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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace))


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    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Empty Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace))

    Post by Dazey Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:50 am

    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) JFcT7wC
    [Art by me]

    Raver Seikai Faye
    Text Color EDCD3F
    Theme(s) “Carry On My Wayward Son (Lullaby Ver.)” - Zoe Fuller
    “Guilty All The Same” - Linkin Park
    “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” - Cage The Elephant
    “Berzerk” - Eminem
    “VIP” - Manic Drive
    “Colors (Audien Remix)” - Halsey
    “Stardust” - Gemini Syndrome
    “Victorious” - Panic! At The Disco
    “Out Of Hell” - In This Moment
    “Cool Kids” - Twenty One Two
    “Desperate Measures” - Marianas Trench
    “Opinion Overload” - Simple Plan
    “Keep It 100” - 3FOR3
    “The Phoenix” - Fall Out Boy
    “Never Close Our Eyes (R3hab Remix)” - Adam Lambert
    “Scream” - Hedley
    “Diamond Eyes” - Shinedown
    “Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun” - Get Scared
    “Superstition” - The Birthday Massacre
    “Fight Like A Girl” - Emilie Autumn
    “City” - Hollywood Undead
    “Colorful Mind” - Broken Iris
    “All I Want” - NateWantsToBattle
    “Thick As Thieves” - Shinedown
    “Bad Guy” - Set It Off
    “Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)” - Bentley Jones
    “Leave A Light On” - Yellowcard
    “Forgiven” - Within Temptation
    “Sing Sing” - Marianas Trench
    Item Universal communicator (worn always)
    In a tie-dye backpack, she carries: several air-tight containers of powdered hair dye, candy bars, soda bottle (holding water), her mask, CD player, several CDs, headphones, a few manga volumes, hairbrush
    Weapons Switchblade, combat knife, her Pokémon
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity Cisgender Female / She / Her / Hers
    Birthdate October 31st
    Age 18
    Species Human
    Weight 137lbs
    Height 5'4"
    Region of origin Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
    Occupation Pokémon Trainer | Criminal
    Party Raver’s team consists primarily of female Dark-type Pokémon save for Salem, Hecate and Starry Skies. Venge and Salem are the highest leveled members of her team due to being her primary battlers.
    She aspired to be a Dark-type Gym Leader someday, but it’s safe to say those dreams are dead.
    Raver’s Absol was previously named Aubrey but her name was changed to Venge.
    Starry got infected by impaling her paw with a bloody nail and is in the early stages of the virus.
    All of Raver’s Pokémon wear collars. This is so if she’s separated from one, it’s easier to specify a “A (Pokémon) with a (color) collar,” when asking about them.
    Pkm 1
    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Absol
    Name/Gender- Venge |
    Text colour- CA6CFF
    Species- Absol
    Level- 62
    Ability- Super Luck
    Attack list-
    -Night Slash (Level Up)
    -Shadow Claw (TM)
    -Swords Dance (Level Up)
    -Aerial Ace (TM)
    **Heterochromatic eyes; Red on the left and blue on the right
    **Item: black leather collar w/ rainbow star charm
    Pkm 2
    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Zorua
    Name/Gender- Salem |
    Text colour- 62D4FF
    Species- Zorua
    Level- 58
    Ability- Illusion
    Attack list-
    -Night Daze (Level Up)
    -Return (TM)
    -Nasty Plot (Level Up)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    **Item: black collar w/ Everstone attached.
    Pkm 3
    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Houndoom-f
    Name/Gender- Vendetta |
    Text colour- 6f6964
    Species- Houndoom
    Level- 51
    Ability- Early Bird
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (Level Up)
    -Feint Attack (Level Up)
    -Will-O-Wisp (TM)
    -Payback (TM)
    **Item: silver chain collar
    Pkm 4
    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Liepard
    Name/Gender- Ayla |
    Text colour- ccffcc
    Species- Liepard
    Level- 44
    Ability- Limber
    Attack list-
    -Slash (Level Up)
    -Fake Tears (Egg Move)
    -Assist (Start)
    -Assurance (Level Up)
    **One marking on her front right shoulder resembles a crescent moon, hence “Ayla.”
    **Item: black collar w/ Dark Gem attached
    Pkm 5
    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Eevee
    Name/Gender- Hecate |
    Text colour- 957293
    Species- Eevee
    Level- 39
    Ability- Adaptability
    Attack list-
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    -Double-Edge (Level Up)
    -Hidden Power (Electric) (TM)
    -Protect (TM)
    **Soft purple eyes
    **Item: purple collar
    Pkm 6
    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Glaceon
    Name/Gender- Starry Skies |
    Text colour- F6FFFD
    Species- Glaceon
    Level- 41
    Ability- Snow Cloak
    Attack list-
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Ice Shard (Level Up)
    -Hidden Power (Water) (TM)
    -Mirror Coat (Level Up)
    **Has white freckles in fur.
    **Item: white collar w/ Heart Scale attached
    History ((Rules state only vague references to illegal substances allowed. I made this as vague as possible, but I could try further if necessary.))
    Accent American
    Religion Agnostic
    Affiliations Dazey Luna - Raver insistently tried to befriend Dazey over internet video games and was gently rejected each time. Finally, her friend request was approved by Daze after forty-three cancellations and resendings. Raver was initially given the cold shoulder but they eventually became good friends and carried on many video calls and game sessions. Raver assumes Dazey is alive since she was a “fighter,” and hopes to come across her someday.
    User Notes
    User Notes:

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    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Empty Re: Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace))

    Post by Dazey Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:32 am

    She's ready~ Please move her to the PC to be looked at for approval!<3

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    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Empty Re: Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace))

    Post by Mewtwo Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:56 pm

    I have a note about why the Zorua hasn't evolved despite being nearly double the level he would have done so. Eviolite powers up a pokemon that has not evolved but does not stop them from evolving. Please note a reason either in User Notes or the notes under the pokemon.

    That is my only note and such a simple note will not hinder approval. Just edit it in when you read this.



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    Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace)) Empty Re: Pokémon Trainer Raver Faye ((Frost, Ace))

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