with Venge and Salem, would make incredibly good comedians… but at someone’s expense. But caught off guard, she’s a million times less smooth and would be a stuttering mess while she tries to find a reasonable lie.
-Nerdy: Rae has always been overly fascinated by things from manga to machinery and everything in between. She knows a great deal about these things and would waste absolutely no chance to show off her knowledge. She disregards the fact it makes her look like a total nerd, but she’d be okay with it anyways.
-Not easily freaked out: Except by the fears mentioned above, Raver has steel nerves when dealing with common phobias people have. If she sees no danger in it, she has no issue with darkness, scary places, ghosts, heights, spiders, etc.
-Moody: Rae does occasionally have temper tantrums and can seem unapproachable - but adorable - if she’s in a bad mood. The bad moods don’t last long and she’s back to herself quickly. A stupid pun or funny joke can have her from scowling to cry-laughing in seconds.
-Moody 2.0: If she’s genuinely angry though, she’s a lot less cute and more threatening than you’d expect. She disregards everything happening to let her temper flare at the cause of the issue, because hell hath no fury like a Raver pissed off. It’ll take quite a bit of pushing to make her this angry, unless one of her Pokémon are being threatened or bullied - this will have her from zero to a hundred quicker than quick. She’s careful who she allows to interact with the infected Starry Skies for this reason.
-Determined: Raver’s entire life is devoted to avenging her mother. It’s a goal she’s had for years and isn’t going to give it up until it’s completed, so much so that she destroyed any chance of a normal life before the epidemic. This drive for revenge has given her an extreme determination for everything she sets out to do. If that were to ever disappear, she would have nothing left to force her to move forward. Same goes for the goal itself.
-Adventurous: Raver is constantly eager to set out on an adventure with someone, whether it seems like a bad idea or not. She’s confident she could slip out of any issue and finds excitement in being put in the situation.
-Isn’t amazing in groups: Despite being a social Butterfree, when it comes to a strategic and/or fast paced situations, she can’t plan around others well. Her Pokémon obey and things usually work in her favor, but she can easily be overwhelmed by commanding more than two of her party or trying to solve problems without knowing what someone she doesn’t have control over will do.
-Courageous: Raver will put her very life on the line in a nearly-kamikaze style mission if it’s deemed necessary to keep her allies safe. She’s hesitant to suggest anything dangerous to an ally and will try to take it on by herself despite anyone’s protesting.
-Preferences: Food; Raver is a vegetarian (eggs and milk are okay) and if given a choice, would eat a lot of sweets, soda and other junk foods over a reasonable meal. If her only choice is meat, she’ll go hungry instead. Vendetta, Venge and Ayla are allowed to hunt, but they cannot bring their kills around her. Supplies: When finding provisions, she’ll only take enough to sustain herself and her party. She’s aware there’s other survivors and they could need those rations and won’t be responsible for them losing their lives. If possible, she’ll store the item(s) in a safe place and leave an eye catch for the next living to notice. Hostiles: She’ll avoid killing undead as much as she can, but she won’t let her party fall due to pitying them. If the problem is a survivor, she’ll try to reason with them but if a solution is not to be found and they’re becoming violent, she’ll subdue them long enough for her and her party to move on. Climate: Raver adores snowy weather and despite the world in it’s, you know, ending state, she’ll drag Venge out to play with her. She’s not fond of temperatures over 60 degrees Fahrenheit and will complain like a broken record. She’s partial to the dark of night and would rather travel in such hours. It’s a personal goal to visit a beach someday. Other: Raver’s favorite genre of music is punk rock and dance remixes. She adores sports cars and motorcycles. She doesn’t have a favorite color. Her favorite video game is Grand Theft Auto V, which she sometimes played with Dazey online.
Affiliations Dazey Luna - Raver insistently tried to befriend Dazey over internet video games and was gently rejected each time. Finally, her friend request was approved by Daze after forty-three cancellations and resendings. Raver was initially given the cold shoulder but they eventually became good friends and carried on many video calls and game sessions. Raver assumes Dazey is alive since she was a “fighter,” and hopes to come across her someday.
User Notes
User Notes:
-Adaption of an old OC.<3
-Raver’s father is dead, having been shot and killed during an encounter with Dazey and her cousin in Kanto. Raver isn’t aware of any of it.
-More or less can play guitar and operate automatic vehicles, as well as hotwire them. It’s been a long time for all three though and she’s probably not very good anymore.
-Heteroromantic asexual
-Extremely high tolerance to cold weather due to living in Snowpoint City.
-Dustin is still alive at this point.
-Raver doesn’t care for guns and never learned to shoot one. She’s decent at close range fighting with a knife if absolutely necessary.
-The CDs she carries are Transmissions (Starset), Ever After (Marianas Trench), Electra Heart (Marina and the Diamonds), Death of a Bachelor (Panic! At The Disco) and American Beauty/American Psycho (Fall Out Boy). Basically making note so I don’t forget and make it inconsistent lol.
-CD player charged by Hecate’s Hidden Power.
-Her hair maintains it’s color for long periods of time due to her brushing it constantly rather than washing it too often. When the colors fade, she redyes it with the powdered dye she keeps in her bag.
-Raver stole her Universal Communicator.

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