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Harbinger: Feraligatr


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Harbinger: Feraligatr Empty Harbinger: Feraligatr

Post by Feraligatr Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:05 am

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: #160 Feraligatr/ Big Jaw Pokemon
Level: Unknown
Approximate time of infection: Unknown
Known Moves: Crunch, Hydro Pump, Superpower, Ice Fang
Height: 7'07"
Weight: 195.8 lbs

History: Taken to be experimented on, Feraligatr knows nothing about his previous life. All he remembers now is pain and helplessness. Once he was freed, he stalked the humans around him until they finally understood what they had done to him. Then he struck with more speed than most credit his species for, and after consuming the humans, he went into the world searching for his next meal.

User Notes: Consumes those who stray. Typically hunts his prey slowly until they lose hope before striking. Text color is 386d7b

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